Jyotiṣa in Everyday Life

Speaker: Pt. Sanjay Rath

Dubai Workshop Schedule

Friday, 4th February, 2011
AM: 9.00 – 11.45: Vedic Remedies: Gemstones & Mantra PM: 1.30 – 5.30: Image Building through Āruḍha
Understanding the real power of good quality gemstones, their appropriate size and the metal to wear them in as well as the right finger for the achievement of the purpose of wearing. Learn the Navagraha mantra for a happy life. Using pañcāṅga of birth for simple daily remedies. Both corporate and personal image building using appropriate time and the remedies taught in the morning. The 36 mirrors of human guidance and destiny. Everything in life is but an incessant stream of images, constantly changing in form and colour. All to life is the proper management of these images. Learn simple rules of life for each image.
Saturday, 5th February 2011
AM: 9.00 – 11.45
Personal Vāstu: Home and Office Layout
PM: 1.30 – 5.30
Personal Chart: Change your life
Have you wondered why one house brings death and losses to one person while it causes great affluence to another? It has to do with their charts. Perhaps one of the simplest Vāstu solutions is to layout the office and home based on the chart. Aṣṭakavarga offers the best natural solution for you. Come and learn this simple system and design your home and office today. Changing destiny does not happen in leaps but in doing a little everyday correctly based on the energy of the horā, the hour – that’s why Parāśara emphasizes this as horā śāstra. We cannot change flight times but we can choose to leave home at a good hour. In hindi we say “mera hāth Jagannāth” –
Special emphasis and study – Jagannāth drekkāṇa and dasāṁśa for karma phala.