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Kapiel Raaj: So, Ladies and Gentlemen, after a long-long time he is finally back. He looks handsome, he looks beautiful and he is here to dazzle us once more and to pick a favorite subject of yours, which is marriage and 12th house. So, I want to have the expert, the master to take over. Welcome back, Sanjay Rath ji after long-long time.
Pandit Sanjay Rath:  Thank you very much, Kapiel. It is pleasure to come back. I love the KRSchannel. I had a lot of positive feedbacks about KRSchannel when I said – I am going to do a lot more with Kapiel. Because somehow if you are very-very encouraged… Beauty about the channel – you are so positive and I feel very encouraged when I am here and talking to you, guys. I see you smiling and cannot stop smiling. Thank you.

KP: I was just like “why did he disappeared?” But, finally, he is coming back!
SR: OK, and today’s topic, as you all know, we are talking about marriage. Everybody talks about 7th house and marriage and there is a lot of work done on that. But maybe we will do more on that later. What we will do today is something, which everybody ignores in marriage, the 12th house. Like nobody sees the 12th house at all, whereas the 12th house is the one of the most important houses for marriage and that is something, which is very critical.

KP: Especially the Upapada concept?

SR: Yes, that is right. The Upapada is created from the 12th house. So, when we are talking of Upapada, we are talking of the Arudha of the 12th house. When we talk of Arudha Lagna, it is nothing what we know, it is a reflection of the Lagna. So, if there is no Lagna, there is no Arudha Lagna. Similarly, if there is no 12th house, there is no Upapada. So, Upapada is nothing but reflection of what is happening in the 12th house. The 12th house is where the action is actually taking place. Upapada is reflection, the images that are happening in front of us. The images may be different from the reality. The reality is in the 12th house. And the reality is something which we have been ignoring till now or rather we have been ignore in talks, if I use the word. Because nobody nearly talks about it. They think: ‘Hey, that is not so important.’ But in reality the 12th house is very important. It is the bed. I mean, how can you remove the bed from the marriage?

KP: From the marriage, wow, yes.

SR: I mean, why would you even not consider the bed: what kind of a bed, which direction the bed is facing, the Vastu of the bed. When we talk of marriage, we do Vastu of the house. Hey, how about the Vastu of the bed? Which direction the bed should face. Is that not interesting?

KP: Yes.

SR: And then come to think of it – you have a planet in the 12th house, does it play a role in the marriage? That is so important to understand. And let us see what Parāśara has to say. I will a little slide share. Can you see this now? Should I start a presentation?

KP: Yes.

SR: Now it is clear?

KP: Yes.

SR: So, what we are talking about – the word here is ‘neṣṭā’. This is Sanskrit word and this is from the Sanskrit word ‘neṣṭṛ’ (नेष्टृ). Neṣṭṛ is the type of priest. Priests have very specific names like you have agnihotṛi, so you have neṣṭṛ. A neṣṭṛ is a priest who is associated with marriage, his job in marriage is to lead the bride to the altar. So, every time you get married, there is actually a priest doing something out here – whether it is Hindu marriage, where the priest is actually playing the critical role, or a Christian marriage in a Church, where the priest says ‘do you take, so and so, for your husband…’

and things like that. And in Islamic marriage the priest has a role. So, the planet in the 12th house is like a priest, his job is to get you married.

Now, what type of a priest have you got, will depend upon a planet in the 12th house. It is interesting, that the natural 12th house is Pisces, whose Lord is Jupiter. And so, it is the house of the priest, the marriage priest.

So, Parāśara adds a nice twist to the marriage concept, where he says that ‘all planets in the 12th house are neṣṭā graha’. A neṣṭṛ is a priest that leads the bride to the marriage altar. He adds that the Sun, Moon, Rahu and Venus are excellent neṣṭā graha. What does it mean? That means – if you have the Sun, the Moon, Rahu or Venus in the 12th house, you will definitely be supported very strongly by these planets in your

marriage. Or, another words, these planets can play a role in timing your marriage because when their antardaśā or their daśā comes, they can take you to the marriage altar. That planet is like a priest, he is like the Brahmin who is getting you married.

KP: And this is just 12th house, not Arudha of 12th?

SR: Nothing, just the planet in the 12th house. Something we have ignored till now. You know, most people ignore the 12th house. Probably they do not know it. Just because I have been talking of Upapada, everybody uses Upapada all the time, which is good.

But how about talking a little more on the quality of the marriage? On what planet is insuring that you get married, that you stay married, that you are happy in marriage? Which is the planet doing that? These planets in the 12th house. Sun, Moon, Rahu and Venus are excellent neṣṭā graha – that is what he says. But he does not mention planets like Jupiter. If we have Jupiter in the 12th house, what does it indicate? That you are married to God? What do you mean by ‘married to God’? That may be you are always thinking, that ‘should I marry or should I take spiritual path?’ The spiritual path is like marriage to God. So, these people can be very conflicted sometimes. And on the other hand, if you have Mercury in the 12th, specially, if it is afflicted, then you can say that ‘I married to a kid’, that you are very unsatisfied, immature. Or, may be, you are always looking for a young girl. So, what happens if your wife ages? Can you age gracefully with her? So, these people may have a problem in the marriage because they always want their wife or their husband to look very young. You know, those plastic surgeries…

KP: Yes. And Mercury is skin, so they want youthfulness.

SR: Exactly. And, you know, I saw it. You are unsatisfied: ‘maybe nose should be sharper, maybe this, maybe that…’ These are Mercury things in the 12th house. So, we find that. The question is – we need to see a couple of charts to understand whether it actually works. This concept, that we have in Jyotish, where we not only see the 12th from Lagna, but we also see the 12th house from the Karaka. Like, for example, when we want to see children, we see 5th from Jupiter, is it not?

KP: Yes.

SR: So, when we see marriage, we always look at the 7th from Venus. My point is – how about seeing the 12th house from Venus – to see whether the marriage is easy or it is difficult. Is it easy to get married or is it difficult to get married? Is it happening automatically or is it delayed a lot? So, I am not looking at the 7th from Venus, I am looking at the 12th from Venus for this. It is about riding at Venus. It is interesting, it is a new concept, but think about it. Because all I am doing is taking this Parāśara neṣṭā concept and extending it to the Karaka also.

KP: And so, then you will apply the same – Sun in 12th from Venus, Moon in 12th from Venus…

SR: Exactly. But here I will see that if the benefics are in 12th from Venus, they will easily help. They are good guys, they will help you to get married. And if benefic is not only in the 12th, but in the 12th from the 12th, – you know Bhavat Bhavam concept – 12th from the 12th is the 11th house. So, to get married, I am not only looking at Venus, but I am looking at 12th from Venus and 12th from the 12th, which is 11th from Venus. If we have good planets in the 11th and 12th from Venus, it is easy to get married. If there are malefics out there, getting married is a problem. You are meeting people, you are having relationships, but for some reason these relationships are not maturing into a marriage. On the other hand if you have just benefics in 12th and 11th from Venus, whereas your malefics in the 2nd and 3rd from Venus then you know, that holding onto the marriage can be a problem. So, that which is behind Venus, is getting you to the marriage, and that which is after Venus is what is happening after marriage. So, before marriage and after marriage is before Venus and after Venus. It is interesting concept, right?

KP: Yes.

SR: Very interesting. And then, of course, we have the 5th from Venus, which supposes whether you are capable producing a child, physically. People look at 5th from Jupiter. 5th from Jupiter is about becoming a parent, you know, how the child will grow up. The 5th from Venus is your physical ability to produce a child.

KP: Because Venus is semen.

SR: Exactly. It is simple. You know, first time I heard about this, I still remember, I said ‘Oh my God, it is so logical, why am I looking at the 5th from Jupiter to see whether a person is capable of producing a child?’ Producing a child should automatically come from 5th from Venus and that is called Acchādana. So, we have certain concepts here but basically what I want to focus today is the 12th from Venus and the 12th from Lagna. OK? And you will be very surprised to see some charts over here.

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  1. Sanjay ji

    My question is regarding Kala sarpa in Rasi chart. My son has Rahu in 8th and Libra Lagna in 12th house. Saturn and Moon in 9th house, sun, jupiter, mars in 10th house in cancer. Mercury in 11th, Should Navamsa chart should also be seen.

    Please advise possible issues and remedies. He does Sandhya vandhanam everyday, He is 19 years old and pursuing computer science and is extremely good at Photography and videography and has been doing few gigs. He does Siva abhishekam on Saturdays with panchakshari manthra only and recites hanuman chalisa.

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