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leadersThe BBC reported that marathon peace negotiations have resulted in a new ceasefire deal for eastern Ukraine in the Belarusian capital Minsk. The 16-hour talks went on through the night, between Russian President Vladimir Putin, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. We all know that a previous Minsk ceasefire deal collapsed within days of its signing on 5 Sep 2014 and there was heavy fighting just hours before this one as if telling the negotiators that “the ink in which this deal needs to be signed is human blood”. The Ukrainian army and pro-Russian rebels controlling a big swathe of Donetsk and Luhansk regions are busy bombarding each other continuously so long as missile supplies last.

First take a look at the official ground map issued by Ukraine National Security & Defence Council. It still shows Crimea as a part of Ukraine while the world knows that it is no longer a part and has become an independent country.
Now the only thing to note is that the 12-point plan of September 2014 has been reduced to an 11-point plan of Feb-2015. That’s one point less in about six months besides it has to look different so that the world gets the temporary euphoria that some serious negotiations happened through the night between Angela Markel (Germany) and Vladimir Putin (Russia). Now don’t get me wrong here – everyone wants some peace and quiet, but nobody is addressing the main issue. Pro-Russian rebels have signed the peace agreement but the key issues remain to be settled, including the situation in Debaltseve. Therefore it is evident that this was a useless negotiation as the real negotiator, the United States, was missing from the table. Face the truth – if Europe was capable of finding peace within, then the world would not have seen two world wars. They tie themselves in all sorts of multi-diplomacy knots that finally squeezes them to get at each other’s throats.

And our jyotiṣa says that the days of the defeated-combusted Jupiter have not yet finished. Refer to the previous article. So why should there be any change?

Look at their eyes: Who will blink first - Russia vs. Ukraine
Who will blink first – Russia vs. Ukraine

European leaders have warned Russia that it could face additional sanctions if the agreement is not respected. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the deal offered “a glimmer of hope”, but also warned that “it is very important that words are followed by actions” as if something inside her, like an inner voice, told her that nothing is going to happen.

Shortly after the deal President Obama said that they are considering to supply arms to Ukraine if the deal fails and Putin retorted that “it would be a serious mistake”. The world must be really stupid to actually believe that a deal of any kind was going to happen – or at least the media would have us believe so.

Jupiter daśā Jupiter antara and Venus pratyantara from 7 Jan 2015 to 16 May 2015 is a decidedly dangerous phase for Ukraine with both planets Jupiter and Venus being combusted in the Sun. Combustion means burning, deaths and disaster – and that is where all this is heading. We must give credit to President Obama who for all this time has withstood heavy pressure from the Republicans and others and has kept the US out of this European conflict. But there are ample signs that the pressure from within the Democratic Party may be tough to withstand. There is every likelihood of the US entering the conflict and if that happens this ‘Fire in Ukraine’ caused by the combustion of Jupiter will burn for the remaining part (15 years) of Jupiter daśā. Supplying arms is like throwing wood inside a burning fire with the hope that it will contain it!

Correct Chart

Based on the inputs of Constantin (see comments), we have a different time which changes the Navamsa Lagna to Libra thereby completely changing the destiny chart of the Nation. The previous time of 5:31 PM had Leo Lagna with the navamsa lagna being in the same sign as the battle ground sign of the Rashi chart – which meant that the battle was going to destroy the nation. However this time with the navamsa lagna in Libra shows that the battle ground sign ‘leo’ is in the badhaka rashi from navamsa lagna and will cause considerable damage but then Venus has the ‘fire-fighting power’ Venus is the natural fire-fighter of the zodiac and can fight the fires of Leo.
I would prefer a time of 5:57′ PM as that would give the pranapada lagna in trines to navamsa Moon.

Since Venus is now doing the fire-fighting job, its period from Nov 2014 to 2 Apr, 2015 is the only window of hope to bring forth peace in the region. Thereafter the Sun comes and it can blow hot again. It is imperative that the Ukranians realise that they can love both Germany and Russia … why hate, and that too your own brothers!
This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Ukraine

Recently a senior Lok Sabha MP from Orissa enquired about how long Naveen Patnaik would continue in power, and my reply was that his Mercury daśā is far from over and is responsible for his rājayoga. This daśā is for 17 years and started in 2000 AD bringing him to power in Orissa. Readers can refer to my old article ‘The next Chief Minister of Orissa’ – a prediction which conclusively proved the importance of the āruḍha lagna (image).

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This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Ukraine

Vajpayee-7295Please note that this is an old article written and published in 1998. It is republished in the website for astrological studies.


The first part of the article titled the Future of India appeared in the Times of Astrology (June 1998 issue) which was available in the market in the first week of May. Readers will appreciate that some of the predictions like ‘the acquisition of Nuclear Bomb and other arsenal’ and ‘problems related to the health department’ have already come true. The learned reader will appreciate the use of Narayana Dasa as a fine predictive tool in Vedic Astrology.

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This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Ukraine

The Vipareeta Rajyoga of Shri P.V.R Narasimha Rao

“When you think that he is finished, he is actually the strongest then..That is the real power of the Vipareeta rajyoga in a Kendra”  Rath 2000

The horoscope of Shri P V Narasimha Rao, ex-Prime Minister of India (Birth time 12:49’ LMT) is given below. He was born on the 28th of June 1921 at 12:49′ PM LMT (Local time) in Karimnagar, India (Long:79E09′, Lat:18N26′). The Lagna is Virgo and the Lords of the 3rd, 8th house (Mars) and 12th house (Sun) conjoin to form the Vipareeta Rajyoga. However this conjunction is in a quadrant and the conditions under Para 2(b) above apply in that these planets should be strong to give a long lease of political life. Besides these planets also conjoin the Lord of Lagna showing that the transfer of VRY Power has come to the individual. Both the Sun and Mars have Digbala (Directional Strength) in the tenth house and give tremendous executive abilities. Shri Narasimha Rao is credited with the most daring policy of liberalization of the Indian Economy. It maybe noted that Mars is very closely conjunct the Sun and is combust and weak due to this. Shri Narasimha Rao wore a RED CORAL in a gold ring for strengthening Mars in the right hand middle finger as the planets are placed in the Artha Trikona (trines to 2nd house) and influence the ‘Madhyama’ finger (middle finger: Refer Vedic Remedies in Astrology by your Author). You can see the ring in the picture.

The Moon is the seventh Lord from Hora Lagna and aspects the Ghatika Lagna and Lagna (by Rasi drishti) thereby qualifying as a perfect Yogada. However, Mars is a more powerful Yogada as it has Graha Drishti (Planetary sight) on the Lagna (4th house special aspect), Ghatika Lagna (7th house aspect) and Hora Lagna (8th house special aspect). The sun is relatively much lower than the Moon and Mars, but has its own position as in the tenth, involved in VRY and aspecting the GL and Lagna by rasi drishti, besides conjoining the Lord of Lagna.

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Tapasvi Raja

Lal Kishan Advani

The horoscope of Shri L K Advani has been slightly controversial due to the fact of his date of birth being declared as 8 November 1929 instead of 8 November 1927. These and a few other charts were considered and it was found that the date of 8 November 1927 seems to be most accurate as the predictions also proved to be true (See Previous publication of October 1998). The horoscope can be seen (Rasi Chart, Navamsa Chart & Dasamsa Chart). We have taken the liberty to call this leader a ‘tapasvi’ because none can match his strength to strive towards his goals. It is important to have the goals clear and then he can really go for it.

Childhood & Partition of India

Shri. L.K. Advani was born on November 08, 1927 in Karachi (now Pakistan). He had to leave Pakistan at the time of partition of India in 1947 and this fact can easily be seen in the placement of two malefic planets in the Lagna which represents childhood and hometown. Saturn as the fourth Lord is not malefic and in fact, does become slightly better due to the ownership of a Kendra. But Ketu is very malefic in conjunction with Saturn and will cause the destruction (Ketu) of properties (conjoins 4th Lord) due to strife or terrorism (Ketu rules terrorists). This can be very accurately timed with the Narayana dasa as his was from Scorpio Dasa to Aquarius Dasa in 1946. With the advent of Pisces Narayana Dasa in November 1946, his coming to India was sure to happen. At the time of partition of India into Pakistan and India in 1947, Shri Advani was the RSS organizer in Karachi City. Leadership position was given by the placement of Jupiter in the most beneficial Pisces (own sign) and with the Ghatika Lagna (GL in Pisces). this combination of Saturn and Mokshkaraka Ketu gives Tapaswi Yoga and the man shall undertake severe penance i.e. he is not easily defeated and can struggle very hard due to the blessings of the Mritunjaya mantra. Had Venus also been in trines to Lagna he may have renounced the world to become a Sadhu.

Education & the Man

His earlier schooling was at St.Patrick’s in Karachi. The Narayana Dasa of Pisces with Brihaspati in it started in his 20th year and continued till his 32nd year. Thus Jupiter played a very crucial role in his formative years and true to its nature gave him knowledge of law. He graduated in Law from Bombay University. Though not a practicing lawyer like Vachaspati (Brihaspati as the spokesperson), he argued on behalf of his party in 1974 before the Supreme Court in the Presidential reference whether election to the post of President could be held when the Gujarat Assembly was dissolved. The position of Navamsa Lagna in Sagittarius does give a fiery, straightforward and dynamic personality who will not hesitate to call a spade a spade and who will stand up for Dharma without flinching, especially when both the luminaries Sun & Moon are in exaltation in the Dharma Amsa (Navamsa). Known for his sophistication and culture, Advaniji is given to a modest life style. Recently when an interviewer asked what is his most precious possession, Shri. Advani replied, ” My collection of books.” This  love for books (and music which is yet to be confirmed) is seen from the placement of the Sun in the fifth house in the Navamsa Chart. Such people are Gitagya (as per Jaimini Sutra they will always strive to know the real truth of the Veda and will be Vedantist. Further the Bhagavat Gita is considered the last word of the Veda and hence Vedanta).

After partition, for several years Shri. Advani organized RSS work in Rajasthan. When Dr. Mukherji founded Jana Sangh in 1951, Shri. Advani became its Rajasthan State Secretary and continued there till 1957 before he moved to Delhi to become the Delhi Jana Sangh Secretary and during this period he was also the Secretary to the Jana Sangh Parliamentary Group. Thus his stay in Rajasthan coincided with the period of Pisces Dasa and just before the start of Aries Dasa he came to Delhi. The six pears of Aries Dasa from 1958 to 1964 was to prove to be a period of penance (Sat & Ketu aspect) and will surely give success in career and fame due to the placement of the Moon in the Dasa Rasi.

In Parliament & Information Minister

Timing of Rajyoga should be done from the Ghatika Lagna (Power Position) and planets / Signs aspecting this. The Ghatika Lagna is in Pisces and is very strong with the conjunction of Jupiter its Lord. It is aspected by Venus in debility and placed in the Arudha Lagna (Virgo representing India). Thus if we were to use Vimsottari Dasa, then we can say that he will enjoy Rajyoga of a high order during Jupiter dasa and during Venus antardasa (August 2000 to April 2003), he could become the Prime Minister of India.

Let us verify the past power positions from the Narayana dasa. From 1970 to 1989 he was a Member of the Rajya Sabha. This started during the Gemini Dasa as Gemini aspects the Rajya Pada (A10) in Sagittarius as well as the Ghatika Lagna in Pisces. He was elected President of Jana Sangh in 1973 and continued until 1977. Thereafter he was appointed Information & Broadcasting Minister in the Janata government. This was during the Leo Dasa and the Sun causing Neechabhanga Rajyoga elevated him to the position of a Minister. The Sun is the 10th Lord and although placed in debility in the Rasi chart is exalted in the Navamsa Chart causing Neechabhanga Rajyoga. Such people will rise in leaps and bounds and even if in a very low position will ultimately rise to high power. During his tenure he freed the media from legislative and executive shackles, institutionalized reforms and inbuilt safeguards to guard freedom. He abolished Press Censorship and repealed anti-press legislation.  Democratic views and policies are seen from the strong influence of Jupiter on the fifth house as Jupiter indicates freedom, rule of Law etc. Saturn in Lagna is also an indicator of people’s power. At the beginning of Virgo dasa, the results of debilitated Venus were obtained and the BJP was a very weak party in parliament in 1984. However, Virgo aspects the Ghatika Lagna and Brihaspati. Virgo dasa is for 11 years and the first one-third period of 3 years (1983-86) would be of Virgo, the second 4 years (1986-90) of Venus and the last 4 years (1990-94) of Jupiter the aspecting planet. The BJP was launched in 1980 and for the next six years he held the post of General Secretary. In 1986, he became the All India President, which post he held until January 1991. Look at the accurate method of timing. In 1989 and again in 1991 he was elected to Lok Sabha. In 1991, he was also appointed the Leader of Opposition. This was the blessing of the fifth house Jupiter in the Ghatika Lagna.

Neechabhanga Rajyoga

With the advent of the Narayana Dasa of Libra in 1994, the chart was sure to rise as Libra conjoins the Lagna Lord Mars and tenth Lord Sun forming a combination for power and authority. Mercury although the malefic 8th Lord is also the Lord of Arudha Lagna. Venus the Lord of Libra aspects the Ghatika Lagna. Thus the table was set for a Neechabhanga Rajyoga as the Sun although debilitated in Rasi is placed in exalted Navamsa. The Moon in the seventh house also ensures popularity and success and is also exalted in the Navamsa. Blessed is the nation to have such a leader…a TAPASWI RAJA like Raja Janaka (the father of Sita). Again, divide the 10 year dasa of Libra into three parts as Libra (1994-97), Venus (1997-2001) and Sun, Mars&Merc (2001-2004). Between 1994-97 the results of the 12th house Libra was obtained and although the BJP rose in power, this was obtained with great difficulty. The present period of Venus (1997-2001) is most auspicious as Venus is in Arudha Lagna and aspects the Ghatika Lagna to promise power and position. However the best is yet to come and this will be from 2001-2004 when the Neechabhanga Rajyoga of the Sun along with the fire power of Mars shall catapult him to the apex position in Indian politics. It may also be noted that the Rajyoga of Libra is till 2004.

The Press on Shri. Advaniji

Shri. Swapan Dasgupta of Times of India commented “Not only did Advani release a flood of sublimated nationalist energy,……….it is the BJP that is putting itself forward as the natural inheritor of the stability platform.” The Telegraph writes ” His clarity of vision, precise statements and astute sense of timing played a major role in the BJP’s success.” India Today notes, “…..he is so un-confused that the clarity of his thought and its translation into action have served to un-confuse the BJP and propelled it into a dimension that has run traditional secularists and patriots like the old line socialists, congress Fabians and communists running back to defensive positions.”

Shri L K Advani By Sanjay Rath (October, 1998)

D.O.B: 8th November, 1927; T.O.B: 09:13 AM IST; LAT: 025 N 40’; LONG: 068 E 22

Sri L K Advani, Home Minister of India was born in Scorpio Ascendant & Aries Moon sign . Such a combination is said to be blessed by Sri Chamunda Devi (The Warrior Goddess) and gives him robust health, dynamism and bellicose patriotism. Rahu exalted in the 9th house from Arudha Lagna (Virgo – AL) & 7th from Lagna brought him into the center stage of national politics. However, being a natural malefic it denied power. With the advent of Jupiter Dasa his popularity and power has been rising since Jupiter is the 5th lord ruling power and authority and is placed in the 5th house Pisces. It is also placed in the 7th house from AL thereby demolishing enemies and adding to his might.

In the Navamsa (D -9 chart) Jupiter is exalted but placed in the 8th house, this ensures power and authority, but may indicate some ill health during the period of Moon & Ketu. In the Dasamsa (D-10 chart) Jupiter is the lord of Lagna placed in the 12th house under affliction from Saturn and Rahu indicating renunciation of power. Thus, during Jupiter dasa Saturn antardasa (November 1994 to May 1997) although BJP was the largest party in the Parliament, power had to be renounced by the party due to lack of support (Saturn) and Sri Advani also did not become a member of the Cabinet due to a court case that he won on a later date.

Mercury is very strong in the chart causing Vipareeta Yoga as the 8th lord in 12th house. It also conjoins lagnesh Mars and 10th lord Sun and will give their result of Rajyoga. Being in the 2nd house from Arudha Lagna (AL) and as lord of AL it gives Simhasan Yoga (Throne). It is exceedingly strong, placed in own sign in a quadrant in both Navamsa & Dasamsa. Thus, in Jupiter dasa, Mercury antardasa (May 1997 to August 1999) the BJP came to power and he is the Home Minister of the country. Thus all speculations about a premature end of BJP Government is not accepted, as this Simhasan Yoga will continue till August 1999. The forthcoming period of Ketu antardasa in Jupiter dasa (August 1999 to July 2000) will see the courage, perseverance and daring (Parakrama Bala as Ketu is in 3rd from AL) of Sri Advani. Like a war elephant he will stride across the length and breadth of India. The terrorists of Kashmir will be defeated and peace will be re- established in the mountainous regions of India. As Ketu is in 6th house from Jupiter in Dasamsa the Secret services / Intelligence services of the country will receive a boost / feather in their cap and the service atmosphere / prospectus will become better. Subordinate services will also be upgraded or will have a cadre review. Some talk of instability and enemies plotting will trouble him till 8th January 1999, thereafter till November 1999, with the blessing of Sri Chamunda he will overcome all problems and will gain popularity.

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The horoscope of Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi has tenth lord Mars exalted in 12th house combined with lords of ascendant (Saturn), 4th & 9th (Venus) and Rāhu. The strength of 10th lord & its conjunction with Ascendant lord (also strong in its own sign) shows independent views while its conjunction with Venus results in the Dharma-karmādhipati yoga. Natives born in this yoga will be God fearing, truthful and very industrious. Venus is also the 10th lord from the Moon sign. The āruḍha lagna (AL) is in Sagittarius and its lord Jupiter, a natural benefic is placed in the 10th house (Throne / Rājya) from it. The Lagna (self/position) and Ghāṭikā Lagna (power/authority) are in sama-saptaka while the Horā Lagna (wealth) is divorced from them. This shows that the native can never be motivated by wealth to compromise or misuse his position or authority. Such honesty is a rare phenomena in politics & its occurrence in the horoscope of a present day politician shows that India is in the threshold of a new phase where its high spiritual ideal of truth (Satyameva Jayate) will find a strong place in the body politic. Mars in the 5th from navāṁśa lagna makes him bellicose while Venus in trines makes him patriot.

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Sri Karunanidhi, better known as Dr.Kalaignar was born on Tuesday, the 3rd June 1924, in a small village Thirukuvalai in Thanjavur District of Tamil Nadu (Long:79E09’ Lat: 10N48’) at 12:20’ LMT (12:33’ IST).
Rasi Chart has Leo rising with Rahu in it giving a Yoga for Princely Rajyoga. The Sun, as lord of Lagna is in the tenth house making for a Karma Yogi and one dedicated to positive action. This gives clear thinking and determination as well as the blessings of Ganapati which bring Vidya (Knowledge) and Siddhi (Success) in all undertakings. The conjunction of the exalted Moon with the Sun indicates an exalted mind with a lot of idealism (exalted) and socialism (Moon). His famous statement “See God in the smile of the poor” and his multi-pronged and extremely effective social intervention for poverty alleviation won the heart of the then President of India Dr. V.V. Giri, who commended his social schemes with the view “Tamilnadu leads the rest of India”. Thus the very objective of the Lagna forming a powerful Yoga for undying fame (tenth house placement of the planets) was achieved during his first tenure as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. Such people are very committed to a cause due to their high idealism and are prepared to pay any price to achieve their dreams. They are true to their words and will not break a pledge or promise under any circumstance.

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Published in The Times of Astrology, New Delhi. March 2000

As predicted in a previous issue on the Future of India, in spite of the fall of the Government Shri A.B. Vajpayee was, is and will continue to be the P.M. of India during the Narayan Dasa of Pisces (1997 – 2002). However, the fortune of each government is spelt out in the chart drawn for the time it takes an oath. The present Government was sworn in on the 13th of October 1999 (Wednesday) at 10:31′ AM 1ST, at New Delhi.

Longevity OF Government

Method 1
Lagna (Fixed) + Hora Lagna (Fixed) = Short Life
Lagna Lord (Dual) + 8th Lord (Movable) = Short Life
Moon (Fixed)  + Saturn (Movable)   = Middle Life
Net Longevity = Short Life (0 to 20 Months)

General Reading

General reading of the chart shows its strength in the placement of the Sun as Atmakaraka in the 11th house. It is said that such a placement of the Sun is akin to the Kundala (Earrings) of Karna (One of the unsung heroes of Mahabharata and a child of the Sun God). The debilitated ninth lord Moon in Lagna gets Neechabhanga (cancellation of debility) due to the placement of seventh lord (Partners) Venus in a quadrant from both Lagna and the Moon. Thus in its infancy the insiders themselves will cause considerable troubles, but the Government will surly survive and tide over its crises due to the strong position of its partners. The partners are seen from the Darapada , which is in Leo with Venus strongly placed in it and aspected by Mercury (from Libra), Saturn & Jupiter (from Aries) and Ketu (from Capricorn) by Rasi Drishti . The presence of fifth lord (subordinates / Juniors) Jupiter going to the sixth house (enemies) with the debilitated Saturn shows that some politicians like Shri Kalyan Singh who were the juniors of Shri Vajpayee the Prime Minister will becomes enemies. Debilitated Saturn will ensure their political death.

Narayana dasa (versatile Rasi dasa)

The results of the Chart can be inferred from the Narayana Dasa . These are as follows: –

SCORPIO        1999-10-13 TO 1999-10-27 : During the dasa of Scorpio with the debilitated Moon, the Government faced considerable turmoil. Since the Moon is the ninth lord (Dharma / Religious matters) and is also the dispositor of Rahu (cheating) it is most advisable for the ruling party to steer clear of such issues related to ecclesiastical affairs / temples etc. that could threaten its very survival and instead focus on core issues of national development. This is also confirmed by the fact that the Sun is the Atmakaraka. The exact location of Rahu indicating such troubles is in Cancer symbolizing rivers like the Ganges. Since Venus (women) in tenth house (power) causes Neechabhanga the development of women / their representation or empowerment would be considered seriously by the body politic and this will be very beneficial for the Government and the nation.

GEMINI           1999-10-28 TO 1999-12-23 : Gemini is the eighth house ruling destruction of power, diseases, death, debts and troubles. This is an airy sign and is placed in the sixth from Arudha Lagna showing enemies. Towards the end of this period an Indian Airlines flight (Gemini-Airy Sign) was hijacked (6th house from AL-Enemy trouble). The hijackers threatened to kill the hostages (8th House – turmoil, death threat) and some tactical mistakes were made.

CAPRICORN   1999-12-28 TO 2000-04-18 : With the advent of Capricorn dasa on 28 December 1999, the Hijackers/ Terrorists made their first mistake in demanding money whereby they were badly exposed as mercenary killers. Capricorn is the Arudha Lagna with Ketu in it. Ketu in the third from Lagna gives prowess. Thus, the Government proved its prowess in hard bargaining that ultimately resulted in the release of the 150 hostages in exchange for three jailed terrorists. It is noteworthy that one of the released terrorists was a spiritual person/priest. The placement of Rahu in the seventh from AL  and twelfth from A6 and A7 shows a VERY POSITIVE TREND in all politicians, both ruling classes and opposition becoming God fearing and spiritual. Danger of clashes and increase in the terrorist activities is indicated as Ketu is in the Dasa Rasi and Saturn in the fourth. This is very dangerous for territorial integrity. Jupiter in the fourth shows the blessings of the Maharishi’s and the wise one’s in tiding over this crisis. Thus Jupiter in the fourth from the Dasa Rasi shows “New Thinking for National Security” and intelligence. This phase can be tough for the health sector. Danger of a sudden attack (Ketu) or aggression from the neighbour (3rd house) in the western direction (Capricorn) is not ruled out. Moon in the eleventh and Venus in the 8th are surely going to give a fillip to the finances and in spite of all odds, the mood will be upbeat. The people residing in the Hilly regions will be delighted due to some new legislation and laws striving to give them their dues/ statehood.

LEO                 2000-04-28 TO 2000-09-28 : Venus in the sign is indicative of better and stronger supporters as well as the fact the trouble due to enemies will crop up. The bills concerning empowerment of women due to Venus in the 10th house will be passed and Indian politics will take a different color due to the higher participation of the fair sex. Jupiter and Saturn aspecting the Darapada and Satrupada  (A6) show that some enemies will become friends and some friends will be come enemies. The Government will be very successful in parliament and will receive the admiration of all for its excellent performance in external affairs and national defense strategies. Child and women welfare activities will receive a boost and better clothes and living standards will be the focus of the new era. Trade and commerce may receive some bad news from the international community, but India will be slow to react. New Cars maybe introduced in the market and some new laws for enforcing discipline among the teachers for higher learning. There will be significant advance in traditional learning and Astrology etc. This will mark the beginning of the Golden Era of letters for India, which in the years to come will see India emerge as a major center for learning. Rahu in the 12th shows that some secret enemies will continue to lurk, but there will be peace and harmony due to the strength of the coalition and Venus. The Government will get a NEW LIFE. A very beneficial phase for health sector.

PISCES           2000-10-12 TO 2001-03-15 : This is a beneficial sign, but the third from the Arudha Lagna threatening premature end to the Government. Debilitated Saturn in the second shows a sudden loss in finance due to unscrupulous persons as Jupiter tries to stop the outflow/ losses. Rahu in the fifth shows unrest among the masses and Mars in the sky augurs evil for a leader. It rules violence and good is hard to predict. IT IS ADVISED THAT MRITUNJAYA MANTRA BE RECITED 8000 TIMES IN 40 DAYS (I.E 2 ROSARY OF 108 BEADS PER DAY) ALONG WITH RUDRABHISHEK ON THE FIRST DAY OF COMMENCEMENT OF JAPA.

LIBRA 2001-03-29  TO 2001-08-15 : If the Government survives the backstab of the Narayana Pisces Dasa (WHICH IS VERY UNLIKELY), then this period of the beneficial Libra with Mercury in it, Venus in the 11th showing great gains from partnerships and Jupiter in the seventh showing good fortune shall prove to be a boon. Industrial Policy maybe liberalized further to allow the agriculture to grow with modern technology and funds. Agriculture based Industries are likely to be out of much control and new regulations for the market and telecommunications are likely to be brought up. The Housing sector is going to jump and construction of multi-storey apartments and buildings is likely to take a lot of pressure from land and local travel. The Money markets are going to skyrocket. Excellent for finance.

TAURUS          2001-08-28  TO 2001-10-09 : A rather happy phase with the Government making many gains in Public Image due to its aggressive stand and strong and clear views on National security. Speculation gains as the bulls have their bite. New weapons and armaments for the armed forces; higher spending will be seen in all sectors and there will be many positive things about this period. Neighbours like Pakistan will surely be CUT TO SIZE. Mars in the 8th and Rahu in the third does show wrong movements by the enemy, but Venus in the fourth is like Mata Bhavani standing up to protect India. New strides in science & technology will mark a feather in the cap due to Mercury in the sixth.

SAGITTARIUS            2001-10-12 TO 2001-12-07 : Mars in this sign does not auger well as the woes of Rahu in the eighth threaten stability. A lot of intrigue is in the air.

CANCER          2001-12-12 TO 2002-03-20 : This is likely to be the last phase as it has Rahu, the master of intrigues in it and aspects the Mrityupada (A8) in Aquarius.


1.       The Muhurta chosen for the swearing-in of the Government is really terrible as nothing seems to have been learnt from the past when a similar debilitated Moon in the seventh caused a premature end. In Muhurta, it is very important that the Moon is strong as it wards off all threats of premature end due to the blessings of Lord Shiva.

2.       The life of the present Government is likely to end between 10- 15 months unless remedial measures are seriously undertaken. If this is done as outlined above, then this can stretch till March 2002 at the most, but not beyond.

3.       In a subsequent article we shall discuss about the successor of this Government as the fifth lord with debilitated Saturn in retrogression does not show Vajpayee-ji coming back to power. Perhaps he may renounce politics or perhaps his health will need more attention. One thing is sure that his security will have to be strengthened as Rahu in the eighth house in his natal chart threatens danger from terrorists. May Jagannath Mahaprabhu keep him well.

O M   T A T   S A T

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Sri A.B.Vajpayee: The Swearing-in Chart (1998)

Authors Epilogue:  (PUBLISHED MAY 1998)
Readers will see my optimism in the lines below and I had expected that the Vajpayee Government would cross the first two dangers  and would stay till 2002. However, my optimism was proved incorrect and the Government fell in the most dangerous period (19 Jan 1999 to 19 June 1999). This dangerous period had been fore-warned and in spite of good advise, the ill fated event happened. The Narayana dasa are also indicated below and it happened in the Narayana Dasa of Rahu in Leo. Unfortunately, my warning could not stop Rahu.
Readers will see the accuracy with which the other events had been predicted using NARAYANA DASA like:

  • “The danger of War or a similar incident in the North of India is not ruled out.” .
  • The third Shoola dasa of Capricorn between 19 January 1999 to 19 June 1999 shall again cause Apamrityu Bhaya (fear of premature end of Government) due to the presence of Venus in Capricorn and the aspect of the Moon on it.Since Venus is in Capricorn, it shows a very bold and upright lady who always champions the cause of the poor. Since Rahu also aspects the Shoola dasa sign, the fear will be much more than the preceding period and there shall be allegations of a breach of trust or some other such calamity.
  • Maha Rudrabhishek is advised before the commencement of this period.
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Article examining the formation chart of the Shiv Sena Political Party.[Published 1998]

The party is very strong in Maharashtra and is headed by Sri Bal Thackeray. The Shiv Sena party headed by its brilliant belligerent leader Sri Bal Thackeray has been playing a key role in Maharashtra politics ever since its inception on 19 June 1966. Let us look at the chart of its formation and the future of the party.
Shiv Sena Party Chart

Date: June 19, 1966; Time: 9:05:00; Time Zone: 5:30:00 (East of GMT); Longitude: 72 E 50′, Latitude: 18 N 58′

  1. The month of Ashada falls in Grisma Ritu ruled by Agni (Sun & Mars).
  2. The Janma Nakshatra is Ardra ruled by RUDRA a form of Shiva guarding the eleven directions from which death can come. Hanumans, Bhima, Ajapad, Kapali are some of the forms of Rudra and their prowess in the battlefield is unmatched.
  3. The Janma Paksha is Sukla when the day strong planets become active indicating energy and drive.
  4. The Janma Tithi is Pratipada ruled by Mars (Agni Tatwa).
  5. The Janma Vara or weekday is Sunday ruled by the Sun indicating the strength of the Agni (energy) principle.

It is evident that the Agni Tatwa was predominating at the time of formation of this party showing its clear political objective and social correction philosophy.

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