It is very evident that Ukraine is going to go through a surgery where its appendix is going to be removed. Chart attached – data below for others
Date: August 24, 1991; Time: 5:46:00 pm; Time Zone: 3:00:00 (East of GMT); Place: 30 E 31′ 00″, 50 N 26′ 00″; Kijow, Ukraine

The time has been corrected due to the inputs from Constantin. Thanks to him I think we have a more accurate chart. The Rashi chakra does not change but the varga have been altered

Rahu-Ketu debilitated in Lagna-7H axis with Mars in 10H … not much hope in this matter as 12L Ketu and Mars are intent on doing the Pisacha thing at night. The division will happen at night time, after 7PM. Note that Ketu is in Gemini with the sound क (ka) as in क्रिमीया (krimīyā) Crimea. This is the organ that will be removed. Mars shows Russia.

Mercury is COMBUST indicating loss of lands and property for the sake of spiritual upliftment as 7H (relationship, RUSSIA) and 10H (ego, status) shall be destroyed
Jupiter is COMBUST indicating that the Lagna and 4th bhava shall undergo serious cleansing and spiritual growth

Caturthamsa D4 Chart
4th Lord Mercury is in 6H … definite loss of property

Mercury (R) – PK 2 Le 17′ 47.86″ Magh 1 Le Ar
Jupiter – GK 2 Le 15′ 02.53″ Magh 1 Le Ar

A war is taking place in MAGHA Nakshatra of Leo. The Place where the war shall happen is 12H Scorpio, which is like an Island or Island state [Crimea] Lagnesha Jupiter seems to be defeated. Why? We are speaking on the four types of yuddha in London in April and will give details.

Regular Vimshottari shows that the 16 Year cleansing (Combustion) phase of Jupiter has started from 21 Dec 2013. Thats a long way to go.
Maha Dasas:
Mars: 1988-12-20 – 1995-12-21
Rah: 1995-12-21 – 2013-12-21
Jup: 2013-12-21 – 2029-12-21
Sat: 2029-12-21 – 2048-12-21
Merc: 2048-12-21 – 2065-12-21
Ket: 2065-12-21 – 2072-12-21
Ven: 2072-12-21 – 2092-12-21
Sun: 2092-12-21 – 2098-12-21
Moon: 2098-12-21 – 2108-12-22

Lets pray for some peace in this region and some sort of an amicable settlement in the next 3 days when Moon in in Aries (although this is unlikely). Danger till 4 March.
When the Moon goes to Rohini on 7 March, Ukraine could feel the pain.
May Shiva bring peace on the world

Shyam Devani, a budding PJC Student adds…
Last year in your note titled “Chelyabinsk Meteor” you concluded with the following…
The navāṁśa has an exalted Ketu in Sagittarius lagna showing that this is definitely an indication from the heavens of a great spiritual change to come in the Christian nations. Russia is the unstated capital of the orthodox ancient Christian church which is so very different from the Protestant church. We have just also heard about the resignation of the Pope Benedict. What can all this mean? Jupiter and Mercury conjoining the Moon in the 5th house is indicative of the power of the “word of god” which in India would have been translated to mean the Bhagavat Gita. We wonder in what manner this “word of God” is going to change things in Russia or Europe to be more precise.
Given the above, thee are some interesting details worth sharing…
The first Christian ruler of Russia converted to Christianity in Crimea.
In the 10th Century, Vladimir Sviatoslavich the Great (often called the prince of Novgorod), great-grandson of Rurik (the traditional founder of the Russian state), had assembled a Varangian army and reconquered Novgorod from his brother Yaropolk. By 980 Vladimir had consolidated the Kievan realm from modern-day Ukraine to the Baltic Sea. In 988, having taken the town of Chersonesos in Crimea (presently part of Sevastopol) Vladimir converted to Christianity, got married and eventually proceeded to Christianize Russia. The place of Vladimir’s baptism is marked by St. Vladimir’s Cathedral.
It appears that Crimea has a little more to it than just a few Russian speaking people and a bit of manufacturing
Note: I am not an expert on Russian history.
Final observation for whatever it is worth: Crimea was given away by Khrushchev in 1954 when Saturn was in Libra…this is the second Saturn return.
Series NavigationCrimea: The Beginning >>


  1. Guruji

    Nice article as usual. If we read the bible or listen to the biblical prophecies it is clearly stated that from April 2014 there would lot of turmoil in the western countries involving USA and UK on one side and all other Muslim countries on the other. Four blood moons would be occurring and as per the bible it will spell doom in those countries. Russia would declare war on USA and UK.This is just a beginning. I hope you can this from the chart of Ukraine

    Uma shanker achanta

  2. Guruji

    Here is the link about prophecy in bible as to how Russia would spread its tentacles for purpose of declaring war against the western countries. Prophecy chapter Ezekel 38 V1-8

    Uma shanker achanta

  3. Dear Sanjayji, thanks for nice article. What about eastern appendix of the current Ukrainian territory – Donetsk and Luhansk regions (and may be the nearest)? Could they run away from Ukraine?

  4. nikhil1994

    Saturn Retrogression is really painful..We know what it did last year in India..This time in Ukraine..Sanjay Ji few astrologers are predicting Satya Yuga starting from 26th july 2014 when sun,moon and jupiter come to pushya nakshatra as written in Bhagwad Gita..Can you share some thoughts on it

      1. Which way could or should this be viewed in terms of transits and timing (if any of the below)?

        This whole thought process starts with Mars. I could not help but notice that the whole “step up” escalation took place when Mars went retrograde in Libra on March 1st / 2nd, the day before Saturn also turned retrograde. This is the weekend the Russian parliament approved Putin’s request to use forces in Ukraine, which he promptly made full use of. So Mars (military) thinks it’s in its own sign Aries and Saturn (masses) behaves like it is in a debilitated state?

        Now this SEEMS to have escalated further (one can never fully trust the thoroughness of reports in London when it comes to things like this). From a transit perspective what should we be looking at? 1. The dynamics between all the badies in Libra or 2. Is it all about Scorpio (4th from Ju/Me planetary war, lorded my Mars and Ukraine’s 12th house)?

        As a minimum there seem not to be any significant changes until March 25th when Mars moves back to Virgo (and it is becoming quite clear that the short term tension is not ending just yet)

        If it is about the Libra party, some potentially interesting transits/developments ahead:
        -April 14th: Sun goes to Aries opposite Saturn and Rahu
        -May 20th: Mars turns forward in Virgo
        -June 19th: Jupiter to Cancer – good and bad? Exalted lord of 1st for Ukraine but no longer aspecting the Libra mess
        -July 13th: Rahu to Virgo
        -July 14th: Mars re-enters Libra and head towards Saturn who would still be retrograde
        -July 21st: Saturn goes forward again
        -August 25th: Saturn and Mars conjoin
        Am I right in suspecting that the most sensitive time is between now and March 25th and then again from July 14th onwards?

        Alternatively, is this all about Scorpio? In which case we look at Mars and Rahu – Mars as lord and Rahu because he has an aspect on Scorpio from Libra. If so then the most sensitive time would be between now and March 25th and that would probably be about it (because when they conjoin for a day on July 13th it will be in Virgo so Rahu will no longer aspect Scorpio). Then when Jupiter enters Cancer on June 19th and aspects Scorpio they can all go back to being one big happy family

        Would love to hear your thoughts (and please stop me now if I have gone off on a silly tangent)

  5. Опубликовано в ПН, 3 марта, 2014 9:51

    Совершенно очевидно, что придаток Украины будет ампутирован.
    График прилагается, а ниже – данные для непрофессионалов.

    Дата [и место рождения, здесь и далее в квадратных скобках – прим. переводчика]: 24 августа 1991 года; Время: 5:31:00 pm; Часовой пояс: 3:00:00 (к востоку от GMT); Место: 30 E 31′ 00″, 50 N 26′ 00″; Киев, Украина

    Раху-Кету находятся в дебилитации Лагны 7 дома, Марс в 10 доме… здесь надежды не очень много, так как в 12м Кету и Марс стремятся к положению Pisacha ночью. Разделение произойдет в ночное время, после 7 вечера. Обращу внимание, что Кету находится в Близнецах со звуком «Ка» как в слове krimīyā (Крым). Это указывает на орган, который будет ампутирован. Марс олицетворяет Россию.

    Меркурий в сожжении указывает на потерю земель и имущества ради духовного подъема, так как 7й дом (отношения, Россия) и 10й дом (эго, статус) будут уничтожены.
    Юпитер в сожжении указывает на то, что Лагна и 4я бхава претерпят серьезное очищение и духовный рост

    Диаграмма Caturthamsa D4
    Хозяин 4го дома Меркурий находится в 6м… однозначно к потере имущества

    [привожу в оригинале:] Mercury (R) – PK 2 Le 17′ 47.86″ Magh 1 Le Ar
    Jupiter – GK 2 Le 15′ 02.53″ Magh 1 Le Ar

    Война проходит в накшатре МАГХА Льва. Место, где должна произойти война – 12й дом Скорпион, который походит на остров или островное государства (Крым)
    Lagnesha Юпитера кажется будет побеждена. Почему? Мы поговорим о четырех типах Юддха в апреле в Лондоне и дадим детали.

    Регулярные Vimshottari показывает, 16-летняя фаза очищения (сожжения) Юпитера началась 21 декабря 2013 года. Следовательно, предстоит долгий путь.
    Марс: 1988-12-20 – 1995-12-21
    Раху: 1995-12-21 – 2013-12-21
    Юпит: 2013-12-21 – 2029-12-21
    Сат: 2029-12-21-2048-12-21
    Meрк: 2048-12-21 – 2065-12-21
    Кету: 2065-12-21-2072-12-21
    Вен: 2072-12-21-2092-12-21
    Солнце: 2092-12-21-2098-12-21
    Луна: 2098-12-21-2108-12-22

    Давайте помолимся о мире в этом регионе и о каком-то дружественном урегулировании в следующие три дня когда Луна будет в Овне (хотя это маловероятно). Опасность до 4 марта.
    Когда Луна перейдет в Рохини 7 марта, Украина может ощутить боль.
    Пусть Шива принесет миру мир.

    Шиям Девани, знакомый студент по СПС добавляет…
    В прошлом году заметку под названием «Челябинский Метеор» вы закончили следующим…
    «Навамша имеет экзальтированный Кету в Лагне Стрельца, который является однозначным знаком свыше великих духовных перемен для Христианских наций. Россия – это неформальная столица стародавней православной церкви, которая весьма сильно отличается от протестантской церкви. Мы также только то узнали о сложении полномочий Папой Римским Бенедиктом XVI. Что все это может означать? Юпитер и Меркурий в соединении с Луной в пятом доме указывает на силу «слова Божьего», которое в контексте Индии означало бы Бхагават Гиту. Интересно знать, каким образом это «слово Божие» изменит ход вещей в России или Европе, если быть точным».

    Учитывая вышесказанное, вырисовываются некоторые интересные детали, которыми стоит поделиться…
    Первого христианского правителя Руси привели к христианству в Крыму.
    В 10 веке, Владимир Святославич Великий (часто его называют князь Новгорода), правнук Рюрика (по легенде основатель русского государства), собрал армию варягов и отвоевал Новгород у своего брата Ярополка. В 980 Владимир объединил в Киевской Руси территории от современной Украины и до Балтийского моря. В 988 году, завоевав город Херсонес в Крыму (в настоящее время часть Севастополя) Владимир принял христианство, женился и в конечном итоге начал христианизацию Руси. На месте крещения Владимира стоит Собор Святого Владимира.
    Похоже, что роль Крыма – это немного более, чем просто некоторое количество русскоговорящих людей и немного производственных мощностей.
    Примечание: я не эксперт по русской истории.
    И последнее отдельно стоящее наблюдение. Хрущев отдал Крым в 1954 году, когда Сатурн был в Весах… это второе возвращение Сатурна.

  6. sir, this ukarine crisis chart has jup md-jup ad running. shadbal of jup is 122. except msrs/mer in strength all are above 100.
    so its favorable isnt it

  7. Pranam Guruji,
    Sir UL when calculated falls in cancer but you show it in capricorn.May it be known how is it so?
    Warm regards,
    Tej Kishen Koul,
    Jammu,(J & K)

    1. Very Simple: Lord of 12th house Ketu is in 7H in Ge. Count from Scorpio to Gemini = 8 signs; Now count 8 signs from Gemini to get Capricorn
      Another UL caused by Mars is in Cancer which software is not showing. But new version shows both UL

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