Sun in Aśvinī

Aśvinī nakṣatra extends from 0°00’ – 13°20’ in Aries and has four pada indicating the four ayana of life.

No. Position Navāṁśa Tattva Ayana D1 Lord D9 Lord
Pada 1 Ar 0° – Ar 3°20’ Aries Agni Dharma Mars Mars
Pada 2 Ar 3°20’ – Ar 6°40’ Taurus Pṛthvi Artha Mars Venus
Pada 3 Ar 6°40’ – Ar 10° Gemini Vāyu Kāma Mars Mercury
Pada 4 Ar 10° – Ar 13°20’ Cancer Jala Mokṣa Mars Moon



Planetary Relationship with the Sun in Aśvinī nakṣatra:

  • Moon: Nature of the native is cruel and his eyes are large and always red.
  • Mercury: the native lives his life peacefully and has an admirable, amicable personality
  • Jupiter: the native enjoys a long life and is a politician.
  • Venus: the native is always engrossed in luxuries and is constantly seeking enjoyments and comforts.
  • Saturn: the native is underprivileged, ignored, and unfortunate. He may be abandoned by parents or kinsmen and is brought up by another.

Pada Placement

If the Sun is in the first pada then the native is long lived but behaves like an old man, maybe very traditional. He is a soft speaker, and enjoys his life with the pleasurable company of spouse and children. If the Sun is in the very first degree of Aries (0°-1° i.e. saṅkrānti birth), then he will suffer from bone related diseases. The bhāva of the Sun shall indicate the part of the body which is very afflicted. There will be problems associated with father or the native suffers separation from father.

If the Sun is in the second pada then the native is not in good condition and suffers from various health problems and other afflictions until 8 years of age. Generally, the Sun gives good results in Aśvinī nakṣatra but if the Sun is in the second pada then these good effects of exaltation are absent due to pada doṣa (of second pada) as the Sun is in a navāṁśa owned by Venus. The native may be subject to inexplicable torment from dangerous things like black magic, evil incantations etc. He may also suffer a curse from an unknown person or a curse to an elder may get directed to him. Such a curse triggers his downfall time and again and he suffers various setbacks. Gradually, surprising turn of events bring good fortune and prosperity provided he has the courage and enterprise to take the opportunity. If not, then he can suffer from acute poverty and even become a beggar. He may be forced by circumstances to leave his home and country. Even the association of the Moon with the Sun cannot remedy the situation. However, the association of the Mars with the Sun will give the courage and enterprise necessary to seize the opportunities that lead to good fortune.

If the Sun is in the third pada then the native will be wealthy and prosperous but longevity is threatened i.e. short life is indicated by the Sun placement. In addition, he also has poor health. Very often he becomes violent and can express a mean streak.

Pada 4
If the Sun is in the fourth pada then Native is respected, intelligent, prosperous and leader of his society. He has popularity at national level. He is spiritual. His heart is filled with good thoughts. He fulfills all responsibilities in time and with excellence. He has have to live out of country or place of birth for work or position. His luck changes in old age. If the Sun is in the eleventh (10°-11°) or twelfth (11°-12°) degree of Aśvinī nakṣatra then it gives better results.


In the chart of Adolf Hitler, Sun is in Asvini Naksatra Pada-3 which promises rajayoga but poor health and longevity. Hitler had suffered from digestive problems his entire life. Since childhood he’d been prone to crippling, painful stomach cramps during times of emotional distress. By the time he’d reached his early 40s, the cramping had become more frequent, often accompanied by violent bouts of farting, along with alternate bouts of diarrhea and constipation. Hitler became a vegetarian in the early 1930s: He didn’t trust doctors, so rather than seek professional help for his condition he tried to treat it himself by eliminating meat, rich foods, milk, and butter from his diet in favor of raw and cooked vegetables and whole grains. After he placed himself under Dr.Morell’s care, it was just a matter of time before his condition improved, and when relief finally came a few months later – at about the same time his eczema began to clear up- Hitler naturally attributed his deliverance to Morell.
Hitler_angryAccording to one estimate, by the early 1940s, Hitler was taking 92 different kinds of drugs, including 63 different pills and skin lotions. Some medicines were taken only when specific complaints arose, but others were taken every day. By the summer of 1941, Hitler was popping between 120 and 150 pills a week on average. And on top of all the pills, Morell also administered injections -as many as 10 a day, sometimes more. So many, in fact, that even Herman Goering, Hitler’s heir apparent and himself a morphine addict, was startled by their frequency and took to calling Morell the “Reich Injection Master.” Most of the pills and shots that Hitler took were unidentified and mysterious, but Dr. Koester’s Anti-Gas Pills came in a little metal container (like Altoids heath mints or Sucrets throat lozenges) that identified them by name and even listed the active ingredients: gentian, belladonna, and an extract of something called nux vomica.
The gentian was harmless enough. But the presence of the other two ingredients in the pills, plus the revelation that Hitler, on top of all his other medications, was popping as many as 20 of the anti-gas pills a day, was startling. Even if Dr. Morell had read the label on the tin, he might not have known that nux vomica is a seed that contains a large amount of strychnine, commonly used as the active ingredient in rat poison. Belladonna, also known as deadly nightshade, contains atropine, a toxic substance that can cause excitement, confusion, hallucinations, coma, and death if taken in large quantities. That’s what alarmed Dr. Geising when he saw the six black pills sitting on Hitler’s breakfast tray that morning in July 1944: Without even realizing it, Hitler’s own personal physician had exposed him on a daily basis to significant doses of not one, but two deadly poisons.
Even after he learnt of the ingredients and stopped taking so many pills, his health did not improve. His physical and mental decline not only continued, it accelerated.He walked with the slow, halting shuffle of a man thirty years older, dragging his left leg behind him as he went. He couldn’t go more than a few steps without grabbing onto something for support. Hitler’s head, arms, and entire left side trembled and jerked uncontrollably. No longer able to write his own name, he signed important documents with a rubber stamp. He could not lift food to his mouth without spilling it down the front of his uniform and could not take a seat without help -after he shuffled up to a table, an aide pushed a chair behind him, and he plopped down into it. Hitler’s mental state had deteriorated as well. His thinking was muddled, his memory was failing, and his emotions whipsawed back and forth between long bouts of irrational euphoria (especially irrational considering how close Germany was to defeat) and fits of screaming, uncontrollable rage that lasted for hours.
Finally the short life indication also happened when he committed suicide by consuming cyanide on April 30, 1945. He was 56 years old and in Dvisaptati Rahu Dasa Moon antara. Rahu is in marana karaka sthana in the 9th house while the Moon joins a marana karaka Jupiter in the third house. What is interesting is the conjunction of Venus, Mercury and Jupiter with the Sun giving him all the magnetism, wealth and intelligence-power needed for meteoric rise. While the conjunction of Mars gives his tremendous enterprise to achieve his ambitions and grab all opportunities that bring fortune, it also enhances “violence and mean streak” of the Sun in pada-3 of Asvini naksatra. The aspect of Saturn causes misfortune and great fall, also poverty is indicated. All these will happen during their dasa while the tamas indications increase with time after 28 years of age.

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