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There is no fun is passing through a daśā of a ‘defeated, combust lagneśa’. The brave Sagittarius is picking up its arms in a show of strength but that is such a foolish show of strength. This is looking very bad as the daśā Jupiter and antara Venus are both combust – meaning there is a lot of anger in their decisions, and they are not thinking straight.

Venus represents the inimical thoughts, and this is coming from Taurus showing family. There are old family bonds across the border and that must be accounted for.  As such Venus indicates the most cultured and emotional people who are willing to sacrifice their everything for their near and dear ones. This is so true about Russians as during WWII they took the heaviest losses and just sang sad songs with vodka.

It is unwise to underestimate the opposite side as in the graha yuddha between Mercury (bādhaka-foreign) ⚔Jupiter (Lagneśa-Ukraine) – clearly Jupiter, i.e. Ukraine is defeated and combust. Too much fire is not good for the people. Lagneśa in 9th bhāva shows very independent people and that is also true about Mercury and the Sun and Venus – all thinking very strongly and unwilling to listen to others. Not fair – there are a lot of poor people who will suffer the consequences.

This daśā of Jupiter-Venus from Sep 2021 – May 2024 is going to be very provocative largely due to Venusian emotions of family and kin. The specific period from April – July 2022 is very dangerous for Ukraine.


The rudrāṁśa d11 picture is worse with Jupiter as the lagna and 10th lord and Venus as the 8th lord – planets associated with the āyus bhāva (1, 10, 8) are always very dangerous.

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    1. Yes. dispositor of the farcical yoga is the Sun showing that the trigger was a third party and not really the two warring factions. If only they could have exercised some restraint in their speech. Threatening Russia was not a smart move

  1. Did Sanjay Rath personally write this article?
    I specialy liked it – This is so true about Russians as during WWII they took the heaviest losses and just sand sad songs with vodka.
    Or will someone disgrace the maestro?
    I’m waiting for an answer or I’ll write to him personally!

  2. Real date of birth of Ukraine is 24.08.1991 18:16 GMT, not 14:59 GMT when independence was declared nationwide on television, not protocol date at papers.

  3. What date of birth was taken for Ukraine? Official date at papers of TV/RADIO declaration?

    Not russians but ukrainians and ukrainian citizens take hugest losses at WW2, that was defensive war, also hugest jew comunity was at Ukraine 10% of populatuon and 30-50% of town/population, for today there is places for hasidic orthodoxal piligrims.

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