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  • Parasara Jyotisa Course 2021-25 +
    Announcing the Parasara Jyotisa Course (PJC Mahadeva) 2021 taught by Pt. Sanjay Rath. Course website

  • MSP-II Graha Devata +
    Objective We aim to study the ten variables – navagraha (and lagna) of jyotiṣa and remedies associated with them. The study is restricted to devatā associated with the rāśi chakra. The devatā associated with the varga and other levels are not to be studied in this course unless they are specifically taught by Maharṣi Parāśara. This can be viewed as an extension of Parāśara Jyotiṣa Course and members of PJC are welcome to join. Syllabus (1) Jyotiṣa Principles including Navagraha: devatā; propitiation of planets; Kendra Rules: riṣṭa and ariṣṭa i.e.

  • Parashara Jyotisa Course 2020-24 +
    Please visit Course Website: for more information Join PJC Year-1 Somanath Batch ॐ पराशर ऋषये नमः Objectives The Parāśara Jyotiṣa Course (PJC) is to be taught in the tradition of Puri, India and includes spiritual instructions to develop the mind in order to grasp the entire subject. The student is to develop a keen understanding of Vedic astrology and will master all the śloka of Bṛhat Parāśara Horā Śāstra (BPHS). The syllabus primarily includes the jyotiṣa classic Bṛhat Parāśara Horā Śāstra as available today.

  • 2019 BAVA Conference +
    2019 BAVA 20th International Conference Theme: Love, Marriage and Relationships 19 – 24 April 2019 The Workshops are with Pandit Samavedula, Pandit Sanjay Rath, Komilla Sutton and Andrew Foss The Faculty of Esteemed Vedic Astrologers:- Pandit Sanjay Rath, Sarbani Rath, Pandit Samavedula, Visti Larsen, Dr Andrew Foss, Komilla Sutton, Gordon Brennan, Keiko Ito, Vijaya Subramanian, Kanwel Thapar, Dalibor Ambrus and Charlotte Bensen Venue Mandeville Place 11/13 Mandeville Place, London WIU 3AJ, UK. (nearest tube station Bond Street) Google Map 2019 BAVA Conference Programme A  is more for Advanced.

ॐ वृषभं चर्षणीनां विश्वरूपमदाभ्यम्। बृहस्पतिं वरेण्यम्॥
om vṛṣabhaṁ carṣaṇīnāṁ viśvarūpamadābhyam| bṛhaspatiṁ vareṇyam||

Jyotiṣa: Vedic Astrology

  • Vaishnava Nakshatra Devata

    Introduction The vaishnava of Jagannath worship the nakshatra devata at the time of Ratha Yatra. These devata are associated with the chariots of the three deities of the simhasana i.e. the three chariots. Other details can be learnt from the traditional writings on Jagannath Mahaprabhu. Today we take the initiative to openly introduce these 27 nakshatra devata to the vedic astrologers. You will appreciate that the devata of the chariot of Balabhadra Deva are from the family of Rudra, the deity who destroys the tamas energy. The devata of the chariot of Subhadra Devi, the sister of Krishna and wife of Arjuna Pandava, are forms of Shakti. Dhakti/Durga/Mother fully replaces Brahma as the creative power of the universe. In fact She is Brahmamayi, the creative principle. The devata of the chariot of Jagannath Mahaprabhu are some principal forms of Vishnu. Please go through all these 27 devata and familiarize yourself with their forms, nature and principal mantra. Bhū-Loka Tamas Bhuva-Loka Rajas Svarga-Loka Sattva Balabhadra Deva Subhadrā Jagannāth # Name Ratha Vedic Jyotiṣa # Name Ratha Yatra Vedic Jyotiṣa # Name Ratha Yatra Vedic Jyotiṣa 1 Aśvinī Gaṇeśa Dasra 10 Maghā Chaṇḍi Pitṛ 19 Mula Panchamukha Mahavira Nirriti 2 Bharaṇī Kārtikeya Yama 11 P.Phalgunī Chāmuṇḍā Bhaga 20 P.Āshādhā Harihara Apah 3 Kṛttikā Sarva- maṅgala Agni 12 U.Phalgunī Ugratārā Aryaman 21 U.Āṣāḍhā Madhusudana Vishva 4 Rohini Pralambarī Brahma 13 Hasta Banadurgā Savitur 22 Śrāvaṇa Giri Goverdhan dhāri Vishnu 5 Mrigasīra Halayudha Soma 14 Chitra Śūlidurgā Tvastr 23 Dhaniṣṭhā Pāṇḍu Narasingha The Vasus 6 Ārdrā Mṛtyuṅjaya Rudra 15 Svātī Varāhī Vāyu 24 Shatabhisha Chintamani Krishna Varuna 7 Punarvasu Natāmvara Aditi 16 Viśākhā Śyāmākālī Indragni 25 P.Bhādrapadā Nārāyaṇa Ajaikapada 8 Puṣyā Mukteśvara Bṛhaspati 17 Anurādhā Maṅgalā Mitra 26 U.Bhādrapadā Chatra Bhaṅga Rāvaṇa Ahirbudhnya 9 Aslesa Śeṣadeva Sarpas 18 Jyeshtha Vimalā Indra 27 Revati Rama- Hanuman Pushan Janma Nakshatra The first step is to know your janma nakshatra devata. The position of the Moon in the sky at the moment of your birth is your janma nakshatra. As taught in the Bhagavat Gita, it is a chariot of the Gods that delivered you into this world. There is a lot more than this simplistic usage, but this is a fine beginning. Illustration: Sri Narendra Modi, India Prime Minister, was born in Anuradha Nakshatra. You can read Moo 7-54 Anr in chart where Anr is Anuradha. This is specifically mentioned in the Panchanga Nakshatra 17 Anuradha Anuradha is part of the Subhadra Devi Chariot and the specific power of Shakti is named Maṅgalā. She is an extremely powerful devi and the principal shakti of Vedanga Jyotisha [Anuradha is in 8th bhava of natural Zodiac in Scorpio]. Sri Achyutananda did the crow meditation under water in the pond outside the Kakatpur mangala temple for his Jyotish siddhi. The crow (family of Raven) is associated with Agni tattva and so is Maṅgalā, the shakti associated with protection and strength, the feminine -Mars. Worship of this Janma Nakshatra devata is essential for protection and long life. Ideally you should find the mantra for your Janma Nakshatra devata.

  • People’s Republic of China

    The People’s Republic of China (PRC) was formally proclaimed by Mao Zedong on 1 Oct 1949 at 3:00 pm in Tiananmen Square, Beijing. Chairman Mao chose the new capital although Nanjing had been the capital of the former Republic of China. He brought back the old name Beijing expunging the name Beiping. This is the chart we use for modern China. Previously we had concluded that “Saturn Daśā of previous Republic chart (1943-52) brings Communism to China” and we see this confirmed in the new “People’s Republic of China” Chart which has Makara Lagna (Sat), Makara Rāśi (Sat śubhapati) and it was a Saturday (Sat) afternoon. Three Daśā Again, the unstable combination of 7th lord in lagna → Dvisaptati Sama daśā applicable. Marriage, partnership, foreign affairs are important and decide wealth/poverty matters. However, this is a powerful chart with mālavya yoga (Venus 10H-kendra in Li) → Caturāśīti Sama daśā applicable. Rājayoga, achievement of its purpose and objectives, work, development, employment is to be examined from this daśā. Moon is in Lagna in Śukla pakṣa, day-time birth → Vimśottari daśā applicable. This daśā will be the leader of all and shall have the final say in all matters just as a king can overrule the cabinet ministers. With three daśā working together in this chart, we will have to steer very carefully through the choppy waters of China’s fortunes. Mao Zedong, having led the Communists (CCP) to victory against the Nationalists (KMT) after two decades of Chinese civil war, founded the People’s Republic of China om 1 Oct 1949. Moon is in nakṣatra gaṇḍānta indicating radical changes to the structure. Initial Years of People’s Republic Vimśottari Moon daśā indicates that the general population is gradually adopting to the new system due to the radical changes from the nationalists to the communists. Vimśottari shows the general thinking and the planned way forward. Mao’s three proclaimed tasks were National unity: The Moon has ‘motherhood’ as its chief goal and likes to keep the family together – by any means Social and economic change: more social since that is the nature of the Moon while economics are more for sustaining the population Freedom from foreign interference: As the 7th lord, the Moon does have a focus on foreign affairs and relations with neighbours. Being in gaṇḍānta, it wants to bring an end to the old methods of foreign influence. As such the Moon hates its 12th bhāva – which in this case, also happens to be the 12th house from lagna – bringing forth a xenophobic attitude in foreign affairs. On 1st May 1950 Moon daśā-antara, Mao personally delivered the new marriage law that gave women freedom of choice. It provided a civil registry for legal marriages, raised the marriageable age to 20 for males and 18 for females, and banned marriage by proxy; both parties had to consent to a marriage.  Marriage had to be based on free choice of partners, monogamy, equal rights for both sexes, and on the protection of the lawful interests of women and children. Simultaneously there was the freedom of divorce, the ban on polygamy and taking concubines, and the ban on child marriages. Dvisaptati daśā showed what really happened around for men and materials. This was the period of Mercury daśā (1949-58) which is the 6th lord of enemies (KMT was the proclaimed enemy of CCP). Examine Mercury to know about the enemy – Mercury is exalted: enemy is idealistic, well lettered, cultured Mercury is combusted: Enemy will be defeated and about 50% of their wealth and belongings will be taken away [see strengths for more details] Mercury is conjoined Ketu, the bādhakaśa: Enemy will flee to an island [bādhaka shows a foreign land or one across major water body; Ketu ruling Sc can show island] in the eastern direction [conjoins Sun]; Native will attack enemy by surprize with strange methods and weapons [Ke] that will cause great hardship [+Su 8L] In Dec 1949 (Me-Me-Ju) two million soldiers of KMT followed Chiang Kai-shek into exile to Taiwan and set up a government there. Although initially some moved to Hong Kong, later they went to Taiwan. As the 12th Lord in 12th bhāva, Jupiter will always give an escape route for the enemy thereby sparing their lives. This may infuriate Makara Lagna but then, it does have the graha doṣa of Guru. China does not fear foreign armies, but it does fear monks (Jup) who can easily overcome the communist propaganda. China entered the Korean war in Oct 1950 (Moon daśā Mars antara). Mars in 7th bhāva as debilitated bādhaka can take Chinese troops to foreign lands and show merciless destruction in war. Yet at times it will also show extreme compassion and kindness, since it is alone. On 27 July 1953 (Dvisaptati Me-Sa, Vimśottari Mo-Ju) the Korean War ended with an armistice. With the Moon bringing fame and Saturn as lagneśa also aspecting lagna to give fame, China ended up on top securing a strong ally – North Korea. It also established itself as a power to reckon with. The agreement drew a new boundary near the 38th parallel that gave South Korea an extra 1,500 square miles of territory and created a 2-mile-wide “demilitarized zone” that still exists today. Caturāśīti sama daśā shows the finances and wealth of the nation. The entire period of the Sun Oct 1949 – 61 was going to be very difficult. To study the daśā trend, we divide it into three parts – one each for (a) daśā planet (b) it’s visitors and (c) it’s associations. Benefics generally come first and the worst is kept for the end. But this can vary based on position, yogas etc. The 12-year Sun daśā has the worst phase from 1957-61. It was during this period that Chairman Mao started the campaign ‘The Great Leap Forward’ in 1958. Objective was to transform the agricultural base of China’s society into an industrial one by imposing a commune system that organized peasants and forbade private farming.

  • First Republic of China

    Recent History of China Previously at the turn of the century (1899-1901), the “Boxer Rebellion” in Northern China tried to squeeze the Qing administration, push out dominant foreign influence of Japan and Russia and restore ancient traditional rule. But they failed. On April 5, 1911 a railway contract was given to a four-power group of foreign bankers. But the modus operandi behind the compensation for the local company finally resulted in an open revolt in Sep 1911.  This was the Xinhai Revolution after the year of the Chinese calendar in which it occurred. On 10 Oct 1911 the revolutionaries attacked and overwhelmed imperial forces in the city of Wuchang. ‘10 Oct’ was later declared the National Day of the Republic of China and is also known as ‘Double Ten Day’. These revolts ultimately led to proclamation of “Republic of China” on 1 Jan 1912 and delegates from provinces elected Sun Yat-sen (Sun Zhongshan) as the first Provisional President. On 12 Feb 1912, the boy emperor was compelled to abdicate. By a proclamation the government was transferred to the people’s representatives. It further declared that the constitution should be republican and gave Yuan Shikai full powers to organize a provisional government. The Qing dynasty (also known as the Manchu dynasty), had ruled from 1644–1912. Republic of China Since 7th Lord Mars is in lagna we are required to examine the chart with Dvisaptati Sama daśā. The revolutionary turned President of Republic Sun Yat-sen is seen by Mars in lagna [the one who is praised] while his close associate Song Jiaoren is indicated by Mercury [in trines]. The tenth lord Rāhu shows Yuan Shikai, one who gets president through political manoeuvring rather than participation in revolution. His associate who became vice-president by manipulating the strings Li Yuanhong, is shown by debilitated Saturn. In the 9th bhāva Mercury (Song Jiaoren) will try to establish dharma. In Aug 1912 (Mars daśā Saturn antara) the Kuomintang (Nationalist Party) was founded as Saturn is 9th Lord for elections. In the national elections of Feb 1913 (Ma-Sa) for the new bicameral parliament, Song campaigned against the Yuan administration (largely Republican Party), led by Liang Qichao. An able campaigner [Mercury is an orator] Song won most seats leading the Kuomintang to victory. A month after the election, Song was assassinated in Mars daśā Rāhu antara (Mar 1913). There is a strong possibility that Yuan Shikai (Rāhu) was responsible. Mars in Lagna dominating the chart, attempts at parliamentary rule was not going to last as Mars shows use of military force. In July 1913 seven southern provinces rebelled against Yuan but he defeated them. Sun Yat-sen was forced to flee to Japan on 1 Sep 1913 (Ma-Ra battle continues). [When the 7th lord is in Lagna or vice-versa the native will have to leave home to seek fortunes abroad. Here Mars shows fleeing after battle for shelter rather than a journey for seeking fortune]. Yuan could not be bothered by the parliament which was still dominated by the popular Kuomintang. So, he simply dissolved it in Jan 1914 in the same Rāhu antara. On 12 Dec 1915 Yuan declared himself emperor of China – rebellion followed and in three months on 22 Mar 1916, he stepped down and died soon on 6 June 1916 in Moon antardaśā. True to its calling, Moon pulled Rāhu down, but more so as it is in the 8th house from Rāhu in Aries it also led to his death. In a way, China had ceased to be a republic the day Yuan crowned himself. Sun Yat-Sen Era (1916-25) Mercury daśā was starting in a month and the totalitarian Mars had to give way but strangely all it did was promote a feudalism of a lowly nature.  Mercury in Capricorn in proximity to the Sun, with the aspect from debilitated Saturn can be deemed a pāpa-graha as there are no redeeming aspects from natural benefic planets. Li Yuanhong (Saturn) became the President (10th bhāva) after Yuan (Rāhu) with Duan Qirui as Premier. He was even more authoritarian and his disregard for the constitution made Sun Yat-sen, to promulgate a new government in Guangzhou (Canton) in Sep 1917 when Mercury daśā Jupiter antara started. They waged a ‘Constitutional Protection War’ through 1918 (Me-Ju and Me-Ve). Again defeated by internal politics and sidelined, Sun Yat-sen left. But to his good fortune the ‘Fourth May Movement’ [started on 4 May 1919 Me-Ve period] brought him back to limelight. In Oct 1919 he re-established the Kuomintang (KMT) in exile thereby countering the government in Beijing being led under a succession of warlords but interestingly still maintained its legitimacy with the West! It is interesting that Europe preferred to deal with warlords than support an elected government. About 1921 (Me-Ra) the Soviet Union supported the CCP (new Chinese Communist Party) in addition to Sun Yat-sen. Rāhu again showed its head and Sun Yat-sen was going to become uncomfortable. In 1922 (Me-Su) the Kuomintang-warlord alliance in Guangzhou was ruptured, and Sun fled to Shanghai. Sun Yat-sen died of cancer in Beijing in Mar 1925 [Me-Ma-Ra]. Centralization (1925-34) In many ways this daśā of Jupiter was a golden period of the republic. It was “one of consolidation and accomplishment under the leadership of the Nationalists, with a mixed but generally positive record in the economy, social progress, development of democracy and cultural creativity. Some of the harsh aspects of foreign concessions and privileges in China were moderated through diplomacy. In May 1930 the government regained the right to set its tariff, which before then had been set by the foreign powers.” – Wikipedia Perhaps the only dissatisfied ones were the Kumulik Uyghurs who got the support of Hui muslim Gen. Ma Zhongying to overthrow Jin Shuren, governor of Xinjiang. The Kuomintang (KMT) clandestinely supported the Uyghurs while the CCP supported governor Jin who was close to the soviets. This was the first major shearing between KMT and CCP. It lasted between 1931-34 with the Soviet invasion of Xinjiang. As

  • Finding Guru and Seeking Knowledge Transcribed by Natalya Fedorova Dr. Andrew Foss: Sanjay, we were wondering, if someone does not have a guru to teach some Jyotish, how today he can start it? strong>Pt. Sanjay Rath: Guru as such means anyone or anything which removes the darkness of ignorance. In the West there is a concept that guru must only be a living human being which is not really-really right. The guru is a book, the guru is knowledge. The person who carries the knowledge is called a guru for he is carrying the knowledge in his head.

  • Curse of Jupiter in Sagittarius!

    On 31 Dec, 2019 China alerts WHO of several pneumonia cases. It was actually COVID-19 taking roots. Later Jan 7, 2020 France confirmed its first case, but by then Wuhan city had already been reeling under the coronavirus. Jupiter is transiting Sagittarius and is very strong at the tattva level. But Jupiter was conjoined Saturn, Sun and Ketu and aspected by Rāhu. That’s 80% malefic hit on Jupiter confirming the activation of curse of Guru.

Learn Jyotisa

  • Panchanga Intro

    Pañcāṅga refers to the five limbs of time. The quality of time is defined by the pañcāṅga and these are ruled by the pañca devatā – Sūrya (agni), Durgā (jala), Gaṇeśa (pṛthvi), Rudra (vāyu) and Viṣṇu (ākāśa).

  • 2019 BAVA Conference

    2019 BAVA 20th International Conference Theme: Love, Marriage and Relationships 19 – 24 April 2019 The Workshops are with Pandit Samavedula, Pandit Sanjay Rath, Komilla Sutton and Andrew Foss The Faculty of Esteemed Vedic Astrologers:- Pandit Sanjay Rath, Sarbani Rath, Pandit Samavedula, Visti Larsen, Dr Andrew Foss, Komilla Sutton, Gordon Brennan, Keiko Ito, Vijaya Subramanian, Kanwel Thapar, Dalibor Ambrus and Charlotte Bensen Venue Mandeville Place 11/13 Mandeville Place, London WIU 3AJ, UK. (nearest tube station Bond Street) Google Map 2019 BAVA Conference Programme A  is more for Advanced.

  • Mantra Śāstra Program

    Overview Devaguru Bṛhaspati Center announces its new program titled “Mantra Śāstra Program”, hereinafter ‘MSP’ to be taught both online and through contact classes in the Himalayas over a period of a few years to attain higher levels of knowledge of Mantra Śāstra and its application in Vedic Remedial in Astrology. The Mantra Śāstra course is to be taught in the tradition of Puri, India and includes learning the various tools and processes that go into the formation and working of mantra as used in Vedic remedies.

  • Dhana Kāraka Workshop

    Śrī Jagannāth Center announces its first workshop in the study of Dhana Yoga. This workshop shall lay the foundation for the study of wealth and career directions. There are three pivots to the study of life and these are the three charts – lagna, sūrya and chandra chakra. The role played by each of these charts is to be examined in the first day of this two-day workshop. On the second day, we examine the role of Devaguru Bṛhaspati as the kāraka.

  • NY Workshop on Spiritual Yogas 2017

    Jyotiṣa of the Four Soul Yogas Dates: Weekend 22-23 July, 2017; 9.30am – 6.00pm Venue: The Alchemical Theatre Laboratory, 104 West 14th Street, between 6th & 7th Ave. New York, NY 10011; Bookings: One-Day $108 or Complete Workshop $180 Choose Participation Full Workshop $180.00 USD Saturday Only $108.00 USD Sunday Only $108.00 USD Contact: Cyndi Altman The four spiritual paths of karma-yoga, bhakti-yoga, rāja-yoga, and jñāna-yoga examined through Jyotiṣa. Starting with Puruṣārtha as Jyotiṣa Foundation, we learn how the desires in the soul shall manifest.

About Sanjay Rath

  • Solar Eclipse 2014

    Annular Solar Apr-29Fred EspenakSeries: SEsaros148 Unlike the lunar eclipse which has a more spiritual signification as well as personal, the solar eclipse is of much greater importance as this shows the world changing around us. There are FOUR eclipses in 2014 (NASA Eclipse Web).

  • Lunar Eclipse of 2014

    There are FOUR eclipses in 2014 (NASA Eclipse Web).

  • Eclipse Factor

    Annular Solar Eclipse of May 31, 2003 Although the Sun is 400 times larger than the Moon, yet it is also about 400 times as far from the Earth than the Moon. This situation causes the two luminaries (Sun and Moon) to appear as about the same size in the sky. When the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, it casts a shadow. If this shadow falls on the earth, it causes an eclipse. The Moon passes between the Sun and Earth every month, yet it does not cause an eclipse to occur every month.

  • Devaguru Bṛhaspati Center

    Devaguru Bṛhaspati Center is a subsidiary of SJC (Śrī Jagannāth Center) with the objective of bringing out the traditional wisdom of the vedic seers which has been passed down through generations of vedic astrologers residing in the coast of Puri at Odissa state. Meanings Bṛhaspati (बृहस्पति) has been extolled in the Vedas as the giver of vedic speech (vacaspati) and the knower of all truth (satya).

  • Pañca Sakhā

    The five Mahāpuruṣa of Orissa are the initiators of the lineages. Our lineage of Vedic astrology comes from the holy feet of Sri Achyutananda. अच्युताय नमस्तुभ्यं गुरवे परमात्मने। सर्वतन्त्रस्वतन्त्राय चिद्घनानन्दमूर्तये॥ acyutāya namastubhyaṁ gurave paramātmane | sarvatantrasvatantrāya cidghanānandamūrtaye || Pancha Mahapurusha of Orissa … Pancha means five and sakha means friends – it is noteworthy that just like Sri Krishna referred to Arjuna as a friend, so also did Chaitanya Mahaprabhu refer to these five Maha Purusha (great men) disciples of his as Pancha Sakha or five friends.

Celebrity Charts

  • Narendra Modi 2014 Chart

    The swearing in chart of any government is very important to know not only what is happening during its 5 year term but also no its return to power. The Modi government took oath and came to power on 26th may 2014 no at 6.11 PM, New Delhi. Tulā Lagna with both 5th lords (power) Rahu and Saturn (exalted, retro) in it shows centralization of power but the retro Saturn shows that this will be like a sadhu, a Chanakya wielding the whip to keep the country together. We have seen all that.

  • Priyanka Chopra

    Born on 18 July 1982 at 30 minutes past midnight at Jamshedpur India, Priyanka Chopra has an Aries ascendant with lagnesh Mars in the 6th house upachaya. The conjunction of the ascendant and 10th House lords makes her very independent and enterprising. Two powerful malefics in the 6th house makes her a real fighter. This combination alone is enough to guarantee success. Add to that a powerful Jupiter in the 7th house but without dig Bala. Similar is the situation with the Sun in the 4th house. Both male planets dominating the Kendra show the presence of many big men around her. Being without digbala she is able to hold her ground in their presence. Arudha Lagna Arudha in Kumbh Rashi with is lord Saturn in the 6th house from lagna having Amrita Drishti brings many blessings. As such Saturn in the 6th house destroys all enemies. In addition it’s Drishti on the 8th house destroys all misfortune while it’s Drishti on the 12th house destroy secret enemies but delays marriage. Saturn Drishti on the third house is also good but it’s Drishti on the 7th lord shows marriage delay as necessary for the Arudha. Rahu the co-lord of Arudha is exalted in Gemini and conjoint Mercury it’s dispositor. It was during Rahu dasha Mercury Antara that her career initiated. Venus Rahu conjunction is never considered good and in Rahu Venus period she had many hiccups in her career. With the advent of exalted Moon in 4th house from arudha, she was able to make her footing in Bollywood. Jupiter placed in the 9th house from Arudha has given steady rise to the pinnacle in her career. Rahu brings in even greater success in foreign lands and she has made how presence felt in Hollywood as well. Marriage As indicated earlier the marriage is largely delayed due to the aspect of Saturn on the 7th lord Venus. Rahu conjoining Venus indicates the possibility of marriage to a foreigner. All this happening in Gemini with Mercury does show someone hilarious or much younger. In the navamsa chart Venus is in the ascendant promising great success for those born in the night. Dictum: Jupiter in navamsa lagna for day birth and Venus in navamsa lagna for night birth brings many blessings of the Gurus. In in addition we have mercury in the 7th house indicating one who will like younger men. India celebrates the marriage of Priyanka Chopra with Nick Jonas. So much for now.

  • Dr. Rajendra Prasad

    Birth and Education Rajendra Prasad was born to Mahadev Sahai and Kamleshwari Devi at Ziradei, in the Siwan district of Bihar (26°14′10″ N, 84°14′53″E) on December 3, 1884. He was the youngest child of his parents. Although the arudha lagna is in Aries, the opposite sign Libra is stronger with Venus and shall be the functional arudha for his life. Siblings manifest from the eleventh bhava from arudha lagna (AL-Ar). Eleventh Lord Saturn is in Taurus.

  • Super-Star Rajesh Khanna

    In an era long before this internet age, Rajesh Khanna was the man who sparked a frenzy never seen before and never since, not even by the likes of Amitabh Bachchan. In the 1970s his very name was a magical charm that sparked hysteria, particularly amongst his legions of women fans, who would line the road for a glimpse, chant his name, cover his car with lipstick marks and even write him letters in blood.

  • Kejriwal Government II

    Following a landslide victory of 67 seats of the 70 assembly seats in the Delhi Government, Arvind Kejriwal took the oath of office on Saturday, the 14th February, 2015 at 12:15’ PM IST at the Ramlila Grounds that accommodates more than 100,000 people. Unlike all other politicians who have followed the old British system of swearing-in at the Governor or President house (Rastrapati Bhavan), Kejriwal has, time and again, followed the American system of public oath-taking ceremony.


  • Nagaraja Mantras

    Naga means snake and other names are Bhujanga etc. Lord Shiva is worshipped in the form of Nageswara, one of the twelve Jyotirlinga (Shiva Linga’s giving the light of knowledge). In this form, He is the Lord of all the snakes. These snakes also symbolise the “Kundalini Shakti” of the spinal column. Whereas Nagaraja is the king of all snakes, their supreme form is the thousand hooded “Seesha” Who coils into a bed for Narayana to sleep or is always guarding Him. In turn there are eight such Naga kings starting with Sesha the eldest, Vasuki the second born and so on. शेषॊ ऽनन्तॊ वासुकिश च तक्षकश च भुजंगमः | कूर्मश च कुलिकश चैव काद्रवेया महाबलाः || Mahabharata Adi Parva:I.59.40 [among the Nagaraja] Shesha, Ananta, Vasuki, Taksaka, Kurmasa and Kulika, these six sons of Kadru and very strong and powerful. Another sloka says these are sons of Surasa who gave borth to the divine Nagas while Kadru gave birth to 1000 nagas and sarpa. सुरसा अजनयन् नागान् राम कद्रूः च पन्नगान् ॥३-१४-२८॥ According to this Surasaa gave birth to the Nagas while Kadru gives birth to the Pannaga. Both Naga and Pannaga are snakes but of different kinds. Naga raise their heads high while the Pannaga always stoop low. Uraga are those with human faces! So some of these superior Naga are Uraga and can change form (iccha-dhari naga). Patala or Nagaloka is their general residence but they are in all the tala. People suffer from the curse of serpents by having a malefic Rahu eclipsing and troubling the luminaries. Its aspect or eclipse of the Sun destroys wealth and brings abject poverty, financial downturns etc. Its eclipse and affliction of the Moon destroys health and brings terrible diseases. Its affliction of Jupiter destroys intelligence and brings ill-repute. In this manner, the curse of the snakes can be very troublesome for a person and remedial measures are prescribed. Terrible malefic combinations like Kala Sarpa Yoga (KSY) can bring untold suffering and the adverse circumstances can convert an otherwise good person into a criminal. The Kala Amrita Yoga gives terrible suffering that results in renunciation and later a spiritual path is promised. Sarpa Yoga is formed by the presence of three or more malefics in quadrants to the Lagna and the resultant suffering can be very bad. In all such circumstances we look for the natural benefic planet in the first or seventh house, or conjoining the malefic combination and destroying the venom of the snakes. Jupiter causing the break results in Padma Yoga (Lotus blooms) or Maha Padma Yoga. Moon causing the break results in Sankha Yoga (Conch) or Mahasankha Yoga etc. The eight mantras on the basis of the Astadala Padma and the Kala-Chakra are given below for the benefit of the readers. If these mantras are recited by the person troubled by the Sarpa and other such Yoga or during Rahu Dasa or in times of trouble, the Divine Serpents come to his rescue and bless him with good fortune, strength and good reputation. For example, if Mercury is afflicted by Ketu and associates with the house of enemy, then like Raja Nala the native suffers the bite of Karkotaka Naga making his body deformed and ugly. This suffering is due to Indra deva asking Karkotaka to destroy Nala. ॐ कुंकुमाभय विप्रवर्णाय सहस्रफणाय अनन्ताय नमः। om kuṁkumābhaya vipravarṇāya sahasraphaṇāya anantāya namaḥ| ॐ स्वेताय विप्रवर्नाय सहस्रफणाय शेषाय नमः। om svetāya vipravarnāya sahasraphaṇāya śeṣāya namaḥ| ॐ पीताय क्षत्रियवर्णाय सप्तसतफणाय वसुकये नमः। om pītāya kṣatriyavarṇāya saptasataphaṇāya vasukaye namaḥ| ॐ नीलाय वैश्यवर्णाय पञ्चसतफणाय तक्षकाय नमः। om nīlāya vaiśyavarṇāya pañcasataphaṇāya takṣakāya namaḥ| ॐ कृष्णाय वैश्यवर्णाय सप्तसतफणाय संखपालाय नमः। om kṛṣṇāya vaiśyavarṇāya saptasataphaṇāya saṁkhapālāya namaḥ| ॐ उज्जवलाय शूद्रवर्णाय पञ्चसतफणाय महापद्माय नमः। om ujjavalāya śūdravarṇāya pañcasataphaṇāya mahāpadmāya namaḥ| ॐ उज्जवलाय शूद्रवर्णाय त्रींसतफनाय कम्बलाय नमः। om ujjavalāya śūdravarṇāya trīṁsataphanāya kambalāya namaḥ| ॐ उज्जवलाय शूद्रवर्णाय त्रींसतफनाय कर्कोटकाय नमः। om ujjavalāya śūdravarṇāya trīṁsataphanāya karkoṭakāya namaḥ|

  • Pt. Sanjay Rath on Marriage & 12th house in Vedic Astrology at KRSchannel

    Kapiel Raaj: So, Ladies and Gentlemen, after a long-long time he is finally back. He looks handsome, he looks beautiful and he is here to dazzle us once more and to pick a favorite subject of yours, which is marriage and 12th house. So, I want to have the expert, the master to take over. Welcome back, Sanjay Rath ji after long-long time. Pandit Sanjay Rath:  Thank you very much, Kapiel. It is pleasure to come back. I love the KRSchannel.

  • Deep Introduction to Nakshatras

    25.08.2017 Interview on KRSchannel of Kapiel Raaj Transcribed by Natalia Fedorova Наталья Федорова Kapiel Raaj: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, he is back, he was a blockbuster head on KRSchannel so we are bringing the sequel because the blockbuster head movie needs the sequels. Please help me welcome Shri Sanjay Rath ji. Welcome, you are in huge hit. Sanjay Rath: Thank you Kapiel, thank you very much. KR: Today you are going to cover my favorite subject ‘Nakshatras’, as you promised. SR: That’s right.

  • Bṛhaspati Kavacha Mantra

    In jyotiṣa there is a saying that when Jupiter protects there is none that can destroy. Jupiter brings in the great mantra powers into the fifth bhāva and dharma into the ninth bhāva. He is the ‘jīva graha’ responsible for bringing life into the various bodies.

  • Sleep Direction

    The direction in which we sleep plays a vital role in automatically charging the body for the next day. Sleep is the natural means to rest and rejuvenate. It heals the mind and the body.


  • Sri Rudra’s Krishna Mantra

    Rudra kṛta Kṛṣṇa Mantra ॥ श्रीकृष्णस्य सप्तदशाक्षरो मन्त्रः॥ || śrīkṛṣṇasya saptadaśākṣaro mantraḥ || श्रीगणेशाय नमः। śrīgaṇeśāya namaḥ | महादेव उवाचः। mahādeva uvācaḥ | Śrī Mahādeva spoke ॐ श्रीं नमः श्रीकृष्णाय परिपूर्णतमाय च। मन्त्रेषु मन्त्रराजोऽयं महान् सप्तदशाक्षरः॥ १॥ om śrīṁ namaḥ śrīkṛṣṇāya paripūrṇatamāya ca | mantreṣu mantrarājo’yaṁ mahān saptadaśākṣaraḥ || 1|| “om śrīṁ namaḥ śrīkṛṣṇāya paripūrṇatamāya etc.,” is the mantra-rāja and is a mahā 17-syllable mantra Actually the number of syllables in “om śrīṁ namaḥ śrīkṛṣṇāya paripūrṇatamāya” are fifteen. By adding ‘svāhā’ at the end of the mantra, it converts to seventeen syllable mantra.

  • Sri Narasimha -Mars

    Lord Narasimha symbolises the exaltation energy of Mars. He gives the power to work, brilliance, strength, tireless effort, courage, fearlessness and brahmacarya as well. People under the influence of Mars including – 1. Mars in Lagna or aspecting Lagna 2. Mars daśā 3. Mars afflicting daśā lord 4. Court case and fights 5. Troubles at work 6. Engineers and technical workers 7. Prone to accident and dangerous work 8.

  • Sapta Sloki Gita

    Saptasloki gītā refers to seven śloka of the Bhagavat gītā considered most auspicious. These śloka map directly to seven weekday planets which related to about birth and karma. The first śloka is for the Sun, second for Moon and so on till the seventh for Saturn. One who recites these seven śloka everyday will be able to overcome major problems and will live a good life. These seven ślokas can be written on seven pieces of paper, folded and used during a praśna chart. After praying sincerely to Krishna with dvādasākṣari mantra pick up one folded paper.

  • Bondage Freedom

    Ketu as the mokṣa-karaka is the giver of emancipation of every kind. Most astrologers only look at the spiritual aspect of freedom from rebirth, which truly is the penultimate goal. But there are many types of bondages and one seeks freedom from these or protection from it. Something like jail term for something wrong done or being trapped when you are not the one who committed the crime. Either way, you need Gaṇeśa as the devatā of ‘Ketu’ for this freedom activation.

  • Age of Śaktī

    Moon represents Ambikā who manifests as Durgā and all the śaktī of the various devatā. She is the bindu which gives life to every akṣara. If the akṣara represent the deva having the power to enlighten, their very existence and identity depends on the soma-rasa (milk of kindness) they receive from the Moon-mother. The bindu, by nature is simply red, like the blood. And like the blood of the mother, it creates every creature and gods as well.


Pravrajika Shraddhaprana

ॐ गुरवे नमः

ॐ श्री श्री आदिगुरवे नमः

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