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Zola Budd Barefoot

Aśleṣā 3rd Pada: Zola Budd

South African-British athlete called the world’s fastest woman. A wisp of a girl at 5’2″ and 83 pounds, she proved herself a distance runner of world-class when she broke Mary Decker’s record.

However, the Moon is in Aśleṣā nakṣatra at 23°21’ in the 3rd pada. This is not Abhukta portion (last 0°50’) of the nakṣatra and danger to life may not exist. However, for a female nativity, this shows “Danger to Father, Patri-lineage” besides danger to “female in-laws”. Zola Budd became long estranged with her father who was later murdered. It was alleged that he was a homosexual. Agni doṣa associated with the 3rd pada of Aśleṣā, shows up in a queer manner with her father turning homosexual and finally being murdered. This Aśleṣā Gaṇḍānta 3rd pada doṣa is substantiated by natural father significator Sun being afflicted by Mars, Rāhu and bādhakeśa Mercury forming a curse combination.

The terrible affliction to 9th house and significator Sun did not end there. Agni tattva rules politics and 9th house afflictions bring in a negative world or destiny factor. Zola’s future at international competition was seriously jeopardized when South Africa was excluded from virtually all major international events because of apartheid. Buffeted by the politics surrounding her African nationality and suffering from nervous exhaustion, she withdrew from sports in May 1988 in Venus daśā Mars antardaśā. Mars rules agni tattva. The affliction ended her track record.

In Venus daśā Rāhu antardaśā she married businessman Mike Pieterse (1989) and had a daughter Lisa in Venus daśā Saturn antardaśā (1995). In April 2006 (Sun daśā Mercury antardaśā) Budd filed for divorce after her husband allegedly moved in with a semi-finalist in the Mrs. United Nations South Africa beauty pageant. The couple later reconciled. The Aśleṣā doṣa pursue her relentlessly.
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2 thoughts on “Zola Budd

  1. Hrim Gurave Namah

    dear Guruji namaste
    interesting indeed, Im learning new topics in every example,
    what would be appropriate remedy here for Asl. naksatra problem ? Worship agni devata?

    Sincerely yours
    Rozi Taman

    1. Gandanta Puja is a good remedy. Worshipping the Nakshatra devata is another remedy. For aslesha nakshatra it is Sarpa Devata. There are nine Sarpa devata based on different planets (Sun to Ketu). These are defined by the sloka.
      Anantho Vasukee Seshaha Padmanaabhascha Kambalaha
      Sankhapaalo Dhaatharaastraha Takshaka Kaaliyasthatha
      Ethaani Navanaamaani Nagaanaam cha Mahaatmanaam
      Saayamkaale pateth nityam praathakaale

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