Kiran Bedi Next CM

I am not any BJP member or supporter as in principle I am not inclined to politics or politicians. If I had my way, it would be Ram Rājya with just one divine incarnation ruling the land for life and there would be no need for any corruption of any sort. But that’s just day-dreaming and will not happen for many centuries in India.

The Candidates

Coming back to elections in New Delhi, we have three Chief Minister hopefuls –

Kiran BediKejriwalAjay Maken

Kiran Bedi b. June 9, 1949 at 2:10 pm in Amritsar, India (74 E 51′, 31 N 37′). She is under Saturn daśā Venus antardaśā Saturn pratyantara in Utpanna Vimśottari daśā. This modified Vimśottari daśā is used as Moon is in the third house in her chart. Saturn is a yogakāraka planet generating a powerful Vimala viparīta yoga. In addition, it is the lord of 5th house (power) in dasāṁśa exalted in lagna. This exalted śani will bring her to power just as it has already propelled her as the face of the BJP to head the Delhi Elections.


Arvind Kejriwal b. August 16, 1968 at 11:46 pm in Hissar, India (75 E 43′, 29 N 10′). He is under Jupiter daśā Venus antardaśā and the worst Ketu Pratyantara. Ketu is māraka for the chart and is debilitated in 5th house in navāṁśa afflicting Mercury which is the giver of power. Ketu shows mistakes and impulsive decisions that will prove to be very costly in the political arena.
As indicated in my previous article, his star will shine only till this Venus antardaśā i.e. 23 Feb 2015. Thereafter, Sun antardaśā will come and this saṅkrānti doṣa will catch him and force him to change his clothes – कपडा बदलना पडेगा.


Ajay Maken b. Jan 12, 1964 at 10:30 am (speculative, see notes below) in New Delhi, India (77 E 12′, 28 N 36′). He is under Mars daśā Venus antara Jupiter pratyantara. Mars is a rājayoga giver in this chart as it is exalted malefic in the 12th house. His wife is very lucky for him as the upapada is in the house of luck (9th bhāva) and yogakāraka Venus is in lagna. There is no doubt that the Congress party has done well to choose him as their leader for Delhi. With a strong Saturn as lagneśa in the 12th house he has the capacity to rout his challengers but the time does not favour him very much. Given the storm that is propelling the BJP he will do well to improve the figures of the Congress from the dismal showing in the previous elections to a double digit figure … say 12 seats.
A praśna chart was used to determine approximate birth time. Praśna Data: Jan 23, 2015, Time: 12:10 pm, New Delhi, India.
Janma Tithi = (a) Sun 8°52’ = 9 Navamī or (b) Sun + Prāṇa Tithi = 9 + 4 (caturthī) = 13 (trayodaśī) à Ajay Maken was born on Kṛṣṇa Trayodaśī (K13) … praśna seems to be working
Janma Rāśi : Praśna Navāṁśa Rāśi = Mīna, trines to Janma Rāśi Vṛścika … praśna is working
Janma Lagna Determination
Praśna navāṁśa lagna = Siṁha (Janma Lagna can be agni rāśi or kumbha); Praśna navāṁśa lagneśa Sun in Mīna (Janma Lagna can be Pisces).
Praśna Lagna = Meṣa (rātri bala rāśi) à birth is in daytime thereby eliminating Siṁha Lagna as that would be a night birth. Similarly Pisces lagna chart, which is all over the internet, is quite absurd as that would have given him a head full of hair and strong kapha prākṛti. Meṣa lagna would have made him travel all over the country for education and abroad for work. Of the two remaining options of Dhanus and Kumbha, we have preferred Kumbha lagna making him a very good man and an able fighter. He is married to Radhika Sehgal and has three children, Aarushi, Ahana and Aujaswi as a Leo saptāṁśa would indicate.

Numbers Nimitta (Omens)

The Office of the Chief Electoral Officer, Delhi, which is responsible for the conduct of the February 7 assembly polls in the national capital has rejected the nominations of 230 candidates and approved the nomination papers of 693 after scrutiny. See the number ‘9’ [6+9+3 = 18, 1+8 =9] which belongs to Mars, the god of war who also rules the police and military.

After scrutiny, the highest number of valid nominations was 18 from the Burari Assembly seat and the lowest was four in the Ambedkar Nagar constituency. Mars is agin leading the numbers game as the number 18 indicates. [1+8=9]

Madness has Begun

A total of 121 first information reports have been lodged against various political parties in connection with the violation of the Model Code of Conduct in Delhi till now. According to the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer, Delhi, the highest is against AAP. The AAP party which has openly said that it does not follow rules and regulations – they are ‘anarchists’ – Kejriwal’s words, takes the lead in disobedience of laws.

54 FIR’s have been lodged against AAP → 5+4 =9 (Mars is negative)
24 against the BJP → 2+4 = 6 (Venus is negative)
26 against the Congress → 2+6 =8 (Saturn is negative)
10 against the BSP → 1+0 = 1 (Sun is negative)

The Results

Delhi Assembly Elections 70 Seats
2013 Hung Assembly 2015 Predictions
Party Won Party Win A Win B Win C Win D
Cong 8 Cong 8 8 12↑ 17↑
BJP 31 BJP 44↑ 35↑ 35↑ 35↑
AAP 28 AAP 16↓ 25↓ 21↓ 16↓
Others 3 Others 2 2 2 2

My calculations show four scenario’s. These are with four assumptions which we clarify below:

Win A
This situation will occur if Narendra Modi storm continues to blow and takes over the elections. He is the face of ‘Future Hope for India’ and people will not let go of this hope so easily. Given his work load as the Prime Minister and the fact that he is going to be in a few gatherings, this scenario is very unlikely.

Win B
This situation occurs if the people have not yet forgiven Manmohan Singh for sleeping over reforms and not retiring if his health was not good. But this scenario is unlikely as we Indians are very forgiving and forgetting by nature.

Win C
This is the most likely scenario as the Congress under Ajay Maken is bound to improve its showing while the AAP takes a little hit for its antics. Kiran Bedi will prove to be a very energetic fighter and she has the will to perform. She is a go-getter and people of Delhi need someone who will deliver then from (a) endless traffic jams (b) expensive parking (c) crime. Yes she is a police officer and she will deliver them. That’s the picture. AAP will still get some votes as we in Delhi continue to get absurd electricity bills. Looks like some people in the electric supply department are playing lottery. I had to visit my heart doctor when slapped with an electric bill of ₹85,000. I will take up the matter after the elections and a new government is in place.

Win D
This will occur if during this Ketu pratyantara Arvind Kejriwal does some more of his funny tricks like sleeping on the road or tearing down electric wires. But this is unlikely as it looks like he has matured some.

ABP News-Nielsen
The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is likely to emerge as the single largest party in the coming Delhi elections with 35 seats, one short of majority, an opinion poll conducted by ABP News-Nielsen has predicted. The BJP is projected to get 29 seats while Congress is expected to get six seats in the 70-member House.
AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal seems to be the most preferred candidate for chief minister of Delhi with 48%, followed by Kiran Bedi of BJP with 42%. AAP is likely to emerge as the largest party with 37% vote share, followed by BJP with 33% and Congress with 18%. As per the survey, Kejriwal is seen as more capable than Bedi in solving most problems faced by Delhiites. However, for “maintaining law and order and women’s safety”, respondents preferred Bedi over Kejriwal.
The survey found that AAP maintained its strong hold over economically weaker sections and Muslims. The party also had substantial support among voters living in slums with nearly every second voter in slums intending to vote for the party. The survey said AAP had huge support among Muslim with nearly every two in three Muslim voters intending to vote for the party in the coming elections.
The survey found that Bedi’s anointment as BJP’s CM candidate was not helping the saffron party pull in additional voters.
The survey said voters were firmly aligned to their parties with very few intending to switch sides. However, there could be some fence-sitters currently saying they “may not vote for BJP” but could change their mind later, it added.
Kejriwal marginally pipped Bedi when it came to who did more “tamasha” than work for development. The opinion poll was conducted with 6,396 respondents in 35 constituencies by ABP News-Nielsen from January 25 to January 31.
TNS for the Economic Times
AAP, led by tax-inspector-turned-activist-turned-politician Arvind Kejriwal, could walk away with 36 to 40 seats in the 70-member legislative assembly, according to the latest findings from polling firm TNS for the Economic Times newspaper.
Let everyone lose and we shall be the happiest. No need to feed their ego, feed their spiritual growth
We admit that the prediction was completely wrong and the BJP has been defeated due to taking Kiran Bedi as their Chief Minister candidate at the last minute. One lesson we learn from this is not to take a chart at the face value without verifying the divisions. It is evident that Kiran Bedi’s dasamsa is wrong and the exalted Saturn is not her rajayoga-karaka but must be her enemy planet. D10 lagna could be either Virgo or Scorpio. Anyway, it is time she retired and allowed the regular BJP people to get back to their work. It was a 44 win situation until she entered the fray …now looks like they may just about get a double digit figure.

40 thoughts on “Kiran Bedi Next CM

  1. sir, I think shrimati Kiran bedi ji lost the chance of Political scenario between august 2012 to May 2014,
    shani has visesh drushti from 12th place to 10th place.

    in chandra mahadasha there is high chance after 2017, here moon is shubha grah

    there is a chance only if the AAP government collapses she can ride the singhasan

  2. Sanjayji, greetings ! I think its time to remove this post now. It has lost its relevance while on the other hand you have proven beyond doubt that you have high sattwik energy in you and have boldly faced all abuse that came with this wrong prediction
    Afterall, we are astrologers and not god.
    You are a great astrologer no doubt, but God’s law wants us to err so as to remind us the difference between him and us

    1. Thank you Vishal. A truly sattvik person will also keep all records of his failures. None of us are without bias, and it is this bias that prevents us from seeing the complete truth.
      I am a Jyotish Guru and have o show the path of righteousness.

  3. I know nothing about astrology but is it possible that Kiran Bedi’s raja yoga would have come true and she won if she had stayed in AAP and then her raja yoga would have been triggered? Shani is a judge and he does not like people changing sides to gain power, he would have preferred if Bedi gained power by being with AAP. She went into enemy camp last minute and became leader of enemy camp? She switched parties at the last minute and should we not look at Narendra Modi and Amit Shah’s horoscope also for BJP performance, especially Amit Shah’s because he was made BJP President and it was his decision to appoint Bedi which back fired ? Also for Congress should we not look at the profile of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi as well with Ajay Maken to get a better understanding.

  4. Sanjayji,

    Will you be doing a reading on Mr. Kejriwal’s new-found horoscope (Leo Lagna)? Or be treating the Vrishabh Lagna one for him?

    Thanking you,
    An Admirer of your work

      1. Sanjayji,

        I would have emailed you but I dont know more about Kejriwal than anyone else; I am going by Sh. Kn Rao’s data as he has been quite accurate with his data regarding bureaucrats and politicians.


  5. Dear sir

    I am a recent student of PJC 1 2015 batch. I simply did listing of planetary positions of delhi elections on Saturday and found shani strong day. The election was on shani vaar, the AAP symbol is broom ( shani) and the common man (Shani) is party ideology. The historic win is due to low starta people voting for him. I have been analysing lot of companies basis the date of incorporation and just basis planets in rasi and it gives wonderful results if read with panchang and without time of birth. Results can be analysed basis moon Lagna provided moon is not changing sign during the day .

  6. || Om Gurave Namah ||
    Dear Guruji,

    I have couple observations,

    1) In your previous article you had mentioned

    “Arvind Kejriwal is running a fantastic daśā of Jupiter-Venus combine and the transit Saturn is in the 6th from lagna and 3rd from ārūḍha lagna. Such goodies never last forever. Change is inevitable and in October 2014 Saturn moves on to the fourth from ārūḍha and 7th from janma rāśi … that’s something worth considering. Secondly, the antardaśā of the Sun (saṅkrānti dośa) starts in 2015. But till then and even during the next elections in 2014, he will surely make a great dent in Indian politics throwing the BJP and Congress into complete disarray. In fact, if Kejriwal chooses to take on Narendra Modi in Gujarat, he can give a deadly battle and can even emerge victorious! Don’t underestimate the great stars favouring him right now.”

    So why did you change your conclusions? You predicted using the Vrishabha Lagna.

    2) On a more general thought, BPHS, Prashna Marga and all classical texts emphasis that predictions should only be given to genuine seekers. In mundane predictions who is the seeker of the question?, Are we not missing out something? In those days the King used to directly question the Jyotishas. So we have a single questioner. So is the general mass the questioner? How do we know that our predictions are not upsetting any karmic balance?

    Warm Regards,
    Sanjay P

      1. Dear Sir


        I think its fine, if you predict based on a wrong birth data then the results are bound to be wrong. We should thank Sh KN Rao for letting us know the correct chart.

        It would be interesting to know what his charts holds for the future. Will wait for your analysis, as and when it happens.

        Best regards

    1. Very sad to see Astrological analysis went totally wrong…slight differences are ok but so much upside down is discouraging !!

      1. No; I knew about this result about 5 days back when so many people told me that they are all voting for AAP. Many of them were staunch BJP supporters. One was a regular BJP worker and said – vote for anyone but not BJP! Anyone in my place with all that feedback would have changed prediction or given some other argument from another viewpoint.

        • If I did such a thing, would that be good jyotish? People who claim to belong to the family of Shiva must have the ‘character’ to face the truth.
        • The truth was that I had hap-hazarded a prediction based on the chart of Kiran Bedi without even bothering to verify its credentials.
        • Then there was another chart of Kejriwal which had Leo Lagna … and I was convinced that the person who had given the original chart to me must have got it from horses mouth. Now I know better.
        • Did I bother to check the chart of The Aam Admi Party? The answer is No …why not because I was very sick …then I should not have made that prediction …

        You see I admit my mistake and will be more careful in political matters in the future

    1. If Kejriwal decides to *allow someone else from the party be the Chief Minister* so that he can continue to guide the movement, then it will be the best for him and the party. There are many more bigger battles to be fought and won…he needs to keep his eyes on that. Else he will come and go like another ‘Nitish Kumar’

  7. ‘Let everyoe lose and we shall be the happiest. No need to feed their ego, feed their spiritual growth’

    Sanjayji, that is a very cryptic, mysterious statement – I am unable to figure out if it is contempt for opinion / exit polls, or annoyance at the way things have finally panned out (after all, if AAP wins, it cannot be a sign of common-sense on the part of the voters).

    I would have thought, given her unquestionable track record of delivering spectacularly inspite of enormous constraints, Kiran Bedi would have been the best person to take care of Delhi’s problems – electricity, water, women’s safety, whatever. You have pointed out that her horoscope does show her to be ‘lath-mar’, i.e., uncompromising on delivery of results.

    Equally, you have pointed out that Kejriwal’s horoscope shows what is probably an unsuitable temperament for governance – administrators, especially top-level ones, cannot be mercurial, or else derailment of the administration is quite probable.

    Which brings me back to my original question: is it contempt, or annoyance?

    1. Let us say BJP wins, the Kiran Bedi becomes CM and this will feed her ego and her ambition will have no limit. She is extremely ambitious and this is her failing. She can trample over human beings without caring a damn. Now let us say AAP wins the elections, then Kejriwal will become a total dictator. So, whoever wins – Delhi will only lose. It will be better if all of hem fail and a hung assembly is returned. That way, the parties realise that they have to choose their leaders more carefully. Alternatively, these leaders must realize their weaknesses and try to overcome them.

      1. Thank you very much for expanding on the conundrum facing Delhi, Sanjayji.

        On the one hand, we have the reality that we must work with whatever resources – in this case, leaders – are available, even if they are flawed beyond acceptable limits; after all, the show must go on. After a show of electoral rage in 1977, India did re-elect Indira Gandhi in 1980 as only the Congress was capable of providing a stable government at that time!

        On the other hand is the very real problem you have pointed out: (a) if the extremely ambitious KB becomes CM, then it will be her plus another man with a slightly authoritarian, egotistical streak above her – NaMo. (b) if AK becomes CM, then it will be a clash between one temperamental, unyielding egotist (AK), who knows no limits to creating nuisance as an instrument of achieving his objective, and one immovable, unyielding egotist (NaMo).

        Of the two, (a) just might work to yield the results that Delhi needs; As the saying goes, ‘Forms of government let fools contest / Whichever governs best is best.’

        (b) is unlikely to be productive for Delhi. As is, probably, a hung assembly.

        So, do we need to look at the Delhi State formation horoscope to see what Delhi is actually likely to get now?

  8. sanjay ji
    all poll surveys is showing clear cut majority to AAP
    but as per ur analysis bjp is going to win.
    any comments from you

    1. क्या फरक़ पडता है? I have a doha of sant Kabir
      बडा हु तो क्या हुआ जैसे पेड खजूर
      पंथी को छाया नहीं फल लागे अतिदूर॥
      baḍā huā to kyā hua jaise peḍ khajūr
      panthī ko chāyā nahīn phal lāge atidūr||
      In vain is their eminence, just like a date palm
      No shade for the [tired] travelers, fruits are beyond reach

  9. Correction w.r.t year which should read as 1986 and not 1886. Regret for the typographical error.

  10. Namaste Sanjay ji,
    Excellent analysis and hope win C will be the result.
    With regard to your electricity bill please approach consumer redressal forum constituted under consumer protection act 1886 and claim heavy compensation for the mental torture.

  11. Gurujee Namaste,
    why (vimshottari Mahadasha) M Dasha Lord Ravi- significator of power & the 12th L placed in 9th, ADasha Lord Budha placed in 9th- both are 12th from 10th and PDasha Lord Saturn placed in 12th should give her (Kiran Bedi) power?
    Ravi is in 12th & Budha is in 9th in D-10
    Also she is running Tula chara MDasha (of K. N. Rao) and Ravi & Budha are in 8th from Tula- 11th & 12th Lords and with Kark chara ADasha Ravi & 10th Lord Mar. both are in conjunction with 12th Lord Budha.
    8th L & 12th L- Mar. & Ravi placed in 9th and 6th L Sat aspecting 9th- All natural and Funtional Malefics. Is this yoga responsible for making her “Hukumshaha”? may not be a good quality for a successful politician. This may also be confirmed by 5th L in 12th and debiliteted Jup in 5th- No following.
    Only positive factors, at the moment, I can find are Budha- 1st & 10th L, the ADasha Lord involved in Rajyoga- 9th L parivartan with 10th L. And transit Sat, & Jup both are aspecting 5th house of power and Jup the 7th Lord of “pad prapti”. (Is this a case of famous parashar exception ie 6th lord Sat. in inimical sign aspecting Lagn Lord Budha giving Rajyoga?) and in D-10 Sat the yogakarak in 1st H with Ketu giving Rajyoga.
    For your expert comment please.

  12. nice article re emphasizing the importance of comparative analysis of contestants instead of focusing on individuals.

  13. Nice analysis sir, pls i could not understand in kiran bedi lagna is virgo and saturn in leo so howcome saturn exalted bring her to power in saturn pratyantra dasa? Pls clarify my confusion. Thanks

    1. Shunny, I talked about dasamsha D10 Chart. It has Tula Lagna with Shani exalted in it. She can be a real *lath-maar* leader. When she comes to power, she will beat those who do not work. Result crime will come down substantially

    1. -No Sanjay P, it’s not a joke. It’s reality. I have been to my heart doctor and am under strict rest taking 12 tablets of all sorts of controls and supplements. I have done all possible calculations and this is a colossal shock.

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