Birth and Education

Rajendra Prasad was born to Mahadev Sahai and Kamleshwari Devi at Ziradei, in the Siwan district of Bihar (26°14′10″ N, 84°14′53″E) on December 3, 1884.

He was the youngest child of his parents.
Although the arudha lagna is in Aries, the opposite sign Libra is stronger with Venus and shall be the functional arudha for his life.
Siblings manifest from the eleventh bhava from arudha lagna (AL-Ar). Eleventh Lord Saturn is in Taurus. It conjoins exalted Moon (Male, elder brother Mahendra Prasad) and has the rasi drishti of Venus (Female, elder sister Bhagwati Devi Prasad).

A meritorious student, he received his early education from Moulavi, an accomplished Muslim scholar, who taught him Persian, Hindi and arithmetic.
It is evident that by 1884 the East India Company had successfully destroyed the traditional Gurukula education system in Bengal Presidency (Bengal, Bihar, Odisha, NE regions etc.). The Hindu families had no option but to send their children to Madrassa (traditional Muslim School) where a Moulvi (religious leader) imparted necessary education. At least the Muslims were strong enough to resist the British cultural destruction and were kind enough to allow the Hindu children to come to their school.
Education started in the dasha of Mars (conjoined digbala badhakesha Mercury – foreign, other culture) showing that a kind Moulvi made him adept at language (Me) and Math/Logic (Ma). Thereafter Rahu dasha started in July, 1891 and Rajendra Prasad was on his way to get his Doctorate. Rahu is extremely well placed in the tenth house in mulatrikona.
Later he studied at the Chapra District School and T.K. Ghosh’s Academy in Patna. For higher education, he moved to Calcutta where he secured a scholarship at the Presidency College, for a degree in science. Changing his stream of studies from science to arts, he received Masters Degree in Economics in Dec 1907 (Rahu dasa Sun antara). In Siddhamsa (D24 Chart), Rahu is the lord of 5th house placed in 12th house in mulatrikona Virgo having aspect on 4th bhava (education) whereas Sun is the 11th lord in D24-Lagna giving recognition and completion.

Work and Study

After receiving his MA (Economics) degree, he took up the job of English Professor at Langat Singh College in Muzaffarpur in Rahu dasa Moon antara.In dasamsa (d10 chart) Rahu is in the sixth house in debility and aspects the tenth house. Moon is in digbala in the 4th bhava and fully aspects the tenth house Pisces (Ju, educational institution). An exalted eleventh lord Mars conjoins lagnesa Mercury and uplifts him quickly – promoted as the principal of the Langat College.
In Siddhamsa (d24) Mars rules the houses concerning Masters and Doctorate education. He would not be satisfied by his MA (Eco) degree and resigning from his job as Principal of Langat College, he went to Calcutta for a law degree in 1908 (Rahu dasa Mars antara). In D24 Mars is second lord of Masters education whereas in dasamsa (d10) it is also placed in eighth house (resignation). Yet an exalted Mars in d10 will not keep him without work – he doubled as a professor of Economics at the Calcutta City College where studies MA (Law). In 1915 (Jupiter dasa Mercury antara), he graduated with honors in Masters degree in Law, winning a gold medal. Both Jupiter and Mercury are in the ninth house in siddhamsa giving a blessing-glance to Mars in 3rd house. However Mars is also the 7th lord and will insist on a Doctorate. Much later in 1937 (Saturn dasa Sun antara), he completed his Doctorate in Law from Allahabad University

Legal Career and Politics

With the advent of Jupiter dasa, in 1911 (Ju-Ju) while in Calcutta for his Law degree and working as Economics professor, he joined the Indian National Congress. Jupiter is mighty in the dasamsa (d10) as the tenth lord in mulatrikona Sagittarius in seventh bhava. However, he worked at the High Court of Bihar and Odisha (1916 Ju-Me) and was appointed as a member of the Senate and Syndicate of the Patna University (1917 Ju-Ve).
His active involvement in politics grew to a point where it became untenable for him to continue in his legal practice nor his University duties. With the Non-cooperation movement launched in the summer of 1920 (Jupiter dasa Sun antara) he quit his profession and took to politics. In the dasamsa Jupiter is well placed and pushes him to achieve. It is also placed in Leo in the rasi chart in the ninth house (guru/father) showing that he will stand by his guru (Mahatma Gandhi) and will be a true follower. Unlike others in the Indian Congress who misjudged Gandhiji’s suspension of the civil disobedience movement due to the violence, he stood by his mentor.  Further, the Sun leads Jupiter as the anitya-karaka for Lagna. In the dasamsa the Sun is in the 8th house forcing him to resign; it conjoins lagnesa Mercury showing him the path to government and administration and is conjoined exalted Mars making him very strong and fearless.
In fact, the first Satyagraha movement inspired by Gandhi occurred in Champaran district of Bihar in Apr 1917 (Jup dasa Ketu antara) and Dr. Rajendra Prasad with the power of Jupiter behind him was there to lead Bihar into a historic phase of India. Jupiter and Ketu are co-lords of Pisces the tenth house in dasamsa. Dr. Rajendra Prasad was arrested and so strong was the agitation that the civil judge had to release him. It was here that Gadhi was called ‘Bapu’ and ‘Mahatma’ for the first time. There is no doubt that if Gandhi became the father of the nation and is referred to as Mahatma, it was due to the unflinching faith and dedication of this ardent disciple. Everytime that Gandhi would be in some dilemma, Rajendra Prasad was there to stand up for him – after all you need a Jupiter (Sg-Lag Rajendra Prasad) to exalt a Venus (Li-Malavya Mahatma Gandhi). In 1934 (Saturn dasa Venus antara), he was elected the President of Indian National Congress in it’s Bombay session. Venus is the fifth lord (power) in dasamsa and is placed in ninth house (mentor). Saturn Venus continued and he was again President in 1935.

The Bose Betrayal

A great rift between Jawaharlal Nehru and Subhash Chandra Bose threatened to divide the Congress. Bose wanted direct action and freedom while Nehru wanted a pacifist approach and sharing power with the British. In the Congress elections of 1938, Bose squarely defeated the Nehru-Gandhi group and was elected as INC President. Again in 1939 Bose repeated his performance. Gandhi and Nehru could sense the power shifting to the east (Bengal) and the public mood shift from mere power-sharing to complete independence. Yet politics demanded that Bose must quit and Nehru wins – this was the first defeat of ‘democracy’ – elected president of INC had to resign to make way for the Guru’s candidate. Of course Nehru was smart enough not to take up the Presidency and instead, Rajendra Prasad rose to the calling of his mentor and in 1939 he again took up the responsibility (Saturn dasa Rahu antara) as the ‘fall guy’ for his mentor. We admire the guru-bhakti of Dr. Rajendra Prasad.

This was a brilliant political move of Gandhi and caused differences between the Bengali/Odiya and Bihari people (Bose was botn in Cuttack, Odisha). Such a rift would ensure that another lion would never roar from the eastern horizon. Gandhi allowed a few years to cool things and bring the Congress together. When he was sure that this coherence was back in INC, in August 1942 he started the ‘Quit India’ movement! Rajendra Prasad was in Saturn dasa Jupiter antara and went headlong into the movement behind his mentor – going to jail and continuing the agitation. Jupiter was the opportunity that would lead to great success. He was arrested and jailed for almost three years – released on 15 June 1945 with the advent of Mercury dasa in Mercury antara.

Interim Government

Mercury is lagnehsa of dasamsa and is conjoined exalted Mars in a viparita rajayoga. Mars is 6th Lord in 8th house and Sun is 3rd Lord in 8th house – together they form Sarala Yoga and transfer this yoga power to Mercury, the lagnesha. Further, the dispositor of this yoga is Saturn, who is also anitya karaka for dasamsa lagnesha, and is stationed in exaltation in the fifth house of power and authority.
In the formation of Interim Government of 12 nominated ministers under the leadership of Jawaharlal Nehru, he was made the Minister for Food and Agriculture. Event date:2 Sep 1946 Mercury dasa Mercury antara Saturn pratyantara – dasamsa lagnesa and anitya karaka (dispositor) played this role. Soon on 11 Dec 1946 in the same period (Me-Me-Sa), he was elected the President of Constituent Assembly. He remained in this position till 26 Jan 1950.

First President of India

Dr. Rajendra Prasad being conferred with the prestigious Bharat Ratna award by President Dr. Radhakrishnan
On 26 January 1950, the Constitution of independent India was ratified and Dr. Rajendra Prasad was elected the nation’s first President. Dasa: Mercury dasa Venus antara Saturn pratyantara. One again we see the three trine lords of dasamsa working in harmony – Mercury is enjoying the full power of Sarala yoga. It has subhakartari of Venus (5th lord in 9H) and Jupiter (10th Lord in Sg in 7th house). Both Lagnesa and 5th lord Mercury and Venus are disposited by Saturn who is exalted in 5th house (power).
After serving the Indian Republic for more than twelve years as its President, he decided to retire in May 1962 (Ketu dasa Venus antara). In the dasamsa Ketu is co-lord of Scorpio (6th house) and Pisces (Ketu Mulatrikona, 10th house). It is placed in 12th house showing giving away or loss. Thus Ketu wil bring relinquishing (12H) of power/position (10th house, Pi) and/or end (12th house) of service (6th house, Sc). Further Ketu is in Taurus owned by Venus – hence dasa and antara was of Ketu and its dispositor.
He returned to Patna on 14 May 1962 and preferred to stay in the campus of Bihar Vidyapeeth. He was subsequently awarded the Bharat Ratna, the nation’s highest civilian award.


Dr Rajendra Prasad died on 28 Feb 1963 in Ketu dasa Sun antara and Sun pratyantara. In the rasi (d1) Ketu is 12th lord in marana karaka sthana in 4th house while Sun is in marana karaka sthana in 12th house. In the navamsa, Sun is 12th lord (mrtyu is in 12th house in navamsa) and is in 4th house with Ketu who is again in marana karaka sthana.
Thus ended the life of one of the greatest freedom fighters of India whose guru-bhakti shall always be a great inspiration.

rajesh khanna handsomeIn an era long before this internet age, Rajesh Khanna was the man who sparked a frenzy never seen before and never since, not even by the likes of Amitabh Bachchan. In the 1970s his very name was a magical charm that sparked hysteria, particularly amongst his legions of women fans, who would line the road for a glimpse, chant his name, cover his car with lipstick marks and even write him letters in blood. They married his photograph, cut their finger, applied sindoor mark with their blood! Let us look at what makes causes this huge popularity that makes the minds of so many swoon.


rajesh-khanna-signGemini Lagna with a parivartana between Mercury and Jupiter holds the promise of a huge rājayoga that promises great fame and popularity. Parāśara says that that lagneśa in 7th bhāva can give rājayoga if it is strong, which normally it isn’t in most cases. What we need to check is if the dispositor of the lagneśa i.e. the seventh bhāva lord is strong. This specific yoga shows the blessings of हर (Hara), a form of Shiva. Since lagneśa Mercury is in Sagittarius, we find that its dispositor Jupiter is (a) in Lagna in digbala showing the blessings of Iśāna-digpāla devatā and (b) is also retrograde in kendra being full of rays (c) besides being vargottama, bringing forth a great blessing.

A similar condition is seen in the chart of A. R. Rahman who has the same Jupiter-Mercury exchange for Gemini Lagna that gives him such great fame from the blessings of a sufi saint. Even the chart of Steve Jobs which has lagneśa Sun (Leo Lagna) in the seventh bhāva in Aquarius, has dispositor Saturn exalted in Libra creating this rājayoga from Hara-Shiva. There are many examples where the unstable yoga of lagneśa in the 7th bhāva has changed to rājayoga due to the strength of the dispositor.


rajesh-filmfare1971For celebrities, the image called ‘āruḍha’ in jyotiṣa, is all that really matters. For Rajesh Khanna, it was all about charisma. His unique dialogue delivery with strong personal emotional body language of crinkling his eyes and head tilt that were all his own natural ability, got female fans swooning while men were full of admiration. The āruḍha is in Pisces and all that was said for Jupiter equally applies to the āruḍha. Jupiter connecting the āruḍha (Pisces) and Lagna (Gemini) indicates there was a certain honesty about Rajesh. He was what he portrayed – no false pretences.

Rāhu Daśā

The Dvisaptati Sama daśā applies for timing his Career as Lagneśa is in 7th bhāva in addition to 7th lord being in lagna. We have shown previously that ‘malefics in strength and benefics weak in the 6th house from Āruḍha Lagna give powerful rājayoga in Kali Yuga’. Rāhu and Moon are in Leo in the sixth from āruḍha lagna. Rāhu is very strong in exalted Taurus navāṁśa which is also the sign in the tenth bhāva from the natal Moon in Leo (professional direction).

Dvisaptati Sama daśā (applicable if lagna lord is in 7th or 7th lord is in lagna):
Jup:   1941-07-05 – 1950-07-05
Ven:   1950-07-05 – 1959-07-06
Sat:   1959-07-06 – 1968-07-05
Rah:   1968-07-05 – 1977-07-05
Sun:   1977-07-05 – 1986-07-06
Moon:   1986-07-06 – 1995-07-06
Mars:   1995-07-06 – 2004-07-05
Merc:   2004-07-05 – 2013-07-05
Saturn vargottama in Taurus (10H from natal Moon in Leo) gives bad reputation and during Saturn daśā, even after winning the 1965, All India Talent Contest organised by United Producers and Filmfare, he was called (फ़ाल्तु) fāltu or useless-hero after his debut with Aakhri Khat in 1966.
But Rāhu daśā changed everything and his talent and fame knew no bounds.

rajesh-smartGlory and fame galore came his way with the two 1969 films – Aradhana and Do Raaste – where he teamed up with two of his best co-stars, Sharmila Tagore and Mumtaz, respectively. Rāhu daśā started in 1968 and within a year both the films were super hits and Bollywood’s first superstar was born. Between Aradhana in 1969 and Prem Kahani in 1975, Rajesh Khanna enjoyed a god-like status given by a powerful ninth lord Rāhu in 3rd bhāva from Lagna, placed in 6th bhāva from āruḍha in exalted navāṁśa and conjoining the Moon, which can be taken as co-lord of Taurus while aspecting Venus, the lord of Taurus.

Popularly called ‘Kākā’, Rajesh Khanna still holds the record of consecutive solo super hits in the 1970s when he starred in mega hits like Safar, Kati Patang, Sachaa Jhutha, Aan Milo Sajna, Anand, Amar Prem and Mere Jeevan Saathi.

Navāṁśa Vaitānika Yoga

But all this does not explain the hysteria that his name brings. Maharṣi Jaimini teaches about a strange yoga, which is so hard to explain, called Vaitānika Yoga. This yoga is formed by the conjunction or mutual aspect of Mars, Venus and Ketu. This three planet yoga has three combinations –

  • Mars and Venus yoga which produces very deep emotions and attraction from others
  • Mars and Ketu yoga which is piśāca yoga that causes the brains of self and others to stop functioning properly causing awkward reactions and a kind of madness which is difficult to explain as rational. Consider the women who bled their fingers and applied blood-sindoor mark after marrying his photograph or those who left a thousand kiss-lipstick marks on his car. Mad hysteria seizes his followers.
  • Venus and Ketu yoga which is tapasvi yoga or gandharva yoga depending on whether Ketu or Venus is stronger.
“I first saw him in a film magazine… His film ‘Aradhana’ was my next meeting with him which my Mother took me along to see. Soon after that, I was being cast opposite him in ‘Anand’. This was like a miracle, God’s own blessing and one that gave me ‘reverse respect’. The moment that anyone came to know that I was working with THE Rajesh Khanna, my importance grew. And I gloated in its wake… He was simple and quiet. He would attract many visitors on set and was continuously surrounded by them – Hrishi da permitting! The frenzy and the following he garnered was a sight to behold. In the 1970 era his fans came from Spain to meet him, a most unheard of occurrence then. In his trade mark Rajesh Khanna kurta pyjama, he almost always looked the boy next door, one that girls would want to take home to Mother”, Amitabh Bachchan

The navāṁśa chart is dominated by this vaitānika yoga of Venus, Mars and Ketu in Scorpio Lagna. Adolf Hitler too had vaitānika yoga and his followers became equally mad. The difference lies in the other kendra where the native interacts with society. These tell us how the native is using this popularity and power of the vaitānika yoga.

Rajesh Khanna has a strong Sun in the tenth house in Leo showing strong ‘agni tattva’ which shows light [and camera], good career and karma while Hitler has a gaja-kesari of Juptier-Moon in 10H in Leo showing tremendous power as they lord the trines in navāṁśa.

Rajesh Khanna has two planets Saturn and Rāhu in 7th house in digbala showing disturbed relationships but many blessings like children and marriage. This is further spoiled by Moon-Mercury in the 2nd house showing an endless stream of relationships. Adolf Hitler has the deadly battle of Mercury in maraṇa sthāna in 7th house with Rāhu showing uncommitted relationships and finally death on the day of marriage. It is clear that they are opposites in matters of the heart – Rajesh Khanna so full of love for all while Hitler only loved power.

Mercury – Name Change

Rajesh-Khanna-with-JitendraHe was born ‘Jatin Arora’ on 29 Dec 1942 in Amritsar to biological parents Lala Hiranand and Chandrani Khanna who had migrated from pre-partitioned Pakistan. He was adopted by his wealthy maternal uncle Chunni Lal Khanna and wife Leela Wati. His biological father had worked as headmaster of the MC High School in Burewala, Vehari District, Punjab, Pakistan before immigrating to Amritsar while his adopting father (uncle) was a railway contractor.

The ninth house Aquarius has two lords – both aspecting Aquarius and having a clear say. Saturn the first lord shows the biological father and being vargottama indicates good qualities of head and heart but being in the 12th house it shows poverty and many hardships including immigration as its dispositor Venus is in 7th bhāva. The ninth house co-lord Rāhu showing the adopting father. Being in Leo it shows a government related work while Rāhu shows the railways; conjoining the Moon it shows ‘related to mother’ and in third house ‘a brother’. Put the words together and we get ‘mothers brother who is in railway related government work’. In Dvādaśāṁśa, the ninth house Pisces has two lords – Ketu the first is in Pisces showing the biological father while Jupiter, the second-lord is in 11th house showing the adopting father as being related. Jupiter is also the 6th lord showing mother’s brother (3rd from 4th house). Finally ‘Mercury was adopted by Jupiter’.

After adoption, he became Jatin Khanna and went to live in Mumbai suburb of Girgaum. There, he went to school and college with his great friend Ravi Kapoor. Both best friends from school and college choose a career in movies and both changed their names. Jatin Khanna changed name to ‘Rajesh Khanna’ on the advice of his uncle (adopting father) while Ravi Kapoor adopted the name ‘Jeetendra’.

Name change seems to be a critical factor for success for an unstable Mercury. Even A.R.Rahman who has a similar Rāśi Chart yoga like Rajesh Khanna changed his name from Dilip Kumar to Allah-Rakha Rehman.

Setting Sun

rajesh-khanna-lastfilmIn his four-decade career, he appeared in about 160 films, of which 106 had him as the solo lead hero and 22 were two hero projects. With the advent of Sun daśā his stars started setting just as the Sun sets in his horoscope. It’s strong placement in navāṁśa does prevent complete blackout as happens to many movie stars. It was a gradual fading away. Rajesh teamed up with Hrishikesh Mukherjee for the critically acclaimed offbeat films Bawarchi and Namak Haram. The quintessential romantic also did the intense Avishkar, directed by Basu Bhattacharya. But then age caught up and the star began fading away.

Pyarelal of Laxmikant-Pyarelal duo quoted in an interview that “Rajesh Khanna was lucky for us and we were lucky for him too. From the 1969 Do Raaste to the 1986 Amrit, we gave hits together both as films and as music scores”. With the end of Sun daśā in 1986, his movie career ended.

Political Moon

Rajesh Khanna meeting Prime Minister P.V.Narasimha Rao of INC as Madhavrao Scindhia smiles

At the insistence of Rajiv Gandhi, he started campaigning for Congress Party from 1984. However with the advent of Moon daśā (1986-95) he really got deep into politics and social service. He fought the 1991 Lok Sabha elections for New Delhi seat and lost to L.K. Advani by a narrow margin of just 1589 votes after which Khanna stood on the ground at the counting station insisting that he had been cheated of a win. A by-election took place for the same New Delhi constituency in 1992 and Rajesh Khanna won by defeating BJP’s Shatrughan Sinha by 25,000 votes.

The Moon normally gives success in the second attempt and this time too it was the second attempt that gave him success in elections. Moon in the sixth from āruḍha lagna and must be weak for rājayoga. It is weak in a duṣthāna from lagna but is not very weak being in Sagittarius navāṁśa. But its conjunction with a weak Mercury in navāṁśa and affliction by Rāhu does make it weak, which is good for rājayoga.

Rajesh Khanna was a Member of Parliament for the Indian National Congress, during 1992-96 or most of Moon daśā. When Khanna was MP, he did not accept new acting assignments except the film Khudai (1994). After leaving parliament in Mars daśā, he was a political activist for the INC and campaigned for the party till the 2012 Punjab election.


He moved to television in Mars daśā and played the main lead in two serials – Ittefaque and Apne Paraye during 2001-02.

Mercury daśā tried to give him a return in 2008-09 but being in maraṇa kāraka sthāna, Mercury could not do much. Mercury shows a Viṣṇu theme as the movie name should indicate ‘Raghukul Reet Sada Chali Aayi’. The decline to B-grade films was inevitable. There was also ‘Wafa: A Deadly Love Story’ with Laila Khan in 2008 which bombed at the box-office.

With Moon-Mercury yoga in the second from navāṁśa lagna and Mercury-Venus yoga in the 7th bhāva in rāśi chart, there was no dearth of women in his life. But fortunately for him the sign in which this happened, both in rāśi and navāṁśa, is Sagittarius owned by ‘broad-minded’ Jupiter. They loved him and were true to their love. Just the rare case of Anita Advani who claimed that she had been Khanna’s live-in partner, and sent a legal notice to his family members in 2012 asking for compensation.

Time up – Pack up

Amitabh Bachchan cited that Khanna’s last words were “time ho gaya hai! Pack Up!”. Bollywood’s original superstar – the unforgettable Rajesh Khanna – died in on Wednesday, 18 Jul, 2012 in Mumbai at home in his 70th year [Sudarśana Chakra Daśā 3rd bhāva with Rāhu]. The death was in the early hours of the day on Kṛṣṇa Caturdaśī tithi ruled by the lord of fifth bhāva Venus. This does indicate ‘śukra doṣa’ in the death chart and the immediate event of a former lover Anita Advani filing for compensation as live-in partner does allure to this śukra-doṣa (Venus affliction-flaw).




arvind-manishFollowing a landslide victory of 67 seats of the 70 assembly seats in the Delhi Government, Arvind Kejriwal took the oath of office on Saturday, the 14th February, 2015 at 12:15’ PM IST at the Ramlila Grounds that accommodates more than 100,000 people. Unlike all other politicians who have followed the old British system of swearing-in at the Governor or President house (Rastrapati Bhavan), Kejriwal has, time and again, followed the American system of public oath-taking ceremony. Somewhere deep in his heart he seems to be a true democrat and connects with the people at large.

The Oath

12.10 Arvind Kejriwal makes his way to the stage at Ramlila Maidan to be sworn in as Delhi Chief Minister.
12.12 The national anthem plays at Ramlila Maidan as the swearing-in ceremony begins.
12.15 Arvind Kejriwal takes oath as Delhi’s Chief Minister, administered by Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung. He is the eighth Chief Minister. Chief Secretary D.M. Spolia announces that the President appoints Arvind Kejriwal as Delhi Chief Minister.
Manish Sisodia takes oath of office
Asim Ahmed Khan takes the oath of office.
Sandeep Kumar takes oath of office
Satyendra Jain takes the oath of office
Gopal Rai takes the oath of office.
Jitender Singh Tomar takes the oath of office.

All the ‘seven samurai’ of the AAP took oath in Taurus Lagna which is considered extremely auspicious. Further, Arvind Kejriwal was sworn in in Aries Navāṁśa Lagna which is technically, vyayāṁśa; Manish Sisodia, Asim Ahmed Khan, Sandeep Kumar, Satyendra Jain and Gopal Rai took the oath in vargottama Taurus navāṁśa lagna; Jitender Singh Tomar took oath in dhanāṁśa Gemini navāṁśa lagna.

Starting Speech

The speech of the chief executive at the start sets the tone for the government and spells out its attitudes, aspirations and promises. After thanking the crowd for giving Delhi an ‘Aam Aadmi’ (abbr. AAP) Government, Kejriwal stated that “People from everywhere, all religions, castes, rich and poor, voted for us” clearly indicating a strong Gandhian theme of bring people of all castes, creeds and religions together. It is becoming all the more evident that with the support of the strong Gandhian Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal has taken the “Gandhi” mantle from the Congress Party.


For readers who are unaware, the Congress was largely led by Mahatma Gandhi to give independence to India. Since the Mahatma had no political aspirations, this mantle was inherited by his śiṣya (ardent student and follower) Jawaharlal Nehru. Nehru’s daughter Indira carried the Gandhi mantle when she married Feroze Gandhi who was adopted by the Mahatma and started her political leadership as Prime Minister with the slogan “garibi hatao” (eradicate poverty). This mantle passed on to her son Rajiv Gandhi and later to her daughter-in-law Sonia Gandhi. However, for some reason people have been feeling that the Manmohan Singh government was losing this ‘Gandhi’ mantle, especially when the staunch Gandhian Anna Hazare started a crusade to introduce ‘Lokpal’ i.e. grassroots level self-governance which was an ancient system in India which always had panchayat (five leaders of village) to govern themselves by their own social norms. People felt that the Manmohan Singh government had seriously deviated from the directive principles of state policy (Gandhian principles) enshrined in our constitution. Arvind Kejriwal was one of the members of this crusade of Anna Hazare. However he realised that the old “petition system” is not going to get them anywhere and started the “Aam Aadmi Party” (literally Common Man Party). Previously in 2013, Anna Hazare had not liked this political adventurism of Kejriwal and felt that Manmohan Singh would deliver on his promise for having Lokpal and Lokayukta which is the only real means to contain corruption in this country. Manmohan Singh failed to deliver and a storm brewed in this country, a storm that ousted the Congress and brought the BJP to the center stage of India. Now when Anna Hazare supported Arvind Kejriwal, the AAP was seen as the “true followers” of Mahatma Gandhi. In many ways this election is “very dangerous” for the Congress Party as it shows that the Gandhi mantle has gone from them to the AAP. It is as if AAP is moving towards becoming the new centre-left party replacing the Congress while the BJP continues as the centre-right party.

Kejriwal’s determination is clearly indicated by the swearing-in chart with the unflinching Taurus Lagna and Lagneśa Venus in tenth bhāva in siddhi-yoga with Sun in digbala. There is much more which we shall examine in a future article. Keeping in lines with the promises made during the elections, Kejriwal reiterated the following directives.

  1. Only Delhi: “Delhi’s people have given us their love and trust. AAP became arrogant and fought Lok Sabha elections from other States and was taught a lesson. I’m staying in Delhi for 5 years to work for the city” … is he going to miss the boat? Indications are that with Anna Hazare, Kejriwal definitely has the Gandhi mantle. If his vision stops him at Delhi alone, then AAP will miss the opportunity to become an All-India party replacing the Congress (I).
  2. Anti-Corruption Drive: “This time, we are confident that we can remove corruption from Delhi in five years” … this is the most important statement that the people wanted to hear. The anti-corruption line is back as Kejriwal tells people to record anyone asking for a bribe, and promises to restart the anti-corruption phone line. We wonder as to why anybody in their right senses would ever have stopped this anti-corruption phone line and expect people to appreciate that.
  3. Statehood for Delhi-NCR: Kejriwal said, “I met the Prime Minister and told him that we want constructive cooperation with the Centre. For a long time, the BJP has been promising statehood for Delhi, but they haven’t been able to get the chance. I have told the Prime Minister that this is the best time and opportunity to do so.” Now, this is going to be a bit troublesome as the 4th lord Sun in the 10th house does show an important direction of giving complete statehood to city but it is debilitated in the navāṁśa showing that it is not going to be an easy matter.
  4. Love for all: Kejriwal sang his favourite song, “Insaan ka insaan se ho bhai-chara” and stated “We see the 3 BJP MLAs as our MLAs. We will work for the entire city. Kiran Bedi is like my older sister. We will take help from her too. Ajay Maken has a long experience as a lawmaker. We will take his guidance too”. Āruḍha of the sixth bhāva (śatrupada) shows attitude towards enemies and in the swearing-in chart A6 is in Gemini, a mercurial sign. Mercury is the planet which preaches ahimsa, the path of non-violence and vegetarianism. Kejriwal is genuine and true to his heart and will not consider anyone an enemy – he seems to be following this Gandhian principle to the letter.

crowd1In addition to all that, he added a few lines to highlight sentiments about recent incidents of crime in the city. Before finishing, the ‘ex-income tax officer’ inside him stated that businessmen will not have to pay any unfair dues and he will make sure they are not harassed by officials – provided that they pay their taxes. Thereafter followed propaganda statements like ending the ‘red-light’ culture and slogan shouting evoking popular sentiments including wishing the best of luck to the Indian Cricket team.


AAP expels Yogendra Yadav, Prashant Bhushan

YADAV_2380169fThe Hindu reports
Ahead of their expulsion both Mr. Bhushan and Mr. Yadav had sent scathing responses to the showcause notices issued to them by the party’s national disciplinary committee.
AAP Viewpoint: “The party’s national disciplinary committee has taken a decision to expel Prashant Bhusan, Yogendra Yadav, Anand Kumar and Ajit Jha. They were expelled for gross indiscipline, anti-party activities and violation of code of conduct of the party,” said party spokesperson Deepak Bajpai.
Yogendra Yadav Statement
“The kangaroo trials, expulsions, witch-hunts, character assassination, rumour campaigns and emotional theatre to justify such macabre acts — all this is so true of the Stalinist regime,” Mr. Yadav said in his reply.
Mr. Bhushan Statement
Mr. Bhushan also hit back against the disciplinary committee, accusing its members Pankaj Gupta of accepting donations from dubious companies and Ashish Khetan of doing a “paid news” story, favouring a company. He also said that the panel, which he had headed until last month, was reconstituted illegally. “I am not aware who has constituted this National Disciplinary Committee,” ” he said.

21 April, 2015 Is India’s Aam Admi Party no place for intellectuals?


Soutik Biswas Delhi correspondent of BBC reports
I don’t know whether Arvind Kejriwal, leader of India’s anti-corruption Aam Admi Party (AAP), would agree with Mr Havel. But many believe that Monday’s midnight expulsion of four senior members of the party, including founder members Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan, marks the retreat of “intellectual politics” and dissent in a party which rode to power in the capital, Delhi, promising an invigorating narrative of corruption-free, democratic politics.
Mr Yadav is a leading psephologist and political scientist, while Mr Bhushan is a well-respected lawyer. Anand Kumar, another senior member who was also expelled, is a sociologist. They believe that a cult of personality has grown around Mr Kejriwal, and according to Mr Bhushan, the “dreams of a movement have been shattered by a small coterie and a dictator”.
Arun Kumar, a Delhi-based economist and a party supporter, regrets that the “intellectual climate and democratic culture on which the party was founded is gradually diminishing. It seems real intellectuals are posing insecurity to Arvind Kejriwal”.

leadersThe BBC reported that marathon peace negotiations have resulted in a new ceasefire deal for eastern Ukraine in the Belarusian capital Minsk. The 16-hour talks went on through the night, between Russian President Vladimir Putin, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. We all know that a previous Minsk ceasefire deal collapsed within days of its signing on 5 Sep 2014 and there was heavy fighting just hours before this one as if telling the negotiators that “the ink in which this deal needs to be signed is human blood”. The Ukrainian army and pro-Russian rebels controlling a big swathe of Donetsk and Luhansk regions are busy bombarding each other continuously so long as missile supplies last.

First take a look at the official ground map issued by Ukraine National Security & Defence Council. It still shows Crimea as a part of Ukraine while the world knows that it is no longer a part and has become an independent country.
Now the only thing to note is that the 12-point plan of September 2014 has been reduced to an 11-point plan of Feb-2015. That’s one point less in about six months besides it has to look different so that the world gets the temporary euphoria that some serious negotiations happened through the night between Angela Markel (Germany) and Vladimir Putin (Russia). Now don’t get me wrong here – everyone wants some peace and quiet, but nobody is addressing the main issue. Pro-Russian rebels have signed the peace agreement but the key issues remain to be settled, including the situation in Debaltseve. Therefore it is evident that this was a useless negotiation as the real negotiator, the United States, was missing from the table. Face the truth – if Europe was capable of finding peace within, then the world would not have seen two world wars. They tie themselves in all sorts of multi-diplomacy knots that finally squeezes them to get at each other’s throats.

And our jyotiṣa says that the days of the defeated-combusted Jupiter have not yet finished. Refer to the previous article. So why should there be any change?

Look at their eyes: Who will blink first - Russia vs. Ukraine
Who will blink first – Russia vs. Ukraine

European leaders have warned Russia that it could face additional sanctions if the agreement is not respected. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the deal offered “a glimmer of hope”, but also warned that “it is very important that words are followed by actions” as if something inside her, like an inner voice, told her that nothing is going to happen.

Shortly after the deal President Obama said that they are considering to supply arms to Ukraine if the deal fails and Putin retorted that “it would be a serious mistake”. The world must be really stupid to actually believe that a deal of any kind was going to happen – or at least the media would have us believe so.

Jupiter daśā Jupiter antara and Venus pratyantara from 7 Jan 2015 to 16 May 2015 is a decidedly dangerous phase for Ukraine with both planets Jupiter and Venus being combusted in the Sun. Combustion means burning, deaths and disaster – and that is where all this is heading. We must give credit to President Obama who for all this time has withstood heavy pressure from the Republicans and others and has kept the US out of this European conflict. But there are ample signs that the pressure from within the Democratic Party may be tough to withstand. There is every likelihood of the US entering the conflict and if that happens this ‘Fire in Ukraine’ caused by the combustion of Jupiter will burn for the remaining part (15 years) of Jupiter daśā. Supplying arms is like throwing wood inside a burning fire with the hope that it will contain it!

Correct Chart

Based on the inputs of Constantin (see comments), we have a different time which changes the Navamsa Lagna to Libra thereby completely changing the destiny chart of the Nation. The previous time of 5:31 PM had Leo Lagna with the navamsa lagna being in the same sign as the battle ground sign of the Rashi chart – which meant that the battle was going to destroy the nation. However this time with the navamsa lagna in Libra shows that the battle ground sign ‘leo’ is in the badhaka rashi from navamsa lagna and will cause considerable damage but then Venus has the ‘fire-fighting power’ Venus is the natural fire-fighter of the zodiac and can fight the fires of Leo.
I would prefer a time of 5:57′ PM as that would give the pranapada lagna in trines to navamsa Moon.

Since Venus is now doing the fire-fighting job, its period from Nov 2014 to 2 Apr, 2015 is the only window of hope to bring forth peace in the region. Thereafter the Sun comes and it can blow hot again. It is imperative that the Ukranians realise that they can love both Germany and Russia … why hate, and that too your own brothers!

I am not any BJP member or supporter as in principle I am not inclined to politics or politicians. If I had my way, it would be Ram Rājya with just one divine incarnation ruling the land for life and there would be no need for any corruption of any sort. But that’s just day-dreaming and will not happen for many centuries in India.

The Candidates

Coming back to elections in New Delhi, we have three Chief Minister hopefuls –

Kiran BediKejriwalAjay Maken

Kiran Bedi b. June 9, 1949 at 2:10 pm in Amritsar, India (74 E 51′, 31 N 37′). She is under Saturn daśā Venus antardaśā Saturn pratyantara in Utpanna Vimśottari daśā. This modified Vimśottari daśā is used as Moon is in the third house in her chart. Saturn is a yogakāraka planet generating a powerful Vimala viparīta yoga. In addition, it is the lord of 5th house (power) in dasāṁśa exalted in lagna. This exalted śani will bring her to power just as it has already propelled her as the face of the BJP to head the Delhi Elections.


Arvind Kejriwal b. August 16, 1968 at 11:46 pm in Hissar, India (75 E 43′, 29 N 10′). He is under Jupiter daśā Venus antardaśā and the worst Ketu Pratyantara. Ketu is māraka for the chart and is debilitated in 5th house in navāṁśa afflicting Mercury which is the giver of power. Ketu shows mistakes and impulsive decisions that will prove to be very costly in the political arena.
As indicated in my previous article, his star will shine only till this Venus antardaśā i.e. 23 Feb 2015. Thereafter, Sun antardaśā will come and this saṅkrānti doṣa will catch him and force him to change his clothes – कपडा बदलना पडेगा.


Ajay Maken b. Jan 12, 1964 at 10:30 am (speculative, see notes below) in New Delhi, India (77 E 12′, 28 N 36′). He is under Mars daśā Venus antara Jupiter pratyantara. Mars is a rājayoga giver in this chart as it is exalted malefic in the 12th house. His wife is very lucky for him as the upapada is in the house of luck (9th bhāva) and yogakāraka Venus is in lagna. There is no doubt that the Congress party has done well to choose him as their leader for Delhi. With a strong Saturn as lagneśa in the 12th house he has the capacity to rout his challengers but the time does not favour him very much. Given the storm that is propelling the BJP he will do well to improve the figures of the Congress from the dismal showing in the previous elections to a double digit figure … say 12 seats.
A praśna chart was used to determine approximate birth time. Praśna Data: Jan 23, 2015, Time: 12:10 pm, New Delhi, India.
Janma Tithi = (a) Sun 8°52’ = 9 Navamī or (b) Sun + Prāṇa Tithi = 9 + 4 (caturthī) = 13 (trayodaśī) à Ajay Maken was born on Kṛṣṇa Trayodaśī (K13) … praśna seems to be working
Janma Rāśi : Praśna Navāṁśa Rāśi = Mīna, trines to Janma Rāśi Vṛścika … praśna is working
Janma Lagna Determination
Praśna navāṁśa lagna = Siṁha (Janma Lagna can be agni rāśi or kumbha); Praśna navāṁśa lagneśa Sun in Mīna (Janma Lagna can be Pisces).
Praśna Lagna = Meṣa (rātri bala rāśi) à birth is in daytime thereby eliminating Siṁha Lagna as that would be a night birth. Similarly Pisces lagna chart, which is all over the internet, is quite absurd as that would have given him a head full of hair and strong kapha prākṛti. Meṣa lagna would have made him travel all over the country for education and abroad for work. Of the two remaining options of Dhanus and Kumbha, we have preferred Kumbha lagna making him a very good man and an able fighter. He is married to Radhika Sehgal and has three children, Aarushi, Ahana and Aujaswi as a Leo saptāṁśa would indicate.

Numbers Nimitta (Omens)

The Office of the Chief Electoral Officer, Delhi, which is responsible for the conduct of the February 7 assembly polls in the national capital has rejected the nominations of 230 candidates and approved the nomination papers of 693 after scrutiny. See the number ‘9’ [6+9+3 = 18, 1+8 =9] which belongs to Mars, the god of war who also rules the police and military.

After scrutiny, the highest number of valid nominations was 18 from the Burari Assembly seat and the lowest was four in the Ambedkar Nagar constituency. Mars is agin leading the numbers game as the number 18 indicates. [1+8=9]

Madness has Begun

A total of 121 first information reports have been lodged against various political parties in connection with the violation of the Model Code of Conduct in Delhi till now. According to the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer, Delhi, the highest is against AAP. The AAP party which has openly said that it does not follow rules and regulations – they are ‘anarchists’ – Kejriwal’s words, takes the lead in disobedience of laws.

54 FIR’s have been lodged against AAP → 5+4 =9 (Mars is negative)
24 against the BJP → 2+4 = 6 (Venus is negative)
26 against the Congress → 2+6 =8 (Saturn is negative)
10 against the BSP → 1+0 = 1 (Sun is negative)

The Results

Delhi Assembly Elections 70 Seats
2013 Hung Assembly 2015 Predictions
Party Won Party Win A Win B Win C Win D
Cong 8 Cong 8 8 12↑ 17↑
BJP 31 BJP 44↑ 35↑ 35↑ 35↑
AAP 28 AAP 16↓ 25↓ 21↓ 16↓
Others 3 Others 2 2 2 2

My calculations show four scenario’s. These are with four assumptions which we clarify below:

Win A
This situation will occur if Narendra Modi storm continues to blow and takes over the elections. He is the face of ‘Future Hope for India’ and people will not let go of this hope so easily. Given his work load as the Prime Minister and the fact that he is going to be in a few gatherings, this scenario is very unlikely.

Win B
This situation occurs if the people have not yet forgiven Manmohan Singh for sleeping over reforms and not retiring if his health was not good. But this scenario is unlikely as we Indians are very forgiving and forgetting by nature.

Win C
This is the most likely scenario as the Congress under Ajay Maken is bound to improve its showing while the AAP takes a little hit for its antics. Kiran Bedi will prove to be a very energetic fighter and she has the will to perform. She is a go-getter and people of Delhi need someone who will deliver then from (a) endless traffic jams (b) expensive parking (c) crime. Yes she is a police officer and she will deliver them. That’s the picture. AAP will still get some votes as we in Delhi continue to get absurd electricity bills. Looks like some people in the electric supply department are playing lottery. I had to visit my heart doctor when slapped with an electric bill of ₹85,000. I will take up the matter after the elections and a new government is in place.

Win D
This will occur if during this Ketu pratyantara Arvind Kejriwal does some more of his funny tricks like sleeping on the road or tearing down electric wires. But this is unlikely as it looks like he has matured some.

ABP News-Nielsen
The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is likely to emerge as the single largest party in the coming Delhi elections with 35 seats, one short of majority, an opinion poll conducted by ABP News-Nielsen has predicted. The BJP is projected to get 29 seats while Congress is expected to get six seats in the 70-member House.
AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal seems to be the most preferred candidate for chief minister of Delhi with 48%, followed by Kiran Bedi of BJP with 42%. AAP is likely to emerge as the largest party with 37% vote share, followed by BJP with 33% and Congress with 18%. As per the survey, Kejriwal is seen as more capable than Bedi in solving most problems faced by Delhiites. However, for “maintaining law and order and women’s safety”, respondents preferred Bedi over Kejriwal.
The survey found that AAP maintained its strong hold over economically weaker sections and Muslims. The party also had substantial support among voters living in slums with nearly every second voter in slums intending to vote for the party. The survey said AAP had huge support among Muslim with nearly every two in three Muslim voters intending to vote for the party in the coming elections.
The survey found that Bedi’s anointment as BJP’s CM candidate was not helping the saffron party pull in additional voters.
The survey said voters were firmly aligned to their parties with very few intending to switch sides. However, there could be some fence-sitters currently saying they “may not vote for BJP” but could change their mind later, it added.
Kejriwal marginally pipped Bedi when it came to who did more “tamasha” than work for development. The opinion poll was conducted with 6,396 respondents in 35 constituencies by ABP News-Nielsen from January 25 to January 31.
TNS for the Economic Times
AAP, led by tax-inspector-turned-activist-turned-politician Arvind Kejriwal, could walk away with 36 to 40 seats in the 70-member legislative assembly, according to the latest findings from polling firm TNS for the Economic Times newspaper.
Let everyone lose and we shall be the happiest. No need to feed their ego, feed their spiritual growth
We admit that the prediction was completely wrong and the BJP has been defeated due to taking Kiran Bedi as their Chief Minister candidate at the last minute. One lesson we learn from this is not to take a chart at the face value without verifying the divisions. It is evident that Kiran Bedi’s dasamsa is wrong and the exalted Saturn is not her rajayoga-karaka but must be her enemy planet. D10 lagna could be either Virgo or Scorpio. Anyway, it is time she retired and allowed the regular BJP people to get back to their work. It was a 44 win situation until she entered the fray …now looks like they may just about get a double digit figure.

rahuThe Amātyakāraka (AmK) is the ‘Minister’ in a nativity’s chessboard called aṣṭa-charakāraka which controls his career and the expansion of his soul in this domain of mundane life. Rāhu is the most important planet for politicians and anyone having Rāhu as amātyakāraka or associating with the AmK is definitely blessed with Machiavellian manipulation ability. Rāhu is the maker of Prime Ministers, especially in India which has an exalted 10th Lord Rāhu (politician, leader of nation) in Lagna (throne). People should stop looking at politics as a place for saints and stop measuring politicians with saintly qualities like speaking the truth, abstaining from extra-marital relationships (or the extreme thing like celibacy) and being a beggar or rich man. These are sadhu qualities, not those of politicians. These things do not matter in a politician. What matters is his gambler like ability to change a losing hand into a winning hand, to change the opinion of others by speaking what is just right to do so, and most important, to be a statesman and deliver on the aspirations of the people he leads – by hook or by crook. The finest example we have for political rise and power to change the entire system is that of Śrī Kṛṣṇa himself! Lagneśa Venus conjoins Rāhu and Amātyakāraka Saturn is aspected by Rāhu (graha dṛṣṭi). Śrī Kṛṣṇa did not like Machiavellian politics, Saturn is his amātyakāraka, but was not who would get defeated by politicians as his lagneśa Venus conjoins Rāhu.

Jagannath Hora [JHD Charts at bottom of page]

Indian Prime Ministers

Let us take some cases of the past.


Jawaharlal Nehru
Jawaharlal Nehru with exalted Rāhu as amātyakāraka outmanoeuvred all other leaders like Subhas Chandra Bose, Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Sardar Vallabhai Patel He went on to be the first leader of the constituent assembly and secured the position of the first prime minister of India. In addition, Rāhu is very well placed alone in Libra dasāṁśa mercilessly destroying his secret enemies. What is more important is that Rāhu must aspect the Lagneśa to have the power to guide the intelligence for politics.


Gulzarilal Nanda
Gulzarilal Nanda was ‘interim’ Prime Minister of India on two occasions, both after the death of the sitting Prime Minister Nehru and Shastri. In the rāśi chart, Rāhu is in maraṇa kāraka sthāna in the 9th house aspecting the 10th bhāva (political leader, sitting PM). Gulzarilal Nanda also had lagneśa Mars aspected by maraṇa kāraka Rāhu and therefore whenever death (maraṇa) of the leader happened, he was the one who was maneuvered into position. In the dasāṁśa, Rāhu conjoins the 8th lord (inheritance) Jupiter (guru, leader) forming Guru-caṇḍāla yoga (death, murder). Whereas Nehru had a normal death, the death of Lal Bahadur Shastri has always been one of speculation as his body had turned blue (suspected poisoning).

Of couse, we Indians are so callous about the lives of our leaders that we really did not delve into the details. Be it Bose, Shastri, Indira Gandhi or Rajiv Gandhi, we will really never punish the culprits. That’s because it is not saintly to do so!


Lal Bahadur Shastri
Lal Bahadur Srivastava Shastri shared a birthday with Mahatma Gandhi (Oct, 2 1904) and did not have this ability as Rāhu had nothing to do with his amātyakāraka Saturn. But just like Gulzarilal Nanda, he too has lagneśa Mars conjoining Rāhu which does give him the ability to rise to the dizzying heights of the Prime Minister. Unfortunately this terrible war yoga of Rāhu and Mars which gave him grand victory in the Indo-Pak war, also aspects Jupiter in the 3rd bhāva from ārūḍha lagna showing his death in a foreign land. We were told that his body turned blue because of the cold!

indira gandhii

Indira Gandhi
Nanda and Shastri were not ‘real politicians’ when it comes to amātyakāraka and Rāhu like Nehru. Then came Indira Gandhi, who just like her father, had lagneśa Moon aspected by Rāhu from the preceding sign giving the political mind which we have seen in all others so far. In addition, her Amātyakāraka Venus is in maraṇa kāraka sthāna with a debilitated Rāhu. I have rarely seen such a perfect combination for politics. She was the undefeated one, the one we called Jaya Ma Kali! Elections were quite meaningless with her leading the Congress party. Who can fight with Kali mata?


Morarji Desai
Amātyakāraka Moon is fully aspected by Rāhu from Aquarius showing the long political career. However Rāhu is in maraṇa kāraka sthāna which, as in the chart of Gulzarilal Nanda and later V.P.Singh, means success only after either death or destruction of his own leader. Morarji served as Deputy Prime Minister to Indira Gandhi for two years 13 March 1967 – 16 July 1969, before leading a revolt in the Congress Party to oust Indira in Rāhu antardaśā. His boss Indira Gandhi is protected by 9th lord Saturn which is exalted (powerful), retrograde (unflinching) and ātmakāraka (king). Since the daśā was of Saturn, he failed miserably and went into oblivion for a long time to emerge as the leader post emergency in 1977. He was PM in Mercury daśā Venus antardaśā from 24 March 1977 – 28 July 1979. Look at the dates carefully – it is again rise in March (Mīna māsa) and fall in July (Karkaṭa māsa). It is noteworthy that just as he had rebelled against his boss, so also did his deputy PM Charan Singh rebel and oust him.

Charan Singh

Charan Singh
Exactly like his boss Morarji Desai, Charan Singh was born with Rāhu better placed in mūlatrikoṇa Virgo in conjunction with amātyakāraka Moon. Birds of a feather, flock together. He became the 5th PM of India in Mer-Sat period and pratyantara daśā of Mars on 28 July 1979. He barely lasted through six months and just at the end of Rāhu pratyantara, he lost power on 14 January 1980.
It was India’s destiny which forces corrections whenever we deviate from the path of democracy. Rāhu also represents the pitṛs, our forefathers, the freedom fighters who died in such large numbers before we finally got our freedom, and that too without deviating from our sworn dharma – ahimsa (non-violence). Morarji Desai came to power in Rāhu antardaśā and Charan Singh in Jupiter antardaśā while Indira Gandhi returned to power in Saturn antardaśā. For India’s Taurus lagna, Saturn is the natural leader as lord of 10th bhāva.


Rajiv Gandhi
Just like his grandfather Rajiv Gandhi also had Rāhu in the 12th bhāva as the amātyakāraka and it aspected Lagna where the Sun was strong in all glory. The requirement for politics is complete. The Sun detests Rāhu and therefore Rajiv tried his level best to steer away from this profession but destiny dragged him into the thick of Indian politics, with the untimely death of his brother and the rest is history. Perhaps India is not lucky enough to have another lion like Rajiv Gandhi, who knows?

vp singh

V. P. Singh and Chandra Sekhar
Prima facie Rāhu in Pisces has nothing to do with the amātyakāraka Venus in Taurus, in the chart of V.P.Singh nor does Rāhu associate with the lagneśa Moon – which is why he was really not good at politics. But his amātya Venus is the bādhakesha in own sign which gives the complete influence of Rāhu since bādhakeśa is like Rāhu. And since it is neither conjoined nor aspected, by any planet, as bādhakeśa Venus will retain all bādhaka powers. It will act like Rāhu.
Just like Gulzarilal Nanda, Rāhu is in maraṇa kāraka sthāna in 9th bhāva indicating rise only after death or destruction of political mentor. His rose to the top position by accusing Rajiv Gandhi of corruption in the Bofors case and later stated that he never really said or meant that Rajiv Gandhi himself took the money! That’s Rāhu you see – he had the whole world believing that Rajiv Gandhi pocketed ₹60 Crores in the Bofors scandal. He became the PM during Venus antardaśā, and just after Venus ended in October 1990, he was edged out by Chandra Sekhar on 10 Nov, 1990.

PVNarasimha Rao

P.V. Narasimha Rao
The next is a great master with ātmakāraka vargottama Rāhu aspecting lagneśa amātyakāraka Mercury in Bhadra Mahāpuruṣa yoga. The entire combination becomes really deadly when we see a powerful viparīta rājayoga of Mars and Sun in digbala combusting all the high spiritual values of mahāpuruṣa Mercury. Rāhu as 6th lord adds the curry power to the boiling 12th lord Sun and 8th lord Mars to create a potion so deadly that out of the oblivion of retirement in his native village he returned to be the PM during Mars daśā. Viparīta rājayoga in the tenth house destroyed the Congress party and the BJP mage good advancement under the statesmanship of Atal Bihari Vajpayee.


With exalted Rāhu in the 8th house aspecting amātyakāraka Venus and exalted lagneśa Ketu, Vajpayee was also a very able politician like his predecessor. His ascendancy was largely during Jupiter daśā in Aquarius (Rāhu lord) having Rāhu dṛṣṭi and with the advent of Saturn in Maraṇa Kāraka Sthāna in Lagna with 8th Lord (retirement) Mercury, he went into retirement.

People say his lagna is Libra and fail to give a simple explanation for fall in 2004 which would otherwise be a rājayoga period of yogakāraka Saturn and 9th lord Mercury. Others dispute the date as 1924 instead of 1926 and use a Libra lagna and are still unable to convincingly explain why yogakāraka Saturn exalted in Libra lagna would have caused his fall. Face it, Scorpio lagna tries hard to keep so many secrets. Have you forgotten the nuclear tests? Even his right hand did not know what his left hand did – that was Atal Vajpayee ji. All top intelligence agencies globally failed to report this and even his own cabinet was left with tongues hanging when the news became public.

Manmohan Singh greets Sonia Gandhi at his swearing-in ceremony

Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh
Sonia Gandhi with lagneśa Moon aspected by an exalted Rāhu in bādhaka rāśi had the qualification to lead the Congress party back to power in 2004. However she did one of the most brilliant checkmates in the Indian chessboard by making Manmohan Singh the 13th PM of India. Together they ruled India for a good decade (2004-14). It was the start of Mercury daśā that pulled her into politics in Mercury antara (1995-98) and she worked to rebuild whatever was left of a shattered Congress. In the second half of Mercury she led the party to power. Mercury is fully aspected by Rāhu who sits exalted in bādhaka rāśi. With the advent of Ketu daśā, her stars give way to the next generation of leaders that will lead India since Ketu, assisted by the Sun, breaks Mercury. Her health too suffered as Ketu daśā progressed. As for Manmohan Singh, the oil supply from Rāhu daśā is about to end this year as he enters his 8th and last mahā daśā of Jupiter.

Looking Ahead
As India elections progress, we need to take a fresh look at some charts of possible leaders for the nation keeping in mind that in the chart of India, the glorious Jupiter in Libra Narayana daśā has given way to the exalted Rāhu in Taurus.

Before we finish, if we missed any PM, it was not for any political reasons. The moot point about the importance of Rāhu has been made.

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In today’s day and age, there is nothing like a good PR team to clean up your mess. People with money and access will get away with many things including murder, and that is the single biggest blow to democracy, because money talks a language of its own that can cut across culture, caste, creed and everything like knife through butter.

Date with Death

On the 14th of February, 2013 around 3 am, Reeva Steenkamp was shot through the bathroom door in three places – hip, arm and head. The head wound was he fatal shot. As usual she had got up to use the toilet at night, which was her habit. Oscar claims he thought an intruder was in the house and failed to see that Reeva was not beside him as it was dark. A neighbour says that lights were switched on and with bulldog defence lawyers, this witness may also become weak.

Roger DixonPistorius fired four shots in “rapid succession”. The first two shots struck her in the hip and arm in quick succession, he said. The first delivering an “incapacitating blow”, said Dixon, and the bullet that hit her in the arm would have been similar to “an instant amputation”.Roger DixonFormer police officer and forensic geologist


Terrible Pañcāṅga Doṣa

It was one of those pañcāṅga doṣa days when the tithi (śukla caturthī), vāra and nakṣatra (Revatī), were all ruled by Mercury. The tithi and vāra having the same lord creates a ganga doṣa between jala and agni tattva that rule the tithi and vāra respectively. Adding to the woes the nakṣatra which governs prāṇa and longevity is also ruled by Mercury. And Mercury is placed with Mars and the Sun in great duress and is aspected by Rāhu – a curse. The navāṁśa placement shows Mercury, Sun in debility while the great evil Rāhu is exalted and Mars is vargottama. This will afflict people ruled by Mercury indicating writers (Mercury and Sun) and sports people (Mercury and Mars).

Mṛtyu Rāśi

The evil becomes greatest for people born with natal Moon in water signs as the transit Moon has this great evil in the 8th and 12th bhāva from it damaging personal relationships considerably. These people lose a near and dear one as 12th house is indicative of spouse and 8th bhāva of death, debt etc.

The people who have danger to life are indicated by the Moon (longevity giver) conjunction with Ketu in Sagittarius navāṁśa. People with natal Moon in fire signs, particularly Sagittarius would be in danger. While we do not have the natal chart of Reeva Steenkamp, the planet positions at her birthdate confirm that her janma rāśi (natal moon) is Sagittarius. This is the victim of rage of Moon-Ketu eclipse yoga in the navāṁśa.

How far will the rage go is roughly indicated in the navāṁśa positions of Reeva Steenkamp’s navāṁśa (D9) chart. Jupiter conjoins Rāhu in Virgo showing the guru-caṇḍāla doṣa called murder and this is likely to be associated with the 12th house. In the absence of any birth time and life events we cannot work on her chart.

Mṛtyu Lagna

The moment of the crime has Sagittarius lagna which is the 12th house (fall) for Capricorn lagna of Oscar Pistorius. In the navāṁśa of natal chart, Oscar has Saturn, the 8th lord in the 7th bhāva which is a bādhaka sign. Jupiter the ‘I am god attitude’ ātmakāraka is in Pisces and Rāhu is in the 12th from it showing the reasons for incarceration. In addition Rāhu is also in maraṇa kāraka sthāna and its dispositor Saturn is in the 7th bhāva. Therefore, Rāhu indicates a jail term due to the end of marriage (Sat, 8th Lord) and death of spouse (in 7th House, bādhaka). This sign where Saturn is going to deliver the karma leading to jail term is Sagittarius. And Sagittarius aspected by Saturn conjoining Rāhu was the Lagna (ascendant) at the time of the crime.


Venus affliction

It is alleged that Reeva had been surfing pornographic sites with her boyfriend Oscar Pistorius, very late into the night. This is a clear indication of Venus affliction as the natural attraction between the couple was not enough and external stimulus was needed. In addition, Oscar seems to have had an erectile dysfunction as he used some herbal remedy and needs for injection which the police thought were testosterone injections.

What triggered the cold rage in Oscar to do such a heinous crime? Venus is in the 8th bhāva in the navāṁśa indicating erectile dysfunction and inability to have coitus. Venus is placed in a sign of the cold Saturn indicating sexual drive like an old man. Saturn the dispositor of Venus deliver this cold rage as it is in the bādhaka rāśi indicating inability to understand the reason. Since this is a sign of Jupiter, Oscar would believe that Reeva is seeing another man (Jupiter indicates previously or currently married person with ability to have children) and would separate from him to have children with another. There have been recent newspaper reports that they had been quarrelling about another man.

Venus is also subject to pāpa kartari yoga between Rāhu and Saturn indicating that Oscar could not take ‘no’ for an answer, and would be led to a hideous sin of Saturn (death) and Rāhu (sudden, shocking) due the denial of Venus (pleasure).

Crime Confirmation

The confirmation of such a crime is known from the Rudrāṁśa chart (D11) as explicitly stated by Maharṣi Jaimini ‘lābhāṁśe maraṇaṁ’ (sūtra 3.3.69). The calculation of the Rudrāṁśa chart for this purpose is slightly different from the other lābhāṁśa which is for other mundane purposes. Applicale rudrāṁśa rules:

1 In the rudrāṁśa the 10th lord (and lord) specifically indicates ‘Karma’ that will cause punishment and possible death in addition to the lagna and 8th houses.
Rudrāṁśa lagna is Capricorn, 8th house is Leo and 10th house is Libra.

2 Sūtra 3.3.72-73: These houses become more malefic if they are odd houses or associated with malefic planets.
Leo and Libra in the 8th and 10th are more evil. Leo has a parivartana yoga between Ketu in Leo and Sun in Scorpio whereas Venus, the lord of Libra is conjoined Rāhu in Aquarius. Aquarius indicates bathroom.

3 Sūtra 3.3.82: If a planet is on own sign then the results of the sign predominate instead of those of the planet
In the Venus conjunction with Rāhu in Aquarius, since Rāhu is in own sign, the results of Rāhu will not dominate; instead the results will be of the sign Aquarius. Therefore, there was no external person like a stalker or mugger and instead, the results of death in bathroom as indicated by Aquarius is correct.
Further, instead of the sign being 8th or lagna which shows suffering due to being hurt by others, the 10th house shows suffering due to one’s own bad karma. Libra and its lord Venus show the bad karma of Oscar Pistorius.

4 Sūtra 3.3.77: If Mars conjoins/aspects the death inflicting sign, a close person like a friend or a relative is the cause of death.
Mars does aspect the combination of Rāhu with Venus in Aquarius and this is what makes the duryoga one of murder’ instead of death from poison or drugs. Mars is also debilitated in the 7th house showing the direction of anger towards one like spouse.

5 Sūtra 3.3.80: If Venus conjoins or aspects the death inflicting sign, the opposite sex (e.g. love affair or rape) can be the cause of death.
Venus is the primary bad karma giving planet for Oscar and this confirms that the bad karma was due to a love affair or something concerning sexuality.

The sūtra of Maharṣi Jaimini are very clear and have shown that Oscar has this flaw in his nature and that the bad karma of murder and violence will be done towards one he loves. And to top it all, it was Valentine’s Day when Pistorius murdered his girlfriend Reeva, by mistake (on purpose?).

Murder Trial

The moon continues to fight to protect him – he has some very good mother karma and care that he has done for the society and this is what protects him.

Shoddy Investigation

Of course the police officer Hilton Botha had not done his homework and fumbled all along the way. But that is not really his fault – it’s the ‘green colour’ Mercury as the 9th lord in the chart of Oscar who is to be blamed. Being in debilitated navāṁśa, it has no ideals to fall back on and will use its financial muscle. While this may come as a shock to the developed world, we in India see a lot of this and it’s blatant. Finally the South African authorities woke up to the fact that they would become a laughing stock in the world media and changed the chief investigating officer and Lieutenant General Vinesh Kumar Moonoo is now in charge.

What do we think is going to happen? Well with Ketu in the 9th bhāva and Ketu daśā having started a few months after the event in May 2013, the heavens over South Africa conspire to protect him. Ketu shows mistakes and every mistake possible will be made. These include the mistakes made to botch up the crime scene as well.

  • Reeva’s body was all cleaned up and packed well for delivery to authorities.
  • Tell-tale marks were cleaned to change the tales they would tell.
  • If neighbours claimed they heard something, which is very true they would have as the night at 3am can be very quiet and even little sound comes through clearly, are told that human beings don’t have an audible range of 600 meters. And everyone agrees!
  • If neighbours claimed they saw light in the house and bedroom, they have to prove how it was there when Oscar said it was completely dark. Maybe Oscar had his eyes closed, or maybe in his rage he could not see and it was all dark.
  • If the security guard heard the shots and called to ask if everything was fine, Oscar actually felt fine after the fine job done and so answered in the affirmative. Who knows how he felt after Reeva’s shooting? What we are seeing now in the camera in court is excellent media management.

Ketu in the 9th house is in the sign of Mercury who debilitates in navāṁśa and fights to protect him. Mercury gives the power of the gab to his lawyers and Ketu causes the police offices to lose their brains. How on earth can we expect justice to prevail? But we astrologers do not worry about that as in the court of god, all bad karma is surely going to get punished – either in this life or the one after. There is no real escape – only repentance. And truth is the only form of repentance in the eyes of god.

On 22 Nov 1986 Oscar Carl was born to Henk and Sheila Pistorius in Sandton, Johannesburg at about 10:30 am when Makara was rising with lagneśa Saturn in the bādhaka rāśi with the 8th lord Sun and having Rāhu dṛṣṭi indicating strong pitṛs doṣa.

Net result of all that: he lacked fibulas in both legs and in October 1987, at the age of 11 months his mother had to take the decision to amputate his legs below the knee so that he can eventually walk with prosthetics rather than need a wheelchair his whole life. The decision to give him prosthetics was a very brave one and the daśā was Saturn, Sun antardaśā, Rāhu pratyantara.

Anger of Sūrya

Before we go further, we should also examine the protections for the 9th bhāva. Makara lagna has the misfortune of having two bādhaka lords Mars and Ketu. Mars conjoins Jupiter in the 2nd bhāva to give him ample wealth, courage and strength – it’s a dhana yoga. Ketu has stationed in the worst possible house – the 9th bhāva of destiny and also the controller of the legs. In addition, the 9th bhāva is subject to the torment of both bādhakeśa Ketu and Mars and Rāhu of course. Rāhu also aspects the lagneśa Saturn in bādhaka rāśi with Sun. The only planet that can fight for his legs, Mercury the 9th lord, is subject to pāpa kartari yoga in the 10th bhāva but has relief from Venus, the anitya kāraka for the 9th bhāva (being dispositor of 9th lord). But Saturn, Sun and Ketu do the pāpa kartari on them.


It is obvious now that the Sun is very malefic as both Sūrya and dharma bhāva are under some sort of curse. It is also the 8th lord and is in Leo in navāṁśa – rogāṁśa.


Death of Mother

March 6, 2002 is his date with destiny when his inspiring and brave mother Sheila Pistorius died suffering an adverse reaction to medication after being wrongly diagnosed with hepatitis. From 4th bhāva Aries, Mercury is the most malefic and is in māraka bhāva – seventh. Even in the navāṁśa, Mercury the 4th lord is debilitated in 10th house which is māraka (7th) from mother (4th). In the dvādaśāṁśa too Mercury is in the 10th bhāva. Dvādaśāṁśa (D12 Chart) has Scorpio in 4th house and Venus is the real māraka for mother. Venus exchanges signs with Saturn and takes on all the evil qualities of Saturn. She died in Mercury daśā Venus antardaśā Mercury pratyantara. He tattooed that date on his arm.

Rugby Accident

In June 2003 at the age of 16, the already athletic Pistorius badly injured his knee while playing rugby during Mercury daśā SUN antardaśā. His subsequent rehabilitation leads him to sprinting. Once again we see the Sun punishing him.

Glorious Mother Divine

The greatest blessing in this chart is the Moon in its own sign in the 7th bhāva promising success and fame. It gives him the strength and cares. It is the blessing of the Mother Divine which flowed through his mother and so many others who cared so much for him. The antardaśā of Moon started in Sept 2003. In a year on Sept 21, 2004 he won his first Paralympic gold in the 200 meters T44 and a bronze medal in the 100-meter final in Athens.

This was just three months after trying the J-shaped, carbon-fiber blades known as Cheetah prosthetics for the first time. Moon is the fastest of the planets and shows speed and great strength as it has the energy of its devatā – Vāyu, the wind god. It is the cheetah among the fast animals and the greyhound among the dogs.

Mars antardaśā started in January 2005 and in March Oscar made his debut in the able-bodied South African championships.

Parivartana Yoga


The exchange of signs between Jupiter and Rāhu causes some strange results. Rāhu behaves like 3rd lord in own sign Aquarius and Jupiter behaves like 2nd lord in own sign in Pisces. What a blessing! Rāhu gives him the courage to challenge conventions and break borders while Jupiter promises wealth and glory.

In Rāhu antardaśā in July 2007 he runs the 400 meters at an able-bodied event in Rome under close watch by the IAAF, track and field’s world governing body, to determine whether his prosthetics confer any unfair advantage. Pistorius competed in the men’s 400-meter race B during the Athletics IAAF Golden Gala in Rome’s Olympic Stadium. Later in Dec 2007 Pistorius was awarded the BBC Sports Personality of the Year “Helen Rollason Award” for outstanding courage and achievement in the face of adversity. Later in the same month, after further examination by the IAAF, Pistorius is deemed to receive an advantage from the prosthetics. A report finds that the carbon-fiber legs actually return energy and extend his stride. Pistorius argues that the tests were biased, but by Jan 2008, he is banned from able-bodied competition.

Moon pratyantara daśā starts in Apr 2008 and the decision by IAAF governing board of athletics that he cannot compete against able-bodied athletes, was turned down – his appeal was upheld in May 2008. In a landmark decision, and the Moon again brings him fame as the Court of Arbitration for Sport overturns Pistorius’s ban and rules that he can compete in the able-bodied Olympics, provided he meets South Africa’s qualifying times.

But the short Moon pratyantara daśā ends in June 2008. In July, under Mars pratyantara and bādhaka being strong, he misses out by 0.7 seconds.

By Jupiter! Rāhu antardaśā ends in August 2008 and the parivartana yoga Jupiter starts with promise to turn everything around in his favour. In Sep 2008 Pistorius sweeps the 100 meters, 200 meters and 400 meters at the Paralympic Games in Beijing. Pistorius celebrated winning gold with a world record in the 400-meter T44 at the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games.

In Saturn antardaśā, being the lagneśa Oscar excelled and achieved. In March 2012 he runs the 400 meters in 45.20 seconds, meeting the “A” standard for South Africa and qualifies for the London Olympics. Once again the Moon pratyantara comes in good time (Jun – Aug 2012) and in July 2012 South Africa confirms that Pistorius will be in London to compete. Pistorius won gold in the men’s 400-meter T44 final at the 2012 Paralympics, in London.

Later in Aug 2012 Pistorius makes history by becoming the first double-amputee to compete on the track at the Olympic Games. Despite the hype surrounding him in London, his performance in the heats of the 400 meters see him eliminated at the semi-final stage. He also runs the anchor leg in the relay final as South Africa finishes a poor eighth.

In September, at the London Paralympic Games, he takes gold in the 400 meters and the 4×100-meter relay and silver in the 200 metres.

We look into his personal life in the next article.

Arvind Kejriwal took oath as the 7th Chief Minister of Delhi on 28 December, 2013 at 11:59’am in the open field ‘Ram Lila maidan’ in New Delhi. All astrologers in various forums were flabbergasted at the terrible muhurta chosen by the first AAP government with the Moon, Rāhu and Saturn in the 8th house indicating various troubles and turmoils. However some did suggest that Saturn in the 8th house does promise longevity! However, that’s not true – Not in a muhurta chart – Saturn or any planet in the 8th house shows graha doṣa. Unless the Moon matches the promise of Saturn in 8th house to give longevity, it will not happen. Forty-nine days after he took charge of a minority Delhi government, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and his entire cabinet resigned on Friday following a tumultuous day in the Assembly

Chandrāṣṭama Doṣa

This is what we had maintained at all astrology forum that this is going to be a terrible curse-like experience for the people of Delhi. Moon in chandrāṣṭama doṣa with the affliction of Rāhu and Saturn is definitely a curse and this is going to be painful. The water promise was really not delivered as the poor people in the outlying areas actually ran out of water even in the winter season when water is supposed to be surplus. The longevity is seriously threatened and I gave a maximum life till October, 2014 for this government.

Exchange between Jupiter, the 10th lord showing the leader (Arvind Kejriwal) and the 4th lord Mercury indicates that instead of being seen as a ‘wise, matured, honest’ leader, his reputation is going to take a serious beating and he will be seen as an ‘immature, impulsive, childish’ person who will drag his people around till they get tired of his antics.

Maraṇa Kāraka Mars

To add to the woes, Mars is in maraṇa kāraka sthāna in the 7th house of marriage and relationships. It indicates marriage (7th house – bādhaka) with your enemy (Mars). The support of the Congress (I) to form the first AAP government was very conditional and required that governance should be strictly as per the red-letter of the law (typically Mars attitude).

Instead of understanding and trying to discuss (Mercury is 7th lord) with their partner, Arvind Kejriwal threw the glove (challenge – Mars) in the Legislative Assembly on 14 Feb, 2014. Mars is not a planet that will back out of a fight and Kejriwal lost power.

Magha Pūrṇimā witnessed high drama in the Delhi State Assembly right from morning after the Lt. Governor, Mr.Jung wrote to assembly Speaker M.S. Dhir, stating the constitutional position that the ‘Jan Lokpal bill’ should not be tabled as he has not approved it. He had sent a letter to the Law Ministry of the Central Government to seek clarifications on the constitutional modalities in introduction and passing of such bills. A reply was awaited. Instead of waiting for the law to take its turn, Arvind Kejriwal took the law into his own hands by introducing the bill illegally in the assembly. Naturally, both Congress and BJP leaders who are mainstream parties and are used to the democratic ‘rule of law’ waved Jung’s letter and created a ruckus, demanding a discussion on it. However, a vote was forced by Kejriwal and the result saw 42 members vote against the introduction of the bill, while only 27 MLAs – all AAP members, including expelled member Vinod Kumar Binny – vote for it. Delhi assembly has a total strength of 70 and this meant a loss of majority by the government, and its fall from power. In simpler words – Kejriwal knew it was political suicide.

Magha Pūrṇimā

Kejriwal on Magha PurnimaIt is interesting to note that the day on which Kejriwal lost power was Magha Pūrṇimā! Full moon days are when the Moon is very strong. On Magha Pūrṇimā a person is freed from all kinds of sins and problems if he takes a bath in Ganges. Arvind Kejriwal was definitely ‘freed’ from all his sins and problems related to politics as resigning from power will prevent him from making any more of those ad-hoc laws called ‘ordinance’ which is a sign of dictatorship instead of democracy.

“For the Lokpal Bill I am willing to give up the CM’s post a hundred times” – Arvind Kejriwal on his resignation. What he did not say is that this is going to cost the people of Delhi ₹53,000 Crores based on 2013 election costs.

What Next?

Of course Delhi will have fresh elections and almost everyone is assuming that this will coincide with the national elections.

People will again have to shell out money for the elections which will cost a whopping ₹530 Crore. There were 810 candidates running for office, including 224 independents and each candidate spends anywhere between ₹50-70 Lakhs bringing the estimated expenditure to ₹486 Crore. Add to this the government bill of about ₹44 Crore and we have a nice election bill of ₹530 Crore. What is likely to happen …

  1. AAP will not return to power in Delhi, and will be the greatest loser in the next elections. Kejriwal’s calculations are wrong
  2. BJP is likely to come to power in Delhi with marginal gains which will make it a majority party with allies
  3. Congress (I) will be the greatest gainer bringing its numbers in the assembly to double-digit.

President’s Rule

After what we mentioned yesterday, those who can read between the lines, should have guessed that President’s Rule was an inevitable conclusion that the Congress (I) at South Block would decide. That’s exactly what has happened. This is the first time that the Capital will come under central rule since 1993 when the Delhi assembly was set up. The presidential proclamation, giving lieutenant governor Najeeb Jung the powers to run the Delhi government…expected today. More Info
If somehow the elections are deferred till after Saturn leaves Libra in the last quarter of 2014, the Congress would be real gainers. Let’s see.

Arvind KejriwalNowhere in recent history has anyone shaken the establishment more than this man who started life in a middle class family of good ideals as the son of Gobind Ram Kejriwal and Gita Devi, a well-educated and financially well-off couple. The exalted Moon in Lagna promises a good childhood. Further, lagneśa Venus is vargottama in 4th bhāva in digbala promising clean clear direction in life. Its conjunction with Mercury and Jupiter form Mahānta Yoga promising greatness and very clean mind-heart. The gaja-kesari yoga of the Moon exalted in Lagna and Jupiter in 4th bhāva show niśkapaṭa yoga – native is very genuine and of unblemished character. This Mahānta Yoga forming in ārūḍha lagna (AL) shows that he would enjoy a great rājayoga in life. Venus, the 3rd lord from ārūḍha lagna conjoins Jupiter (male) and Mercury (female) showing his younger brother and sister. The Sun will not indicate a sibling or can indicate a lost sibling as it is in saṅkrānti dośa. Note that this saṅkrānti janma dośa is a major flaw in the horoscope which can hit him when he is 50 years of age or after the death of father, whichever is later.


Mechanical Engineer

He followed his father (electrical engineer) to become a mechanical engineer from the prestigious IIT Kharagpur [Mars-Sun to Rāhu-Jup]. Dvādasāṁśa (D12 Chart) has Jupiter in the 9th bhāva in Pisces showing a very good father and from Pisces, Mars (agni, ignis, engineering) is in the 10th bhāva of work – father was a good electrical engineer. Rāhu daśā (1986-2004) gave him a very good start in life as it is the 10th lord in 11th bhāva, and a natural malefic like Rāhu in the house of gains shows someone who achieves by any means – the end result alone matters. However such an evil attitude is blocked by the four planet Mahānta yoga in the 4th bhāva resulting in a very dissatisfied person during Rāhu daśā. After finishing his engineering studies in IIT Kharagpur, he joined Tata Steel in 1989 in Rāhu daśā Jupiter antara. However, he was dissatisfied with the mundane work of an engineer given by Rāhu as the exalted Moon in his lagna will want to work for the society, to be of social service.

In Rāhu daśā Saturn antara (1992) he resigned from the job to study for the Indian Civil Services examination. Saturn as the 10th lord in the 12th bhāva, in debility gives suo-moto viparīta rājayogabut being retrograde it reverses this rājayoga to pravrājya yoga. Again, as the bādhakeśa in the 12th bhāva it is a blessing in disguise as it shows that he will steal the thunder from his boss – he has done so when he started with Team Anna but has gone ahead to form a political party ‘Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)’. Yet, it shows the loss of power and moving towards renunciation and spiritual path. It was during this period of Saturn antardaśā that he visited Kolkata and spent time at the Ramakrishna Mission. He also spent time at the Nehru Yuva Kendra, showing inclination towards politics.

IRS Service

In dasāṁśa (D10 Chart), Mars in the 6th bhāva gave him the first career direction as an engineer, but its debility failed to sustain his interest. Mercury as the 5th lord (authority) in the 10th bhāva (throne) would give him the second career direction. Mercury rules accountants and since he was seeking a job in the Civil Services, it could give him the Indian Revenue Service (IRS) which has so much to do with accounts and balance sheets. In Rāhu daśā Mercury antardaśā (1995) he joined the IRS.

Getting into the Civil Services is very tough but getting out can be a terrible experience. Consider this – at an average about 600,000 extremely well educated applicants take the preliminary examination. Of these about 10,000 make the first cut to the main examination. Of these about 500 get selected and among these about 250 belong to the general category. Success rate for a general category candidate is 0.04% – that is a really tough competition. There’s a joke among those struggling for this examination – “if you have an enemy just advise him to take the Civil Services. There’s a 99.96% chance that he will ruin his life trying to get in till he is too old and defeated to do anything else”. Now when you try to leave the civil services, the worst thing one can do is to talk about it to a colleague. Your boss get’s to know of it and they will find one excuse or another to ensure that you cannot leave. I never understood why this attitude. Arvind Kejriwal also went through such an experience when he tried to leave by initially taking study leave in Rāhu daśā Venus antara Saturn pratyantara (note Saturn again) in 2000. After his study leave he returned to IRS service in Mars antardaśā in 2003. Thereafter he worked during Mars antara for about a year and half.

But with the advent of Jupiter daśā (2004) it was clear that he would move to another career and again went on a long 18 month leave. In February 2006 (Jup-Jup-Moon period), he resigned from his position of Joint Commissioner of Income Tax of New Delhi and joined Team Anna (Anna Hazare) but had to fight a protracted battle with the department for many years till his final release in 2011 after paying his leave salary back to the government. While most of his supporters say that this was a means to malign him, his detractors question his intentions – if he is so righteous about government money, then why did he not payback his salary on his own accord. Why did it have to go to this extent? This is the saṅkrānti dośa of the Sun – money matters come under suspicion as the Sun is also the lord of the Sun sign and suffers this great weakness. But during the daśā of Jupiter this weakness is unlikely to manifest.


The upapada (UL) is in Cancer in the 12th bhāva from the ārūḍha lagna (AL) and Venus. The 7th lord Mars is in the 3rd bhāva showing a love-marriage but it is in debility and gets nicabhañga rājayoga due to the exalted Moon. It is likely that the first proposal would not materialise into marriage and that marriage will be with the second proposal. The functional UL should be taken as Aquarius (8th from the original UL), lets mark this as UL2. Since this UL2 is in the 10th bhāva, he is married to a colleague in the Indian Revenue Service, Sunita Kejriwal.

The fifth lord Mercury is in Leo in rāśi and in Gemini in navāṁśa indicating two children (Leo 5 – Gemini 3 = 2).

Politics of Reform

There is no doubt that in modern India, Kejriwal has been a major agent of change and reform. He is well-known for his role in drafting a proposed Jan Lokpal Bill and his efforts to bring and implement the Right to Information (RTI) act at the grassroots level. All this happened during the course of Jupiter daśā when he received numerous awards and recognitions.

Major Awards

  1. Jupiter daśā Start (2004-2006)
  1. Jupiter daśā Mercury antara

What blocks the top seat?

To achieve the top slot in any political situation, the support of Rāhu is required and this is one thing that is going against him as Rāhu does not directly associate with the amātyakāraka (AmK) Venus. There is indirect association as the dispositor of Rāhu, Jupiter is conjoined Venus. Therefore during Jupiter daśā this association of Rāhu and AmK Venus is activated leading to various sudden rise and growth in the political arena. Particularly during the current period of Jupiter daśā Venus antardaśā this action of Rāhu is reinforced and he succeeds in his political début in New Delhi. In any case this is the dvi-guru yoga occurring in Pūrva Phālguṇī nakṣatra, the janma nakṣatra of Jupiter.

The weakness of the Sun, which is also the lord of the Sun sign, in saṅkrānti dośa leads to denial of the top slot. This is a recurring phenomenon in his life when he missed the top IAS and had to settle for the next level IRS job. Once again in the Delhi State elections he missed being the top party with the BJP leading with 32 seats and he had to settle with 28 seats. His achievement is stupendous given the fact that this is the very first election that his AA-Party ever fought. Yet he refuses to form the government with the support of the Congress (I) being fully aware that any such relationship can completely erode his credibility. Question is whether he has the capacity to face another election, and what happens if that too is going to be a hung assembly with none of the parties getting a majority nor any of them willing to play ball with each other.


It is for this very reason that we had been advocating the case of a two-party political system so that the nation is saved the turmoil of having to face such strange combinations of parties forming government as well as the trouble of hung parliament or state assemblies forcing expensive elections that demand huge manpower and cost. Government can form two lead groups – ‘A’ and ‘B’ and all political parties have to declare which one they belong to before the start of the elections. Of course it is not as simple as this, but there must be a good way out of such a mess where we have election fever for four months, and then again at the end of it we realise the medicine does not work and then there is again going to be high election fever for another six months. When is Delhi going to get well and working?

Arvind Kejriwal is running a fantastic daśā of Jupiter-Venus combine and the transit Saturn is in the 6th from lagna and 3rd from ārūḍha lagna. Such goodies never last forever. Change is inevitable and in October 2014 Saturn moves on to the fourth from ārūḍha and 7th from janma rāśi … that’s something worth considering. Secondly, the antardaśā of the Sun (saṅkrānti dośa) starts in 2015. But till then and even during the next elections in 2014, he will surely make a great dent in Indian politics throwing the BJP and Congress into complete disarray. In fact, if Kejriwal chooses to take on Narendra Modi in Gujarat, he can give a deadly battle and can even emerge victorious! Don’t underestimate the great stars favouring him right now.


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ॐ गुरवे नमः
Pravrajika Shraddhaprana

Guru Dakṣiṇā
Pt.Sanjay Rath belongs to a traditional family of astrologers from Bira Balabhadrapur Sasan village of Puri, Orissa, which trace their lineage back to Shri Achyuta Das (Sri Achyutananda).
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Sanjay Rath
HDFC Savings A/C No: 00261000249926
13-B Pusa Road, Bazar Marg,Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi 110 060

ॐ श्री श्री आदिगुरवे नमः

Upcoming Events

  • PJC-2A Batch-2017 October 11, 2018 – October 28, 2018 Bhairavgarh By Zennia | Luxury Resort In Udaipur, Maharana Pratap Khel Gaon, 200 ft Road Opposite R.T.O, Bhuwana, Chitrakoot Nagar, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001, India
  • MSP Year-1 Starts October 23, 2018
  • PJC-Eurasia 2B: Visti's batch February 14, 2019 – February 27, 2019 MVT Guesthouse & Restaurant, Bhaktivedanta Swami Marg, Behind ISKCON temple, RamanReti, Raman Reiti, Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh 281121, India
  • Shiva Ratri March 4, 2019 at 4:28 pm – March 5, 2019 at 7:07 pm Nishita Kaal Puja Time = 24:07+ to 24:57+ Duration = 0 Hours 49 Mins On 5th, Maha Shivaratri Parana (पारणा) Fast Breaking Time= 06:46 to 15:26 Ratri First Prahar Puja Time = 18:18 to 21:25 Ratri Second Prahar Puja Time = 21:25 to 24:32+ Ratri Third Prahar Puja Time = 24:32+ to 27:39+ Ratri Fourth…
  • Mantra Shastra 01 March 7, 2019 – March 16, 2019

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Learn from Tradition

Sohamsa offers online courses in jyotish (Vedic Astrology) taught directly by Sanjay Rath as per the tradition, through narrated power points and other audio tools. The courses are at different levels, from the beginners through the intermediate to the advanced and are known as SoHamsa | DBC courses, with individual classrooms and assistant teachers
Certificate Course, Jaimini Scholars
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Sagittarius Publications

Sagittarius Publications is the publisher and distributor the popular quaterly magazine the Jyotish Digest, as well as many thorough books on the subject of Vedic Astrology or Jyotish.
Among its popular publications are Collected Papers in Vedic Astrology, Brihat Nakshatra and Maharishi Jaimini Upadesa Sutra by Sanjay Rath and Nakshatra Vibhuti
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