Whats with Russia (starting letter र-ra) and the places having starting letter च (cha) like Chelyabinsk or Chernobyl? At least prima facie we find the letter च (cha) in the sign Pisces which is the 6th house of troubles, accidents and suffering from the name letter of Russia.
Apparently, at about 09:30 local time, a very big meteor burned up over Chelyabinsk, a city in Russia just east of the Ural mountains, and about 1500 kilometers east of Moscow. The fireball was incredibly bright, rivaling the Sun! There was a pretty big sonic boom from the fireball, which set off car alarms and shattered windows. Varahamihira talks of these bright meteors he call’s Ketu’s which are always ominous portents of the destiny of the nation.Chernobyl was in the SW direction (Rahu) from the capital Moscow whereas Chelyabinsk is to the East (Sun) of Moscow.
In this video we notice the huge shock impact which made the car sirens and other alerts go off. With a blinding flash and a booming shock wave, the meteor blazed across the western Siberian sky and exploded with the force of 20 atomic bombs, injuring more than 1000 people as it blasted out windows and spread panic in a city of 1 million.
At least 112 people have been seriously hurt among the 1100 injured, according to the Interior Ministry. About 200 children who had been at schools were among the hurt from flying glass and debris. While NASA estimated the meteor was only about the size of a bus and weighed an estimated 7000 tons, the fireball it produced was dramatic. The space agency estimates the blast over Chelyabinsk occurred at about 14-20 kilometers above the Earth’s surface, and that the energy released was equivalent to a 300-kiloton explosion, Video shot by startled residents of the city of Chelyabinsk showed its streaming contrails as it arced toward the horizon just after sunrise, looking like something from a world-ending science-fiction movie.

Rough ChartUpdate 1VideoNote 1
The chart for the moment of the event shows the Moon (ruling human affairs) in Aśvinī nakṣatra which is ruled by Ketu. The Moon is in the gaṇḍānta part of the nakṣatra in the first pada indicating that a new beginning is about to come to the nation. Indications are that Russia is about to have a major political shift, perhaps in the year or two. The lord of Aśvinī nakṣatra is Ketu indicating the meteor as taught by Varāhamihira in Bṛhat Saṁhitā. Ketu conjoins the Moon and is in Kṛttikā nakṣatra which shows a big Sun – the blast which occurred following the disintegration of the meteor was as bright as the Sun! Ketu Moon conjunction shows shocking sudden changes.
Sun conjoins Mars and Mercury indicating disasters related to the earth element and this is also aspected by Rāhu and Saturn from Libra. This looks like some kind of a curse of Mercury.
Event of meteor happened in the eastern direction from Moscow indicating that this would not bode well for the kings and warrior class of the land. In modern parlance it shows that there could be far reaching political changes and that the armed forces would undergo some changes as well.
Incidentally, the ascendant of Putin is Libra, where Saturn and Rāhu are in transit. Would that indicate plans for retirement? Although an examination of his personal chart indicates otherwise, this meteor could change things, and Putin may call it a day. If Putin were to retire early, then there is no doubt that the entire political scenario would undergo a major change. After all, he is the one who stabilized Russia quickly and brought it back to the helm of word affairs.
The navāṁśa has an exalted Ketu in Sagittarius lagna showing that this is definitely an indication from the heavens of a great spiritual change to come in the Christian nations. Russia is the unstated capital of the orthodox ancient Christian church which is so very different from the Protestant church. We have just also heard about the resignation of the Pope Benedict. What can all this mean? Jupiter and Mercury conjoining the Moon in the 5th house is indicative of the power of the “word of god” which in India would have been translated to mean the Bhagavat Gita. We wonder in what manner this “word of God” is going to change things in Russia or Europe to be more precise.
Friends from Russia have informed that the chart made by the JHora software was incorrect as the time zone was not updated for daylight saving time. Igor (miller@udm.ru) has mailed the corrected JHD Chart for the event. The chart attached in the email gives a completely changed scenario. Note that the Ascendant has changed from Pisces to Aquarius – what a relief! And secondly Navāṁśa lagna is also Libra with the Sun instead of exalted Ketu in Sagittarius.
However, that’s not the end of the story. Chandramukha Das informs that the “exact” time is 9:20’:33”. He says “The fall of the meteorite in 9:20:33; The coordinates of place of fall of a meteorite 60 E 18′ 30″ & 54 N 58′ 19″ (Time zone +6.00) Time 09:20:33”. This is slightly outside the city and again completely changes chart from Aquarius Lagna to Capricorn Lagna. In addition, the navāṁśa lagna also changes from Libra with the Sun to Virgo.
It is tough to make a call at this moment and we are awaiting some of the readings in the astronomy websites for exact details before we redraw the chart. Bear in mind that the basic reading from the Moon nakṣatra Aśvinī is not going to change as it shows the consciousness in gaṇḍānta (fear) due to sudden event (Ketu conjoining the Moon as nakṣatra lord).
However, the results will change considerably from
(a) Religion focus with the old wrong Pisces ascendant chart to
(b) Business openness and huge democratic changes with the Aquarius Lagna chart [9:20:42 with city coordinates] or
(c) Radical changes in the personal lives of people due to strong Venus focus in the Capricorn Lagna chart [9:20:33 with new coordinates] Charts for (b) and (c) are given below

Chart B: Using City coordinates
Chart B: Using City coordinates
Using Exact Coordinates of the meteor and 9:20:33 time; zone +6
Using Exact Coordinates of the meteor and 9:20:33 time; zone +6
Astrology Notes by Shyam Devani (sgdevani@yahoo.co.uk)

I read your recent commentary on Russia with great interest. By way of introduction, I am a markets analyst by profession in London and also a student of Gordon Brennan (gwbrennan@aol.com). While my analysis of astrological charts is at a very basis level, there are some additional observations that may be of interest. I would like to make a special mention of Vijaya Subramanian (vtry19@gmail.com) who “triggered” the thought process re: Nostradamus and the Pope.

Firstly a clip from the BBC website which is really quite clear. The meteorite was indeed described like a Sun http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-21471942
Secondly, a Quatrain written by Michel de Nostradam in the 16th century (Quatrain 41, Century 2)

La grand’ estoille par sept iours bruslera,
Nuee fera deux soleils apparoir:
Le gros mastin toute nuit hurlera,
Quand grand pontife changera de terroir.

One common translation is
The great star will burn for seven days,
The cloud will cause two suns to appear
The big mastiff will howl all night
When the great pontiff will change country

Unfortunately I am not familiar with French, let alone old French. A colleague of mine however translated “mastin” as “morning” instead of mastiff (from old to modern  French, mastin would turn to matin which is “morning”) and used the word “scream” instead of “howl”. She also linked the first two lines and did not use the word “cloud”. I do not know how it could be interpreted nor what the 7 days may refer to.
There is also another Quatrain which is often discussed online (Century 6, Quatrain 6) though I think the above is more relevant.
Thirdly, patterns in financial markets lead me to believe that the price of Oil is going to rise significantly (towards some $200) over the coming months / year. While the natural focus on this issue would turn to developments in the Middle East, it may be interesting if indeed a significant change takes place in Russia, of course a huge Oil producer. Saturn in a strong place sends Oil higher? On this occasion Rāhu is also in Libra which does not sound like good news and an Oil price anywhere near $200 is most certainly bad news. My base case in terms of causality however would probably be a war (Saturn/Rāhu conjunction). At this stage, perhaps I am trying too hard to join up the “dots” between developments in Russia and Oil. Just some food for thought.
Finally, a change in Russia if/when seen may have implications for N. Korea. The last time Saturn and Rahu were together there was tension in the Korean Peninsula. I have noticed that Saturn/Rāhu conjunctions see a repeat of issues/characters playing important roles (examples include Hitler in Europe, Hussein in Iraq and Thatcher in the UK…not meaning to imply anything by grouping her with the other two but her rise and fall both came with Sa/Ra conjunctions). Could conflict (also?) erupt in the Korean peninsula/Far East?


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