Continued from Complexity of Jaimini Sutra

Interpretation #1: śukra+āt gauṇa pada+astho rāhuḥ sūrya dṛṣṭo netra+hā
Translation: “Further, Shukra associating the Gauna-Pada with Rahu and Surya aspects causes damage to the eye [sight]”

The dictum that affliction to the fifth house from Venus leads to Netra Roga from BPHS is based on a totally different yoga called Acchadana Drsti of Graha. There is just no need to extend this to the ninth house nor to trines from Lagna.

Chart 1: Page 63, Jyotish Digest Jul-Sep 2006, March 28, 1999, 09:07:35 1.00 East, 19E51, 45N46
Chart1Gemini Lagna with (1) Venus as Lord of 12th house

(2) Upapada UL is in Pisces conjoined Sun and aspected by Rahu by graha drsti

Since the problem was caused by a Graha Drsti, the eyesight improved with the help of medical intervention. Benefic Jupiter in Upapada also made a big difference, especially in Pisces

Shukra Acchadana: If we examine the fifth house from Venus is Leo, it has only the aspect of Rahu (graha drsti). But when we examine the Rashi drsti, we find the aspect of a debilitated Saturn from Aries and Mars from Libra is on Leo. It is wrong to stretch the rule to 9th house from Venus or trines to Lagna. There is no need for that as we can see that the fifth from Venus is quite afflicted. However, Leo has the conjunction of the Moon and its lord Sun conjoins Jupiter in Pisces promising recovery.

Of course there is one tiny point to consider – Pisces Lagna does have the Janma Dosha of the Sun which rules eyesight.

Chart 2: Page 63, Jyotish Digest Jul-Sep 2006, June 9, 1965, (1:00 East), 14E36, 45N06

Chart2Gemini Lagna with Sun and Rahu in the 12th house in Taurus as the 12th Lord Venus is in Lagna. Note that all three factors of Venus, Rahu and Sun associate with the 12th house. Check the Upapada in Cancer. This has the rashi drsti of Rahu and Sun.

Shukra Acchadana: The fifth from Venus in Gemini is Libra which is vacant. However it has the rashi drsti of Rahu and Sun.

Of course there is one tiny point to consider – Gemini Lagna does have the Janma Dosha of the Venus which rules eyes.

Chart 3: Page 104, COVA by Sri Sanjay
Chart3The twelfth Lords are Saturn and Rahu. ULSat is in Taurus owned and aspected (rashi drsti) by Venus and Rahu from Libra.

ULRahu is in Gemini aspected by Sun. Fortunately Jupiter conjoins Gemini but its Lord Mercury has also gone to 12th house and is afflicted by Mars.

Shukra Acchadana: The fifth house from Venus is Taurus which is afflicted both by Saturn in it and rashi drsti of Rahu from the eighth house of chronic diseases.

The graha drsti of Mars on Taurus is only going to add fuel to the problems already there without much mitigation.

We do not see any reason to examine the 9th bhava from Venus or trines to Lagna for eyesight.

Of course there is one tiny point to consider – Pisces Lagna does have the Janma Dosha of the Sun which rules eyesight.

Chart 4: Page 104, COVA by Sri Sanjay Rath.
Chart4Lagna is Pisces with the 12th lord Rahu in it aspected by Sun and Venus from Gemini (rashi drsti. This is sufficient but we need to examine other conditions.

The twelfth Lords are Saturn and Rahu. ULSat is in Taurus with Lord Venus conjoining Sun in zero digbala. But an exalted Moon with Mercury does provide relief.

ULRahu is in Aries conjoined a debilitated Saturn and its lord Mars is also in debility. The aspect of Jupiter is expected to provide relief.

Shukra Acchadana: The fifth sign from Venus is Libra owned by Venus conjoining the Sun but the affliction by the joint aspect of debilitated Saturn and debilitated Mars is quite terrible. This graha drsti will cause damage to the eyesight in time.

Of course there is one tiny point to consider – Pisces Lagna does have the Janma Dosha of the Sun which rules eyesight.

Chart 5: Page 105, COVA by Sri Sanjay Rath

Chart5Leo Lagna with Ketu; 12th Lord Moon is exalted in Taurus with Upapada in Pisces conjoined Sun and aspected by Saturn and Rahu (graha drsti). This is a kind of Pitris dosha. Rahu also afflicts Venus.

Both Rahu and Venus have rashi drsti on Cancer, the 12th house

Shukra Acchadana: The fifth sign from Venus is Gemini and its lord Mercury is debilitated and afflicted by Sun and Saturn. Saturn also afflicts Gemini along with Rahu drsti. Debility of the fifth lord from Venus is really unfortunate in any chart.

While prima facie it may not show any Janma dosha, we can consider Ketu as a co-lord of Pisces (mulatrikona of Ketu is Pisces). Then there is parivartana between Sun in Pisces and Ketu in Leo. But thats another issue altogether.

Chart 6: Page 105, COVA by Sri Sanjay
Chart6Virgo Lagna with 12th house Leo; Prima facie it may seem that the 12th lord Sun placed in its own sign is good but we must bear in mind that this is the marana karaka sthana of the Sun. Further the Sun is also afflicted by Rahu

Upapada is in Taurus with Venus as its lord conjoined a debilitated Mars. Taurus also has the graha drsti of Rahu and Saturn. The rasi drsti of Moon conjoined Ketu (eclipse kind of yoga) is only adding further fuel to the fire. The benign rasi drsti of Jupiter and Mercury on Taurus are good.

Shukra Acchadana: The fifth sign from Venus is Scorpio and once again we have the unfortunate combination of the fifth lord Mars in debility. The co-lord of Scorpio is Ketu and it is not in any better place in battle with the Moon.

The rashi drsti of Rahu and Mars on Scorpio does show the problems related to eyes. To what extent can an exalted Jupiter cause the cancellation of debility of Mars, especially when influenced by Mrcury, the terrible enemy of Mars.

Chart 7: Page 106, COVA by Sri Sanjay Rath

Chart7This is a straight copybook case – Sagittarius Lagna with Rahu debilitated in 12th house starts the evil rolling.

Upapada is in Leo conjoined Sun and Venus to complete the Netraha Yoga. That Moon in UL is not really going to help as it is 8th lord of chronic diseases and is also too weak, without light to behave like a benefic.

Shukra Acchadana: The fifth sign from Venus is Sagittarius which is afflicted by the graha drsti of Rahu and Mars. Mars would not have been so malefic except for the fact that is conjoins a debilitated Ketu. Mars also aspects the UL in Leo and Venus.

These are some interesting cases. Readers will appreciate the clear lines and do’s and don’ts in case study.


  1. Hare Krishna, Pranams, Dear Sanjay,
    Thank-you very much for the article and clarifications.
    This person below has genetically caused glaucoma from age 40, it has been treated- so person can see ,but with difficulty .
    Her father became totally blind from untreated glaucoma.
    1)Can we try and extend these dictum to see relatives problems, for example in this case the native inherited fathers glaucoma and he became completely blind from it.
    2)what about using the Navamsa to check for sight/vision problems or blindness.?

    Perhaps for further study Can you discuss deafness next using Jaimini Sutras . The native above also has serious hearing issues, since age 30+. Her mother had very serious hearing loss.
    genetic glaucoma( from father) and genetic deafness( from mothers side)
    Natal Chart
    Date: March 27, 1932
    Time: 10:30:00 am
    Time Zone: 8:00:00 (West of GMT)
    Place: 122 W 25′ 06″, 37 N 46′ 30″
    San Francisco, California, USA

    with regards
    Lakshmi Kary-Rana

  2. Example Roseanne Barr, a comedian recently announced that she is suffering from glaucoma and macular degeneration and is loosi ng her eyesight. Rosebarr glaucoma macd

    Date: November 3, 1952
    Time: 1:21:00 pm
    Time Zone: 7:00:00 (West of GMT)
    Place: 111 W 53′ 25″, 40 N 45′ 39″
    Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

  3. Dear Sri Sanjay Ji,
    Sri Gurubhyo Namah

    Thank you very much for writing a blog referring to my article published on my blog more than 5 years ago. Now a day, I am not very active on weblogs except occasional visits to favorite websites. Anyway, as you were referring to my article and explaining your interpretation of Jaimini Sutras, I felt it was my responsibility to respond. Here goes my response to some of the points raised. Hope it would be taken by all in positive and educative spirit.

    There was a general statement by you in the article, though it was not directly addressed to me, I felt it would be proper to respond to the statement.

    You wrote
    “Another problem that is consistently seen is the young mind taking anything written by a commentator as the final and only truth in the sutra.

    You also wrote:
    Nothing is final, nobody understands everything. Every scholar of the past, present and the future is yet another seeker of the upadesha sutra, struggling to see the big picture.”

    Let us call the above statement of yours as Stmt1 for easy reference.

    That is exactly the point I have been trying to expose through my blogs on my bog site . One would definitely appreciate the fact that my efforts were only to bring out the other side of the story of Jaimini Sutras and I did never mean the interpretations written by me or taken from ancient commentaries were final.

    I met a very responsible member of SJC in Delhi and mentioned about Sri Iranganti Rangacharya. Then, I was advised by that person to read Books by Sri Sanjay Rath only to understand Jaimini Sutras. Though, I am very sure that advice was friendly and from a person who cared for me, but I felt it was not proper to ignore the great doyen of Jaimini astrology. At that time, my thoughts were similar to Stmt1 cited above.

    You Wrote:
    There are two errors in this argument
    Error #1: Removing the matra from the word शुक्र (śukra), we have the consonants श (śa) and क (ka)

    The Katapayadi Varga for this is श (śa) = 5 and क (ka) = 1; reverse this we get 15; Now expunge multiples of 12 and the remainder is 3
    Therefore the numerical value of शुक्र (śukra) = 3 or third house. The first error is an incorrect calculation which shows Shukra as meaning Lagna whereas the calculation actually shows third house.

    I beg to pardon me. Unfortunately or fortunately, there is no error in my interpretation in decoding sukra as Lagna. You advise to remove a non-existent matra from word शुक्र (śukra). Kra is a conjunct of to consonants Ka and Ra. Removing Ra in conjunct kra amounts removing consonant not the matra. According to katapaya numeric system, in a conjunct consonant, the last of the consonants alone will count. Thus decoding sukra shall be as follows.

    Su = Sa = 5
    Kra = Ra = 2
    Thus word sukra yields numeric value of 25 which means 1 after necessary decoding.

    Your deciphering sukra as 3rd is definitely wrong. You may check the same in case of word bhagya in argala sutra, which yields number 2. Please refer to your own book JMUS page 93, where you interpreted sukra as number one (1). I sincerely hope you stumbled in hurry.
    This echoes the Stmt1.

    However, in my article, I interpreted sukraat as either from Venus or Lagna and I have given ample explanation on why sukraat in the sutra suitably mean from planet Venus.

    You Wrote:
    “Error #2: Maharsi Jaimini has explicitly stated previously that the Katapayadi Varga shall only be applicable for Bhava and not for Graha. This means if the Graha names are mentioned at all, in any place, they have to be interpreted only as the planet.”

    Definitely Jaimini wanted us to use katapayadi to understand Bhavas and Rasis but not Planets. There are other interpretations as well, which I am not going to mention here.

    Scholars ignorant of vast knowledge of Jaimini hidden in manuscript libraries, tend to hold on magnum opus like BPHS to reason out everything of JMUS from that only. One would understand why Paryaya Dasas do start from stronger of Lagna and seventh once they understand the words like sukra and sasi mentioned in Vriddha Karikas. Else, they would fall to prey like Sri XXXXXX, who writes Sukra and Sasi as Venus and Moon. Many Vriddha Karikas use words Sukra and Sasi to denote bhavas. As I already mentioned earlier, “Sarvatra Savarna Bhava Rasayascha” sutra has much more to it than on its face.

    You Wrote:
    Interpretation #1: śukra+āt gauṇa pada+astho rāhuḥ sūrya dṛṣṭo netra+hā

    āt is an emphasis like ‘further’; the argument that shukra has to indicate Lagna as reference point holds no water as there are umpteen sutra without direct reference to lagna and only referring to the bhava in question

    Translation: “Further, Shukra associating the Gauna-Pada with Rahu and Surya aspects causes damage to the eye [sight]”

    Again I beg to differ. Your interpretation is wrong. I am not an expert in Sanskrit language, but my humble learning of Sanskrit reminds me that Sukraat is Panchami Vibhakti, which means From Sukra. Thus, your interpretation of Sukra association with xyz is wrong. Interpreting Jaimini Sutras without knowledge of Sanskrit language and its grammar leads to such errors. This is where our guru Sri Iranganti Rangacharya, an expert in both Jyotisha and Sanskrit did excellent service to this fraternity by commenting Jaimini Sutras. Sri Rangacharya after 3 decades of his study of Jaimini wrote his first book on Jaimini with impeccable meaning according to Sanskrit grammar.

    As you call it Jaimini Sutras are complex, I tend to call them as cryptic as stated on my blog banner. Only the words differ but meaning the same. Mathematical problems seem very complex to novice. Once the correct formula to solve the sum is applied, the problem would be solved easily, so are Jaimini Sutras. Understanding Jaimini sutras requires hard work as you endorse it but understanding of Sanskrit language is also an important toolset.

    Bringing in Graha Drishti in understanding Jaimini Sutras, is the starting point where I departed from the well followed internet based learning. Rasi Drishti and Graha Drishti are different drishtis of planets only. Use Rasi based Drishti of planets in Jaimini and longitude based drishti of planets in Parasara system. It is as simple as that. As you know, longitudes do not hold much water in Jaimini barring calculation of certain special lagnas. One does appreciate this fact if they agree upon Parasara and Jaimini are two different system of Vedic Astrology, else it would of course, seems rubbish. Ekam Sat Viprah Bahutha Vadanti.

    You wrote about Aacchadana Drishti. I learnt planets Jupiter, Saturn, Ketu and Full Moon do have Aachadana not all planets. The houses you mentioned for different planets are strange to me. Alas, I missed that part. Thank you for enlightening me.

    You Wrote:

    The dictum that affliction to the fifth house from Venus leads to Netra Roga from BPHS is based on a totally different yoga called Acchadana Drsti of Graha. There is just no need to extend this to the ninth house nor to trines from Lagna.

    I clearly mentioned in my article that the verse from BPHS Telugu version exactly endorse my view. It is not based on Aachadana Drishti. I don’t remember Aachadana Drishti mentioned in the BPHS version I cited. The BPHS verse exactly mentioned trikone, which is plural meaning both 5th and 9th house.

    I am not going to the examples and the case studies given by you. My view point on them had been already given on my blog. I guess you took the same charts I give in my article. Didn’t you? I concluded my article saying Sukra i.e, Venus is more appropriate than Lagna, which is in line with your view.

    Sarve Janah Sukhinoh Bhavantu

    Seeking Blessing,

  4. Thank you so much respected S Rathji, Excellent dissection about the eye problem as i got to having Virgo lagna and Rahu in the lagna Sun with Mercury (R) Ketu and the Venus in 8 house in Aries and Mars in 9 House of Taurus Moon is settled in 12 house of Leo . I got the eye trouble in the Mars maha dasa 2003 starting from right eye then going to left eye on time good treatment by the top doctor here in Germany then in Rahu Maha dasa starting from May 2005 i later got many time sever problem and had been admitted in the eye hospital. Later better no operation required all mystery for doctors then in 2010 again to hospital then in 2013 my lesser treatment started till 2014 and got 10 times lesser in the right eye to burn the blood vessel which were bleeding inside and after that now all OK. Soon will be going for Cataract operation which also developed and i started regular ardya to Sun with jaggery in copper vessel ( Lota) and then Surya Astakam later Aditya Hirdaya Strotram. My isht dev and family isht dev is Lord Hanumana and always observe fast on Tuesday. I do ganesha mantra an prayers for Ketu Vighanrajan Hum then Kaal Bharav , Lord vishnu Durga and Gayatri mantra. So now in the Rahu Maha dasa Mercury AD is running .Please shed any light for my eyes as Sun & Rahu just opposing each other. Jai Shri krishan .

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