Extracts from Brihat Nakshatra

The saptarishi nakshatra afford a fine way to determine the future of the world and trends in world affairs. While Chaitra shukla charts have been used for ascertaining the future of governments, countries and nations, Vedic astrology tools for predicting the future of the world itself or mankind have been relatively in disuse in the last few centuries.

Natural saptarshi chakra

    Saptarshi     I    Dharma    II    Artha            III    Kama            IV    Moksha
1    Marichi     1    Ashvini    8    Pushya            15    Svati            22    Abhijit
2    Vashishtha    2    Bharani    9    Ashlesha    16    Vishakha    23    Sravana
3    Aïgiras            3    Kritika    10    Magha            17    Anuradha    24    Dhanishtha
4    Atri            4    Rohini    11    P.Phalguni    18    Jyeshtha    25    Satabhisaj
5    Pulastya    5    Mrgasir    12    U.Phalguni    19    Müla            26    Pürva bhadrapada
6    Pulaha            6    Ardra    13    Hasta            20    Pürva Asadha    27    Uttara bhadrapada
7    Kratu            7    Punarvs    14    Chitra            21    Uttara Asadha    28    Revati

As mentioned earlier, reckoned from east to west the saptarsi are Marichi, Vasistha, Aïgiras, Atri, Pulastya, Pulaha and Kratu indicating that Kratu followed by Pulaha would be the first to rise. Varahamihira is referring to these two stars in the Great Bear constellation. When any naksatra (yoga tara) is situated exactly in the middle of the projected longitudes of Pulaha and Kratu, then it furnishes the exact date for the commencement of the Astrological Century which shall be ruled by the naksatra indicated [by the yoga tara]. Varahamihira refers to the Magha as the constellation ruling the commencement of Kali Yuga. At the time of the Mahabharata war, the saptarsi were in Regulus confirming that Varahamihira was talking about the commencement of kali Yuga.
Regulus (Alpha Leonis) means “the little king” in Latin. It is one of the four Royal Stars called four Guardians of Heaven or Kendra Digpala. In western astrology, Regulus is the Archangel Raphael, the Healing Archangel whereas in Vedic astrology, it is Vaishravana Kubera, the lord of wealth and marker of the Northern quarter as well as its guardian. It is the heart of the lion and is the yoga tara of Magha naksatra. Any eclipse in this naksatra directly affects the political stability of the region from Persia to Delhi (North India).

Present Period calculations
Kali Yuga started on 23 January 3102 BC using the proleptic Gregorian calendar and has a junction or Yuga opening period of 45 saptarsi naksatra. During this period, gradually the effects of Kali Yuga will manifest although there will be sub-periods of each of the Yuga.

Points to bear in mind –

  1. The saptarsi naksatra is derived by a line drawn between Pulaha and Kratu and is taken as the seat of Kratu, even though all the saptarsi are positioned therein.
  2. The remaining six seers in the reverse order will sit in the six naksatra preceding this saptarsi naksatra. For example, if the saptarsi are in Magha, then this is the seat of Brahmarsi Kratu as well and the preceding six naksatra are for the remaining six in the order – Pulaha in Ashlesa, Pulastya in Pusya, Atri in Punarvasu, Aïgiras in Ardra, Vasistha in Mrigashira and Marici in Rohini.
  3. Thus the seventh naksatra counted in the reverse from the saptarsi naksatra becomes the seat of the first of the saptarsi Marici and will be close to the ‘Ayanaàsha Point’. For example, from 1699 AD, the saptarsi are in Mrigashira naksatra (No.5) for 960 years; counting in the reverse, the 7th naksatra is Uttara Bhadrapada which is the seat of Marici. The Ayanaàsha point is close to Uttara Bhadrapada naksatra and at present the ayanaàsha is about 23°58’ bringing the point into Pürva Bhadrapada. The Maximum range is one naksatra (13°20’) behind.
  4. Ruler of the Saptarsi Millennium: The Lord of the 8th naksatra counted in the direct zodiacal order from the saptarsi naksatra shall be the lord of the saptarsi millennium (approx 960 years). For example, between 4062 – 3102 BC the saptarsi were in Pürva Phalguni naksatra (No.11) and the 8th naksatra from this is Jyestha ruled by Indra. Thus Indra was the ruler of the Saptarsi millennium Pürva Phalguni and Yudhisthira was crowned king in Indraprastha (Delhi) in 3089 BC. The importance of Indra dwindled after the beginning of Kali Yuga when the Saptarsi moved into Magha and the Kaurava of Hastinapur perished.
  5. Proof of existence of an ancient civilisation indicates that there was sufficient sattva guna during its period to save things for such a long time. For example notice the flourishing Indus Valley Civilization period which coincides with the reign of Maharaja Yudhisthira (Pandava dynasty) in India.
KY    Period    From    To    No.    Naksatra
-9    960    -11741    -10781    19    Müla    Last ice age ends after 65,000 years with müla gandanta; earliest signs of agriculture
-8    960    -10781    -9821    18    Jyestha
-7    960    -9821    -8861    17    Anuradha
-6    960    -8861    -7901    16    Vishakha
-5    960    -7901    -6941    15    Svati    -7500: Neveli Cori Excavations in Turkey reveal advanced civilization with meticulous architecture and planning; -7000: Early evidence of horses in the Ganga region [Frawley]
-4    960    -6941    -5981    14    Chitra    Mehrgarh grows barley, raise sheep, goats, store grain, entomb dead, buildings of sun-baked mud bricks.; -6500: Rig Veda I mandala 117.22, 116.12, 84.13 winter solstice in Aries
-3    960    -5981    -5021    13    Hasta    -5500: Mehrgarh villagers are making baked pottery and thousands of small, clay of female figurines (interpreted to be earliest signs of Shakti worship), and are involved in long-distance trade in precious stones and sea shells.
                                   -5500: Date of astrological observations associated with ancient events later mentioned in the Puranas (Alain Danielou).
                                   -5000: World population, 5 million, doubles every 1,000 years.
                                   -5000: Beginnings of Indus-Sarasvati civilizations of Harappa and Mohenjo-daro. Date derived by considering archeological sites, reached after excavating 45 feet. Brick fire altars exist in many houses, suggesting Vedic fire rites, yajna. Earliest signs of worship of Lord Siva. This mature culture will last 3,000 years, ending around -1700.
                                    -5000: Rice is harvested in China, with grains found in baked bricks. But its cultivation originated in Eastern India.
-2    960    -5021    -4061    12    Uttara Phalguni    -4000: Excavations from this period at Sumerian sites of Kish and Susa reveal existence of Indian trade products.
-1    960    -4061    -3101    11    Pürva Phalguni    -4000: Date of world's creation (!)
                                    -3928: July 25th, the earliest eclipse mentioned in the Rig Veda (Dr. P.C. Sengupta)
                                     3089 BC: Yudhisthira Maharaja's reign starts in Indraprastha (Delhi)
1    960    -3101    -2141    10    Magha    3102 BC: Kali Era Calendar starts.
                                     2448 AD Yudhisthira reign ends (?)
2    960    -2141    -1181    9    Ashlesa
3    960    -1181    -221    8    Pusya    900-300 Greek Empire;
                                    600 BC-640AD Persian Empire
                                    600-200 BC Maurya Empire
4    960    -221    739    7    Punarvasu    1000 BC-50 AD Celtic Empire
                                    300 BC - 500 AD Roman Empire
                                    300 - 400 AD Gupta Dynasty
                                    100-1600 AD Ottoman Empire
                                    221BC - 619 Qin to Sui Dynasty
5    960    739    1699    6    Ardra    700-1100 AD Vikings Rule
                                    600-1000 AD Islam Power Spreads
                                    622 Ad Prophet Mohamed
                                    1500-1600 AD Safavid Rule Persia
                                    1200-1600 AD Mughal India
                                    960-1279 Song Dynasty
                                    1271 -1362 Yuan Dynasty
                                    1368 -1644 Ming Dynasty
6    960    1699    2659    5    Mrigashira    1600-1900 AD Manchu-Ching Dynasty
                                    New World; King Aryaman Aditya (Uttara Phalguni); Marici in Uttara Bhadrapada
7    960    2659    3619    4    Rohini
8    960    3619    4579    3    Krittika
9    960    4579    5539    2    Bharani
10    960    5539    6499    1    Ashvini
11    960    6499    7459    27    Revati
12    960    7459    8419    26    Uttara bhadrapada

1. Periods in Years
2. Years From & To are in Proleptic Gregorian Calendar
3. Physical 27 naksatra have been used for dates, finer calculations required for Nos.21 & 22 for Abhijit insertion

4. KY stands for dating from the start of Kali Yuga and the count is in terms of periods of 960 years for saptarsi movement in each naksatra.

5. The naksatra numbers and names correspond to the tentative placement of the saptarsi in a naksatra.

No    Naksatra    From    To    Planet    Devata
5    Mrigashiras    1699    1799    Mars    Chandra
4    Rohini            1799    1899    Moon    Pitamaha
3    Krittika    1899    1999    Sun    Agni
2    Bharani            1999    2099    Venus    Yama
1    Ashvini            2099    2199    Ketu    Ashvini Kumar
27    Revati            2199    2299    Mercury    Püshan
26    Uttara bhadra    2299    2399    Saturn    Ahirbudhanya
25    Pürva bhadra    2399    2499    Jupiter    Ajaikapada
24    SHatabhisaj    2499    2599    Rahu    Varuna
23    Dhanistha    2599    2659    Mars    Vasu

Just see what started in the year 1999! Bharani antardasha which is ruled by Yama the god of death…
Now yama rules for a decade from 1999-2009…March (pratyantar). During this decade of Mrigasira-Bharani-Bharani the war against terror started.
Thereafter (Ashvini nakshatra, 2009-2019 pratyantara) the Asvini Kumara are coming to the rescue of the world and there will be a rejuvenation of spirit. People will find new medicine and new research will cure deadly diseases like cancer and Aids. Old men will marry very young girls with dreams of regaining their youth. New medicines to look and feel younger and healthier.


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