India Tithi Pravesh 2008

Indian Independence chart

India entered the maraka antardasha of Ketu in Venus dasha from 4 July 2008 and within a few months we have been constantly troubled by terrorists culminating in the war on Mumbai on 26 November.

The pratyantara dasha of Moon, the third lord of the chart indicates that the trouble came from neighbours and from the water. Retaliation is expected in Rahu pratyantara from 29 Dec 2008 to 1 March 2009. As such the present antardasha till September 2009 is not very favourable for India and we have to pass through many challenges in this war against terror. Let us be brave and gear up for the challenges ahead.
Tithi Pravesha is a traditional method of determining the fortunes for a year. The Sun must return to its natal sign as the aditya (form of entity) does not change and the angular displacement of the Moon from the Sun i.e. the tithi is exactly the same as at birth.

TP 1971

Jupiter rises in Scorpio promising a great year under the constant vigil and protection of Lord SHiva. Saturn is in the 7th house as the lord of the 3rd and 4th houses having digbala and promising great blessings from Varuna god of the waters and digpala of the western direction. This is also an unmada yoga causing initial shocks and challenges and great exhilaration in the end. Unmada refers to the uncontrolled extreme exhibition of emotions and is a kind if mental imbalance which is very favourable for any sort of war or battle. A similar combination of Jupiter in the first house and Mars in the seventh house results in terrible financial suffering and loss of position initially and rajayoga in the end of the battle as is seen in the chart of Shri Rama.

The Indo-Pak War of 1971 was an armed conflict on India’s western front during the period Dec 3 – 16, 1971 as well as the Bangladesh Liberation war in the eastern front.
Vimsottari Dasa (started from Moon):
Sat MD:  1971-10-25  –  1971-12-25
Antardasas in this MD:
Sat:  1971-10-25  –  1971-11-03
Merc:  1971-11-03  –  1971-11-12
Ket:  1971-11-12  –  1971-11-16
Ven:  1971-11-16  –  1971-11-26
Sun:  1971-11-26  –  1971-11-29
Moon:  1971-11-29  –  1971-12-03
Mars:  1971-12-03  –  1971-12-07
Rah:  1971-12-07  –  1971-12-17
Jup:  1971-12-17  –  1971-12-25
The war started with various battles with the advent of Saturn dasha and reached a climax during the Mars antardasha when Pakistan attacked India on Dec 3, 1971 (note the exact date). With the advent of Rahu antardasha on 7 Dec 1971 India gave a crushing blow and the war ended with the end of the Rahu antardasha on 16 Dec 1971. Thereafter Jupiter antardasha in Saturn dasha was a period of great jubilation for India and Bangladesh as a new nation was formed out of east Pakistan. In addition to Saturn and Jupiter, note the placement of Mars and Rahu in the 3rd house from lagna and 11th house from aruòha lagna. Pakistani aggression took place when the Sun was in Sagittarius in trines to måtyupada (A8 in Leo).
The conjunction of Jupiter and Rahu in a duñthana in the navaàsha confirms that India will cause many deaths during the periods of Rahu. Here this is in the 12th house indicating that the deaths will be due to Indian retaliation.
Note the transit Rahu in Capricorn and Ketu in Cancer. After so many years we have an exactly similar nodal return with Rahu in Capricorn and Ketu in Cancer. Let us examine the TP 2008 Chart.

Tithi Pravesha 2008

Just as in the previous chart Saturn is in the 7th house with digbala showing the blessings of Varuna devata and the power of the noose. Someone is going to hang, let us try to find out who this is. The combination of Mars and Saturn in the 7th house is Yama yoga which destroys the 7th house implying that the relationship with one of our neighbours (Mars is 3rd lord) is going to be permanently destroyed. This can happen in the case of (a) complete estrangement or (b) Pakistan as a single entity becomes history and we have two or more new countries like say Panjab and Baluchisthan in its place. Mars is in Marana Karaka sthana indicating the possibility of the latter option is strong, especially since Yama the god of after-life, is involved and has as powerful a noose like Varuna.
The combination of four planets in the 6th house spells many troubles for India, especially since Venus is in marana karaka sthana indicating troubles in business and finance (Mercury) and in hotels and travels (Venus). This is more during their dasha –
Vimsottari Dasa (started from Moon):
Maha Dasas:
Rah:  2008-06-07  –  2008-07-31
Jup:  2008-07-31  –  2008-09-17
Sat:  2008-09-17  –  2008-11-12
Merc:  2008-11-12  –  2009-01-01
Ket:  2009-01-01  –  2009-01-21
Ven:  2009-01-21  –  2009-03-22
Sun:  2009-03-22  –  2009-04-08
Moon:  2009-04-08  –  2009-05-07
Mars:  2009-05-07  –  2009-05-28
The war on Mumbai which targeted tourism and travels occurred in Mercury dasha Venus antardasha. Mercury is very malefic as it has parivartana yoga with the Moon and loses the beneficence of its 5th house lordship. Mercury behaves like the lord of 6th and 8th house and the carrier of disease and strife bringing in serious financial downturns during its periods. This is a Mercury CURSE as it is the 8th lord, conjoins the atmakaraka Venus and is aspected/conjoined three malefic planets Sun, Ketu and Rahu besides Venus in marana karaka sthana. There is no respite as Jupiter does not aspect it.
Vimsottari Dasa (started from Moon):
Merc MD:  2008-11-12  –  2009-01-01
Antardasas in this MD:
Merc:  2008-11-12  –  2008-11-18
Ket:  2008-11-18  –  2008-11-21
Ven:  2008-11-21  –  2008-11-30    War on Mumbai (Terrorist attacks)
Sun:  2008-11-30  –  2008-12-03    Politicians tongue in cheek disease
Moon:  2008-12-03  –  2008-12-07  India firms its mind
Mars:  2008-12-07  –  2008-12-10      Yama is dancing again!
Rah:  2008-12-10  –  2008-12-16
Jup:  2008-12-16  –  2008-12-23
Sat:  2008-12-23  –  2009-01-01    Varuna tightens noose
There is a small window for India to retaliate and this is the Ketu dasha from Jan 1 – 21, 2009. If India does not retaliate in this time, the next dasha of Venus will spell doom for the tourism and travel industry. Ketu in the 10th house in the navaàsha shows the power of Satya Narayana and there can be nothing more deadly than Ketu in 3rd or 6th house in battle.
There be a lot to rejoice for after 22 Mar 2009 when the Sun shines. People will be in a very jubilant mood in the Moon dasha which is giving the results of 5th house due to parivartana yoga with Mercury between 8 Apr 2009 and 7 May 2009.

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