Nakshatra Tables

Nakshatra (Sanskrit: नक्षत्र, IAST: Nakṣatra) is the term for lunar mansion in Hindu astrology. A nakshatra is one of 27 (or 28[ref]Intercalary nakshatra Abhijit for Hari[/ref]) sectors along the ecliptic. Their names are related to the most prominent asterisms. n classical Hindu mythology (Mahabharata, Harivamsa), the creation of the nakshatras is attributed to Daksha. They are personified as daughters of Daksa prajapati and as mythological wives of Chandra, the Moon god, since the Moon covers one nakshatra per day. Longevity of all creatures is associated with their janma nakshatra due to prana-vayu coming from these stars.
Names and Lordhips of the Nakshatra, especially the planetary rulership based on Vimsottari Dasa.
The inter-calary nakshatra Abhijit is ruled by the Sun as the major part of Abhijit is in Uttarasadha nakshatra which is ruled by the Sun.

S.No. Nakshatra/Asterism Pada (Quarter) (3 Deg20′ each) Rasi: Sign Planetary Lord-ship (Vimsottari) Deity
1. Aswini 4 padas Aries (Mesh) Ketu Aswini Kumar
2. Bharani 4 padas Aries Venus Yama
3. Krittika 1 pada Aries Sun Agni
Krittika 3 padas Taurus (Vrishaba)
4. Rohini 4 padas Taurus Moon Brahma (Prajapati)
5. Mrigasira 2 padas Taurus Mars Soma (Candra)
Mrigasira 2 padas Gemini (Mithuna)
6. Ardra 4 padas Gemini Rahu Rudra
7. Punarvasu 3 padas Gemini Jupiter Aditi
Punarvasu 1 pada Cancer (Kark)
8. Pusya 4 padas Cancer Saturn Brhaspati
9. Aslesha 4 padas Cancer Mercury Sarpa
10. Makha 4 padas Leo (Simha) Ketu Pitri
11. Poorva Phalguni 4 padas Leo Venus Bhaga
12. Uttar Phalguni 1 pada Leo Sun Aryama
Uttar Phalguni 3 padas Virgo (Kanya)
13. Hasta 4 padas Virgo Moon Savitur
14. Chitra 2 padas Virgo Mars Tvasta
Chitra 2 padas Libra (Thula)
15. Swati 4 padas Libra Rahu Vayu
16. Visakha 3 padas Libra Jupiter Indra-agni
Visakha 1 pada Scorpio (Vrischika)
17. Anuradha 4 padas Scorpio Saturn Mitra
18. Jyestha 4 padas Scorpio Mercury Indra
19. Moola 4 padas Sagittarius (Dhanus) Ketu Rakshasa
20. Poorva Ashada 4 padas Sagittarius Venus Apa
21. Uttar Ashada 1 pada Sagittarius Sun Visvadeva
Uttar Ashada 3 padas Capricorn (Makar)
22. Sravana 4 padas Capricorn Moon Vishnu (Hari)
23. Dhanista 2 padas Capricorn Mars Vasu
Dhanista 2 padas Aquarius (Kumbha)
24. Satabhisaj 4 padas Aquarius Rahu Varuna
25. Poorvabhadrapada 3 padas Aquarius Jupiter Ajaikapad
Poorvabhadrapada 1 pada Pisces (Meena)
26. Uttarabhadrapada 4 padas Pisces Saturn Ahirbudhanya
27. Revati 4 padas Pisces Mercury Pushan

Nakshatra basics

# Name Meaning Stars Shape/Symbol Guna Caste Goal Gana Sex
1 Aswini The horsemen 3 Horses head Rajas Vaisya dharma Deva M
2 Bharani the bearers 3 female sexual organ Tamas Outcaste artha Manusya F
3 Krittika razor/cutter 6 dagger/razor Sattva Brahmin kama Raksasa F
4 Rohini ruddy cow, red, growing 5 chariot Rajas Sudra moksa Manusya M?
5 Mrigashira dear or antelope’s head 3 head or a deer Tamas Servant moksa Deva N
6 Ardra the moist 1 tear drop, gem Sattva Butcher kama Manusya F
7 Punurvasu return of the light and goods, 4/5 quiver/ house, bow Rajas Vaisya artha Deva M
8 Pushyami nourisher, flower, the best 3 teat of cow, arrow, flower Tamas Ksatriya dharma Deva M
9 Aslesha entwiner, embracer, intimate connection 5/6 wheel, serpant Sattva Outcaste dharma Raksasa F
10 Magha beneficent, mighty 5 throne, palanquin, royal court Rajas Sudra artha Raksasa F
11 PurvaPhalguni previous red one 2/8 legs of a cot, stage Tamas Brahmin kama Manusya F
12 UttaraPhalguni later red one 2 bed, legs of a cot Sattva Ksatriya moksa Manusya F
13 Hasta hand 5 closed hand Rajas Vaisya moksa Deva M
14 Chitra brilliant, distinguished 1 pearl Tamas Servant kama Raksasa F
15 Svati independent, sword 1 coral, sapphire Sattva Butcher artha Deva F
16 Vishaka branched, forked branches 4/5 leaf decked triumphal gate, potters wheel Rajas Outcaste dharma Raksasa F
17 Anuradha subsequent success, following Radha 4 Bali (heap of rice), umbrella Tamas Sudra dharma Deva M
18 Jyesta the eldest 3 kundal (ear Ring), umbrella, talisman Sattva Servant artha Raksasa F?
19 Moola root, commencement 11 tail of lion, crouching line Rajas Butcher kama Raksasa N
20 Purva Ashada earlier victory 2 hand fan, winnowing basket, tusk, square Tamas Brahmin moksa Manusya F
21 Uttara Ashada later victory 2/8 machan, elephant tusk, square Sattva Ksatriya moksa Manusya F
22 Sravana famous, hearing 3 3 footprints, arrow Rajas Outcaste artha Deva M
23 Dhanishta very rich, very swift 4/5 mridanga (drum) Tamas Servant dharma Raksasa F
24 Shatabishak 100 medicines or doctors 100 circle, flower Sattva Butcher dharma Raksasa N
25 Purva Bhadra earlier auspicious one 2 double faced man, stage, machan, legs of a cot Rajas Brahmin artha Manusya M
26 Uttara Bhadra later auspicious one 2/8 last bed, legs of a cot two joined men Tamas Ksatriya artha Manusya M
27 Revati rich, wealthy 32 mridanga (drum), fish Sattva Sudra moksa Deva F

Power of the Nakshatra (Read Dr.David Frawley)

# Nakshatra Deity Shakti Basis Above Basis Below Result
1 Aswinni Ashwins-the twin horseman quickly reaching things those to be healed healing therapies world becomes free from disease
2 Bharani Yama- Death take things away removal of life from the body carrying the soul to the ancestral realm moving on to the next world
3 Krittika Agni- Fire to burn heat light burning or purification
4 Rohini Prajapati-lord of creation growth plants waters creation
5 Mrigashira Soma-god of immortality giving fulfillment extension weaving make the world enjoyable
6 Ardra Rudra-god of storm effort hunting or searching reaching the goal brings about achievement
7 Punurvasu Aditi-mother of the Gods ability to gain wealth or substance wind or air wetness or rain revitalization of plants
8 Pushyami Brihaspati- teacher of the Devas create spiritual energy sacrificial worship the worshipper creation of spiritual energy
9 Aslesha Sarpa-serpent inflict with poison approach of the serpant trembling and agitation destruction of the victim
10 Magha the Pitris-the Ancestral Fathers leave the body mourning leaving the body death
11 PurvaPhalguni Aryaman- god of contracts & union, Sun as friend, beloved procreation wife, female partner husband, male partner creation of the fetus
12 UttaraPhalguni Bhaga-the Sun as bliss giving of prosperity through union or marriage wealth gained from one’s own family wealth gained from one’s partner and their family accumulation of wealth
13 Hasta Savitar-Sun as inspiration gain what one is seeking and place it in one’s hands seeking of gain process of gaining puts what one wishes to gain in one’s hand
14 Chitra Vishvakarma- divine architect accumulate merit in life law truth gain honor in one’s work
15 Svati Vayu-Wind scatter like the wind moving in various directions change of form transformation
16 Vishaka Indragni-gods of lightning and fire achieve many and various fruits plowing or cultivation harvest fruit of the harvest
17 Anuradha Mitra-divine friend, lord of compassion worship ascension descent honor and abundance
18 Jyesta Indra-god of thunder rise or conquer, and gain courage in battle attack defense one becomes a hero
19 Moola Nirritti- goddess of disaster, Alaksmi to ruin or destroy breaking things apart crushing things the power to destroy (can destroy destruction)
20 Purva Ashada Apas-goddess of Waters invigoration strength connection gain of luster
21 Uttara Ashada Vishvadevas-Universal Gods grant an unchallengeable victory strength to win the goal that one can win becomes unchallenged winner
22 Sravana Vishnu- the Pervader connection seeking the paths connection of all things
23 Dhanishta Vasus-gods of Light and Abundance give abundance and fame birth prosperity bringing people together
24 Shatabishak Varuna-god of Cosmic Waters healing pervasion over all support of all world freed of calamity
25 Purva Bhadra Aja Ekapada- one footed serpant, horned goat, unicorn gives the fire to raise one worshipping up in life what is good for all people what is good for the gods support the entire world
26 Uttara Bhadra Ahir Budhya- dragon of the Depths of the atmosphere bringing of the rain raining clouds growing of planets stability of the three worlds
27 Revati Pushan- Sun as nourisher, protector, fosterer nourishment, symbolized by milk cows calves nourishment of the entire world

Nakshatra Articles

# Nakshatra Miscellaneous Articles Misc*
1 Aswinni conveyances, horses,
2 Bharani wells, husky grains, cereals, birth star of Rahu
3 Krittika mantra, music, white flower, birth star of Chandra
4 Rohini beasts of forests, rose apple, gems, ornaments, mountain, cows, bulls aquatic animals, beauty parlor, the market birth star of Chandra
5 Mrigashira fruits, Catechu plant, fragrant articles, birds, garments, aquatic products, flowers, gems, beasts, perfumes, brewery, mango, juices, tastes, crops
6 Ardra fort, husky grains, belleric myrobalan (baheda), heavy rains
7 Punurvasu weapons, best of grains (Kalama paddy),
8 Pushyami sugarcane, barley, wheat, rice, holy fig tree (Peepal), forest, water tanks, flowers
9 Aslesha artificial articles, liquid, husky grains, bulbs, roots, fruits, insects, reptiles, poison, herbs, worms, aquatic objects or animals, snakes birth star of Ketu
10 Magha corns, granaries, non-vegetarian food, birth star of Venus
11 PurvaPhalguni salt, fire, butea frondosa (palash), commodities, oil, cotton, honey, kids, money exchangers, fried food birth star of Guru
12 UttaraPhalguni elephants, stone, fire, corns, holy tree (plaksha), fine grains (kalama rice), jaggery, salt (Venus-ruins the beings in the Jangala regions- where there is little water) birth star of Guru
13 Hasta neem tree, ornaments, commodities, husky grains, elephants,
14 Chitra coconut, corns for royal use, birds, painted vessels, women
15 Svati elephant, green gram, Arjun tree (arjun terminalia), birds, beast, horses, grains that produce gas, deer, vegatables, birth control
16 Vishaka cotton, stone, trees with red blossoms and fruits, sesame, black, green and Bengal gram, gram, saffron, lac, crops, madder, safflower birth star of Sun
17 Anuradha wool and hide articles, ornaments, horses, vehicles, games, mimusops elengi (bakula), all things growing in the Autumn, birth star of Sun
18 Jyesta wealth, buffaloes, fir, weapons, groups or seminaries, elite families, trade guilds
19 Moola opposite or reversed, seeds, weapons, agriculture, medicines, fruits, herbs
20 Purva Ashada fire, fruits, aquatic flowers and fruits, aquatic animals, birth star of Mars
21 Uttara Ashada elephant, horses, stone, commerce, immovable things like trees, diseases birth star of Mars
22 Sravana medicinal plant (Aak), conveyance, birth star of Mercury
23 Dhanishta ornaments, birth star of Mercury
24 Shatabishak water creatures, things thriving in water, neulea orientalis (kandab), aquatic products, ropes, nets,
25 Purva Bhadra mango tree, animal husbandry, fire,
26 Uttara Bhadra elephant, stone, lemon, fine/valuable corns, roots and fruits, gold, women
27 Revati things produced in water, conches, ornament, bassia latifolia (mahua), fruits, salt, pearls, gems, flowers (fragrant), lotuses, perfumes, autumnal crops birth star of Saturn
* Harihar Majumdar Phalita Jyotish Part I (Fasting on days of planets and graha mantras if this is your birth star)
Note: Those in italic are derived from Brihat Samhita through a study of transit effects, the other indications are directly stated from other works.

2 thoughts on “Nakshatra Tables

  1. Respected Sir,

    I find the 27 nakshatras are located in 19 constellations as follows.

    No. Constellation Nakshatras
    1 Aries Aswini, Bharani
    2 Taurus Krithika, Rohini
    3 Orion Mrigashira, Ardra
    4 Gemini Punarvasu
    5 Cancer Pushya
    6 Hydra Ashlesha
    7 Leo Magha, Purva Phalguni, Uthara Phalguni
    8 Corvus Hastha
    9 Virgo Chithra
    10 Bootes Swathi
    11 Libra Visakha
    12 Scorpius Anuradha, Jyeshta, Moola
    13 Sagittarius Purva Ashada, Uthara Ashada
    14 Aquila Shravana
    15 Delphinus Dhanishta
    16 Aquarius Sathabhisha
    17 Pegasus Purva Bhadrapada, Uthara Bhadrapada Part
    18 Andromeda Uthara Bhadrapada
    19 Pisces Revathi

    It does not match with what we practice. Any clue sir?


    M Peethamber

    1. This is not Jyotish. A lot of people are taking astrology and then making khichdi like this and add word Vedic …so this becomes Vedic Astrology. Please this is not jyotish. Leave it and learn the proper science

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