The horoscope of Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi has tenth lord Mars exalted in 12th house combined with lords of ascendant (Saturn), 4th & 9th (Venus) and Rāhu. The strength of 10th lord & its conjunction with Ascendant lord (also strong in its own sign) shows independent views while its conjunction with Venus results in the Dharma-karmādhipati yoga. Natives born in this yoga will be God fearing, truthful and very industrious. Venus is also the 10th lord from the Moon sign. The āruḍha lagna (AL) is in Sagittarius and its lord Jupiter, a natural benefic is placed in the 10th house (Throne / Rājya) from it. The Lagna (self/position) and Ghāṭikā Lagna (power/authority) are in sama-saptaka while the Horā Lagna (wealth) is divorced from them. This shows that the native can never be motivated by wealth to compromise or misuse his position or authority. Such honesty is a rare phenomena in politics & its occurrence in the horoscope of a present day politician shows that India is in the threshold of a new phase where its high spiritual ideal of truth (Satyameva Jayate) will find a strong place in the body politic. Mars in the 5th from navāṁśa lagna makes him bellicose while Venus in trines makes him patriot.