Ranī Rāśmani #1

  1. Ranī Rāśmani #1
  2. Rani Rāśmani Jātaka

I was working on the koṭa chakra when there was a strong desire to see the chart of Rani Rāśmani. Born on 28th Sept. 1793, at Koṇa village, Bengal, India. Presently the village is renamed Hālīsahar (88°25’06” E, 22°55’55” N) and is located in 24 North Parganas, West Bengal.

Naṣṭa Jātaka Praśna

Her birth time is unknown and with a strong desire to know her horoscope we made a praśna to the Divine Mother Kālī. The praśna chart is given below and her birth chart has been ascertained.

Chart 1 Naṣṭa Jātaka Praśna

  1. Prima facie this praśna seems accurate due to Praśna Sun 8°40’ ≅ 9° or 9th Sun indicates a tithi of kṛṣṇa pakṣa navamī » birth should be in navamī tithi or at least a rikta tithi. The date of birth 28 Sep 1793 (Gregorian calendar) was kṛṣṇa navamī at sunrise and continued till 7:30’pm, the birth of Rani Rāśmani should have been during this time.
  2. Praśna Jupiter occupies Karkaṭa Cn dvādasāṁśa » birth should have Jupiter in a jala rāśi or opposite sign Makara Cp. On 28 Sep 1793 Jupiter was in Scorpio, jala rāśi.
  3. Praśna Navāṁśa Lagna happens to be Mīna Pi rāśi » janma lagna should be a jala rāśi [Cn, Sc, Pi] or Kanyā Vi.
  4. Mandi is likely be in kendra to navāṁśa lagna in birth chart to confirm naṣṭa jātaka (lost horoscopy) or maybe even koṇa.

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