With a lot of fanfare, just like the previous time the Narendra Modi government was sworn in for the second time at sunset (Rudra gāyatrī muhūrta) on Thursday, 30 May 2019. Narendra Modi has just been returned to power with a huge majority in the Public Assembly (Lok Sabha) winning 303 MP seats (21▲).


The three crucial factors of jyotiṣa – Lagna, Sun and Moon are all vargottama!

  • Vargottama Lagna benediction of Prajāpati → Mṛtyuṅjaya Mahādeva » बुद्धि-बल buddhi-bāla Intelligence, Physical energy
  • Vargottama Chandra benediction of Rudra » आयुस Āyus: the party will complete its term without incident and is protected from various troubles that ails politics in general.
  • Vargottama Sūrya benediction of Vāsudeva » धन Wealth of every kind that sustains the people, dharma (righteousness) being the highest.

Compressed Daśā

Two daśā are surely applicable in this chart – Ⓐ Standard Vimśottari compressed to the full term of Five years and Ⓑ Aṣṭottari Daśā also compressed. The conditions for aṣṭottari daśā are (1) day-time birth (7.05pm before sunset 7.13pm) during kṛṣṇa pakṣa and (2) lagneśa Mars in kendra, koṇa to Rāhu.

Vimśottari Daśā Aṣṭottari Daśā
Mahā Daśā
Merc: 2018-10-26 – 2019-07-10
Ket: 2019-07-10 – 2019-10-27
Ven: 2019-10-27 – 2020-08-26
Sun: 2020-08-26 – 2020-11-25
Moon: 2020-11-25 – 2021-04-23
Mars: 2021-04-23 – 2021-08-10
Rah: 2021-08-10 – 2022-05-08
Jup: 2022-05-08 – 2023-01-08
Sat: 2023-01-08 – 2023-10-27
Mahā Daśā
Rah: 2019-02-25 – 2019-09-20
Ven: 2019-09-20 – 2020-09-09
Sun: 2020-09-09 – 2020-12-18
Moon: 2020-12-18 – 2021-08-29
Mars: 2021-08-29 – 2022-01-10
Merc: 2022-01-10 – 2022-10-26
Sat: 2022-10-26 – 2023-04-10
Jup: 2023-04-10 – 2024-02-25

This is a good time to observe the developments in India and the working of the daśā » confirm that the aṣṭottari daśā actually works.

Results of Aṣṭottari Daśā

Rāhu Daśā: 2019-02-25 – 2019-09-20

17 June Ra-Mo Jharkhand Mob Tabrez Ansari Lynching. Moon vargottama but in Revatī gaṇḍānta 4th pada having rāśi dṛṣṭi of exalted Rāhu from 8th house.

July 19 Ra-Ve Vidisha Baliyan becomes the first Indian to be crowned as Miss Deaf World 2019. MKS Venus gives some good results for Saturn (sick, deaf people) due to conjunction in vargottama navāṁśa lagna.

July 23 Ra-Ve ISRO launches Chandrayaan 2. MKS Venus gives some good results for Ketu (rocket people, vertical direction) due to conjunction in vargottama navāṁśa lagna

July 30 Ra-Ve India bans triple talaq. Lagneśa Mars fights Rāhu carrying the mandate of Venus in Aries » shows the mighty arm of the government to root out age old malice of triple-talaq against women in society. Muslim men cannot give divorce by simply sending three sms with the word talaq in it!

Aug 5 Ra-Ve Article 370 and Article 35A revoked from Constitution of India that gives special status to Jammu and Kashmir. Government also bifurcates Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh into separate Union Territories.

Schools and Colleges are shut down in Pune, Mumbai, Nashik in Maharashtra due to floods.

Aug 6 Ra-Ve Sushma Swaraj ex-Minister of External Affairs death. MKS-Venus takes a heavy toll of politicians in royal sign Aries. In her natal chart Sushma Swaraj had MKS-Rāhu in 9H and Venus in bādhaka rāśi besides being in Mars daśā Venus antara (Caturāśīti Daśā)

Aug 7 Ra-Ve Over 1.32 lakh peoples are evacuated in Sangli and Kolhapur districts of Maharashtra state due to heavy rains.

Aug 17 Ra-Ve Fire broke out in Emergency Ward of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. No casualties reported.

Aug 22 Ra-Ve Former Finance minister P Chidambaram is arrested by CBI under INX media scam charges after 27 hours long drama.

Aug 24 Ra-Ve Arun Jaitley ex-Finance Minister death. MKS-Venus takes a heavy toll of politicians in royal sign Aries. He was under Venus daśā Rāhu antara (Kṣema Vimśottari Mo-2H) with both bādhakeśa Rāhu and māraka Venus conjoining in Capricorn.

Sep 5 Ra-Ra A shocking but happy news of Erramatti Mangamma becomes the world’s oldest living mother after giving birth to twins at 74! As 4th Lord in exaltation Rāhu shows its magic relating to motherhood.

Sep 6 Ra-Ra Chandrayaan-2’s Vikram-lander, crashes into the surface of the moon. Rāhu cannot support Ketu activities, especially as khareśa of chart.

Sep 16 Ra-Ra Jammu & Kashmir National Conference president Farooq Abdullah is arrested under the Public Safety Act (PSA), a law that allows detention without trial for two years. Rāhu in 8th house undermines the justice process of 9th house with its pāpa (bhoga-2H) dṛṣṭi on latter.

Sep 22 Ra-Ra Donald Trump and Narendra Modi » ‘Howdy, Modi: Shared Dreams Bright Futures’ rally, Texas

Oct 24 Ra-Ra India and Pakistan MOU Kartarpur Corridor for visa-free border crossings, allowing Indian citizens to visit the Gurdwara Darbar Sahib Sikh shrine. Exalted Rāhu wins in diplomacy.

Venus Daśā: 2019-09-20 – 2020-09-09

Venus is the king of the time and its maraṇa kāraka sthāna fear kicks in. The terrible COVID-19 dominated this entire period till Sep 2020. But immobilising fear has only gone after this antara. Venus in 6th house indicates enemy attack …more to follow

The swearing in chart of any government is very important to know not only what is happening during its 5 year term but also no its return to power. The Modi government took oath and came to power on 26th may 2014 no at 6.11 PM, New Delhi. Tulā Lagna with both 5th lords (power) Rahu and Saturn (exalted, retro) in it shows centralization of power but the retro Saturn shows that this will be like a sadhu, a Chanakya wielding the whip to keep the country together.

We have seen all that.

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Born on 18 July 1982 at 30 minutes past midnight at Jamshedpur India, Priyanka Chopra has an Aries ascendant with lagnesh Mars in the 6th house upachaya. The conjunction of the ascendant and 10th House lords makes her very independent and enterprising. Two powerful malefics in the 6th house makes her a real fighter. This combination alone is enough to guarantee success.

Add to that a powerful Jupiter in the 7th house but without dig Bala. Similar is the situation with the Sun in the 4th house. Both male planets dominating the Kendra show the presence of many big men around her. Being without digbala she is able to hold her ground in their presence.

Arudha Lagna

Arudha in Kumbh Rashi with is lord Saturn in the 6th house from lagna having Amrita Drishti brings many blessings. As such Saturn in the 6th house destroys all enemies. In addition it’s Drishti on the 8th house destroys all misfortune while it’s Drishti on the 12th house destroy secret enemies but delays marriage. Saturn Drishti on the third house is also good but it’s Drishti on the 7th lord shows marriage delay as necessary for the Arudha.

Rahu the co-lord of Arudha is exalted in Gemini and conjoint Mercury it’s dispositor. It was during Rahu dasha Mercury Antara that her career initiated. Venus Rahu conjunction is never considered good and in Rahu Venus period she had many hiccups in her career. With the advent of exalted Moon in 4th house from arudha, she was able to make her footing in Bollywood.

Jupiter placed in the 9th house from Arudha has given steady rise to the pinnacle in her career.

Rahu brings in even greater success in foreign lands and she has made how presence felt in Hollywood as well.


As indicated earlier the marriage is largely delayed due to the aspect of Saturn on the 7th lord Venus. Rahu conjoining Venus indicates the possibility of marriage to a foreigner. All this happening in Gemini with Mercury does show someone hilarious or much younger.

In the navamsa chart Venus is in the ascendant promising great success for those born in the night.

Dictum: Jupiter in navamsa lagna for day birth and Venus in navamsa lagna for night birth brings many blessings of the Gurus.

In in addition we have mercury in the 7th house indicating one who will like younger men.

India celebrates the marriage of Priyanka Chopra with Nick Jonas. So much for now.

Birth and Education
Rajendra Prasad was born to Mahadev Sahai and Kamleshwari Devi at Ziradei, in the Siwan district of Bihar (26°14′10″ N, 84°14′53″E) on December 3, 1884.

He was the youngest child of his parents.
Although the arudha lagna is in Aries, the opposite sign Libra is stronger with Venus and shall be the functional arudha for his life.
Siblings manifest from the eleventh bhava from arudha lagna (AL-Ar). Eleventh Lord Saturn is in Taurus.

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In an era long before this internet age, Rajesh Khanna was the man who sparked a frenzy never seen before and never since, not even by the likes of Amitabh Bachchan. In the 1970s his very name was a magical charm that sparked hysteria, particularly amongst his legions of women fans, who would line the road for a glimpse, chant his name, cover his car with lipstick marks and even write him letters in blood.

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Following a landslide victory of 67 seats of the 70 assembly seats in the Delhi Government, Arvind Kejriwal took the oath of office on Saturday, the 14th February, 2015 at 12:15’ PM IST at the Ramlila Grounds that accommodates more than 100,000 people. Unlike all other politicians who have followed the old British system of swearing-in at the Governor or President house (Rastrapati Bhavan), Kejriwal has, time and again, followed the American system of public oath-taking ceremony.

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The BBC reported that marathon peace negotiations have resulted in a new ceasefire deal for eastern Ukraine in the Belarusian capital Minsk. The 16-hour talks went on through the night, between Russian President Vladimir Putin, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. We all know that a previous Minsk ceasefire deal collapsed within days of its signing on 5 Sep 2014 and there was heavy fighting just hours before this one as if telling the negotiators that “the ink in which this deal needs to be signed is human blood”.

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I am not any BJP member or supporter as in principle I am not inclined to politics or politicians. If I had my way, it would be Ram Rājya with just one divine incarnation ruling the land for life and there would be no need for any corruption of any sort.

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The Amātyakāraka (AmK) is the ‘Minister’ in a nativity’s chessboard called aṣṭa-charakāraka which controls his career and the expansion of his soul in this domain of mundane life. Rāhu is the most important planet for politicians and anyone having Rāhu as amātyakāraka or associating with the AmK is definitely blessed with Machiavellian manipulation ability. Rāhu is the maker of Prime Ministers, especially in India which has an exalted 10th Lord Rāhu (politician, leader of nation) in Lagna (throne).

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In today’s day and age, there is nothing like a good PR team to clean up your mess. People with money and access will get away with many things including murder, and that is the single biggest blow to democracy, because money talks a language of its own that can cut across culture, caste, creed and everything like knife through butter.
Date with Death
On the 14th of February, 2013 around 3 am, Reeva Steenkamp was shot through the bathroom door in three places – hip, arm and head. The head wound was he fatal shot.

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