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एकानंशा ekānaṁśā devī is a very ancient name of Subhadrā. Śrī Vasudeva (father of Kṛṣṇa) was first married to Rohiṇī (first wife) before his marriage…

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She is the goddess of the nakṣatra. There are two nakṣatra maṇḍala The mundane saṅsāra nakṣatra maṇḍala of 27 mansions each measuring 13°20’ The spiritual…


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सुभद्रा Subhadrā is one of the principal goddesses of Hinduism and has many incarnations and forms. Very little is spoken about her except that she…

Shitala Devi

Śītalā Devī (शीतला) » Like all other manifestations of the earth mother, Śītalā is an incarnation of Goddess Parvati. To deal with Mars related problems,…

Age of Śaktī

Moon represents Ambikā who manifests as Durgā and all the śaktī of the various devatā. She is the bindu which gives life to every akṣara. If the akṣara represent the deva having the power to enlighten, their very existence and identity depends on the soma-rasa (milk of kindness) they receive from the Moon-mother. The bindu, by nature is simply red, like the blood. And like the blood of the mother, it creates every creature and gods as well.