Orissa Elections

Recently a senior Lok Sabha MP from Orissa enquired about how long Naveen Patnaik would continue in power, and my reply was that his Mercury daśā is far from over and is responsible for his rājayoga. This daśā is for 17 years and started in 2000 AD bringing him to power in Orissa. Readers can refer to my old article ‘The next Chief Minister of Orissa’ – a prediction which conclusively proved the importance of the āruḍha lagna (image).

Later in the year 2004 during the SJC Puri Conference, we had predicted that Shri Naveen Patnaik would continue as the Chief Minister of Orissa inspite of every other newspaper or magazine predicting otherwise. This was also showin the local television. The result was for everyone to see and Shri Naveen Patnaik won the election for the second time in a row and governed the state from 2004-09. Take a look at the election results for the year 2000 and 2004 (only three major players are shown here. Rest are very marginal polling about 2% votes max).

Orissa Elections 2000

Party Candidates Elected No. of votes %
Indian National Congress 145 26 4770654 33,78%
Biju Janata Dal 84 68 4151895 29,40%
Bharatiya Janata Party 63 38 2570074 18,20%

Orissa Elections 2004

Party Candidates Elected No. of votes %
Indian National Congress 134 38 5896713 34,82%
Biju Janata Dal 84 61 4632280 27,36%
Bharatiya Janata Party 63 32 2898105 17,11%

The results of the BJD were falling and those of its ally BJP were also coming down. The INC had maintained its position although marginally recovering by about 1% votes, it gained 12 seats while the BJD+BJP combine lost 13 seats. This was the year the BJP took a trouncing at the center when Sonia Gandhi led the INC to a conclusive victory. It was evident that the alliance was causing the BJD to fail and the next elections could prove to be disastrous.
Merc MD: 2000-04-01 – 2017-04-02
Antardasas in this MD:
Merc: 2000-04-01 – 2002-09-01
Ket: 2002-09-01 – 2003-08-30
Ven: 2003-08-30 – 2006-06-28
Sun: 2006-06-28 – 2007-05-03
Moon: 2007-05-03 – 2008-10-05
Mars: 2008-10-05 – 2009-10-02
Rah: 2009-10-02 – 2012-04-16
Jup: 2012-04-16 – 2014-07-26
Sat: 2014-07-26 – 2017-04-02

Compared to the year 2000 when Naveen Patnaik fought the elections during Mercury daśā Mercury antardaśā and the viparīta rājayoga functioned with full force as a natural calamity (Mercury significator) routed the INC, in 2004 the antardaśā lord Venus was not very inclined to support. It is a benefic lord of āruḍha promising an excellent image for Shri Patnaik but what about the partner BJP candidates?

In December 2008, just before the next state elections (16 & 23 Apr-2009 both Thursdays), we happened to attend an auspicious marriage occasion of a Cabinet Minister of Orissa and brought these facts to his notice while making a clear prediction that Naveen Patnaik would have a “windfall victory” in the 2009 elections. The reason was very obvious to see as the elections were going to be fought in Mars antardaśā and not Rāhu antardaśā. Had the elections been delayed, it could have proved troublesome.

Mars is the amātyakāraka and conjoins Mercury – Naveen Patnaik is also born on Tuesday (Mars) as it is placed in kendra in 4th house with Mercury and Jupiter thereby becoming the most powerful yogakāraka for the chart. This is happening in the 6th house from the āruḍha lagna making it a very powerful viparīta rājayoga at work. But notice, it is viparīta – you have to lose something to gain something else. In the dasāṁśa Mars is the lord of the 7th bhāva (marriage – partner i.e. the BJP) and is placed in the 8th house (divorce, separation). Just before the elections Naveen Patnaik announced that his party was parting ways with the BJP. This was the single most important Mars related decision required to activate the viparīta rājayoga in full force. Where everyone was predicting that this time he would lose, he actually outdid himself with the most astounding victory.

Orissa Elections 2009

Party Candidates Elected No. of votes %
Indian National Congress 145 27 29.10%
Biju Janata Dal 130 103 38.86%
Bharatiya Janata Party 147 6 15.03%

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  1. Sir, May I know , Jupiter is conjunct to Mercury not with Mars how it becomes Dhermadhi Karmadhi yoga? Please explain. Regards

    1. Jupiter is conjunct Mars in Libra in 4th Bhava (hometown – Bhubaneswar/Orissa) thereby creating the dharmadhipati (Jup – 9th Lord) Karmadhipati (Mars-10th Lord) Yoga (Sambandha – one of 4 kinds of relationships). This yoga is to fructify from birth as it is in the 4th bhava and forms an integral part of his consciousness. As such Jupiter in 4th bhava is also forming Mahanta Yoga.

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