Forms of Yama

Depending on the planet becoming the Yama graha, the deity Yama assumes one of the eight forms.

  1. Sun: Vaivasvata or coming from or belonging to the Sun and refers to the patrilineage of Yama as the son of Sūrya.
  2. Moon: Yama or spiritual discipline; rules and regulations that cause good karma and long life leading to The Yama (and niyama) of yoga come under this category.
  3. Mars: Mṛtyu or death; lock of nectar and end of life due to agni causing is the
  4. Mercury: Antaka or border or boundary referring to the limits in every field and relationship which need to be honored. It also means making an end like ending relationships when boundaries are
  5. Jupiter: Dharma-rāja or the king or upholder of dharma and The punishment, including death which is noted out to people who sin and do not obey dharma. Viṣṇu defines the dharma is three steps.
  6. Venus: Śyāmalapati or lord of Śyāmala refers to the vows of marriage, true love as well as celibacy and continuity of such vows even after death of spouse.
  7. Saturn: Kāla or time personified as devourer of everything. Ka is prajāpati Brahmā the adhi devatā of Saturn, ā is Vāsudeva and la (from laya) is rudra – together ka+ā+la = Kāla. It is the physically manifested auṁ as beings that live through preordained time period to serve the purpose of their creation.
  8. Rāhu: Sarva prāṇahara or destroyer of the existence of every entity. It symbolises the bodiless state of existence and shows physical destruction.


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