Rani Rāśmani Jātaka

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  2. Rani Rāśmani Jātaka

After the praśna we were able to get the rāśi and some varga charts of Rani Rāśmani Das of Kolkata. She was born on 28th Sept. 1793, at Koṇa village, Bengal, India. Pañcāṅga: Bhādra kṛṣṇa navamī (K9 Su), Saturday.

As per praśna we have chosen the jala lagna Mīna (Pi) and Rani Rāśmani would be born around sunset (Su-7H). Diva-mandi should be used if lagna is in the signs occupied by Sun to the sixth (Su-Vi to Aq) and rātri-mandi should be used for lagna from Su-7H to Su-12H. Rātri-mandi mn’ is in siṁha navāṁśa which is kendra to sthira rāśi. Of the three options of Siṁha, Vṛścika and Kumbha, we have opted for Vṛścika navāṁśa lagna.

Her marriage happened in her 12th year (11 years of age) in Saturn daśā Venus antara. In rāśi chart, the 7th house is Virgo with one lord Mercury exalted and combust. The co-lord Rāhu has a parivartana with Ravi Ra-6H⇔Su-7H. She was married off to a much older wealthy widower (Ra) Rajchandra Das of Kolkata. Rāhu in Leo conjoins Ve-MKS and viparīta harṣā yoga and aspects 12L-Sa↓℞ giving exaltation results. This viparīta harṣā rājayoga and the nīcabhaṅga of Saturn landed her in such a wealthy family in spite her very humble village background.

In navāṁśa AK-Sat is in lagna indicating royal status and respect, but not from birth as it is in maraṇa kāraka sthāna. Saturn aspects the 7th bhāva where it has digbala, hence this rājayoga shall come from marriage. The 7th house is Taurus with Ven in mālavya yoga but afflicted by Sun and lagneśa Mars. The 7th house co-lord Moon conjoins Rāhu again pointing at the widower husband.

Śrī Rajchandra Das was the scion of a wealthy zamindar family (Mars associates with 7th house or lord in both rāśi and navāṁśa) that ran huge businesses and lived at Janbazar, Kolkata. Rajchandra was a great husband who did not confine spouse in the household but encouraged her to participate in other activities and his business. The banking money-lending business was very successful and in a short time the duo amassed a fortune! She was astute in business matters.

When she gained maturity and came to live with her in- laws and husband, she had four daughters in the marriage. Stri Jātaka count 9th Lord Mars d9-Ta →d1-Le: 4 signs show four children, and the strong kuja stambhana of Rāhu coupled with Venus conjunction in rāśi and navāṁśa enforces daughters.

The greatest possible tragedy came as a blow – her husband passed away in 1830 Budha daśā Śani antara. In navāṁśa Mercury is the lord of mangalya sthāna (8th house), placed in Makara with Ke (widow śakti Dhūmāvatī) and both aspected by MKS-dispositor Saturn. It was her 36th year sudarśana Ta-Ar with Sa↓℞ which one the one hand made her a widow but also threw the challenge of becoming the grand queen of Kolkata!  Though initially thunder struck, Rāśmani was quick to recover from the shock and took charge of the family business.

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