Priyanka Chopra

Born on 18 July 1982 at 30 minutes past midnight at Jamshedpur India, Priyanka Chopra has an Aries ascendant with lagnesh Mars in the 6th house upachaya. The conjunction of the ascendant and 10th House lords makes her very independent and enterprising. Two powerful malefics in the 6th house makes her a real fighter. This combination alone is enough to guarantee success.

Add to that a powerful Jupiter in the 7th house but without dig Bala. Similar is the situation with the Sun in the 4th house. Both male planets dominating the Kendra show the presence of many big men around her. Being without digbala she is able to hold her ground in their presence.

Arudha Lagna

Arudha in Kumbh Rashi with is lord Saturn in the 6th house from lagna having Amrita Drishti brings many blessings. As such Saturn in the 6th house destroys all enemies. In addition it’s Drishti on the 8th house destroys all misfortune while it’s Drishti on the 12th house destroy secret enemies but delays marriage. Saturn Drishti on the third house is also good but it’s Drishti on the 7th lord shows marriage delay as necessary for the Arudha.

Rahu the co-lord of Arudha is exalted in Gemini and conjoint Mercury it’s dispositor. It was during Rahu dasha Mercury Antara that her career initiated. Venus Rahu conjunction is never considered good and in Rahu Venus period she had many hiccups in her career. With the advent of exalted Moon in 4th house from arudha, she was able to make her footing in Bollywood.

Jupiter placed in the 9th house from Arudha has given steady rise to the pinnacle in her career.

Rahu brings in even greater success in foreign lands and she has made how presence felt in Hollywood as well.


As indicated earlier the marriage is largely delayed due to the aspect of Saturn on the 7th lord Venus. Rahu conjoining Venus indicates the possibility of marriage to a foreigner. All this happening in Gemini with Mercury does show someone hilarious or much younger.

In the navamsa chart Venus is in the ascendant promising great success for those born in the night.

Dictum: Jupiter in navamsa lagna for day birth and Venus in navamsa lagna for night birth brings many blessings of the Gurus.

In in addition we have mercury in the 7th house indicating one who will like younger men.

India celebrates the marriage of Priyanka Chopra with Nick Jonas. So much for now.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    Thanks for above, i would like to refer to above chart of Madam Priyanka Chopra and specifically talk about her Marriage.

    It is mention that Rahu (the foreigner) conjoins with Venus hence showing marriage to a Foreigner but is Husband not see through Jupiter.

    May like to advise me please.


    Aniket Bhalerao

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