There is an endless debate on the house position of Jupiter as making the bhāva strong or weak. Recently an astrologer of Delhi stated a generic absurd dictum that “Jupiter and benefics weaken the house they occupy while malefics strengthen the house they occupy”. I was pointed to a paper of my friend and fellow astrologer Chandrasekhar Sharma.

In a paper on Pancha Mahāpuruṣa Yoga, Śrī Chandrasekhar Sharma opines as follows:

Similarly Guru is said to distort (भ्रष्ट) or harm one of the indications of the bhava he occupies, so in strength, he might harm the bhava occupied though he will give excellent results of the bhavas that he aspects and good results of the other indications of the bhava occupied. Many modern astrologers find it difficult to accept this position. I have seen the dictum coming true every time. But this being a principle on which there are divergent opinions, I would like to give an old shloka, often quoted by my father and astrologers of his generation, leaving the acceptance or otherwise of the said principle to the better judgement of the learned.
जन्मलग्ने गुरूश्चैव रामचन्द्रो वनागतः।
तृतीये बलि पाताले चतुर्थे हरिश्चन्द्रयोः॥
janmalagne gurūścaiva rāmacandro vanāgataḥ|
tṛtīye bali pātāle caturthe hariścandrayoḥ||
षष्ठे द्रौपदीहरणञ्च हन्ति रावणाष्टमे।
दशमेदुर्योधनं हन्ति द्वादशे पाण्डुवनामतम्॥
ṣaṣṭhe draupadīharaṇañca hanti rāvaṇāṣṭame|
daśameduryodhanaṁ hanti dvādaśe pāṇḍuvanāmatam||
Guru occupying lagna in Lord Rama’s horoscope made him get banished to forests by his father, Guru in 3rd bhava caused the King Bali being sent to Patala (abode of Asuras- netherland under water) by lord Vishnu, 4th bhava occupied by Guru in King Harishchandra’s chart took away his kingdom, Dushshaasana (one of the Kauravas in Mahabharata) tried to strip Draupadi’s clothes on account of Guru occupying 6th bhava in her chart, King Ravana died (in war with Lord Rama) on account of Guru occupying 8th bhava, Guru occupying the 10th bhava in King Duryodhana’s chart resulted in his death at the hands of Bhima in Mahabharata, and Pandavas were sent to forest on account of their defeat in Dyuta (a type of gambling game of the Kings) on account of occupation of 12th bhava in Yudhishthira’s chart.


Any statement should not be blindly accepted as the final truth simply because it is written in Sanskrit language and the purpose and intent need to be technically examined to ascertain its accuracy and validity. Seven examples are given in the śloka to bring forth the point being made that “Jupiter destroys the house it occupies”.

Śrī Rama: Jupiter in Lagna

जन्मलग्ने गुरूश्चैव रामचन्द्रो वनागतः।
janmalagne gurūścaiva rāmacandro vanāgataḥ|

The first example is that of Śrī Rama where it is stated that “Guru occupying lagna in Lord Rama’s horoscope made him get banished to forests by his father”. Such a statement goes contrary to the teachings of the Ramayana where it is stated that Rama was banished to the forest due to the advent of Saturn daśā. In fact it was the curse of Saturn from the 4th house (home) that expelled Rama from his home due to the machinations of his step-mother (4th house) and maid servant Manthara (Saturn). The fact that his father was trapped by a boon made to his step-mother is incidental and is the karmic expression of a curse from the parents of Shravana Kumar. Saturn implemented that curse causing the separation between Rama and father Dasaratha. We have separately shown how to calculate this Saturn daśā using the Mūla daśā system which brings forth the functioning of curses in horoscopes. Lagna is the character of a person and with Guru in lagna intelligence and character are said to be strengthened. It is because of Jupiter exalted in lagna that Rama is called ‘Puruṣottama’. In fact father Dasaratha asked Rama to rebel against this boon given to Kaikeyi and fight and take the kingdom as is the kṣatriya dharma, but Rama refused to do so. The arguments He gives is what makes the difference between ordinary mortals and Puruṣottama Śrī Rama – and that comes from a strong Jupiter or exalted Moon in Lagna bhāva – supreme intelligence and wisdom that upholds all that which is righteous and truthful.

Bali Rāja: Jupiter in Third

The second example given is that of Rāja Bali having Jupiter in the third which caused him to be banished to pātāla (lowest of nether worlds). We have never seen the horoscope of Rāja Bali and are unable to comment on its accuracy but that does not deter us from verifying the veracity of the statement. Jupiter in third bhāva is in maraṇa kāraka sthāna and will cause the death of the native – to this there is no doubt.

Reconsider the facts – Rāja Bali was performing a great sacrifice where he was donating whatever the brāhmaṇa asked for. Viṣṇu came as the incarnation ‘Upendra’ who is worshipped as the Vāmana avatāra and asked for ‘three steps’. The king was amused and asked him what he would do with just three steps of land, take a village at least he suggested. The priest Śukrācārya was able to see that this ‘little brāhmaṇa boy’ was none other than Viṣṇu, the lord of the three-worlds himself, and suggested that Bali refuse to give any donation. [Even when we make mighty resolves greed symbolised by the passion (rajas) of Venus, always stands on the way to good karma]. King Bali weighed the advice of his mentor carefully – he had realised that this strange request of ‘three-steps’ from this little brāhmaṇa boy was not flimsy and that this must be Viṣṇu himself. On the one hand, he had the option of refusing the request and become a mockery by unsparing historians as ‘the king who could not even donate three-steps of land’ while on the other, there was the chance of immortality as Viṣṇu must grant a blessing if a person is truthful and dharmic. These two choices that were given to Rāja Bali are known in jyotiṣa as (a) maraṇa sthāna Guru where the greed overcomes a native from doing his dharma leading to continuous rebirths or (b) bhāgya yoga i.e. good fortune of association and blessing of Viṣṇu (9th house) caused by a natural benefic like Jupiter aspecting the 9th bhāva.

Rāja Bali made a choice of making that donation and became immortal and the king of one of the lower worlds (tala). Question is would we have had the courage to make the same choice or would greed overcome us?

Rāja Hariśchandra: Jupiter in Fourth

Once again, we have never seen the horoscope of Rāja Hariśchandra and are unable to comment on its accuracy but that does not deter us from verifying the veracity of the statement.

Jupiter in the fourth bhāva or Venus in the tenth bhāva causes mahānta (greatness) yoga. Now let us ask a simple question – how shall we know that someone is actually great unless he is subject to adversity? It is only under conditions of adversity that the real character of a person is exhibited. Rāja Hariśchandra also came under such terrible adverse conditions when tested by the Maharṣi Viśvāmitra. But if such a test was not given to him and he had not proved his mettle, would the world sing his song to children and extoll them from being as truthful as ‘Satyavadi Hariśchandra’? In any case, Hariśchandra did get his wife, child and kingdom back – so in the end, planets in the 4th bhāva give you an opportunity to prove your mettle and become famous just as Saturn in the fourth bhāva did for Sri Rama. If you are unaware of this great king of the solar dynasty, please read these stories (a) Mythological for Kids (b) Wikipedia: Harishchandra..

Mahādevī Draupadi: Ṣaṣṭha Guru

षष्ठे द्रौपदीहरणञ्च हन्ति रावणाष्टमे।
ṣaṣṭhe draupadīharaṇañca hanti rāvaṇāṣṭame|

Once again, we have never seen the horoscope of Darupadi and are unable to comment on its accuracy but that does not deter us from verifying the veracity of the statement.

In jyotiṣa, natural benefics in the sixth bhāva cause ‘upachaya’ or growth effect. These natural benefics are Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Moon. This is also the house of enemies and Jupiter, if retrograde and also aspected by malefics can destroy the horoscope (life of native). On the other hand, Jupiter in the sixth, if strong can cause destruction of all enemies and the native is blessed by the goddess Kālikā. Harihara (book Praśna Marga) teaches that in whichever bhāva Jupiter is place is where we find Nārāyaṇa. While it can be argued that Jupiter in the sixth may have seen Dushshaasana attempting to disrobe Draupadi, but we can also say that it was Jupiter that brought the hand of Śrī Kṛṣṇa and although Dushshasana tried to disrobe Draupadi, he failed as no matter how much he tried, the cloth did not finish – behold! It was another miracle of Kṛṣṇa. We are more inclined to agree with the teachings of Praśna Marga (Guru is God) and other standard texts (ṣaṣṭha Guru can be upachaya) rather than this dictum. Finally the entire clan of the Kaurava got annihilated due to Draupadi’s anger – that is Kālikā. So, we can say that Guru in sixth can cause total destruction of enemies when in strength.

Rāvaṇa: Aṣṭama Guru

षष्ठे द्रौपदीहरणञ्च हन्ति रावणाष्टमे।
ṣaṣṭhe draupadīharaṇañca hanti rāvaṇāṣṭame|

Guru in the 8th bhāva is said to generate asura yoga – Dr. Raman also mentions this in his writings. The native can be overcome by base emotions. However, this example is not apt to prove the point as Rāvaṇa finally got mokṣa. So to argue that Rāvaṇa was finally killed due to Jupiter in the 8th bhāva may be correct to say, but what is not being said is that he also got mokṣa. Is this a good example to prove a point about ‘bad effects of Jupiter in the 8th bhāva’? I longevity calculations it causes kakṣya vṛddhi.

Duryodhana: Daśama Guru

दशमेदुर्योधनं हन्ति द्वादशे पाण्डुवनामतम्॥
daśameduryodhanaṁ hanti dvādaśe pāṇḍuvanāmatam||

Once again, we have never seen the horoscope of Rāja Duryodhana and are unable to comment on its accuracy but that does not deter us from verifying the veracity of the statement.

To say that Duryodhana lost his kingdom, all siblings and life due to tenth house Guru maybe accurate as per stated facts of the Mahabharata. But why would Guru do such a thing unless we also take into consideration that he was born at the moment of the exact solar eclipse in his lagna. Therefore, it is not right to blame the tenth house position of Jupiter for the losses he sustained but rather to see that the exact solar eclipse symbolising ‘blindness’ that occurred in his lagna was the real cause of his ruin. This blindness was the product of the blindness of his parents – one natural (father) and the other enforced (mother blindfolded herself for life) and their love for him was also blind. The result was a simpleton who was totally misguided by his crafty uncle into the pitfalls of adharma. Once again, how is Jupiter responsible for this predicament and not the solar eclipse of his birth? Kṛṣṇa tried very hard to help him see reason and ensure that Duryodhana retained the Kuru kingdom by even offering the compromise of the five villages…

Pāṇḍu: Dvādaśa Guru

दशमेदुर्योधनं हन्ति द्वादशे पाण्डुवनामतम्॥
daśameduryodhanaṁ hanti dvādaśe pāṇḍuvanāmatam||

In translating the śloka, my friend Chandrasekhar Sharma writes, “Pandavas were sent to forest on account of their defeat in Dyuta (a type of gambling game of the Kings) on account of occupation of 12th bhava in Yudhishthira’s chart.” This time we are in a position to verify that Jupiter is not in the 12th bhāva (dvādaśa) in the chart of Mahārāja Yudhiṣṭhira. Instead it is exalted in the 8th bhāva.

I think the ‘Pandu’ mentioned in this śloka is the father of the Pāṇḍava and younger brother of Dhritarashtra. Once again, we have never seen the horoscope of Rāja Pandu and are unable to comment on its accuracy. We leave it here with the following statement:

Jupiter is the only real blessing in a horoscope for its station is the home of Bhagavan Viṣṇu. From here it connects to all the sages and seers who are tied to its truth force. It is the only protector of mankind.


  1. Dear Rath ji
    The correct version of verse as follows-
    श्लॊ॥जन्मलग्ने गुरूश्चैव रामचन्द्रो वनं गतः।
    तृतीये बलि पातालं हरिश्चन्द्रः चतुर्थगः॥
    षष्ठे द्रौपदी हरणञ्च अष्टमे रावणॊ हतः।
    दशमे दुर्योधनॊ नष्टः द्वादशे पाण्डवास्तथा॥
    janmalagne gurūścaiva rāmacandro vanaṃ gataḥ|
    tṛtīye bali pātālaṃ hariścandraḥ caturthagaḥ||
    ṣaṣṭhe draupadī haraṇañca aṣṭame rāvaṇo hataḥ|
    daśame duryodhano naṣṭaḥ dvādaśe pāṇḍavāstathā||

  2. Guru sanjay Ji

    Namaskar.. Excellent article as always…
    Guru in 3rd house is marana karaka. Is it true if he is retrograde as well?. Bhagavan will be found where guru is I.e. the 3rd house in this case. What is advice for people with 3rd house guru?.


  3. Dear Rath ji
    This verse supports that in one aspect.
    स्थानहानिकरॊ जीवः स्थानवृद्द्गिकरश्शनिः
    sthānahānikaro jīvaḥ sthānavṛddgikaraśśaniḥ
    Where Jup is posited that house destroys- where Sat is posited that house will be strengthened.

  4. sir, it is the last paragraph about “jupiter as vishnu and the only real blessing in a horoscope.” that`s interesting.jupiter is also associated with uncontrolled growths(if afflicted).i wonder if vishnu has a role to play in cancers.!

  5. Excellent perspective. In every case, adversity on the material plane is obvious but the extraordinary blessing of being able to maintain Dharma with the help of Sri Vishnu (Jupiter) is evident. how do we see Maharaja Yudishtra as Ruchaka Mahapurusha with Mars in Cancer in Astam Bhava?

    1. Dear Sanjay ji

      I remember a discussion wherein the Mahapurusha Yogas were assigned to the Pandavas. The Dig Devatha of Mars is Dharma or Yama Raja and I have seen Mars in tenth in own house give very good sense of judgement( Neethi) . Arjuna, was related to Hamsa making him eligible to serve as an instrument for Gita Bhasya which is the essence of Vedantha. Bhima to Sasa being of equal strength to Rudra ( Vayu Tatva), Nakula and Sahadeva to Bhadra and Malvya for their skills in horse riding and good looks etc. Please do correct me if this is inaccurate.


  6. Dr. Pathak Sanjay

    Shriman Sanjay Rath Ji, Your Article on Guru placement with different bhavas are very understandable. Thanks a lot

  7. Dear Sanjay Rath Ji, i have Jupiter in 9th house for Mars Lagna along with Venus. Saturn in 2nd , ketu in 4, Rahu in 10, Moon in 11 and Sun and Mercury in 12. The whole time i was under the impression 9th house Guru gives a Raja Yoga. After reading this article does this mean its a problem in 9th house.However you have not mentioned 9th house result.

  8. Namaste. In my humble opinion, the above mentioned Shlok is quoted out of context. It is possible that a ‘taatvik guru’, out of his wisdom, might have said the above mentioned shlok in a context of pacifying one of his disciples, who in spite of wowing to do ‘Jyan Saadhana’, is still performing his ‘worldly’ (samsaarik) Saashtra pareeksha!

    If the context is omitted and the words (or quotes) are taken out into a totally different context, it not only appears to undermine a Shashtra, but also highlights the ignorance of the person performing such an action!

    Shri Shankara seemed to have said…

    bhaja govindam bhaja govindam
    govindam bhaja mudha mate /
    samprapte sannihite kale
    nahi nahi raksati dukrn karane // 1 //

    Worship Govinda, Worship Govinda, Worship Govinda. Oh fool !
    Rules of Grammar will not save you at the time of your death.

    The above stanza from “Bhaja Govinda” shlokas, in no means, is saying anything negative about ‘grammar’! But, an ignorant can interpret that way, only if he wants to, when quoting the above in a totally unrelated context!!

    On the other hand, we should thank Shri Chandrasekhar Sharma! In the same manner as Manthara played her role as an ‘ill-adviser’, which lead for betterment of world (lok kalyan), Shri Chandrasekhar Sharma has done his part. After all, we all are nothing but small pegs to be acted upon wishes of the almighty ‘paratpara and paramdhaama’!

    Had he not quoted the ‘out of context’ Shlok in his blog, we would not have heard a great explanation from tapasvi Sanjay Rathji. Namaste.

    1. Shri Shastry Namaste; Shri Chandrasekhar Sharma is like an elder brother to me. If I quote him, it also means I read all his writings very seriously. I cannot say the same thing for so many other astrologers. If you read what Chandrasekhar actually wrote, he left his comments in the paper as “open for debate”. He did not give final opinion. That is like a good scholar.
      Since it was open, he expected others to pick up the thread, which I did, in a humble way and as truthfully as my viveka can decipher. Thank you for your comments.
      Just one point – Chandrasekhar Sharma-ji was not like Manthara but like ” the wise old Jambuvan” who awakens Hanuman to his might.

  9. In South India, all Panchangas mention the following in a verse form for Guru in transit with respect to natal moon:1.Guru in Janma of Shri Ramachandra put Sita in a prison in forest
    2. In 3rd house, Duryodhanas army destroyed.
    3. In 8th, Vanara King Vaali lost his crown.
    4. In sixth, Lord Shiva begged with a skull as begging bowl,
    5. In 4th, King Udhishtra had to go to forest.
    6. In sixth, Sage Sathya was chained in boththe legs.
    7.In 12 th Ravana lost his throne.

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    In jyotiṣa there is a saying that when Jupiter protects there is none that can destroy. Jupiter brings in the great mantra powers into the fifth bhāva and dharma into the ninth bhāva. He is the ‘jīva graha’ responsible for bringing life into the various bodies. The Brahma Yamala lists […]

  • Sleep Direction

    The direction in which we sleep plays a vital role in automatically charging the body for the next day. Sleep is the natural means to rest and rejuvenate. It heals the mind and the body. In an average we sleep for a third part of our lives and this this […]

  • Oscar Pistorius found guilty of murder

    Related Articles Oscar Pistorius Reeva Steenkamp Murder Justice has its ways and in a case where the world thought that he may not be really guilty, we had actually pronounced him “Guilty of Murder”. On Dec. 3, 2015, a South African appeals court changed Oscar Pistorius’ manslaughter verdict and found […]

  • Thirty-Six Rājayoga Gemstones

    The Agni Purāṇa recommends thirty-six gemstones for activation of rājayoga for the kings. I guess ordinary mortals can also make good use of these recommendations. The Sanskrit recommendation and our translation is given below. वज्रं मरकतं रत्नं पद्मरागं च मोक्तिकम्॥ vajraṁ marakataṁ ratnaṁ padmarāgaṁ ca mouktikam|| (1) Diamond (2) Emerald […]

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