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ॐ वृषभं चर्षणीनां विश्वरूपमदाभ्यम्। बृहस्पतिं वरेण्यम्॥
om vṛṣabhaṁ carṣaṇīnāṁ viśvarūpamadābhyam| bṛhaspatiṁ vareṇyam||

Choosing your first Vedic Reading

Jātaka is the process of preparation and reading of the birth chart and is always the first reading that any Vedic astrologer does. Even if you have had a reading done with another, it is always best to let your new astrologer go through this process as it provides a comprehensive view of the life including history till the present thereby revealing the karmic destiny factors as well as the options that the graha represent. This is the ‘Standard Reading’ that all clients must choose unless –

  1. You don’t have an accurate birth time like hospital record which means you must choose ‘Birth Time Rectification’ as your first reading option or
  2. You don’t have the birth time or even the birth date in which case you must choose Naṣṭa Jātaka i.e. ‘Lost Horoscope’.

Both these options are under Rectification Readings

Reading Process

The Vedic Reading is normally done over the phone which is the most convenient modern means for communication unless a personal meeting is scheduled.

  1. All readings are by prior appointment only. Please contact Mrs. Sarbani Rath Email: +91-9810449850 for an appointment. Please note that we will be unable to hold an appointment time for you until you have sent our office your birth data, or scheduled a birth rectification (for those who do not have a reliable source for determining their birth time).
  2. Once the appointment is scheduled, please make the payment for the reading at the link provided in the concerned WebPage
  3. You will have to fill the ‘Vedic Reading Form’ and email it to Every reading type has the Vedic reading form below it. Please download and fill the form carefully. Take a moment to think about your questions and about those matters of life into which you seek the astrologer to focus. The reading will go in the direction in which you will lead with these questions and topics chosen for focus.

Phone Readings

We have three numbers which are redirected to the personal number of Pt. Sanjay Rath. You can choose any of these numbers based on whichever is closest to you. You will not be charged for international call forwarding from these numbers but will have to pay for your local call to these numbers. You can even call these numbers using Skype or any other VOIP service that you have.
Numbers to call for Vedic Reading

  1. America:+1-(650)-209-4770 (California)
  2. India:+91-11-45048762 (Delhi)
  3. United Kingdom: 020-7617-7373

Please do not call without prior appointment. For appointment, email Sarbani Rath or call her at +91-9810449850 or +91-42430122

All phone readings are digitally recorded and sent over secure email using professional digital courier []. Copies of these recordings are kept securely for 14 days and cannot be suppied after that time. It is imperative that you keep downlad and keep a copy of the recording for listening to it in the future. You should listen to the recording at least once to check with your reading notes for invaluable tips and information.


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