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Mūla 1st Pada: Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen was born Carlos Irwin Estevez and is a top Hollywood actor. He was born as the third son of Martin Sheen. Sheen has two older brothers, Emilio Estevez and Ramon Estevez, and a younger sister, Renée Estevez, all actors and children of actor Martin Sheen and artist Janet Templeton. This is a typical chart of tri-deva doṣa where three sons are followed by one daughter.

Saturn is extremely well placed forming Sasa Mahāpuruṣa yoga which starts functioning from 10th year – that’s when he made an acting debut in “The Execution of Private Slovik”. Further, the tenth lord from the Moon is Mercury which is 5th lord from lagna placed in the 4th bhāva forming rājayoga and nipuṇa yoga with the 4th lord Sun. This yoga functions from a very young age. The natural rising of the Sun is the 21st year, which is when he appeared in “Wall Street” (1986). From the 22nd year (1987 – Platoon) his career rocketed into stardom. This coincided with Saturn daśā.

Chaturāśīti sama daśā (applicable if 10th lord is in 10th house by sign placement):
Jup:  1962-11-13  –  1974-11-13
Ven:  1974-11-13  –  1986-11-13
Sat:  1986-11-13  –  1998-11-13
Sun:  1998-11-13  –  2010-11-13
Moon:  2010-11-13  –  2022-11-13
Mars:  2022-11-13  –  2034-11-13
Merc:  2034-11-13  –  2046-11-14

Sarpa Yoga is formed by the presence of four malefic planets in kendra. They also form various rājayoga and mahāpuruṣa yoga giving success, recognition and wealth but the poison of the sarpa yoga would be terrible. All the rājayogas of Saturn (Sasa Mahāpuruṣa), Ketu (own sign Scorpio), Sun (mūlatrikoṇa Leo with nipuṇa yoga) and exalted Rāhu in lagna come with varying dose of poison. Mercury alone is given the task of fighting this yoga, which means family and friends come to the rescue.

He entered a drug and alcohol rehab clinic in August 1990 in Saturn daśā Moon antardaśā and should have moved in to permanent residency as the chandrāṣṭama with Moon in mūla gaṇḍānta threatens destruction of mind and body. Released in Mercury antardaśā, he hit the skids again in 1994, trashing five hotel rooms while flying high with booze and expensive designer-drugs. He entered detox in July 1994. The press reported that he exhibited highly unstable behavior.

Sarpa yoga gives a huge sexual appetite which is insatiable especially when triggered and supported by chandrāṣṭama and mūla gaṇḍānta. Charlie has estimated his sexual encounters at approximately 5,000 women. Not only that, at Heidi Fleiss’ pandering trial, he testified that he had paid over $50,000 for sexual services from Heidi’s girls from 1991-1993 (Moon and Mars antardaśā). He was arraigned on battery charges on 24 Feb 1997 (Venus antardaśā). On 20 May 1998 he complained of tingling sensations and difficulty walking when in reality it was drug overdose. He has never been able to finish a detox program – that’s the problem with sarpa yoga, you have to focus on the single natural benefic in kendra else everything in the chart falls through.

Sheen has been married three times and has five children, including one with his former high school girlfriend, Paula Profit. On 6 Jun 2001, his 16-year-old daughter Cassandra was arrested at a Los Angeles clothing boutique on burglary charges.

His first marriage with model Donna Peele on 3 Sep1995 (Saturn daśā Jupiter antardaśā) lasted five weeks and they divorced on 19 Nov 1996.

He and Denise Richards married on 15 Jun 2002[1] and their daughter Sam, was born March 9, 2004 at 10:57 PM in Los Angeles. On 2 Mar 2005 Denise Richards pregnant with their second child, filed for divorce accusing Sheen of alcohol and drug abuse and threats of violence. Daughter Lola was born on “Wednesday night” 1 Jun 2005 in Los Angeles. The divorce was finalized in November 2006.

Sheen married Brooke Mueller on 30 May 2008, who later gave birth to their twin sons, Bob and Max on 14 Mar 2009, who were six weeks premature. Venus can protect premature delivery in the 7th month. On Christmas morning of 2009 Brooke called the emergency police line claiming he was threatening her with a knife. Sheen was arrested at 11:20 AM that morning in Aspen, CO. Their divorce became final in Feb 2011.

As of March 2011, Sheen was concurrently living with pornographic actress Bree Olson and model and graphic designer Natalie Kenly, whom he collectively nicknamed his “goddesses”. It is obvious that the effects of the sarpa yoga are still very strong and chandrāṣṭama with mūla gaṇḍānta makes him a dangerous at night when the demons of mūla nakṣatra possess his consciousness. Like Anthony Hopkins he has already had three ‘official marriages’ if we can count the five week first marriage.

[1] between 8:05 and 8:10 PM, Brentwood, CA. Time from Dori Sippel who played viola at the wedding – source: Astro-Databank.

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  1. i have 4 melefics is kendra its showing sarp yoga in jagannath hora, i also have saturn creating sash – panchmahapurush yoga and rahu is in lagna with moon creating pushkara navmansh

    so what is the remedy for this situation ???

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