Nebojsa Medojevic

On Thursday the Speaker of the Montenegrin parliament scheduled the first presidential election (since its independence from Serbia) in the republic for April 6. Podgorica is the capital of Montenegro. They likely choices are (1) Filip Vujanovic, the incumbent President and (2) Nebojsa Medojevic, the dynamic young reformist heading a group of economists and thinkers or Montenegro and (3) pro-Serbian politician Andrija Mandic. In this article we examine the chances of the challenger Nebojsa Medojevic who is prepared to face the single greatest challenge of free Montenegro – economic viability of the tiny nation.

His chart is given below –

Nebojsa Medoyevic D1 The incumbent president Vujanovic is a close ally of former Montenegrin leader Milo Djukanovic, who is quite infamous internationally and is also wanted in Italy until the referendum that led to Montenegro independence got him immunity as the head of a state!

I feel that Nebojsa Medojevic is going to be the next president after April 2008 in Montenegro for the following reasons.

1. From arudha lagna, three malefics in 6H in strength and Mars is very very good for elections etc. Now Sun antardasa is also good but Moon dasa is not good till 19 April, 2008. Therefore first election on April 6 is draw and there will be another election or some kind of recounting soon after that. In that recounting or re-election, which is after April 19, he will win and be president. You can see the Chaturaseeti Sama dasa below.
Chaturaseeti sama dasa (applicable if 10th lord is in 10th):
Maha Dasas:
Ven: 1960-04-19 – 1972-04-19
Sat: 1972-04-19 – 1984-04-19
Sun: 1984-04-19 – 1996-04-19
Moon: 1996-04-19 – 2008-04-19
Mars: 2008-04-19 – 2020-04-19
Merc: 2020-04-19 – 2032-04-19
Jup: 2032-04-19 – 2044-04-19
In navamsa Mangal is in Rajya amsa while Moon is in Satruamsa, so during Moon dasa he is fighting but in Mangal dasa he is ruling…What is noteworthy is that Mars, Sun and Rahu are in Taurus showing sexuality scandal, corruption and nepotism issues will demolish the opponents. In the Moon dasa, the then Prime Minister Milo ?ukanovi? suffered the infamous “Moldovan scandal” related to sex-slave trafficking.

In dasamsa which is most important, there is clear rajyoga with Budha and Sukra in 6th house as they are lords of lagna and 5th house. This is Sankha Yoga showing that he will be the first of something, like first Prime Minister or First President or the creator or innovator of something new. This is a very powerful yoga as it give the power to bring about radical changes and start something. Montenegro is a new nation and this election is for the first President of the new nation, so Medojevic is going to be its first President. The event will happen in Mars dasa as Mars is in Rudra yoga in lagna and is having exchange with Mercury showing that Mars will give results of Mercury in dasamsa. Other combinations promising this power are 3rd lord in 5th house (power to make law), 10th lord in 5th house (leadership in politics or group), 7th lord in 5th house (international recognition and acceptance). So Medojevic brings Montenegro into world map and reckoning by taking very intelligent decisions which gives the Montenegrins their freedom and also good relations with all neighbours through some kind of agreements.

Narayana dasa is Virgo from 2006 and he is becoming very famous and having rajyoga as power is increasing with popularity. The most important Capricorn antardasa of 5th house of power and authority is from March 12 – June 13, 2008. Both Hora Lagna and Ghatika Lagna are in Capricorn and Saturn thelord has digbala and is involved in kalika yoga in 7th house and aspects the Lagna promising fame due to political success (GL). The native has the power of *Jaya Kali* to destroy opponents.

Narayana Dasa of D-1 chart (a versatile phalita rasi dasa):
Vi MD: 2006-06-13 – 2009-06-13
Antardasas in this MD:
Ge: 2006-06-13 – 2006-09-15
Cn: 2006-09-15 – 2006-12-14
Le: 2006-12-14 – 2007-03-13
Vi: 2007-03-13 – 2007-06-14
Li: 2007-06-14 – 2007-09-15
Sc: 2007-09-15 – 2007-12-15
Sg: 2007-12-15 – 2008-03-12
Cp: 2008-03-12 – 2008-06-13
Aq: 2008-06-13 – 2008-09-15
Pi: 2008-09-15 – 2008-12-14
Ar: 2008-12-14 – 2009-03-13
Ta: 2009-03-13 – 2009-06-13

Montenegrin law envisages that the president is elected for a 5-year term. If no candidate wins more than half of the votes in the first round, a runoff will be held two weeks later. We expect this to happen and pull the date beyond April 19…after which a battle royal will be witnessed. Although Vujanovic is widely considered a favorite, Montenegrin analysts feel that a runoff is possible between him and Medojevic. I second them on this and feel that Medojevic will return the second round to win (not the first for sure).

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