Sri Karunanidhi, better known as Dr.Kalaignar was born on Tuesday, the 3rd June 1924, in a small village Thirukuvalai in Thanjavur District of Tamil Nadu (Long:79E09’ Lat: 10N48’) at 12:20’ LMT (12:33’ IST).
Rasi Chart has Leo rising with Rahu in it giving a Yoga for Princely Rajyoga. The Sun, as lord of Lagna is in the tenth house making for a Karma Yogi and one dedicated to positive action. This gives clear thinking and determination as well as the blessings of Ganapati which bring Vidya (Knowledge) and Siddhi (Success) in all undertakings. The conjunction of the exalted Moon with the Sun indicates an exalted mind with a lot of idealism (exalted) and socialism (Moon). His famous statement “See God in the smile of the poor” and his multi-pronged and extremely effective social intervention for poverty alleviation won the heart of the then President of India Dr. V.V. Giri, who commended his social schemes with the view “Tamilnadu leads the rest of India”. Thus the very objective of the Lagna forming a powerful Yoga for undying fame (tenth house placement of the planets) was achieved during his first tenure as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. Such people are very committed to a cause due to their high idealism and are prepared to pay any price to achieve their dreams. They are true to their words and will not break a pledge or promise under any circumstance.