Oscar Pistorius

On 22 Nov 1986 Oscar Carl was born to Henk and Sheila Pistorius in Sandton, Johannesburg at about 10:30 am when Makara was rising with lagneśa Saturn in the bādhaka rāśi with the 8th lord Sun and having Rāhu dṛṣṭi indicating strong pitṛs doṣa.

Net result of all that: he lacked fibulas in both legs and in October 1987, at the age of 11 months his mother had to take the decision to amputate his legs below the knee so that he can eventually walk with prosthetics rather than need a wheelchair his whole life. The decision to give him prosthetics was a very brave one and the daśā was Saturn, Sun antardaśā, Rāhu pratyantara.

Anger of Sūrya

Before we go further, we should also examine the protections for the 9th bhāva. Makara lagna has the misfortune of having two bādhaka lords Mars and Ketu. Mars conjoins Jupiter in the 2nd bhāva to give him ample wealth, courage and strength – it’s a dhana yoga. Ketu has stationed in the worst possible house – the 9th bhāva of destiny and also the controller of the legs. In addition, the 9th bhāva is subject to the torment of both bādhakeśa Ketu and Mars and Rāhu of course. Rāhu also aspects the lagneśa Saturn in bādhaka rāśi with Sun. The only planet that can fight for his legs, Mercury the 9th lord, is subject to pāpa kartari yoga in the 10th bhāva but has relief from Venus, the anitya kāraka for the 9th bhāva (being dispositor of 9th lord). But Saturn, Sun and Ketu do the pāpa kartari on them.


It is obvious now that the Sun is very malefic as both Sūrya and dharma bhāva are under some sort of curse. It is also the 8th lord and is in Leo in navāṁśa – rogāṁśa.


Death of Mother

March 6, 2002 is his date with destiny when his inspiring and brave mother Sheila Pistorius died suffering an adverse reaction to medication after being wrongly diagnosed with hepatitis. From 4th bhāva Aries, Mercury is the most malefic and is in māraka bhāva – seventh. Even in the navāṁśa, Mercury the 4th lord is debilitated in 10th house which is māraka (7th) from mother (4th). In the dvādaśāṁśa too Mercury is in the 10th bhāva. Dvādaśāṁśa (D12 Chart) has Scorpio in 4th house and Venus is the real māraka for mother. Venus exchanges signs with Saturn and takes on all the evil qualities of Saturn. She died in Mercury daśā Venus antardaśā Mercury pratyantara. He tattooed that date on his arm.

Rugby Accident

In June 2003 at the age of 16, the already athletic Pistorius badly injured his knee while playing rugby during Mercury daśā SUN antardaśā. His subsequent rehabilitation leads him to sprinting. Once again we see the Sun punishing him.

Glorious Mother Divine

The greatest blessing in this chart is the Moon in its own sign in the 7th bhāva promising success and fame. It gives him the strength and cares. It is the blessing of the Mother Divine which flowed through his mother and so many others who cared so much for him. The antardaśā of Moon started in Sept 2003. In a year on Sept 21, 2004 he won his first Paralympic gold in the 200 meters T44 and a bronze medal in the 100-meter final in Athens.

This was just three months after trying the J-shaped, carbon-fiber blades known as Cheetah prosthetics for the first time. Moon is the fastest of the planets and shows speed and great strength as it has the energy of its devatā – Vāyu, the wind god. It is the cheetah among the fast animals and the greyhound among the dogs.

Mars antardaśā started in January 2005 and in March Oscar made his debut in the able-bodied South African championships.

Parivartana Yoga


The exchange of signs between Jupiter and Rāhu causes some strange results. Rāhu behaves like 3rd lord in own sign Aquarius and Jupiter behaves like 2nd lord in own sign in Pisces. What a blessing! Rāhu gives him the courage to challenge conventions and break borders while Jupiter promises wealth and glory.

In Rāhu antardaśā in July 2007 he runs the 400 meters at an able-bodied event in Rome under close watch by the IAAF, track and field’s world governing body, to determine whether his prosthetics confer any unfair advantage. Pistorius competed in the men’s 400-meter race B during the Athletics IAAF Golden Gala in Rome’s Olympic Stadium. Later in Dec 2007 Pistorius was awarded the BBC Sports Personality of the Year “Helen Rollason Award” for outstanding courage and achievement in the face of adversity. Later in the same month, after further examination by the IAAF, Pistorius is deemed to receive an advantage from the prosthetics. A report finds that the carbon-fiber legs actually return energy and extend his stride. Pistorius argues that the tests were biased, but by Jan 2008, he is banned from able-bodied competition.

Moon pratyantara daśā starts in Apr 2008 and the decision by IAAF governing board of athletics that he cannot compete against able-bodied athletes, was turned down – his appeal was upheld in May 2008. In a landmark decision, and the Moon again brings him fame as the Court of Arbitration for Sport overturns Pistorius’s ban and rules that he can compete in the able-bodied Olympics, provided he meets South Africa’s qualifying times.

But the short Moon pratyantara daśā ends in June 2008. In July, under Mars pratyantara and bādhaka being strong, he misses out by 0.7 seconds.

By Jupiter! Rāhu antardaśā ends in August 2008 and the parivartana yoga Jupiter starts with promise to turn everything around in his favour. In Sep 2008 Pistorius sweeps the 100 meters, 200 meters and 400 meters at the Paralympic Games in Beijing. Pistorius celebrated winning gold with a world record in the 400-meter T44 at the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games.

In Saturn antardaśā, being the lagneśa Oscar excelled and achieved. In March 2012 he runs the 400 meters in 45.20 seconds, meeting the “A” standard for South Africa and qualifies for the London Olympics. Once again the Moon pratyantara comes in good time (Jun – Aug 2012) and in July 2012 South Africa confirms that Pistorius will be in London to compete. Pistorius won gold in the men’s 400-meter T44 final at the 2012 Paralympics, in London.

Later in Aug 2012 Pistorius makes history by becoming the first double-amputee to compete on the track at the Olympic Games. Despite the hype surrounding him in London, his performance in the heats of the 400 meters see him eliminated at the semi-final stage. He also runs the anchor leg in the relay final as South Africa finishes a poor eighth.

In September, at the London Paralympic Games, he takes gold in the 400 meters and the 4×100-meter relay and silver in the 200 metres.

We look into his personal life in the next article.

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  1. Dear guruji,
    I also happen to read three other readings of this chart on youtube.
    But its excellent here.
    Today the development is :-
    Judge Thokozile Masipa said she would consider the request and rule on Wednesday.” This came after arguments were over.
    What is likely to be judgement in murder case as per chart readings?
    Please educate on “pitṛs doṣa.” in separate article.The term is widely misused and clarity is missing among astrologers.
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