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Jaimini Scholar Course Book

A Course on Jaimini Maharshi’s Upadesha Sutras – Volume I
by Sanjay Rath
Pages: 517
Binding: Perfect
Price: Rs. 650/USD 15
This unique and rich book contains sutras, translations, meanings, commentaries, analysis, mantras and teachings of the parampara on the first adhyaya of Jaimini Maharshi’s Upadesha Sutras. It forms part of the course material for the Course on Jaimini Maharishi’s Upadesha Sutras taught by Sanjay Rath, through the Devaguru Brihaspati Centre in the Himalayas each year.

Jaimini Maharishi’s Upadesa Sutra

Title: Jaimini Maharishi’s Upadesa Sutra
Subtitle: Classical Sanskrit Literature
Translation & Commentary: Sanjay Rath
Published: 1997
Publisher: Sagar Publications
Price: € 21/-International Orders includes shipping
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About the Book
This book offers a lucid translation of the upadesa sutras of maharishi jaimini. Whenever necessary this has been substantiated by reference from standard texts and includes
1. Correct usage of chara, sthira and naisargiha karkas,
2. Distinction between karakamsa and swamsa and its impact in charts of twins born just 2 minutes apart, besides many other important aspects have been dealt in detail

Bṛhat Nakṣatra

Title: Brhat Naksatra
Author: Sanjay Rath
Publisher: Sagittarius Publications
Published: 2008
Cost of the book is US$ 16.95 or Euro 10.75 + Shipping Euro 10.00 = Euro 20.75

The four parts and chapters along with lists of charts and tables are included here
Parts &

Vimśottari Udu Daśā

Title: Vimsottari and Udu Dasas
Subtitle: Parasara’s Key to Prognostication
Author: Sanjay Rath
Publisher: Sagar Publications
Published: 2001
Hard Copy (Book): Price: Euro 18.00 (International Orders including Euro 10.00 shipping)

Book Description: This book goes into the intricacies of the vimsottari and other nakshatra based planetery dasa (udu dasa) to bring out their need and usage. An independent chapter is devoted to the choice of dasa, the how and why of choosing the right dasa for a chart while considering the various criteria as well as variation options in a step by step approach.

Nārāyaṇa Daśā

Title: Narayana Dasha
Author: Sanjay Rath
Publisher: Sagar Publications (Hard Copy), Sagittarius Publications (Soft Copy)
Published: 1998
Hard Copy (Book) Euro 18.00 (International Orders including Euro 10.00 shipping

The first book on the Narayama dasa, also known as the Padakrama dasa. The book is comprehensive in scope
The dasa starts from the stronger of the two signs, the Lagna or the 7th house, since they are the seat of truth, otherwise known as the satya-peethas. To ascertain the stronger of the two signs, the lagna or the 7th, following rules can be followed.