Ukraine UN-Peace Deal

The BBC reported that marathon peace negotiations have resulted in a new ceasefire deal for eastern Ukraine in the Belarusian capital Minsk. The 16-hour talks went on through the night, between Russian President Vladimir Putin, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. We all know that a previous Minsk ceasefire deal collapsed within days of its signing on 5 Sep 2014 and there was heavy fighting just hours before this one as if telling the negotiators that “the ink in which this deal needs to be signed is human blood”. The Ukrainian army and pro-Russian rebels controlling a big swathe of Donetsk and Luhansk regions are busy bombarding each other continuously so long as missile supplies last.

Heavy weapons to be withdrawn, beginning on 16 February and completed in two weeks – beyond a buffer zone behind the current front line for Ukrainian forces and behind the September front line for separatist forces
All prisoners to be released; amnesty for those involved in fighting
Withdrawal of all foreign troops and weapons from Ukrainian territory. Disarmament of all illegal groups
Ukraine to allow resumption of normal life in rebel areas, by lifting restrictions
Constitutional reform to enable decentralisation for rebel regions by the end of 2015
Ukraine to control border with Russia if conditions met by the end of 2015
First take a look at the official ground map issued by Ukraine National Security & Defence Council. It still shows Crimea as a part of Ukraine while the world knows that it is no longer a part and has become an independent country.
Now the only thing to note is that the 12-point plan of September 2014 has been reduced to an 11-point plan of Feb-2015. That’s one point less in about six months besides it has to look different so that the world gets the temporary euphoria that some serious negotiations happened through the night between Angela Markel (Germany) and Vladimir Putin (Russia). Now don’t get me wrong here – everyone wants some peace and quiet, but nobody is addressing the main issue. Pro-Russian rebels have signed the peace agreement but the key issues remain to be settled, including the situation in Debaltseve. Therefore it is evident that this was a useless negotiation as the real negotiator, the United States, was missing from the table. Face the truth – if Europe was capable of finding peace within, then the world would not have seen two world wars. They tie themselves in all sorts of multi-diplomacy knots that finally squeezes them to get at each other’s throats.

And our jyotiṣa says that the days of the defeated-combusted Jupiter have not yet finished. Refer to the previous article. So why should there be any change?

Look at their eyes: Who will blink first - Russia vs. Ukraine
Who will blink first – Russia vs. Ukraine

European leaders have warned Russia that it could face additional sanctions if the agreement is not respected. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the deal offered “a glimmer of hope”, but also warned that “it is very important that words are followed by actions” as if something inside her, like an inner voice, told her that nothing is going to happen.

Shortly after the deal President Obama said that they are considering to supply arms to Ukraine if the deal fails and Putin retorted that “it would be a serious mistake”. The world must be really stupid to actually believe that a deal of any kind was going to happen – or at least the media would have us believe so.

Jupiter daśā Jupiter antara and Venus pratyantara from 7 Jan 2015 to 16 May 2015 is a decidedly dangerous phase for Ukraine with both planets Jupiter and Venus being combusted in the Sun. Combustion means burning, deaths and disaster – and that is where all this is heading. We must give credit to President Obama who for all this time has withstood heavy pressure from the Republicans and others and has kept the US out of this European conflict. But there are ample signs that the pressure from within the Democratic Party may be tough to withstand. There is every likelihood of the US entering the conflict and if that happens this ‘Fire in Ukraine’ caused by the combustion of Jupiter will burn for the remaining part (15 years) of Jupiter daśā. Supplying arms is like throwing wood inside a burning fire with the hope that it will contain it!

Correct Chart

Based on the inputs of Constantin (see comments), we have a different time which changes the Navamsa Lagna to Libra thereby completely changing the destiny chart of the Nation. The previous time of 5:31 PM had Leo Lagna with the navamsa lagna being in the same sign as the battle ground sign of the Rashi chart – which meant that the battle was going to destroy the nation. However this time with the navamsa lagna in Libra shows that the battle ground sign ‘leo’ is in the badhaka rashi from navamsa lagna and will cause considerable damage but then Venus has the ‘fire-fighting power’ Venus is the natural fire-fighter of the zodiac and can fight the fires of Leo.
I would prefer a time of 5:57′ PM as that would give the pranapada lagna in trines to navamsa Moon.

Since Venus is now doing the fire-fighting job, its period from Nov 2014 to 2 Apr, 2015 is the only window of hope to bring forth peace in the region. Thereafter the Sun comes and it can blow hot again. It is imperative that the Ukranians realise that they can love both Germany and Russia … why hate, and that too your own brothers!

11 thoughts on “Ukraine UN-Peace Deal

  1. Dear Sanjayji, please make update as soon as possible. The situation in Ukraine is really bad. On the one hand economic crises (Ukrainian currency lost 400%!!!) is falling down from the other hand war. many people think about emigration. We are really need your support. Thank you! Hare Krishna!

  2. Dear Sanjayji, the correct time is 5:55-5:56 PM approximately which gives navamsha in Libra. So is it this period of Libra a period of hope for us? I admire your lectures and would like to hear more about Ukraine’s future.

  3. President Yanukovich ran from Kyiv 2014-02-22. It is Jup-Jup-Sat-Mer (for 17:57). Mer is Lord 10 house. Mer and Jup are in planet’s war. But who is winner? You wrote winner is Mer. But Uttara Kalamrita said in sec2 sloka 16 1/2- 17 1/2 that winner is planet with more latitude (more North).

  4. The Ukraine Time or Kyiv(Kiev) Time is GMT+2 plus Summe Time . It has started since 1990.
    Session of Parliament started from 10 a.p.
    I researched that day by documents and found that time may be from 17:56 to 18:00.

  5. Dear Sanjay Rath!
    I am from Ukraine and I saw time of Independence when Verhovna Rada (parlament) voted. This time is correct, for example sookshma-antardasha Sat from 2015-02-02 to 2015-02-22 – there is down ukraine’s currency – hrivna.
    Rest Regards,

    1. OK but what is Ukraine Time? 14:56 GMT would be 17:56 i.e. 5:56’PM … OK so that is the time the exact voting happened. When did that particular session of Parliament start? I have taken that time previously at 5:31PM but I will correct the time now. Thank You

  6. 1.The chart of Ukraine is 14:56 GMT!
    2.Venus pratyantara from Nov-Mar.
    3.Jupiter – 64th navamsha & 22th drekkana!

    1. Oh my god! That means even greater evil than what I anticipated. Thank you for the time correction. Can you tell me what should be the exact local time as I have been using 5:31 PM. Which gives Lagna at 14deg 58min Sg.
      This link given at AstrodataBank also speaks of a later time
      After the break, at 5:55 p.m., the Supreme Soviet of Ukraine voted 321 to 2, with 6 abstentions, out of 360, for the Act of Declaration of the Independence of Ukraine and the creation of an independent Ukrainian state – Ukraine. At 6 p.m., the Ukrainian Parliament voted 346 to 1, with 3 abstentions (out of 362), for the resolution declaring Ukraine an independent, democratic state, effective immediately, and calling for a republican referendum on December 1.
      My Question for you Constantin: Can you confirm if the time was 5:31 or 5:55 or 6:00 PM?

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