Extracts from Mahābhārata Anuśāsana Parva, Chapter 64

It is ordained in the Purāṇas that almsgiving on each star or day will be rewarded with attainments. This is called Nakṣatra Yoga. The Nakṣatra Yoga of each star is as follows –

  1. Aśvayuk: Those who give horses and chariots as alms on this day, would be born again in a noble family.
  2. Bharaṇī: If lands and cows are given to Brahmins on this day, one would get many cows and will become famous in heaven.
  3. Kṛttikā: If rice-pudding is given to Brahmins to their satisfaction on this day the giver will attain the prominent worlds after death.
  4. Rohiṇī: If milk-rice and venison mingled with ghee is given to Brahmins on this day, his indebtedness to the manes would end.
  5. Mṛgāśiras: (Sri Chandra devatā): If a milch-cow is given as alms on this day, one would attain heaven.
  6. Ārdrā: If fast is taken and gingelly oil is given as alms on this day, the giver will become capable of crossing mountains and trenches – every hurdle will be overcome.
  7. Punarvasu: He who gives bread on this day will be born again in a good family.
  8. Puṣya (Bṛhaspati devatā): He who gives gold as alms on this day will enter the worlds of bright planets (other lokas).
  9. Aśleṣā: He who gives an ox made of silver as alms on this day, will become fearless.
  10. Maghā: He who gives gingelly as alms on this day will become prosperous with cows.
  11. Pūrva Phālguṇī: If ghee-rice is given to Brahmins taking fast on this day, the giver would become happy and prosperous.
  12. Uttara Phālguṇī: He who gives rice of Nīvara variety mixed with milk and ghee on this day will be honoured in heaven.
  13. Hastā: If one gives four horses and an elephant as alms, on this day, one will attain the world of bliss (goloka).
  14. Citrā: He who gives oxen and perfumery as alms on this day, will enter the parks in which celestial maids play (svarga loka or goloka)
  15. Svātī: He who gives any sort of wealth as alms on this day will become renowned in the worlds.
  16. Viśākhā: He who gives as alms on this day, oxen, milch-cow, grain-box, cart, paddy and diamond will attain higher lokas.
  17. Anurādhā: He who gives cloth, rice and blanket on this day will be honoured in svarga for a hundred yugas.
  18. Jyeṣṭhā: If Brahmins are given yams and greens on this day one could realize one’s wishes.
  19. Mūlā: The manes will be contented, if Brahmins are given roots and nuts on this day.
  20. Pūrva āsāḍha: If Brahmins who are expounders of Vedas are given as alms pots of curd, after observing fast, the givers will take birth again in families with many cows.
  21. Uttara āsāḍha: He who gives milk and ghee to wise men will be honoured in svarga.
  22. Śravaṇa: Those who give cloth and rug on this day will enter a white conveyance and reach svarga.
  23. Śrāviṣṭhā: Those who give cattle, cart and cloth on this day will enter svarga.
  24. Śatabhiṣaj: Those who give sandalwood and aloe wood on this day, will go to deva-loka (svarga)
  25. Pūrva Proṣṭhapada: He who gives coins on this day will reach the world of bliss.
  26. Uttara Proṣṭhapada: Those who give mutton on this day will be pleasing the manes.
  27. Revatī: He who gives cows which could give potful of milk, could reach any loka

While these teachings are very important for making donations as a remedial measure, it is important to use the information here for remedial measures based on Nakṣatra placement of planets in the chart.

For health always remedy your natal Moon nakṣatra. For example, I was born in Satabhisāj and the remedy recommended is to donate sandalwood or other wood. So doing woodwork or making donations of wooden artifacts are very auspicious for rectifying ‘karma baggage’ with the Moon. The best way to remove baggage is to give things away. This is the underlying theme of the nakṣatra yoga.

It need not be the animals all the time, you can consider giving silver or even gold statues of these animals like silver horses or a painting of horses for Aśvinī nakṣatra. In this manner use the knowledge in an intelligent manner.

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For the people of Puri the most important festival of Kumara Purnima is celebrated in Ashvina Purnima as the day of enlightenment of Sri Kartikeya » becomes Kumara Kartikeya, the great teacher and Guru of Maharsi Pippalada. This Purima gives Lagna suddhi. Women celebrate this to get good and handsome husband.

Morning ritual is ‘Anjula Teka: Wear new clothes and offer a palmful of prasad including khai (puffed rice), janhi (striped gourd), cucumber, banana, coconut, betel nut to Surya – this is called Anjuli

Evening ritual is Chandra Puja: Anjuli is offered to Chandra, Moon god (same as morning). Additionally the Chandra Cakata is offered to the Moon. If the girls will see clear moon and offer ‘Chanda Chakata’, they will get a young and strong husband. They use Khai, Ukhuda, jiggery, sugarcane, banana, Chhena (cottage cheese) and talasaja to prepare the prasad. The prasad on a plate in the shape of half moon and then offered to the moon god.

  • This is a very powerful remedy for Marriage. If a married women does this, husband becomes strong and free from disease. Children are very strong
  • Men worship Karikeya in addition to participating in the Anjali and Chakata
  • Warriors worship weapons, students worship their Asana

There are many mantras of Kumara Kartikeya. Choose one
तच्च शक्तिविषयं रक्तम्। वैष्णवं पीतम्। शैवे श्वेतं ग्राह्यम्॥
tacca śaktiviṣayaṁ raktam | vaiṣṇavaṁ pītam | śaive śvetaṁ grāhyam ||
Shakta wear blood red, vaishnava wear yellow and Shaiva wear white.

Rudra kṛta Kṛṣṇa Mantra
॥ श्रीकृष्णस्य सप्तदशाक्षरो मन्त्रः॥ || śrīkṛṣṇasya saptadaśākṣaro mantraḥ ||

श्रीगणेशाय नमः। śrīgaṇeśāya namaḥ |

महादेव उवाचः।
mahādeva uvācaḥ |
Śrī Mahādeva spoke

ॐ श्रीं नमः श्रीकृष्णाय परिपूर्णतमाय च।
मन्त्रेषु मन्त्रराजोऽयं महान् सप्तदशाक्षरः॥ १॥
om śrīṁ namaḥ śrīkṛṣṇāya paripūrṇatamāya ca |
mantreṣu mantrarājo’yaṁ mahān saptadaśākṣaraḥ || 1||
“om śrīṁ namaḥ śrīkṛṣṇāya paripūrṇatamāya etc.,” is the mantra-rāja and is a mahā 17-syllable mantra
Actually the number of syllables in “om śrīṁ namaḥ śrīkṛṣṇāya paripūrṇatamāya” are fifteen. By adding ‘svāhā’ at the end of the mantra, it converts to seventeen syllable mantra.

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Lord Narasimha symbolises the exaltation energy of Mars. He gives the power to work, brilliance, strength, tireless effort, courage, fearlessness and brahmacarya as well. People under the influence of Mars including –
1. Mars in Lagna or aspecting Lagna
2. Mars daśā
3. Mars afflicting daśā lord
4. Court case and fights
5. Troubles at work
6. Engineers and technical workers
7. Prone to accident and dangerous work

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Saptasloki gītā refers to seven śloka of the Bhagavat gītā considered most auspicious. These śloka map directly to seven weekday planets which related to about birth and karma. The first śloka is for the Sun, second for Moon and so on till the seventh for Saturn. One who recites these seven śloka everyday will be able to overcome major problems and will live a good life.

These seven ślokas can be written on seven pieces of paper, folded and used during a praśna chart. After praying sincerely to Krishna with dvādasākṣari mantra pick up one folded paper.

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Ketu as the mokṣa-karaka is the giver of emancipation of every kind. Most astrologers only look at the spiritual aspect of freedom from rebirth, which truly is the penultimate goal. But there are many types of bondages and one seeks freedom from these or protection from it. Something like jail term for something wrong done or being trapped when you are not the one who committed the crime.

Either way, you need Gaṇeśa as the devatā of ‘Ketu’ for this freedom activation.

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Moon represents Ambikā who manifests as Durgā and all the śaktī of the various devatā. She is the bindu which gives life to every akṣara. If the akṣara represent the deva having the power to enlighten, their very existence and identity depends on the soma-rasa (milk of kindness) they receive from the Moon-mother. The bindu, by nature is simply red, like the blood. And like the blood of the mother, it creates every creature and gods as well.

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Om Hrīm Ritam By Swami Vivekananda
This is a San­skrit hymn to Sri Rama­kri­shna, com­posed by Swami Vivekananda.

The brilliance of Swami Vivekananda is seen in providing us with the three vital mantra for praying to Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa. Such a stotra which has a mantra hidden inside is called ‘Mantra Garbha Stotra’.

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In Sanskrit he is more appropriately called हनुमत् (hanumat) which means “one having mighty jaws” indicating the power to bite and hold on to the task – a symbol of determination. He is vānara (monkey) and one of the most celebrated of a host of divine ape-like beings, created by the blessings of Nārada, to become the allies of Śrī Rāma in his war with Rāvaṇa.
Multiple Jayanti
Jayanti refers to the celebration associated with any deity in Hinduism.

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साधुसंकुलि तन्त्र॥
These prayers are from the sādhusaṁkuli tantra and are titled ग्रहपुरश्चरण प्रयोगः (grahapuraścaraṇa prayogaḥ)
ॐ रक्तपद्मासनं देवं चतुर्बाहुसमन्वितम् ।
क्षत्रियं रक्तवर्नञच गोत्रं काश्यपसम्भवं॥
सप्ताश्वरथमारूढं प्रचण्डं सर्वसिद्धिदम् ।
द्विभुजं रक्तपद्मैश्च संयुक्तं प्र्माद्भुतं॥
कलिञगदेशजं देवं मौलिमाणिक्यभूषणम् ।
त्रिनेत्रं तेजसा पूर्णमुदयाचलसंस्थितं॥
द्वादशाञगुल-विस्तीर्णं प्रबरं घृतकौशिकम् ।
शिवाधिदैवं पुर्वास्यं ब्रह्मप्रत्यधिदैवतं॥
om raktapadmāsanaṁ devaṁ caturbāhusamanvitam |
kṣatriyaṁ raktavarnañaca gotraṁ kāśyapasambhavaṁ ||
saptāśvarathamārūḍhaṁ pracaṇḍaṁ sarvasiddhidam |
dvibhujaṁ raktapadmaiśca saṁyuktaṁ prmādbhutaṁ ||
kaliñagadeśajaṁ devaṁ maulimāṇikyabhūṣaṇam |
trinetraṁ tejasā pūrṇamudayācalasaṁsthitaṁ ||
dvādaśāñagula-vistīrṇaṁ prabaraṁ ghṛtakauśikam |
śivādhidaivaṁ purvāsyaṁ brahmapratyadhidaivataṁ ||

क्लीं ऐं श्रीं ह्रीं सूर्याय नमः
klīṁ aiṁ śrīṁ hrīṁ sūryāya namaḥ
ॐ शुक्लं शुक्लाम्बरधरं श्वेताब्जस्थं

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