Atmakaraka & Karakamsa

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Kārakāṁśa is composed of two words – (1) ‘kāraka’ referring to the ātmakāraka specifically and other Charakāraka (temporal significators) as well and (2) ‘aṁśa’ referring to the navāṁśa and other divisional charts. Kārakāṁśa refers to the navāṁśa (and/or other divisional charts) where the ātmakāraka is placed and such a sign is treated as the kārakāṁśa-lagna or seat of the real self, the soul and the first house for determining all things connected to deep inner desires and creation cause itself.


The sign/navāṁśa occupied by the ātmakāraka gives us a clue as to the desire of the ātman and the nature of the ātmakāraka gives us vital information about the nature of the ātman, its spiritual development etc. Some of my experiences are listed below:

  1. If a malefic planet is the ātmakāraka, it indicates a high level of spiritual development whereas a benefic planet as the ātmakāraka indicates a relatively lower level. Example: Rāhu was the ātmakāraka for Srila Prabhupada and Ramakrishna Paramhaṁśa.
  2. The ātmakāraka invariably indicates suffering during its Vimśottari daśā, especially if a malefic. During the Nārāyaṇa daśā of the sign occupied by the ātmakāraka or those aspecting it, great achievements are made. If the native is spiritually inclined then the daśā of the ātmakāraka can be beneficial.
  3. A retrograde ātmakāraka indicates a deep-rooted desire as being the cause of the birth. This has to be seen from the nature of the planet which becomes the AK. For example, if Mars is AK and retrograde, then there is a very strong desire related to succeeding in some battle or competition in this planet and the native will be dragged into innumerable fights and will be fighting all the time. The solution lies in finding the best self defense strategies based on Kārakāṁśa of which, Ahimsa is the greatest. Similarly, if Saturn is the retrograde AK then the desire would manifest in the native doing something related to the elders or old knowledge in new bottles. When retrograde, this desire is very strong and will be the cause of all direction in life. The other signification of Saturn is sorrow and if the native gives sorrow to others, especially elders and those who are like Guru, then know that he is running a bad time and a lot of sorrow is in his destiny (in any case). The best remedy for him would be to develop a stoic attitude towards the acts and words of others and keep prodding in his path. In this manner, the retrogression is to be understood.
  4. Combustion of AK gives spiritual insight.

Planets as ātmakāraka:

1.       Sun as AK indicates the native has to learn to overcome his ego and should become humble.

2.       Moon as AK indicates that the native should be very caring and compassionate.

3.       Mars as AK indicates that the native should refrain from all forms of violence and stick to the path of Ahimsa.

4.       Mercury as AK indicates that the native should control his speech and be truthful at all times.

5.       Jupiter as AK indicates that the native should always respect the Guru, husband and care for children.

6.       Venus as AK indicates that the native must have a very clean character and refrain from illegitimate sex/lust.

7.       Saturn as AK indicates that the native cannot give sorrow to others and will have to share the sorrow of many others.

8.       Rāhu as AK indicates that the native maybe cheated often and will still have to be free from guile and clean hearted.

Ātmakāraka in signs & houses

Jaimini has indicated the results of various navāṁśa for the placement of AK. Read this carefully and make a list for ready reference.

AK in different houses from Lagnāṁśa

(Hint: Count the number of signs from AK to navāṁśa lagna, the number shall indicate the results of the house that shall predominate. check the strength of Karaka of such house; do this exercise both in Rāśi and navāṁśa Chart; Rāśi chart results like that of Sri Krishna & other great persons while navāṁśa for all others.)

  1. If AK is in navāṁśa Lagna, the native belongs to a royal family/ is of noble birth and lineage. If navāṁśa Lagna Lord conjoins AK, then the native, although of humble origin shall rise to a high rank equal to a king. If the AK aspects navāṁśa Lagna, then Royal association shall be present from birth. The natural karaka of 1st house (Sun) should be strong to indicate the extent of Rājayoga.
  2. If AK is in 2nd house, the native shall be very spiritual and a great saint. If Saturn is strong, the renunciation shall be complete whereas if Venus is strong the native shall perform severe austerities.
  3. If AK is in 3rd house, the native shall be rich and successful in many undertakings. He shall be a friend of many powerful people.
  4. If AK is in 4th house the native shall be a Karma Yogi. If the Moon and Jupiter are strong, he shall have fame whereas if the Sun is strong Rajyoga and a strong Saturn indicate a hard working person.
  5. If AK is in 5th house the native is Dharma Parayana i.e. obeys the laws of his dharma diligently and is straightforward. If Sun is strong, he shall have many good yogas. Blessings of his father shall always protect him.
  6. If AK is in 6th house, the native is diseased and troubled. Propitiate as per Saturn or Lord Satya Nārāyana, fast on full Moon days and speak the truth OM TAT SAT.
  7. If AK is in 7th house, the native is blessed with a clean heart and many joys. If Venus is strong, marriage shall be a great blessing.
  8. If AK is in 8th house, the native has many troubles and weaknesses. He is defeated in war. Propitiate as per Saturn or Lord Satya Nārāyana, fast on full Moon days and speak the truth OM TAT SAT.
  9. If AK is in 9th house, the native is a very pious person and is wealthy and fortunate.
  10. If AK is in 10th house, the native is blessed with a clean heart and good home. He shall be a pillar for his family and mother; the Moon in strength shall be an added blessing for this.
  11. If AK is in 11th house, the native shall be brave, successful in war and capable of executing any task. If Mars is strong there shall be Rājayoga.
  12. If AK is in 12th house the native is very rich and blessed by Lakshmi.

123 thoughts on “Atmakaraka & Karakamsa

  1. Dear Respected Sir,


    I have doubt on why Atmakaraka AK planet gemstone should never be prescribed even when AK is benefic or YogaKaraka.

    if Sun being natural Atmakaraka is exalted in a natal chart but if chara atmakaraka is debilitated, what does it mean.

    Thanks in anticipation.


  2. Dear Sir,

    All your videos point to something different and new and it is always engaging and informative. Many thank. Would appreciate if you could hint at my direction of my chart wrt spiritual growth and soul path. I have Mars as AK which is in 9th house with Venus and Mercury (Amatyakaraka) and is the lord of 10 house (Aries sign) where Sun is placed (exalted). In D-9 chart, AK Mars is in 6th house and Ketu is in 4th house from it. What does that suggest with respect to soul desire/path and spiritual direction.

    Many thanks,
    Vijay K

  3. Dear Sir,
    In D-9 chart, I have Mars as AK in 6th house and Ketu is in 4th house from it. What does that suggest with respect to spiritual path/direction.

    Many thanks,
    Vijay K

      1. Dear Sir ji,

        I don’t have any chronic disease. This is correct info from my birth chart. For reference -Birth time is 11:10 am on 28 April 1979. Your kind advise on soul direction is greatly appreciated.


  4. Sir, I follow your videos, as you are the guru of my friend PVR, who is from Machilipatnam, India.
    My DOB – 10th May 1973, TOB – 5.10am, POB – Machilipatnam
    As per my understanding, my Atmakaraka is Saturn, Karakamsa lagna is Leo in D1 chart.
    Surprisingly I notice during the Chara dasa of Leo, which started from 10th May 2016, I started losing my job and resigned finally in sept 2016. till now I was unable to get job. can you please throw some light on this as to why this phase occurred after 20 yrs of service.

    1. Technically, the word Karakamsa is Karaka + Amsha (normally navamsha). So why are you looking at Karakamsa in the Rasi chart. You need to be technically accurate else the answers will delude and we can find explanations for everything.

  5. Namaste sir,
    very informative article and thank you for such rare information. but I want to know something more
    the Atmakarak is debilitated in the 8th house at 29.35 degree in cancer and it is also retrograde also Neechbhang rajyog is occurring due to the moon is in Kendra what will be the results

    can u suggest career please, please !!!

    native details for
    11 feb 1995
    3.38 am

  6. Dear sir,
    In my chart, AK saturn is combust in 6th house (sag), aspected by guru, and exalted in navamsa. Please tell me what kind of spiritual progress i will have in this lifetime. I have a lot of worldly desires, and equal amount of spiritual “information”. My details are : Male, 29.12.1989, 19:43, Mumbai. Also, could you please also write an article about the chart of J.Krishnamurti as there is not much information on the web on this subject. He was groomed by the theosophical society, where B.V.Raman’s grand father was the jyotish. Thanks a lot. Namaste.

  7. Hello Sanjay Rath Ji,

    In main birth chart, I have Debilitated Moon 25 degrees as Atmakaraka in 11th house and Exalted Mars (24.55deg) as Amatyakaraka in Ascendent. Whereas in Karakamsa lagna I have Rahu in Aquarius in 1st house, Amatyakaraka Mars in 12 th house and Atmakaraka Moon (Debilitated) in 10th House. What desire does this arrangement indicate?

    Thanks & Regards,

  8. Guruji Namaste,I have Libra ascendant and jupiter as atmakaraka retrograde in 11th house in purvapalguni star aspected by rahu,sun,mercury,mars parashra aspects and mars(MK),venus(DK),saturn(AMK) jamini aspects inD1. In navamsa its in 4th house virgo aspected by saturn.what is the soul deepest desire to be born?Its dasha ends in 2019 and amtyakaraka saturn dasha starts.Upto last year it was very hard as u mentioned i felt like soul is getting burnt in fire all bad karma burnt even through dreams.Now it was some what stable.i have gone to temples like thousand times.i became very spiritual.But what is the deepest desire of my soul ?Right now am jobless and aimless.

  9. Namaskar Sir,
    I have some query regarding Rahu as Atmakaraka and Istha devata calculations,

    1) Does Rahu as Atmakaraka is applicable for all humans?

    2) What happens when Jupiter and Rahu are conjuct in Pisces at 9th house. Where .. Jup lies at 27.48
    degrees and Rahu at 2.40 degrees in Pisces (Taking mean nodes). Then..

    Jup being in highest degrees of all planets becomes Atmakaraka? Or do Rahu being in retro at 27
    degrees also acts as Atmakaraka in MKS?

    3) When Rahu become Atmakaraka, Do we have to take the 12th or 2nd house for Istha devata?

    Sir, Please kindly put some light over the issues troubling my uncertainty.


    1. 1) Yes, Rahu as AK or any chara karaka is applicable to all jivatman including human beings
      2) For Chara Karaka Calculations Jup = 27deg48 Rahu = 30-2deg40 = 27deg20 …Jup is higher and shall be the atmakaraka. However later in life the native changes and Rahu becomes additional AK as it is Antya-Karaka for AK
      3) 12th …see chart of Prabhupada for confirmation

  10. Respected Sir,
    Please help me to find my Ishta Devta.
    In Rashi chart—AK Saturn(also 9&10th lord) exalted in 6th house along with Ketu. Strong dark Moon(Shukla Tritiya) and Sun together in 5th house. 5th lord Mercury in Leo. Debilitated retrograde Jupiter in 9th house (aspecting Su & Mo in 5th).
    In Navamsa chart—Retro Jupiter at 12th (Taurus) from AK Saturn in Gemini.
    I am a devotee of Lord Shiva and Maa KAli/Tara. But I have deep respect for all other forms of God. As I have no knowledge of Shastra/ mantra/tantra so I am not comfortable with japa or rituals. Only devotion, soulful cry and self-surrender are my comfort zone. No doubt, my materialistic life is a hell but please tell me who is my Ishta Devta and whether there is any chance of spiritual progress and Ishta-siddhi in this life cycle!
    Please reply Sir!
    Thank You!

  11. Pranams, sir. _/\_

    I have found so many ways to identify a karakamsha chart. Could You please give explanation as how to interpret (differently) each of the variations of the karakamsha charts?
    1)Navamasha, with AK as lagna
    2)Rashi with navamsha of AK as lagna
    3) Rashi with AK as lagna (must be not really karakamsha)
    4)Shashtiamsha with AK as lagna
    5)Rashi with shashtiamsha of AK as lagna
    6) Same as 1, using Iranganti or Krishna Mishra navamsha (reverse order for the even signs)
    7) Same as 2, with Iranganti navamsha

    Sorry for a long question. Hari Aum. _/\_

    1. 1)Navamasha, with AK as lagna [Correct Method]
      2)Rashi with navamsha of AK as lagna [This is Karakamsa-Ka, not karakamsa]
      3) Rashi with AK as lagna (must be not really karakamsha) [This is Karaka Lagna not Karakamsa]
      4)Shashtiamsha with AK as lagna [Also Karakamsa …AK in any varga is Karakamsa for that Varga]
      5)Rashi with shashtiamsha of AK as lagna [Karakamsa-Ka for Shastiamsa]
      6) Same as 1, using Iranganti or Krishna Mishra navamsha (reverse order for the even signs) … Use Nadi Navamsha as taught in Chandra Kala Nadi]. Name is Ego
      7) Same as 2, with Iranganti navamsha… Use Nadi Navamsha as taught in Chandra Kala Nadi]. Name is Ego

  12. Hi Sir,

    I have a friend who has moon as Atma Karaka debilitated in scorpio. Moon is there with saturn in scorpio which happens to be the 2nd house. Saturn is her Amatya Karaka. For Libra Lagna moon holds an important role as 10th lord, hence I suggested to donate rice, milk as well as pour water or milk on shiv Linga. Does that mitigate her problems ?


  14. Prof KNR suggests to look for condition of Atmk+Amatyk in Karakamsa Lagna and condition of 5th lord for education and career. What do you feel Mr Rath?

    If Atmk (Ve) and Amatyk (Sun) are together in birth chart in 12th house what does it mean and in close conjunction.

    Venus is in navamsa in Ge, then that is the Karakamsa. if you make the Gemini as ascendant in rasi and all planets retain then Ve+Su+Me in 8th house in Cap.

  15. Pranaam Acharya
    May the effulgent Sun God bless you always and you find solace at Narayana’s feet.

    I have read your book which says that Rahu can be atmakara and that if Arudha falls on same or 7th house then the 10th from it should be taken. But Dr. B.V. Raman’s book on Jaimini sutra he specifically says that there are only 7 karakas, rahu cant be an atmakara and Rahu should play a role only if two planets being on same degree leave a karaka role. Also he dosent use the arudha exception in his examples.
    I have tremendous respect for you both, can you please clear my doubts on this?

    1. Read the preface to the book. Dr. Raman wrote this as a part of his studies and has correctly named it ‘Studies in Jaimini Astrology”.
      It is evident that this was not his forte. His immense strength was in Parashara + Prashna. I consider him as a guru for my depth of understanding of Parashara.
      It is evident that he treated Jaimini differently – as if it is not his parampara and something acquired from external sources
      He missed the sutras ‘svasthe daraha’ and ‘sutasthe janma’
      Jaimini Sutras were retained in the little Coramandel belt called ‘Sircars’ and most of the scholars come from here.

  16. namaskar sir
    i need your help on atmakarka. in my chart atmakarka is debilitated atmakarka in 6th house of lagna with sun. and mercury in 5th house, angular to moon.
    lagna: aries , moon with rahu in 2nd , exalted saturn , jupitar in 9th , mercury in 5th , mars and ketu in 8th in lagna chart.
    my birth details are 17 sep 1984, allahabad , up and time: 20:58.
    atmakarka venus in navamansa in leo with mercury. and 12th from leo sign (karakamsa) in navamansa, exalted jupitar with moon. so ishta lord is vishnu.
    but i need to know for lesson, this birth taken. what is purpose of life of mine? how to analyse life lesson?
    I am very fond of vedic scripture, believer of vadanta but still have powerful craving for worldly lower desire.
    how to get rid of it in spiritual practice?

  17. Yes. Agree sir.

    Ve = is Atmak

    What I was telling that if you make the Gemini as ascendant in d-1 chart and all planets retain the same place. then Ve+Su+Me in 8th house and Sat+Mars in 6th house Scorpio. Then what career path do you see from here.

    Now do we look at placement of 5th house and its lord and 10th house?

    This means that 10th from karakamsa in the d1 chart, after you have put into the right sign which is in the navamsa will show the destiny of the career one should take.

    Can you please clarify and tell what career or vocation is preferred

  18. If a Atmk (Ve) and Amatyakrk (Su) are sitting together in birth chart
    in 12th house in Cap – Aqu risinf

    In D-9 Ve in 7th house in Gemini and Su+Me in 6th house Taurus – Sag rising

    Karakamsa lagna chart shows Ve+Su+Me in 8th house for Gemini Asc

    Sat+Mars in 6th house Scorpio

    Can you tell us the career and spouse traits for the person

    1. If Venus is in navamsa in Ge, then that is the Karakamsa. And Su+Me in 12H from Karakamsa … [Navamsa Chart]
      I think you are mixing Karakamsa with Karakamsaka (note ‘ka’ in the end) [Rasi Chart] or with Karaka Lagna [Rasi Chart]

  19. Please start reciting the mantra on a fixed time like say 6am everyday for 15 minutes. Gradually increase this to 30 min. See the difference in a month and let me know.
    ॐ नमः शिवाय नमः भवलिङ्गाय
    om namaḥ śivāya namaḥ bhavaliṅgāya

    Dear Guruji,

    Koti Koti Naman….

    The above remedy for spiritual progress provided by you on this forum on 23.02.2015 is doing wonders for me.
    I Thank you form bottom of my heart.

    My DOB is 28.02.1980
    time 16:37

    Kindly help more so that I can attain a fulfilling state of mind and soul.

    1. Sir,

      I have a question regarding my AK which is Sun. My Birth details is 9th Jan 1984, 9:36 pm, Kolkata (West Bengal). Firstly 12th from AK in Navamsa is the sign of Ishtadevata, but 12th from Sun is its marana karaka sthana. As far my chart I have some typical combinations.

      1. AK Sun in Navamsa Lagna (good for spiritual advancement)
      2. Venus is the planet of istha devata & is sitting with Ketu in 12th from Sun (AK) in rasi chart. Venus is having digbala from lagna.

      I chant the mantra “Om Hrim Sam Surya Namaha” everyday

      Ketu dasa is starting next year. Will I be totally be into hardcore spiritual life or just the opposite or I might end up in bandhana i.e jail, hospitalization etc.

      Sir your guidance will be of extreme help.


          1. Namaste!!! Great article!
            My AK Mercury in pushkar navamsha in Sagittarius conjuct with ketu in 11 th house.Mars also in pushkar navamsha.Is it rajayoga ? If it is ,when will it manifest?

  20. Guruji.My birth details are 7 th November 1979 at 5-58 pm in Pune Maharashtra.Am posting here as instructed.I need to strengthen the UL and my Atmakarak Sun though debilitated in Rasi is exalted in Navamsa.How can I protect my UL and marriage when it happens
    Om Gurave Namah.

  21. Hi Sir,
    Nice article and very deep study,
    I am Anil, DOB 27.08.1980, 5.00 am, Akola, Mahrashtra.
    As per the study after reading the article, my Atmakaraka is venus, pls correct me if i am wrong.
    But help me to find Ista dev, and what remedies should i do for archive success in career..

    Thanks a lot to study my chart.

  22. sir,
    unable to locate the jaya durga mantra.
    is the jaya durga mantra same as the durga gayatri mantra. could you please tell me the same or advise me a link to the mantra.
    much obliged sir,
    jai Hari

  23. Pranam sir,
    Much delighted that you replied sir!
    I confused the two concepts, maybe because sun is in sagitarius in both rashi and navamasha.
    With your advise, i will do the Jaya durga mantra. if there are any specifications for the chanting of the mantra, kindly tell sir.
    I always read your articles on this site. Kindly keep enlightning sir.
    Jai Hari

  24. Pranam sir.
    My amatyakaraka is rahu in aquarius, with moon conjunct ( both at 13 degrees, satabhisha) . Atmakaraka sun(uttarashadha) is in karakamsha lagna sagitarius, conjunct saturn and venus(both moola).
    Sir, any guidance with regards to career and spirituality? Rahu confuses me a lot in seeing this clearly.
    Jai hari.

    1. You are mixing Rashi and Navamsa concepts. What I understand is –
      (a) Amatyakaraka Rahu is in Graha Yuddha (War) with Moon at 14th Deg Aq
      For this you will have to do the Jaya Durga Mantra first to allow the yuddha to end else, career will always be in trouble due to strife
      (b) Atmakaraka Sun is in Sagittarius (Rashi) = Karaka Lagna
      Karakamsa is Navamsa position of AK
      Karakamsaka is Karakamsa sign taken on Navamsa

  25. Res Guru Ji


    My dob is 27.2.1962 time 2.10 pm karnal.
    As per tithi parvesha chart my Hindu birthday
    Falls on 13 march 2015 as per my limited knowledge.
    is this right?

    Thanks and regards

    1. Annual TP
      Date: March 13, 2015
      Time: 4:20:20 pm
      Time Zone: 5:30:00 (East of GMT)
      Place: 76 E 59′ 00″, 29 N 41′ 00″
      Karnal, India
      Lunar Yr-Mo: Jaya – Phalguna
      Tithi: Krishna Ashtami (Ra) (79.59% left)
      Vedic Weekday: Friday (Ve)
      Nakshatra: Jyeshtha (Me) (37.99% left)
      Yoga: Siddhi (Ma) (74.35% left)
      Karana: Balava (Mo) (59.17% left)
      Hora Lord: Moon (5 min sign: Ar)
      Mahakala Hora: Moon (5 min sign: Cn)
      Kaala Lord: Jupiter (Mahakala: Jupiter)

  26. Sir,
    My AK is Venus exalted in lagna and navmansa.
    Lagna is cancer.
    Narayana casa is meena rasi and nakshatra dasa is Venus.
    I am satisfied materially but
    I want to progress in spiritual life.
    Requesting your guidance

    1. Please start reciting the mantra on a fixed time like say 6am everyday for 15 minutes. Gradually increase this to 30 min. See the difference in a month and let me know.
      ॐ नमः शिवाय नमः भवलिङ्गाय
      om namaḥ śivāya namaḥ bhavaliṅgāya

  27. Namaste Respected Panditji,

    Could you please advise us on what settings should be used for Rahu and Ketu, True Position or Mean Position? Rahu is AK in a chart and using Mean Position it is Vargottama, but not if True Position is the setting. Could you also please elucidate what a Vargottama AK signify?

    Kind regards

    1. There is nothing called *true Rahu*. That is a misnomer. Rahu by definition is the reverse motion of the eclipse cycle which is about 18.5 years retrograde. The correct way to calculate this is the average which is called the mean position.
      If Rahu was not retrograde it would lose the power to eclipse the luminaries.
      Jaimini Maharishi has clarified this by making them retrograde all the time. What they call true node is the wobble of the motion. If the so called true node is used, Rahu cannot be retrograde. If Rahu is not retrograde, what justification is there to calculate the charakaraka position in the reverse?

  28. Respected Guruji,
    Kindly tell how to find atmakarka in a birth chart?Also what is amatyakarka and how to find it?
    Tej kishen Koul,Jammu & kashmir.

  29. respected rathjee,
    i hv saturn as AK in 9 th taurus(virgo lagnamsa) with amatyakaraka venus and sun aspected by mars(mars+moon+jupiter) from aquarius in 10 th . career as film director is successful?running jupiter dasa ,saturn bhukti,sun antara.request yr opinion as m suffering frm career settlement.rgds

  30. Guruji,
    Pranams. My atmakaraka saturn in Rasi is in third house from tula lagna and in 10th house in navamsa from kumbha lagna.The twelth house from AK in D1 is vruschika unaspected or occupied by any planet and D9 is not having any planet in 12th from AK saturn placed in scorpio with mercury DK from aries is aspecting tula the 12th place. I want to know if that any way indicate mukti or liberation? thank you, IK

  31. Hello,

    I have debilitated Atmakarka (Mars) in Shastiamsa – D60 chart in 3rd house conjunct Saturn and Jupiter in Scorpio sign in 7th house. 2nd house with Rahu, Moon & Sun while Mercury in 4th house.

    Since D60-indicates past life karma ans since you have mentioned that Debilitated AK indicates Naraka experience, does it mean that in my past life I experienced the same….

    What kind of negative Karmas does it indicate.

    In Lagna, Mars is ascendant lord placed in 7th house… In Navamsha, it is 12th house in its own sign.


  32. Namstey Sanjayji,
    You are my gurus guru. Though I have never personally met PVR ji, but learnt using his recorded lessons. I hope you could help my confusion go away. For my pieces lagn, I have my AK mar exalted in rasi chart with amtyakaraka mer, but in debility in navamsa and with Mer in cancer. Does such positions indicate mixed result?. Or it does it represent sucess on material plane but emptiness /fallen on the mind/soul level?. How does one interpret these results?


  33. sir, in jaimini school of thought after finding AK
    1) do we delineate chart keeping AK postion in navamsa or karkamsa as lagna and give prediction
    2) bring back the AK planet position to D1 and delinate keeping AK planet place as lagna
    3) dasa of AK planet which dasa system to take vimshotari or any other one
    4) can we blend with shadbala , ahstakvarga
    5) aspects is seen in navamsa or in rasi alone
    how to use and apply

  34. Namaste Sir,

    Is it good to worship the atmakaraka with planetary beej mantra with relevant elements for e.g for AK Sun : can we chant the planetary mantra Om Hraam Hreem Hroum Sah Surya Namaha by lighting a candle or camphor on Sunday or for AK Moon : can we chant the planetary mantra Om Shraam Shreem Shroum Sah Chndraya Namaha by water ritual on Monday……Will it be beneficial apart from Jyotirlinga mantra ?
    Seeking for the truth Sir…..Thank you

    1. No it is not good to treat the atmakaraka as just a graha. In fact the planet will also have some graha results – like lord of house A in house B – those results will only be addressed by graha bija mantra.
      Results of the planet being AK are not covered by these graha bija mantra

  35. Great articles as usual. Love to read these articles as it would give lot of information.God bless you guruji as because of you we are learning astrology indirectly…Seems to be some spark is still left from past life.

    AK Mercury retro in Gemini along with Sun and Moon. Leo lagna. AK placed in Taurus along with Venus…Istal devata surya exalted in D-9. Just checked with my mother about Rama is anyway connected to our family lineage. She told me that my great grand mother used to write Rama koti. Seems to have been blessed by Sri Rama. I pray to him to everyday without fail…

    Just wanted to check with you. Jupiter in movable sign is destroying my 11th house. No friends and no money. Just enough for expenses. How to come out of this situation. Hope you understand and kindly advice

    Your sishya sincerely
    Uma shanker achanta

  36. Cancer Ascendant, Mars, Jupiter and Venus (R) in Aries, with Sat (R) in libra, and moon (Amatya) in Gemini. Atmakaraka Jupiter in Scorpio in Navamasa and Venus (R) in Gemini navamsa. Would my Venus dasa be good? People say Venus does not do good for Cancer having acquired Kendradipatya dosha. Venus being Retrograde and placed in Kendra, having associated closely with with Mars, would its dasa be good?

  37. Ohm Guruvey Namah
    Dear Sanjay Rath Ji ,
    Recently I got opportunity to study the book “Vedic remedies in astrology”. Really it is very informative. The chapter discussing case studies with proper vedic solution are outstanding. e.g. On pimples when I applied the concepts as mentioned by you in this book, I found it 100 % true. The chapter discussing about ishta devta, palan karta, kula devta…. etc is also useful for a theist.
    But the ishta devta, palan karta, kula devta…. etc obtained by using Shri Surya Siddhanth (SSS) are not same as obtained by applying the Drik Siddanth (Jagannath hora software gives option to choose Drik Vs SSS). The Aatama Karak, Bhratra Karak,….etc are different in both the drik and SSS and even in most of the cases ascendent in D-9, D-10, and in other divisional charts and the position of planets in different signs is changed. It perplexes me to decide who is ISTA DEVTA……..and the other facts that were about to divulge get perished. Please, throw light (not some light) on where to apply the SSS and where to Drik siddanth.
    With Regards
    Saurabh Mishra

  38. Dear Sanjay Rath jee,

    I have exalted Venus as Atmakaraka placed in 7th house in conjunction with Sun in D-1 chart. Sun is at 11+ degrees and venus at 27+ degrees. I also have exalted Venus placed in 10th house in D-9 chart. And I have Jupiter placed in 9th house in D-9 chart. Both Venus and Jupiter are Vargottama.
    I have read that this placement gives Raja yoga and moksha both in this life time. But on the contrary I am not experiencing any of these. My life experiences has been very bad. For instance I lost one of my parent as kid, now job less, no support, life full of difficulties, seems like would never come out of it and I am not staunch believer in God.

    Would like to know your take on this.
    Details if required: 7pm Patiala 26/03/86
    Would be very thankful to you.


  39. Dear Sanjay.
    I have a tecnical doubt regarding Rahu as Atmakaraka. If Shani is the Ishta Devata and in the Rasi Chackra he is forward Rahu by less than one degree, so i can say that the Ishta Devata is winning the Atmakaraka planet and punishing him? This occurs in 4º of Makara in the eight house, but, as Rahu don’t suffer with Graha Yuddha, this cause me some doubts. I have experienced a cleaning in my life when i chanted the Ashtakshari Narayana Mantra and later i was initiated in the Mahamantra in the Dasa Rahu-Shani, who affect the eight house also. I found this interesting, but, can i say that Rahu is getting destroyed by Shani? The two Grahas occupy Kumbha Navamsa Lagna and Shani have high Vaisheshikamsas.

    Other doubt, you said that Shani represents forms of Parabrahman, can you say more about this?

    Radhe Syam

    1. Yuddha is not always bad as is portrayed by common people. It can also be internal battle that we spiritual people have for cleansing and advancing in the spiritual path. The defeat of the atmakaraka by the Ista Devata or vice versa, is very auspicious…extremely. It promises completely removal of ahamkara and great spiritual progress. As you have seen this has correctly worked in your life that shows the great Maha mantra initiation.
      Krishna’s parambrahma form is Jagannath

  40. Respected Guruji,

    Sadar Pranam,
    If Venus is AK and also retrograde in 12th bhava, the person should restrain from sex/lust as mentioned in your article. This calls for great will power. What astrological remedial measures or prayers etc must be performed by the person or parents to strengthen the will power and to ensure that the person does not stary from right path?
    I request you with folded hands to give your guidance on this issue as soon as possible

    1. Namaskar, There are many things that sadhu’s do for restraining their sexual desire. They teach this to the brahmachari’s in the Ashrams. Start with food – for example, ghee is prohibited as it increases the ojas leading to sexual desire. In this manner the approach is multifold. Of greatest help is the Sadakshari of Vishnu – ॐ विष्णवे नमः (om viṣṇave namaḥ).

    2. remembering hanumanji, visiting hanumanji temple on tuesday to control mars planet of passsion, anger. chanting hanuman chalisa
      also praying to lord ganesh for sidhi and budhi which is achieved only in clean habits. ganeshji also is brahmachari

  41. Respected Sir,

    I tried to find the articals about Atmakarak. but we dont have enough on the net. and even books also we dont have detailed information about Atmakarak.
    few queries :
    1) what if Atmakarak is venus and in 6th house (Makar Rashi) …how will be Mahadasha of Venus
    2) Atmakarak has more Bal (points) (vimshopak bal)
    3) Atmakarak is placed in 2nd house but its 8th Navamsha from it (in Leo – count from Makar to Leo) with 3 plants but its a 8th Navamsha for Venus (Atmakarak) …so how will be Mahadasha …..i heard when plant occupy 8th navamsha from tis place then its not good.

    kindly enlighten us.


  42. Respected Sanjayji,

    My atmakaraka Venus is present alone in Navamsa lagna in Tauras in Navamsa chart…..Retrograde saturn present in 7th house in libra along with mars in birth chart……Currently passing through last 2 & 1/2 yrs of sadesathi and Rahu dasha…The 7 & 1/2 yrs of sadesathi has been disastrous for me…In the second 2 & 1/2 years of sadesathi I lost my father and some days before I resigned from my job due to some reasons…Please help how to get out of his period….DOB–05/07/1984 time:: 00:35 AM. Place–Rourkela(Odisha)

  43. Respected Guruji ,
    Sadar Pranam
    i hope everything is well.
    i request u to plz guide me if atmakaraka is rahu with mars and budhh of scorpio what it indiactes….?

    plz guide me sir


  44. Dear SanjayJi,

    Wishing you a happy and a prosperous new year with lots of diving blessings.

    I have a astrological question pertaining to my spritiuality, i have following combinations in my horoscope kindly enlighten me on my spritiual path;

    1. My AK is mercury which is placed in Acq along with Sun and Ketu. Ascendent is Libra, Venus being placed in meena with moon and aspected by saturn in virgo.

    2. My AK mercury is acpected by Jupiter, Rahu and Mars from leo (11th house from lagna).

    3. My Navamsa lagna is Aeris and AK is placed in 2nd house i.e. in Taurs with Rahu. other planetry postions are as follows; Jupiter in Cancer, Mars in leo, Sun & Ven in Sagt, Saturn in Cap and Moon in Acq.

    4. My Vimsamsa chart is as follows; Lagna is Taurs, Venus in cancer, Jupiter in Leo, Saturn & Mars in Virgo, Moon in Sag, Rahu & Ketu in Meena and Sun & mercury in Aeris.

    5. Also moon is in the Drekkna of Mars and is aaspected is aspected by Saturn.

    My DOB is 19/2/1980, 11.40 pm Sagar, Karnataka.

    Looking for your advice.

    Thanks & regards,

  45. Respected Guru ji sadar Pranam,
    how r u? i hope and prayto god for u well being.
    Sir i have sun as my atmkaraka which is in kumbh rashi and saturn of capricon as jivanmuktamsa on which there is drishti of chandra which is of cancer.

    i request to guide who is my ishta devata?

    I have sun as my atmakarka of aquairious on that there is drishti of guru,budh and mars of leo in navamsa and and 12th from sun there is sauturn of capricon on which there is drishti of moon which is swagrahi (cancer). i request you to guide me who is my ishtadevata??? B4 my merraige i was devotee of shiva but after merraige i m more incline to vishnu i m also strictly observing ekadashi vrats. i request you to guide me abt my ishta devata whether i should worship shiva or vishnu and if vishnu then which avtaar of vishnu that take me more nearer to god. plz guide me

    In navamsa My ketu is of sagtariaus in 11th house from atmakarka sun. plz guide me abt my spiritual progress, i want to visit mount kailash, in future is there any chance that i will attain this. i had great attachment with lord shiva b4 merraige, i already visited 11 jyoyirlingas of god shiva, but after merraige i m more attached with vishnu…. plz guide me that m i on right path of liberation of soul?

    my date of birth is 10/12/1979
    time -6:10 pm
    place ahmedabad

    Manish acharya

    1. Manish. Karakamsha indicates Moon as the specific form of the avatara while Saturn will indicate a param-brahma form and not an amsha-avatara. Therefore the specific form is Krishna as Virat Purusha.

      1. Respected Guru Ji
        Dhanyvaad i want to share something with u, I married in last november b4 marrige/ engagement i was great worshipper of shiva but after merraige my bhakti is tranfered to lord vishnu, i m regularly observing shravan month from last 6 years and after engagement and merraige i m also observing ekadashi vrats last sharvan month last day i found1 tortoise when i visited 1 village for my profffessional visit. i take it to my home and keep it at my home, and 1 tortoise is there at my wife’s home for more than 7 yrs. sir i wan to ask u that is there any relation with koorma avataar and liberation of soul. as i have saturn as my jivanmuktamsa.

        what may b reason that i found tortoise. is there any relation with saturn or liberation of soul? what should b lession from tortoise? whether it will help in spiritual progress?
        i have eagerness to this question i questioned myself but i couldnt find answer.

        plz guide me

          1. Respecte guru ji sadar pranaam,
            i hope an pray for ur good health.

            i read somewhere abt svamsa i just dont understand what is svamsa ?

  46. guruji pranam

    our dob is 7dec 1971 at 7pm jaunpur u.p india.we are facingskin dicease such as sun allrgy which gems will be fruitful for me or any other remedies.

  47. Dear Guruji Namaste,

    What does it mean if the AK is exalted / Debilitated in navāṁśa and other divisional charts?


    1. Debility of the Atmakaraka is indicative of a ‘fallen soul’ i.e. Narka experience and dwelling. Atmakaraka should not only be strong but also very supportive of the lagna and lagnesha.
      Worship of Patita-pavana (uplifter of fallen souls) Jagannatha (Vishnu) is the remedy as Vishnu is recommened with the astakshari mantra – om namo naaraayaNaaya

      1. Namasthe Sanjay Rath ji, I am Pisces ascendant , Atmakaraka venus in 11th house. In Navamsa I have debilitated (Atmakaraka) venus is with mercury in virgo. What does it mean. Can you let me know, the same thing above explains me?

    2. Dear Guruji Namaste,
      My AK is Moon and it is vargotham and placed in virgo and aspected by Guru from meena rasi in Rasi chart and no malefic aspect.
      How this in general…..


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