Albert ‘Al’ Gore, Jr.

Mūla 4th Pada: Albert ‘Al’ Gore, Jr.

The fourth pada of Mūla is considered a very fortunate part for the Moon to occupy. All sages attribute rājayoga caused by the blessings of Śrī Vāyu, the wind god. The native is very successful and is like a faithful Hanuman who will realize his potential when blessed with a leader like Rama.

The blessing of the Moon forming a powerful Gajakesari yoga in Mūla nakṣatra (Sagittarius) with Jupiter showed in its daśā which started in Dec 1975. On 1 Mar 1976 (Moon antardaśā) after veteran Congressman Joe Evins announced his retirement, Gore quickly announces his candidacy for U.S. Representative from Tennessee’s Fourth District at the Smith County Courthouse in Carthage. On 2 Nov 1976 (Mars antardaśā)  Al Gore is elected to Congress. After the election he immediately begins to hold a series of town meetings across the district in order to stay in touch with his constituents, a practice he continued throughout his Congressional career.

Nov1978 (Rāhu antara), 1980 (Saturn antara), 1982 (Mercury antara)  Al Gore is reelected to Congress showing the manner in which the Moon continued to raise him in every antardaśā. In Ketu antardaśā (1983) on learning Tennessee Senator Howard Baker would not seek reelection, Gore declared his Senate candidacy. On 6 Nov 1984  (Moon daśā Venus antardaśā) Gore is elected to the U.S. Senate with more than 60% of the vote.

On 9 Jul 1992 (Mars daśā Sun antardaśā) Bill Clinton announced the selection of Al Gore as his vice-presidential running mate, suddenly returning Gore to the national stage. The vāyu tattva ‘Hanuman’ of the democrats had found his Ram. On 3 Nov 1992  (Mars daśā Moon antardaśā) Bill Clinton is elected president breaking all ‘conventional views’ that the pair should always be ‘north-south’ and ‘old-young’ for a winning combination. Clinton and Gore create a working partnership that established Gore as one of the most powerful vice presidents in U.S. history.

It is evident that the Mūla Moon in 4th pada is rejoicing the coming out from gaṇḍānta drekkāṇa (10°) of Sagittarius just as the Maharṣi taught. Yet there must be a sad side to everything like every coin having two faces – the intrinsic nature of mind and emotion. Vāyu tattva is governed by Saturn who is also significator (sthira kāraka) of elder siblings.

Al Gore’s only sibling, elder sister Nancy LaFon Gore Hunger died after a battle with lung cancer at 46 years. Nancy was born in 1938 and was ten years older than Al Gore. She met Frank Hunger in1959 (age 21) and they were married in the Gore farm in 1966. When Nancy was diagnosed with lung cancer in 1982, Frank flew her to Nashville for treatments. She died on 11 Jul 1984 when Al Gore was under Moon daśā Venus antardaśā. When Venus is in the 11th bhāva, then the elder sibling may not live long but the birth in 4th pada of Mūla indicates that the death will be a painful gradual separation as would be indicated by vāyu tattva (Saturn).

Al Gore has four children – Karenna Gore (b. 6 Aug 1973), Kristin Gore (b. 5 Jun 1977), Sarah Gore (b. 7 Jan 1979) and Albert Arnold Gore III (b. 19 Oct 1982). Al Gore III is the youngest child and only son and shares the name with his father and grandfather (see note on names and Mūla gaṇḍānta). As such this brings in tri-devī doṣa as a son is born after three daughters (Parāśara) which indicates danger to the life of the youngest.

On 3 Apr 1989 (Mars daśā Saturn antardaśā) as the Gores and their six-year-old son Albert were leaving a baseball game, Albert ran across the street to see his friend and was hit by a car. He was thrown 30 feet (9 m), and then traveled along the pavement for another 20 feet (6 m). Albert III was tended to by two nurses who happened to be present during the accident. The Gores spent the next month in the hospital. Gore also commented: “Our lives were consumed with the struggle to restore his body and spirit.” Later in August 1991, Gore announced that his son’s accident was a factor in his decision not to run for president during the 1992 presidential election. Moon in Mūla is the dispositor of the debilitated 5th lord Mars in Cancer lagna that conjoins Saturn and afflicts vāyu tattva.

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