Vāra Chakra: 13 Months 13 Signs

Correct thinking – its simple 7 x 4 = 28
But then I tell you about the 13 petal lotus at the door of Jagannath at Puri [East = Sun = Vāra = 7] The Savana Year using the Vāra is as follows –
Month = 4 weeks = 7 x 4 = 28 days = 28 nakshatra [see the mapping into sarvato bhadra] 13 Months = 13 x 28 = 364 Days
Each Year has 365.25 days … so what happens in 4 years? Every Year is 365 Days – why? So that the Vāra progresses ahead by one day [Laghu] What happens to the shortfall of 0.25 days every year? This is added every 4th year to form the Leap Year when Vāra progresses ahead by 2 Days instead of one [Guru] Path of Agni [Vāra] is
1 2          3       4
Laghu, Laghu, Laghu, Guru
This is the root of Chandas which is always in one pada (foot) comprising 4 sounds
Then the P­ada (step) comprises two foot = 8 syllables
If you were born on Wednesday, then the path of Agni for each year after birth is as follows

Year    Day     Lord
1          Wed    Me
2          Thu     Ju        [Laghu …for every year except where Guru is mentioned] 3          Fri       Ve
4          Sun     Su       [Guru jumps a day, this is the Leap in the Leap year and thats why its called a Leap year] 5          Mon    Mo
6          Tue     Ma
7          Wed    Me
8          Fri       Ve       [Guru] 9          Sat      Sa

This is the basis of the leap Year system which is followed by the Gregorian Calendar as well as the United States government for their elections. For this reason, Agni favours the US.
Why don’t you use this in your personal life planning using a Year of 52 Weeks having 13 months and finally always give yourself one day off at the end, the 365th day to reflect on the year while every 4th year you give yourself 2 days – one for the normal life plan while the 2nd day is for spiritual plans and thoughts.

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