In today’s day and age, there is nothing like a good PR team to clean up your mess. People with money and access will get away with many things including murder, and that is the single biggest blow to democracy, because money talks a language of its own that can cut across culture, caste, creed and everything like knife through butter.

Date with Death

On the 14th of February, 2013 around 3 am, Reeva Steenkamp was shot through the bathroom door in three places – hip, arm and head. The head wound was he fatal shot. As usual she had got up to use the toilet at night, which was her habit. Oscar claims he thought an intruder was in the house and failed to see that Reeva was not beside him as it was dark. A neighbour says that lights were switched on and with bulldog defence lawyers, this witness may also become weak.

Roger DixonPistorius fired four shots in “rapid succession”. The first two shots struck her in the hip and arm in quick succession, he said. The first delivering an “incapacitating blow”, said Dixon, and the bullet that hit her in the arm would have been similar to “an instant amputation”.Roger DixonFormer police officer and forensic geologist


Terrible Pañcāṅga Doṣa

It was one of those pañcāṅga doṣa days when the tithi (śukla caturthī), vāra and nakṣatra (Revatī), were all ruled by Mercury. The tithi and vāra having the same lord creates a ganga doṣa between jala and agni tattva that rule the tithi and vāra respectively. Adding to the woes the nakṣatra which governs prāṇa and longevity is also ruled by Mercury. And Mercury is placed with Mars and the Sun in great duress and is aspected by Rāhu – a curse. The navāṁśa placement shows Mercury, Sun in debility while the great evil Rāhu is exalted and Mars is vargottama. This will afflict people ruled by Mercury indicating writers (Mercury and Sun) and sports people (Mercury and Mars).

Mṛtyu Rāśi

The evil becomes greatest for people born with natal Moon in water signs as the transit Moon has this great evil in the 8th and 12th bhāva from it damaging personal relationships considerably. These people lose a near and dear one as 12th house is indicative of spouse and 8th bhāva of death, debt etc.

The people who have danger to life are indicated by the Moon (longevity giver) conjunction with Ketu in Sagittarius navāṁśa. People with natal Moon in fire signs, particularly Sagittarius would be in danger. While we do not have the natal chart of Reeva Steenkamp, the planet positions at her birthdate confirm that her janma rāśi (natal moon) is Sagittarius. This is the victim of rage of Moon-Ketu eclipse yoga in the navāṁśa.

How far will the rage go is roughly indicated in the navāṁśa positions of Reeva Steenkamp’s navāṁśa (D9) chart. Jupiter conjoins Rāhu in Virgo showing the guru-caṇḍāla doṣa called murder and this is likely to be associated with the 12th house. In the absence of any birth time and life events we cannot work on her chart.

Mṛtyu Lagna

The moment of the crime has Sagittarius lagna which is the 12th house (fall) for Capricorn lagna of Oscar Pistorius. In the navāṁśa of natal chart, Oscar has Saturn, the 8th lord in the 7th bhāva which is a bādhaka sign. Jupiter the ‘I am god attitude’ ātmakāraka is in Pisces and Rāhu is in the 12th from it showing the reasons for incarceration. In addition Rāhu is also in maraṇa kāraka sthāna and its dispositor Saturn is in the 7th bhāva. Therefore, Rāhu indicates a jail term due to the end of marriage (Sat, 8th Lord) and death of spouse (in 7th House, bādhaka). This sign where Saturn is going to deliver the karma leading to jail term is Sagittarius. And Sagittarius aspected by Saturn conjoining Rāhu was the Lagna (ascendant) at the time of the crime.


Venus affliction

It is alleged that Reeva had been surfing pornographic sites with her boyfriend Oscar Pistorius, very late into the night. This is a clear indication of Venus affliction as the natural attraction between the couple was not enough and external stimulus was needed. In addition, Oscar seems to have had an erectile dysfunction as he used some herbal remedy and needs for injection which the police thought were testosterone injections.

What triggered the cold rage in Oscar to do such a heinous crime? Venus is in the 8th bhāva in the navāṁśa indicating erectile dysfunction and inability to have coitus. Venus is placed in a sign of the cold Saturn indicating sexual drive like an old man. Saturn the dispositor of Venus deliver this cold rage as it is in the bādhaka rāśi indicating inability to understand the reason. Since this is a sign of Jupiter, Oscar would believe that Reeva is seeing another man (Jupiter indicates previously or currently married person with ability to have children) and would separate from him to have children with another. There have been recent newspaper reports that they had been quarrelling about another man.

Venus is also subject to pāpa kartari yoga between Rāhu and Saturn indicating that Oscar could not take ‘no’ for an answer, and would be led to a hideous sin of Saturn (death) and Rāhu (sudden, shocking) due the denial of Venus (pleasure).

Crime Confirmation

The confirmation of such a crime is known from the Rudrāṁśa chart (D11) as explicitly stated by Maharṣi Jaimini ‘lābhāṁśe maraṇaṁ’ (sūtra 3.3.69). The calculation of the Rudrāṁśa chart for this purpose is slightly different from the other lābhāṁśa which is for other mundane purposes. Applicale rudrāṁśa rules:

1 In the rudrāṁśa the 10th lord (and lord) specifically indicates ‘Karma’ that will cause punishment and possible death in addition to the lagna and 8th houses.
Rudrāṁśa lagna is Capricorn, 8th house is Leo and 10th house is Libra.

2 Sūtra 3.3.72-73: These houses become more malefic if they are odd houses or associated with malefic planets.
Leo and Libra in the 8th and 10th are more evil. Leo has a parivartana yoga between Ketu in Leo and Sun in Scorpio whereas Venus, the lord of Libra is conjoined Rāhu in Aquarius. Aquarius indicates bathroom.

3 Sūtra 3.3.82: If a planet is on own sign then the results of the sign predominate instead of those of the planet
In the Venus conjunction with Rāhu in Aquarius, since Rāhu is in own sign, the results of Rāhu will not dominate; instead the results will be of the sign Aquarius. Therefore, there was no external person like a stalker or mugger and instead, the results of death in bathroom as indicated by Aquarius is correct.
Further, instead of the sign being 8th or lagna which shows suffering due to being hurt by others, the 10th house shows suffering due to one’s own bad karma. Libra and its lord Venus show the bad karma of Oscar Pistorius.

4 Sūtra 3.3.77: If Mars conjoins/aspects the death inflicting sign, a close person like a friend or a relative is the cause of death.
Mars does aspect the combination of Rāhu with Venus in Aquarius and this is what makes the duryoga one of murder’ instead of death from poison or drugs. Mars is also debilitated in the 7th house showing the direction of anger towards one like spouse.

5 Sūtra 3.3.80: If Venus conjoins or aspects the death inflicting sign, the opposite sex (e.g. love affair or rape) can be the cause of death.
Venus is the primary bad karma giving planet for Oscar and this confirms that the bad karma was due to a love affair or something concerning sexuality.

The sūtra of Maharṣi Jaimini are very clear and have shown that Oscar has this flaw in his nature and that the bad karma of murder and violence will be done towards one he loves. And to top it all, it was Valentine’s Day when Pistorius murdered his girlfriend Reeva, by mistake (on purpose?).

Murder Trial

The moon continues to fight to protect him – he has some very good mother karma and care that he has done for the society and this is what protects him.

Shoddy Investigation

Of course the police officer Hilton Botha had not done his homework and fumbled all along the way. But that is not really his fault – it’s the ‘green colour’ Mercury as the 9th lord in the chart of Oscar who is to be blamed. Being in debilitated navāṁśa, it has no ideals to fall back on and will use its financial muscle. While this may come as a shock to the developed world, we in India see a lot of this and it’s blatant. Finally the South African authorities woke up to the fact that they would become a laughing stock in the world media and changed the chief investigating officer and Lieutenant General Vinesh Kumar Moonoo is now in charge.

What do we think is going to happen? Well with Ketu in the 9th bhāva and Ketu daśā having started a few months after the event in May 2013, the heavens over South Africa conspire to protect him. Ketu shows mistakes and every mistake possible will be made. These include the mistakes made to botch up the crime scene as well.

  • Reeva’s body was all cleaned up and packed well for delivery to authorities.
  • Tell-tale marks were cleaned to change the tales they would tell.
  • If neighbours claimed they heard something, which is very true they would have as the night at 3am can be very quiet and even little sound comes through clearly, are told that human beings don’t have an audible range of 600 meters. And everyone agrees!
  • If neighbours claimed they saw light in the house and bedroom, they have to prove how it was there when Oscar said it was completely dark. Maybe Oscar had his eyes closed, or maybe in his rage he could not see and it was all dark.
  • If the security guard heard the shots and called to ask if everything was fine, Oscar actually felt fine after the fine job done and so answered in the affirmative. Who knows how he felt after Reeva’s shooting? What we are seeing now in the camera in court is excellent media management.

Ketu in the 9th house is in the sign of Mercury who debilitates in navāṁśa and fights to protect him. Mercury gives the power of the gab to his lawyers and Ketu causes the police offices to lose their brains. How on earth can we expect justice to prevail? But we astrologers do not worry about that as in the court of god, all bad karma is surely going to get punished – either in this life or the one after. There is no real escape – only repentance. And truth is the only form of repentance in the eyes of god.


  1. any time zone or toher factos is required to this chart as m getting same Capricorn lagna but jupiter not in lagna other planets also chaing. same date, same time, same place i typed in jhora

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