Extract from the book ‘Vimshottari and Udu Däsa’ by Sanjay Rath

Dwisaptati Sama Dasa

The stellar universe is not so difficult of comprehension as the real actions of other people. …
…Marcel Proust

Dwisaptati Sama dasa is applicable in those charts where the lagna lord is in the 7th house, or the 7th lord is in lagna, or both.  The seventh house, like the lagna is a satya peetha[1] (hence Arudha pada of any house cannot be in the same house or in the seventh from it).  It indicates Hara[2] and can be either very benevolent as the Guru[3] in the sense of removing all obstacles in the spiritual path or very destructive like Rudra[4]. In both cases, Ketu is the significator.  It is the benevolent mokshakarka (i.e. granter of emancipation from the bondage of rebirth) as  well the destructive Rudra as per Vedavyasa.