Various Ganesha Mantra

Various Bija Mantra for Ganesha. Note that the dhyana bija is the second syllable like गं (gaṁ) or गः (gaḥ). There are twelve such mantra for each of the Rashi having the twelve vowels.
ॐ गं गणेशाय नमः
om gaṁ gaṇeśāya namaḥ

ॐ गां गणेशाय नमः
om gāṁ gaṇeśāya namaḥ

ॐ गः गणेशाय नमः
om gaḥ gaṇeśāya namaḥ

This is different as it takes another step forward in the Bija.
ॐ ग्रां गणेशाय नमः
om grāṁ gaṇeśāya namaḥ

14-syllable | 2nd house Ketu or artha trikona
ॐ ह्रीं गं ह्रीं महागणेशाय नमः स्वाहा
om hrīṁ gaṁ hrīṁ mahāgaṇeśāya namaḥ svāhā

14-syllable | 2nd house Ketu or artha trikona
ॐ ह्रीं ग्रीं ह्रीं महागणेशाय नमः स्वाहा
om hrīṁ grīṁ hrīṁ mahāgaṇeśāya namaḥ svāhā

10-syllable | Mahanarayana Upanisad 10th house or artha trikona
ॐ महागणपतये नमः
om mahāgaṇapataye namaḥ

Radhika Pujita Ganesha Mantra
ॐ ग्लौं गं गणपतये विघ्न विनाशिने स्वाहा
om glauṁ gaṁ gaṇapataye vighna vināśine svāhā

That magic mantra which removes the death and such energies that cause terrible fears. If you are afflicted, then do this and you will be protected from terrible dangers.
ॐ मं मूषिकाय गणाधिपवाहनाय धर्मराजाय स्वाहा
om maṁ mūṣikāya gaṇādhipavāhanāya dharmarājāya svāhā

Shiva Purana Mantra for siddhi – sureshot success mantra
ॐ लक्षलाभयुताय सिद्धिबुद्धिसहिताय गणपतये नमः
om lakṣalābhayutāya siddhibuddhisahitāya gaṇapataye namaḥ

Badhaka Removal Mantras for 12 badhaka rashi

वक्रतुण्डाय हुं
vakratuṇḍāya huṁ
एकदन्ताय हुं
ekadantāya huṁ
कृष्णपिण्गाक्षाय हुं
kṛṣṇapiṇgākṣāya huṁ
गजवक्राय हुं
gajavakrāya huṁ
लम्बोदराय हुं
lambodarāya huṁ
विकटाय हुं
vikaṭāya huṁ
विघ्नराजाय हुं
vighnarājāya huṁ
धूम्रवर्णाय हुं
dhūmravarṇāya huṁ
भालचन्द्राय हुं
bhālacandrāya huṁ
विनायकाय हुं
vināyakāya huṁ
गजपतये हुं
gajapataye huṁ
गजानन्नाय हुं
gajānannāya huṁ

31 thoughts on “Various Ganesha Mantra

  1. Om gurve namah:
    Sir Pranaam,
    My ketu is in 3rd house vrishnba(taurus) rashi ,Pisces ascendant.
    What should be the mantra for this ketu…?
    as ketu is also lord of 9th house sitting in 3rd house having direct aspect does wearing cat’s eye is good for me?

    Thanks and regard
    Lokesh Parihar

  2. Acknowledged,

    Badhaka Removal Mantras for 12 badhaka rashi

    Are these mantras for each ascendant or moon sign?

    And we can chant this daily. correct. I have seen many people create mantra tattoos on their body does it have any significant positive/negative impact

  3. Sorry Can you please elaborate. I did not understand. What is 2-6-10. In the box 11 refers to Aqu lagna is that correcr

    For Aqu lagna bhadkesh Ve in 12th house with Su+Me. How do you see that condition

  4. Sir

    for Aqu rising Ve is yoga karak so it cannot be bhadjesh. Though as per text it says so. is that correct

    Can that mantra be still chanted or grained in the body
    गजपतये हुं

    1. Though Venus lord of 9th house, it is terms as badhaka. but Venus is yoga karaka also Venus is not badhaka for Aquarius lagna,To be badhaka the planets other qualities must be seen. Prashna Maarga explicitly describe about Badhaka Sthana should be seen in Prashna, through it says Prashna charts can studied like natal chart but again it warned that it should be seen for particular problem the native consulting; not for full life. Chapter 15th in Prashna Maarga explains about Badhaka Houses and Badhaka House lords and its effect and remedies.such a planet should simultaneously be the ruler of the house occupied by Kharesha or Maandi. “ A planet can only become Badhaka under certain circumstances. That implies many charts may not have a Badhaka at all. This makes sense since the 11th, 9th and 7th houses often give very good results belying the nomenclature Badha itself”.

      1. Dr. Kursija Namaste. You have a very good point. Thats why I used the word Badha (Sanskrit बाध bādha) which does not always mean an evil like a harasser, tormentor who puts a person in danger or jeopardy. It also means someone who is a contradiction to what you believe, has an objection to what you do and tries to bring forth superior proof. I will write a detailed papaer on Badhaka, or better still next Sunday Vyasa Class I teach Badhaka. Do consider joining us at these free classes. Join Vyasa Class Free

        1. Respected Sir, I shall be glad to join your classes. I am a homeopathic doctor and is open on Sunday morning also, thus is unable to join you and have personal contact. It is for you to help me. With regards

          1. It will be our pleasure to have you with the class in the talks. Please join The classes are held in Khirkee, Malviya Nagar. Map gives directions and 2 PM next Sunday. Thank you for the inspiration to start Badhaka discussions. Please inform Ritu Vij Malhotra

  5. What would be the ideal mantra for my son who was born in Meena Rashi? He is going through a difficult time wrt his studies. He studies but backs out in the last minute just before the exam.

  6. Guruji:
    First of all, thank you for providing remedy for Ketu related. I think I’m not as knowledgeable as rest of the folks here. So, i’m going to ask very basic question.

    I’m Aries Ascendent with Ketu in the 12th house and the same ketu in the 2nd house (Scorpio) (in Navamsa ). My badakesh will be Saturn or Rahu.

    So, i should recite, Om, Gajapataye hum ?. or any of the Artha Trikona mantra ?.

    Please clarify

    1. Kumar, your question has prompted me to think about starting a course for rank beginners of jyotish so that their learning is well directed. I will start this soon …

  7. Pranams Jyotish Guruji,
    Heartfelt gratitude for this knowledge. Does this mean that if the ninth house is the badhaka house for any fixed rashi lagna then one should repeat, “Bhalacandraya hum”, for decreasing the effects of badhaka Rashi?

    1. Pragnya Surati ~ these names are for the twelve rashi like Vakratunda is for Aries and Bhala-Chandra is for Sagittarius.
      Badhaka can occur from
      (a) the Badhaka Rashi if it is associated with malefic planets or the 6th lord
      (b) the sign occupied by the Badhakesha (lord of badhaka rasi) if it is a malefic planet or associated with the 6th lord
      (c) the sign occupied by the 6th lord provided it is associated with the badhaka lord in any manner
      So, there are three ways at least to peace the sign of evil. After that choose the name of Ganesha based on the sign. The simplest mantra adds the damana bija (supression of evils sound) huM.

  8. Om Gurave Namah
    Thank you very much for blessing us with the information. Could you please let me know what would be the Ganesha mantra for Ketu in the sixth house in natal chart and placed in 12th house in navamsa (it is also twelfth house from atma karaka)?

    1. Manoj, use the mantra of the Shiva Purana given above and copied below –
      ॐ लक्षलाभयुताय सिद्धिबुद्धिसहिताय गणपतये नमः॥
      om lakṣalābhayutāya siddhibuddhisahitāya gaṇapataye namaḥ||

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