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Study of animal and birds as a method of deciphering omens is as ancient as the science of jyotiṣa called ‘nimitta śāstra’. The jyotiṣa of Oḍiśā studied the flight of the vulture to declare whether the king and army should proceed to battle or choose another opportune time. पल्ली (palli) is the common house lizard and reading signs from it were discussed in the SJC students group 2003. They made the tables as we discussed and studied some omens. Placing it in the public domain for benefit of jyotiṣa students.

पल्ली पतन (pallipatana) means falling of the Lizard and in India this is the small house lizard or those girgit running in the garden. There are two parts to the nimitta ① the lizard itself is ruled by Ketu and its home-sign Vṛścika (Sc) and ② the event of the ‘fall’ denoted by the sign Dhanus (Sg). If we put the two points together, we get Ketu in Sagittarius, in its exaltation sign and say that this is an omen related to ‘dharma’ coming from Durgā. Ketu as a graha denotes Viṣṇu as well in the omens of the Fishes (Mīna rāśi) but that is a rare and very spiritual blessing. Normally Ketu is a female graha and denotes the ‘widow mothers’ – a manifestation of Durgā called Mahāvidyā.

  1. Lesson #: पल्ली (palli) are ruled by Ketu (like Mars) and the results are hence, drekkāṇa (d3 chart) based.
  2. Lesson #: पतन (falling) denoting the end of something or start of another ~ a turning point.

First Drekkāṇa

House Body Part Pallipatana Results
Lagna Head Happiness, Wealth (Women)
Crown/End of hair (Women) Death
Hair Diseases, Paddy (Women)
Braid (Women) Ailments
End brushes of hair (Women) Death
Forepart of hair/Crown of forehead Prosperity
Forehead (Women) Loss of Wealth
Eyebrows Monetary loss
Between the brows Wealth
2nd Right Eye Sorrow (Women)
3rd Right Ear Long life (Women)
4th Right Nostril
Nose Fortune, Illness (Women)
Tip of the Nose Danger, Addictions
5th Right Cheek Winning new friends, Attainment of wealth, Feast, Loss of Husband
6th Right Jaw
7th Mouth Eating sweets
Lower Lip Fortune, Wealth (Women)
Upper Lip Quarrel
Juncture of Lips Death
8th Left Jaw
Chin Royal displeasure
9th Left Cheek Meeting with a friend, Sorrow, Feast
10th Left Nostril Meeting the beloved (Women)
11th Left Ear Gold Ornaments (Women)
12th Left Eye Meeting with husband


Second Drekkāṇa

House Body Part Pallipatana Results
Lagna Neck Quarrels, (Women)
Throat Advent of a friend, Ornaments (Women)
Side of the Throat Apprehension from enemies
2nd Right Shoulder Victory, Happiness (Women)
3rd Right Arm Fame, Jeweled ornaments (Women)
Armpits Deep attachment from one’s wife, Happiness & Wealth
Hands Monetary loss
Right Hand Monetary loss (Women)
Left Hand Gain of Wealth (Women)
Wrists Ornaments
Right Wrist Mental distress and loss of wealth (Women)
Left Wrist Possession of Wealth (Women)
Back of the palm Loss of money
Palm Wealth, Happiness (Women)
Fingers Arrival of dear ones, Son (Women)
Nails Pecuniary loss, Paddy (Women)
Inside the Palm Great Pleasure
4th Right Side Approach of a friend, Friend’s death (Women)
Back Distant News, Separation from friends (Women)
5th Right side of Heart Increase of Happiness (Women)
Heart Immense happiness
Breasts Increase of fortune
Nipples Immediate war
6th Right side of Chest
7th Navel Fame, Increase of fame (Women)
Waist Garments and Ornaments
Belly Monetary gains, Begetting good sons (Women)
8th Left side of Chest
9th Left side of Heart Increase of Happiness (Women)
10th Left Side Approach of a friend, Friend’s death (Women)
11th Left Arm Adversity, Jeweled ornaments (Women)
12th Left Shoulder Defeat, Happiness (Women)


Third Drekkāṇa

House Body part Pallipatana Results
Lagna Pelvis
2nd Reproductive Organs Death
3rd Right Testicle Death
4th Right Thigh Loss of Clothes, Happy marriage (Women), Conception of child (Women)
5th Right Knee Imprisonment
6th Right Calf Monetary Loss, Travel
Ankles Death of Wife, Loss of money (Women)
Feet Fear of Arrest
Right Foot Conveyance (Women)
Left Foot Destruction of an enemy
Toes Filial Bereavement
Toe Nails Death of Pets and Servants
Sole of Feet Destruction of Enemies
7th Legs
8th Left Calf Monetary Loss, Travel
9th Left Knee Imprisonment
10th Left Thigh Loss of Clothes, Happy marriage (Women), Conception of child (Women)
11th Left Testicle Death
12th Anus Disease and Imprisonment
Rectum Contamination of Disease, Disease (Women)


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