Extracts from Narayana Dasa book (c) Sanjay Rath

Erstwhile USSR

There were two revolutions in 1917 in Russia. The first set up a provisional government and the other was the overthrow of the same to establish communism for the first time in the world. The revolution headed by Lenin made a start at 2:00’ AM on 7 November 1917 and the proclamation was made at about 10 AM at Leningrad. Subsequently, the Foundation of the USSR was laid on 30 December 1922 at 8 PM in Moscow. As explained earlier, the political movements have various events and what the Jyotish should look for is ‘proclamations’ or ‘declarations’ of independence or a new regime. Thereafter the new regime/ authority will take some time to draft out the laws and other tools to govern the land. This subsequent date should be treated as the ‘start of the new law’. In India, these are the declaration of independence on 15 August 1947 and acceptance of the new constitution by the Republic on 26 January 1950. The former date is vital to determine the strength, weaknesses and life of the new order of governance.