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ॐ वृषभं चर्षणीनां विश्वरूपमदाभ्यम्। बृहस्पतिं वरेण्यम्॥
om vṛṣabhaṁ carṣaṇīnāṁ viśvarūpamadābhyam| bṛhaspatiṁ vareṇyam||


Argalā means planetary/sign intervention. I consider this the single greatest teaching of Maharishi Parāśara without which we cannot explain the hidden or subtle influence of a planet in the chart. The magnificent theory of Argalā stipulates the following: –

(a) Every planet has the power to influence the affairs of every other planet or house.

Thus for example, even if a planet has nothing to do with the second house by way of ownership, aspect, conjunction etc, it does not mean that the person shall stop eating food during the daśā of the said planet. This is where the Argalā concept comes to the rescue and explains the way in which this planet has a subtle influence on both the second house as well as the second lord.

(b) Bodies (including planets, signs and upagraha etc.) placed in the second, fourth and eleventh house from any planet/sign have PRIMARY ARGALĀ (direct intervention) in its affairs.

(c) Bodies (including planets, signs and Upagraha etc.) placed in the twelfth, tenth and third houses cause VIRODHA ARGALĀ (Obstruction to Argalā) on the bodies (planets/signs) in the second, fourth and eleventh house respectively.

Illustration: Determine the Primary Argalā & Virodha Argalā on the Lagna in the Standard Nativity.

Primary Argala: Note opposing house groups 2nd vs 12th; 4th vs 10th and 11th vs 3rd
Figure 5: Primary Argalā (A) & Obstruction or Virodha Argalā (O) – Note opposing house groups 2nd vs 12th; 4th vs 10th and 11th vs 3rd

The Lagna is Pisces having the Argalā of Aries (2nd House-A2) which is obstructed by Aquarius & Moon (12th house-O12). More planets indicate strength, hence the obstruction is stronger than the Argalā.

Primary Argalā is also caused by Rāhu in Gemini in the fourth house (A4) which is obstructed by Ketu in the tenth house in Sagittarius (O10). Both the signs and planets are equally strong. However, the aspect of Jupiter on Sagittarius makes it stronger than Gemini. Thus, the Primary malefic Argalā of Rāhu is ultimately defeated due to Jupiter.

Primary Argalā is also caused by Saturn in the eleventh house in Capricorn (A11). Since there are no planets in the sign of Virodha Argalā (O3), the obstruction is much weaker than the Argalā and the intervention of Saturn in the affairs of the Lagna shall prevail.

(a) Bodies (including planets, signs and Upagraha etc.) placed in the fifth and eighth house from any planet/sign have SECONDARY ARGALĀ (direct intervention but lower in influence than primary Argalā) in its affairs.

(b) Bodies (including planets, signs and Upagraha etc.) placed in the ninth and sixth houses cause VIRODHA ARGALĀ (Obstruction to Argalā) on the bodies (planets/signs) in the fifth and eighth house respectively.

Illustration: Determine the Secondary Argalā & Virodha Argalā on the Lagna in the Standard Nativity.

Figure 6: Secondary Argalā (A) and its Obstruction (O)
Figure 6: Secondary Argalā (A) and its Obstruction (O)

The fifth house is Cancer with the Sun & Venus in it causing secondary Argalā (A5) on the Lagna. This is obstructed by Scorpio (O9) in the ninth house. However, the Argalā with two planets is stronger than the obstruction without any planet.

Secondary Argalā is also caused by the eighth house Libra (A8) that is fully obstructed by the sixth house Leo (O6) with Mercury in it, as Leo with a planet is stronger than Libra without any planets.

(a) Special Argalā is also caused by the presence of Malefics in the third house.

Earlier we have seen that the third house acts as an obstruction to the Argalā in the eleventh house. However, if the third house has malefic planets in it, then they can suo moto, cause Argalā. Such an Argalā does not have any kind of intervention.

(b) Special Argalā is also caused by the planets/sign in the seventh house. However, this can be removed by the planet/sign in the Lagna which cause Virodha Argalā.

(c) The Argalā reckoning from Ketu is in the reverse direction[5].

If Ketu is in a sign from which the Argalā is being determined, or if the Argalā is being determined for Ketu (Spiritual purposes), then the counting of houses/signs is in the reverse.

Illustration: Determine the Tertiary Argalā & Virodha Argalā on the Lagna in the Standard Nativity.


There are no planets in the third house let alone malefic planets. The sign in the third house is also a beneficial sign (Taurus). Thus, Special Argalā (A3) does not exist.

The seventh house has Mars in Virgo causing Argalā (A7) that is obstructed by the presence of Jupiter in Lagna (O1). Both signs are equally strong by the placement of planets, but Pisces is much stronger as Jupiter is in own sign. Thus, Jupiter obstructs the Argalā. In this manner, the various influences of each of the signs and planets on every other sign or planet can be examined.

(a) If both the Argalā (intervention) and Virodha (Obstruction) are equally strong, Bandana Yoga (Bondage) can result.

If both are malefic and equal, the Bandana Yoga can be very evil or adverse like confinement after an accident (where the 2nd & 12th houses are involved showing the accident in the 2nd house which is a Maraka[6] and the hospital in the 12th house). This can also indicate adverse situation concerning education and career if the 4th and 10th are involved. If the planets are poles apart in nature, then the education may have nothing to do with the career like a qualified doctor working as a bureaucrat. Fifth and ninth houses involved show very adverse situations that can also cause terrible misfortunes, jail terms etc.

If beneficial planets are involved, then the bondage could relate to staying indoors for writing a book, meditation or other means of beneficial confinement. A careful study of the nature of the planet, signs involved etc, has to be made.

(b) If the planet causing Argalā is inimical to the house/planet under consideration, it shall prevent the same from achieving its purpose by showing different directions. This does not apply to the special Argalā in the third house (refer-‘f’) where the presence of malefics alone shall constitute the Argalā.

For example in the Figure-5, the Argalā of Rāhu on Jupiter is considered evil due to the inherent inimical disposition of the two planets. Being in the fourth house, this Argalā gave education in an English medium public school and tried to keep the person away from the traditional learning or value systems (Jupiter). Since the Argalā is equally obstructed by Ketu (esoteric studies, astrology[7], gaṇita etc.) the traditional learning continued through informal methods like learning Vedic Astrology etc. Since both are equally strong, both continued simultaneously. However, Jupiter causes the balance to tilt in favor of Ketu and the native finally took up jyotiṣa in a big way.

(c) Special argalā of the third house gives success in battles and competitions while the Argalā of the seventh can be the greatest blessing like a loving spouse or a curse like a characterless wife.

[5] Vipareetam Ketoh (J.S.1.1.8)

[6] Maraka lit. Killer

[7] If Ketu and Jupiter associate with the Lagna or Swamsa, then the native has traditional learning like Ganita, Jyotisha etc.


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