This is the powerful 99 syllable mantra of the das avatāra with Śrī Narasiṁha deva as the principal deity (Iṣṭa devatā). Please note that Mars represents Narasiṁha devatā and is not compatible with Mercury (Budha avatāra) and Venus (Paraśurāma avatāra – destroyer of kṣatriya while Mars is the protector of kṣatriya).
Atri ṛṣi | Atijagatī chandas | Avatārāvān Narasiṁha devatā | kṣrauṁ bīja | auṁ śaktī
ॐ क्ष्रौं नमो भगवते नरसिंहाय
ॐ क्ष्रौं मत्स्य-रूपाय
ॐ क्ष्रौं कूर्म-रूपाय
ॐ क्ष्रौं वराह-रूपाय
ॐ क्ष्रौं नृसिंह-रूपाय
ॐ क्ष्रौं वामन-रूपाय
ॐ क्ष्रौं
ॐ क्ष्रौं
ॐ क्ष्रौं रामाय
ॐ क्ष्रौं कृष्णाय
ॐ क्ष्रौं कल्किने
जय जय शालग्राम निवासिने दिव्यसिंहाय
स्वयंभुवे पुरुषाय नमः औं क्ष्रौं
om kṣrauṁ namo bhagavate narasiṁhāya
om kṣrauṁ matsya-rūpāya
om kṣrauṁ kūrma-rūpāya
om kṣrauṁ varāha-rūpāya
om kṣrauṁ nṛsiṁha-rūpāya
om kṣrauṁ vāmana-rūpāya
om kṣrauṁ
om kṣrauṁ
om kṣrauṁ rāmāya
om kṣrauṁ kṛṣṇāya
om kṣrauṁ kalkine
jaya jaya śālagrāma nivāsine divyasiṁhāya
svayaṁbhuve puruṣāya namaḥ auṁ kṣrauṁ


  1. Res. Sanjayji,

    Based on my chart, I have Krishna as AK and Narsimha as AMK, so can I use the above mantra? We have a narasimha temple as our “village deity” and I visit each week there. Please advise.

    DOB 16/5/1974 2:55 PM Alwaye, Kerala.

    Pranams, Sunil

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