What is happening? 2011 approaches

The BBC article reads ‘Scores of Indian soldiers killed in Maoist ambushes’. Maoist rebels have killed at least 75 Indian soldiers in a series of attacks on security convoys in the central state of Chhattisgarh. A large patrol of federal paramilitary troops was ambushed at dawn by hundreds of heavily armed insurgents in a remote part of Dantewada district.

So much information about our brave soldiers dying all around. First it started with the news that Taliban has been specifically seeking our Indians and trying its level best to break the strong support that India has been giving to Afghanistan people for so many years. See this news

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyOVGhTtSQc&height=300&width=auto&hl=en&fs=1&showinfo=0&iv_load_policy=3&rel=1&border=0]

Now the internal problems that we have been fearing for so long with the troubles in the NE parts of the country, particularly Bengal has started. The naxalites (violent communists or Maoists as the foreign media calls them) are on the rampage. We were able to wrest control of some districts from them in Bengal but then they simply shifted to Orissa. There Naveen Patnaik has been very vigil. Yet on 5 April 2010 we read that naxalites killed at least 10 policemen and injured 10 more in a landmine attack on a police bus in Orissa. Nevertheless, Orissa is the only state that stands like the bolster against the ‘naxalite red corridor’. More details http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naxalite-Maoist_insurgency

The_Red_Corridor_ver_1The BBC gives a profile of these naxalites and shows that although they were down, they were not out. Ever since the CPI(M) came to power in Bengal they seem to have vanished from the scene and they started showing their ugly head recently as we read some reports of the red brigade having ‘pitched gun battles’ in Bengal. India seems to have entered a period where the fight against violent communism seems to have taken a dangerous turn. Just today we read reports of 75 Indian soldiers being killed as a convoy of 81 was ambushed. The reinforcements that went in to save them were also blocked by the naxalites who seem to have out-thought and out-maneuvered the security forces. The detailed story at BBC
What is India’s reaction? Our Home Minister Mr. Chidambaram has said that “troops will intensify the offensive if the rebels do not renounce violence and enter peace talks” which simply means that they are going to intensify the offensive called Operation Green Hunt, since the naxalites want “four senior leaders freed from jail and the offensive halted before any talks”. Who are these leaders? Read the BBC article ‘Top Indian Maoist couple arrested
There are about 10,000 naxalites and they are mostly leaderless except for middle rung ‘revolutionary’ leaders. The Indian forces are 50,000 strong but it is not a one-on-one fight as the naxalites merge into the forests and villages. Only recently in Feb 2010 at least 25 policemen were killed in eastern West Bengal when their camp came under fire.
Police sources reported that the Maoist triggered two land mines targeting the mine protected vehicles carrying the jawans. The attack took place when the CRPF unit belonging to the 62 RPT 62 Battalion having about 80 officers entered the forest for an operation between 6 and 7 am and were ambushed by the Maoists. They were ambushed by 300-500 naxalites.
Take a look at the exact degrees of the Sun and the nodes (23rd degree of dual signs) and the exact degrees of Mercury and Mars in the 11th degree of movable signs. This Mercury-Mars position is war (graha Yuddha) and Mars would indicate the security forces while Mercury as 6th lord shows the naxalites. Mercury is strong in digbala besides having the support of Venus. Such a Mercury brings fame and success besides a spurt in the influx of money and clearly shows Mars being defeated. Mars is of lesser longitude than Mercury. Mars is also debilitated and is conjoined Rāhu showing that it takes a terrible beating and is smitten by the serpent.
Expectations for future –
Mars wakes up in a week and starts moving very fast. It has the nīcabhañga of a retrograde Saturn being in Chandra kendra and the government reinforces it with additional soldiers. By 26 May 2010 Mars comes out of Cancer and the nation takes a breath of relief as the naxalites take a beating when Jupiter aspects Mars and the intelligence actually works wonders. The new strategy pays rich dividends.
Is the battle over or are we going to see this spill into the August of 2011? I hope not.

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