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ॐ वृषभं चर्षणीनां विश्वरूपमदाभ्यम्। बृहस्पतिं वरेण्यम्॥
om vṛṣabhaṁ carṣaṇīnāṁ viśvarūpamadābhyam| bṛhaspatiṁ vareṇyam||

Āruḍha Pada

Āruḍha literally means mount and refers to the illusion (Maya) created by the reflection of a sign about its lord or vice versa (i.e. the image of the lord reflected by its sign). The first is called Rāśi Āruḍha or simply Bhāva Pada while the latter is called Graha Āruḍha. Not going into the details of usage, we shall touch on its calculation. The most important point to note is what I call the satya principle. According to this principle, the first and seventh houses from any sign represent its satya or truth representing Brahma and Śiva respectively[8]. Maya (illusion) is asat (untruth) and is divorced from Sat (Truth). Hence, the Āruḍha Pada representing illusion can never be in the first or seventh sign. Accordingly, both Maharishi Parāśara and Jaimini have given the following rules for calculating Āruḍha.

1) For Rāśi Āruḍha, count from the sign to the sign occupied by its Lord. Then count as many signs from the Lord. The sign arrived at is the Rāśi Āruḍha.

2) For Graha Āruḍha, count from the planet to its own sign. Then count as many signs from this own sign. The sign arrived at is the Graha Āruḍha.

3) If the Āruḍha of a sign/planet happens to be in the same sign itself, then the tenth house from it should be treated as the Āruḍha.

4) If the Āruḍha of a sign/planet happens to be in the seventh sign from it, then the fourth house from it should be treated as the Āruḍha.

Illustration Rāśi Āruḍha Chakra

Figure 8: Rāśi Āruḍha Chakra
Figure 8: Rāśi Āruḍha Chakra

Draw the Rāśi Āruḍha Chakra for the Standard Nativity. The nomenclature used for indicating the Āruḍha in the chart is “A” with a sub-script that shows the house/planet (or both[9]). Sometimes the Āruḍha Lagna (A1) is written as AL and the Āruḍha of the 12th house (A12) called Upapada Lagna is written as UL. Some illustrative calculations (refer fig.8):

1) AL: Āruḍha Lagna in Sagittarius: Lagna is in Pisces and its Lord Jupiter is also placed in Pisces. Count from Pisces to the sign occupied by its Lord we get ‘1’. Now count ‘1’ from Jupiter to again get Pisces as the Āruḍha. Since the Āruḍha cannot be in the same sign, apply rule-3 above and the tenth sign from Pisces (Sagittarius) becomes the Āruḍha Lagna.

2) A2: Dhana Pada in Aquarius: The second house is Aries and its Lord Mars is placed in Virgo. Count from Aries to Virgo –we get ‘6’. Now count ‘6’ signs from Virgo. The sign arrived at (Aquarius) is the Āruḍha of the second house (A2).

3) A12: Upapada in Libra: The 12th house is Aquarius having two Lords. Determine the stronger of the two using the rules given under Chapter-II Para (5). In this case Rāhu in exaltation and in a dual sign is stronger than Saturn. Count from Aquarius to Gemini (Rāhu placement) – we get 5 signs. Count ‘5’ signs from Rāhu (Gemini) to arrive at Libra which is the Āruḍha Pada of 12th house (A12) or UL.

Illustration: Graha Āruḍha Chakra

Draw the Graha Āruḍha Chakra of the Standard Nativity.

Figure 9: Graha Āruḍha Chakra

The nomenclature used for indicating the Graha Āruḍha in the chart is “Name of planet” with a sub-script that shows the sign. This is not necessary for the Luminaries (Sun & Moon) and the nodes (Rāhu & Ketu) as they own one house each. The Graha Āruḍha Chakra for the Standard Nativity is given in Fig-9.

Some illustrative examples:

1) Sun: Sun is in Cancer and owns the sign Leo. Count from the Sun to Leo – we get ‘2’. Now count ‘2’ signs from Leo, we get Virgo as the sign occupied by the Sun in the Graha Āruḍha Chakra.

2) Ju-9: Jupiter owns Sagittarius. Count from Jupiter (in Pisces) to Sagittarius – we get ‘10’ signs. Now count ‘10’ signs from Sagittarius to arrive at Virgo the Āruḍha. However, the Āruḍha cannot be in the first or seventh house from the natal position. Since Virgo is the seventh house, apply rule-4 and the fourth house from the natal position Gemini becomes the Graha Āruḍha.

3) Note that the Graha Āruḍha of Rāhu & Ketu is always in the same sign. In this case it is Libra.

[8] In Hari-Hara-Brahma Yoga, the Lagna Lord represents the blessings from Brahma whereas the seventh lord represents the blessings from Shiva. (Refer-300 important combinations by Dr B V Raman).

[9] This is a very advanced concept and may be ignored by beginners.


  1. Uma shanker

    Excellent topic as usual. Thank you Guruji for your effort and time in showing a path to read this great science called astrology..Keep the work going on. God shower his blessings on you

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