There are 22 jyotiṣa gems whose Sanskrit names are known

  • 12 jyotiṣa gems for the rāśi
  • 9 jyotiṣa gems for the graha
  • 1 jyotiṣa gem for the lagna
Sanskrit Trans English (?) Sanskrit Trans English (?)
1 वज्र vajra Diamond 12 शशिकान्ता śaśikāntā Moon-stone
2 इन्द्रनील indranīla Sky Sapphire 13 सौगन्धिक saugandhika Lotus-Ruby
3 मरकत marakata Emerald 14 गोमेदक gomedaka Hessonite
4 कर्केतर karketara Chrysoberyl 15 शङ्ख śaṅkha Nacre
5 पद्मराग padmarāga Ruby 16 महानील mahānīla Blue Sapphire
6 रुधिर rudhira Carnelian 17 पुष्पराग puṣparāga Yellow ~
7 वैदूर्य vaidūrya Beryl Cats eye? 18 ब्रह्ममणि brahmamaṇi Topaz?
8 पुलक pulaka Garnet 19 ज्योतीरस jyotīrasa Agate
9 विमलक vimalaka Pyrite 20 सस्यक sasyaka Azurite
10 राजमणि rājamaṇi Red Diamond? 21 मुक्ता muktā Pearl
11 स्फटिक sphaṭika Rock Crystal 22 प्रवाल pravāla Red Coral

Pañca ratna

Five principal gemstones for pañca tattva listed in veda
Used when planets are in own sign indicating the tattva and are lighter color

  1. Vajra (Diamond): Jala | Used to free the waters by Indra
  2. Indra-nīla (Sapphire): Vāyu
  3. Marakata (Emerald): Pṛthvi
  4. Padmarāga (Ruby):    Agni
  5. Muktā (Ivory-Pearl): Ākāśa

Navaratna śloka

“Bṛhat Jātaka1”, quoted in the “Maṇi- mālā2” also “Jātaka Pārijāta3”
māṇikyaṁ taraṇeḥ sujātyamamalaṁ muktāphalaṁ śītagoḥ
māheyasya ca vidrumaṁ marakataṁ saumyasya gārutmatama
devejyasya ca puṣparājamasurācāryasya vajraṁ śaneḥ
nīlaṁ nirmalamanyayośca gadite gomedavaidūryake

  • Māṇikya (Ruby for Sun)
  • Muktā (Pearl for Moon)
  • Vidruma (Coral for Mars)
  • Marakata (Emerald for Mercury)
  • Puṣparāga (Yellow Sapphire for Jupiter)
  • Vajra (Diamond for Venus)
  • Nīla (Blue Sapphire for Saturn)
  • Gomeda (Hessonite or Opal for Rāhu)
  • Vaidūrya (Beryl, Cats Eye for Ketu)
  1. Varāhamihira
  2. page 575, verse 79 by S.M. Tagore (1879)
  3. chap. 2, sloka 21 compiled by Śrī Vaidyanātha Dikṣitar


  1. Rohit Khanna

    Guru Sanjay Ji,
    Pranam! Hope you had a nice stay in London. During Bava 2019 marriage workshop there was a discussion about not wearing navamsa 6th house gemstone. However for Taurus lagna in Navamsa Venus is lagna lord and also 6th lord (Venus mooltrikona sign being Libra). Can one wear diamond in this scenario due to Venus being Navamsa Lagna Lord?
    Ideally I wouldn’t have asked this question however I had sarpa yoga in my rashi chart with 3 malefics in kendra and only benefic planet in my kendra happens to be Venus(also Darakarka for my chart). For marriage purpose I have been recommended diamond during consultation with you in December 2018.

    Would greatly appreciate your answer.

    Om Guruvae Namah.

    1. For Taurus and Scorpio, since lagnesha is also benefic 6th lord, take 11th bhava as satru. These people have enmity with friends. Principle is bhavat-bhavam i.e. 6th from 6H = 11H

      1. Rohit Khanna

        Thank you for responding, so this means Taurus and Scorpio ascendant in Navamsa should avoid 11 lord gemstone (bhavat -bhavam i.e 6th from 6th) and not original 6th lord Venus gemstone as its also their navamsa lagnesh.

        Om Gurvae Namah

  2. Anurag Srivastava

    Dear Sir….Is .OPAL gemstone of VENUS or RAHU? I found a reference where it is mentioned RAHU(hessonite or Opal). Kindly advise.

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