There is an endless debate on the house position of Jupiter as making the bhāva strong or weak. Recently an astrologer of Delhi stated a generic absurd dictum that “Jupiter and benefics weaken the house they occupy while malefics strengthen the house they occupy”. I was pointed to a paper of my friend and fellow astrologer Chandrasekhar Sharma.

In a paper on Pancha Mahāpuruṣa Yoga, Śrī Chandrasekhar Sharma opines as follows:

Similarly Guru is said to distort (भ्रष्ट) or harm one of the indications of the bhava he occupies, so in strength, he might harm the bhava occupied though he will give excellent results of the bhavas that he aspects and good results of the other indications of the bhava occupied. Many modern astrologers find it difficult to accept this position. I have seen the dictum coming true every time. But this being a principle on which there are divergent opinions, I would like to give an old shloka, often quoted by my father and astrologers of his generation, leaving the acceptance or otherwise of the said principle to the better judgement of the learned.
जन्मलग्ने गुरूश्चैव रामचन्द्रो वनागतः।
तृतीये बलि पाताले चतुर्थे हरिश्चन्द्रयोः॥
janmalagne gurūścaiva rāmacandro vanāgataḥ|
tṛtīye bali pātāle caturthe hariścandrayoḥ||
षष्ठे द्रौपदीहरणञ्च हन्ति रावणाष्टमे।
दशमेदुर्योधनं हन्ति द्वादशे पाण्डुवनामतम्॥
ṣaṣṭhe draupadīharaṇañca hanti rāvaṇāṣṭame|
daśameduryodhanaṁ hanti dvādaśe pāṇḍuvanāmatam||
Guru occupying lagna in Lord Rama’s horoscope made him get banished to forests by his father, Guru in 3rd bhava caused the King Bali being sent to Patala (abode of Asuras- netherland under water) by lord Vishnu, 4th bhava occupied by Guru in King Harishchandra’s chart took away his kingdom, Dushshaasana (one of the Kauravas in Mahabharata) tried to strip Draupadi’s clothes on account of Guru occupying 6th bhava in her chart, King Ravana died (in war with Lord Rama) on account of Guru occupying 8th bhava, Guru occupying the 10th bhava in King Duryodhana’s chart resulted in his death at the hands of Bhima in Mahabharata, and Pandavas were sent to forest on account of their defeat in Dyuta (a type of gambling game of the Kings) on account of occupation of 12th bhava in Yudhishthira’s chart.


Any statement should not be blindly accepted as the final truth simply because it is written in Sanskrit language and the purpose and intent need to be technically examined to ascertain its accuracy and validity. Seven examples are given in the śloka to bring forth the point being made that “Jupiter destroys the house it occupies”.

Śrī Rama: Jupiter in Lagna

जन्मलग्ने गुरूश्चैव रामचन्द्रो वनागतः।
janmalagne gurūścaiva rāmacandro vanāgataḥ|

The first example is that of Śrī Rama where it is stated that “Guru occupying lagna in Lord Rama’s horoscope made him get banished to forests by his father”. Such a statement goes contrary to the teachings of the Ramayana where it is stated that Rama was banished to the forest due to the advent of Saturn daśā. In fact it was the curse of Saturn from the 4th house (home) that expelled Rama from his home due to the machinations of his step-mother (4th house) and maid servant Manthara (Saturn). The fact that his father was trapped by a boon made to his step-mother is incidental and is the karmic expression of a curse from the parents of Shravana Kumar. Saturn implemented that curse causing the separation between Rama and father Dasaratha. We have separately shown how to calculate this Saturn daśā using the Mūla daśā system which brings forth the functioning of curses in horoscopes. Lagna is the character of a person and with Guru in lagna intelligence and character are said to be strengthened. It is because of Jupiter exalted in lagna that Rama is called ‘Puruṣottama’. In fact father Dasaratha asked Rama to rebel against this boon given to Kaikeyi and fight and take the kingdom as is the kṣatriya dharma, but Rama refused to do so. The arguments He gives is what makes the difference between ordinary mortals and Puruṣottama Śrī Rama – and that comes from a strong Jupiter or exalted Moon in Lagna bhāva – supreme intelligence and wisdom that upholds all that which is righteous and truthful.

Bali Rāja: Jupiter in Third

The second example given is that of Rāja Bali having Jupiter in the third which caused him to be banished to pātāla (lowest of nether worlds). We have never seen the horoscope of Rāja Bali and are unable to comment on its accuracy but that does not deter us from verifying the veracity of the statement. Jupiter in third bhāva is in maraṇa kāraka sthāna and will cause the death of the native – to this there is no doubt.

Reconsider the facts – Rāja Bali was performing a great sacrifice where he was donating whatever the brāhmaṇa asked for. Viṣṇu came as the incarnation ‘Upendra’ who is worshipped as the Vāmana avatāra and asked for ‘three steps’. The king was amused and asked him what he would do with just three steps of land, take a village at least he suggested. The priest Śukrācārya was able to see that this ‘little brāhmaṇa boy’ was none other than Viṣṇu, the lord of the three-worlds himself, and suggested that Bali refuse to give any donation. [Even when we make mighty resolves greed symbolised by the passion (rajas) of Venus, always stands on the way to good karma]. King Bali weighed the advice of his mentor carefully – he had realised that this strange request of ‘three-steps’ from this little brāhmaṇa boy was not flimsy and that this must be Viṣṇu himself. On the one hand, he had the option of refusing the request and become a mockery by unsparing historians as ‘the king who could not even donate three-steps of land’ while on the other, there was the chance of immortality as Viṣṇu must grant a blessing if a person is truthful and dharmic. These two choices that were given to Rāja Bali are known in jyotiṣa as (a) maraṇa sthāna Guru where the greed overcomes a native from doing his dharma leading to continuous rebirths or (b) bhāgya yoga i.e. good fortune of association and blessing of Viṣṇu (9th house) caused by a natural benefic like Jupiter aspecting the 9th bhāva.

Rāja Bali made a choice of making that donation and became immortal and the king of one of the lower worlds (tala). Question is would we have had the courage to make the same choice or would greed overcome us?

Rāja Hariśchandra: Jupiter in Fourth

Once again, we have never seen the horoscope of Rāja Hariśchandra and are unable to comment on its accuracy but that does not deter us from verifying the veracity of the statement.

Jupiter in the fourth bhāva or Venus in the tenth bhāva causes mahānta (greatness) yoga. Now let us ask a simple question – how shall we know that someone is actually great unless he is subject to adversity? It is only under conditions of adversity that the real character of a person is exhibited. Rāja Hariśchandra also came under such terrible adverse conditions when tested by the Maharṣi Viśvāmitra. But if such a test was not given to him and he had not proved his mettle, would the world sing his song to children and extoll them from being as truthful as ‘Satyavadi Hariśchandra’? In any case, Hariśchandra did get his wife, child and kingdom back – so in the end, planets in the 4th bhāva give you an opportunity to prove your mettle and become famous just as Saturn in the fourth bhāva did for Sri Rama. If you are unaware of this great king of the solar dynasty, please read these stories (a) Mythological for Kids (b) Wikipedia: Harishchandra..

Mahādevī Draupadi: Ṣaṣṭha Guru

षष्ठे द्रौपदीहरणञ्च हन्ति रावणाष्टमे।
ṣaṣṭhe draupadīharaṇañca hanti rāvaṇāṣṭame|

Once again, we have never seen the horoscope of Darupadi and are unable to comment on its accuracy but that does not deter us from verifying the veracity of the statement.

In jyotiṣa, natural benefics in the sixth bhāva cause ‘upachaya’ or growth effect. These natural benefics are Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Moon. This is also the house of enemies and Jupiter, if retrograde and also aspected by malefics can destroy the horoscope (life of native). On the other hand, Jupiter in the sixth, if strong can cause destruction of all enemies and the native is blessed by the goddess Kālikā. Harihara (book Praśna Marga) teaches that in whichever bhāva Jupiter is place is where we find Nārāyaṇa. While it can be argued that Jupiter in the sixth may have seen Dushshaasana attempting to disrobe Draupadi, but we can also say that it was Jupiter that brought the hand of Śrī Kṛṣṇa and although Dushshasana tried to disrobe Draupadi, he failed as no matter how much he tried, the cloth did not finish – behold! It was another miracle of Kṛṣṇa. We are more inclined to agree with the teachings of Praśna Marga (Guru is God) and other standard texts (ṣaṣṭha Guru can be upachaya) rather than this dictum. Finally the entire clan of the Kaurava got annihilated due to Draupadi’s anger – that is Kālikā. So, we can say that Guru in sixth can cause total destruction of enemies when in strength.

Rāvaṇa: Aṣṭama Guru

षष्ठे द्रौपदीहरणञ्च हन्ति रावणाष्टमे।
ṣaṣṭhe draupadīharaṇañca hanti rāvaṇāṣṭame|

Guru in the 8th bhāva is said to generate asura yoga – Dr. Raman also mentions this in his writings. The native can be overcome by base emotions. However, this example is not apt to prove the point as Rāvaṇa finally got mokṣa. So to argue that Rāvaṇa was finally killed due to Jupiter in the 8th bhāva may be correct to say, but what is not being said is that he also got mokṣa. Is this a good example to prove a point about ‘bad effects of Jupiter in the 8th bhāva’? I longevity calculations it causes kakṣya vṛddhi.

Duryodhana: Daśama Guru

दशमेदुर्योधनं हन्ति द्वादशे पाण्डुवनामतम्॥
daśameduryodhanaṁ hanti dvādaśe pāṇḍuvanāmatam||

Once again, we have never seen the horoscope of Rāja Duryodhana and are unable to comment on its accuracy but that does not deter us from verifying the veracity of the statement.

To say that Duryodhana lost his kingdom, all siblings and life due to tenth house Guru maybe accurate as per stated facts of the Mahabharata. But why would Guru do such a thing unless we also take into consideration that he was born at the moment of the exact solar eclipse in his lagna. Therefore, it is not right to blame the tenth house position of Jupiter for the losses he sustained but rather to see that the exact solar eclipse symbolising ‘blindness’ that occurred in his lagna was the real cause of his ruin. This blindness was the product of the blindness of his parents – one natural (father) and the other enforced (mother blindfolded herself for life) and their love for him was also blind. The result was a simpleton who was totally misguided by his crafty uncle into the pitfalls of adharma. Once again, how is Jupiter responsible for this predicament and not the solar eclipse of his birth? Kṛṣṇa tried very hard to help him see reason and ensure that Duryodhana retained the Kuru kingdom by even offering the compromise of the five villages…

Pāṇḍu: Dvādaśa Guru

दशमेदुर्योधनं हन्ति द्वादशे पाण्डुवनामतम्॥
daśameduryodhanaṁ hanti dvādaśe pāṇḍuvanāmatam||

In translating the śloka, my friend Chandrasekhar Sharma writes, “Pandavas were sent to forest on account of their defeat in Dyuta (a type of gambling game of the Kings) on account of occupation of 12th bhava in Yudhishthira’s chart.” This time we are in a position to verify that Jupiter is not in the 12th bhāva (dvādaśa) in the chart of Mahārāja Yudhiṣṭhira. Instead it is exalted in the 8th bhāva.

I think the ‘Pandu’ mentioned in this śloka is the father of the Pāṇḍava and younger brother of Dhritarashtra. Once again, we have never seen the horoscope of Rāja Pandu and are unable to comment on its accuracy. We leave it here with the following statement:

Jupiter is the only real blessing in a horoscope for its station is the home of Bhagavan Viṣṇu. From here it connects to all the sages and seers who are tied to its truth force. It is the only protector of mankind.

Kṛttikā nakṣatra extends from 26°40’ Aries to 10° Taurus and has four pada indicating the four ayana of life.

No. Position Navāṁśa Tattva Ayana D1 Lord D9 Lord
Pada 1 Ar 26°40’ – Ar 30°00’ Sagittarius Agni Dharma Mars Jupiter
Pada 2 Ta 0°00’ – Ta 3°20’ Capricorn Pṛthvi Artha Venus Saturn
Pada 3 Ta 3°20’ – Ta 6°40’ Aquarius Vāyu Kāma Venus Saturn
Pada 4 Ta 6°40’ – Ta 10°00’ Pisces Jala Mokṣa Venus Jupiter


Planetary Relationship with the Sun in Kṛttikā nakṣatra:

  • Mars: the native is capable of removing every impediment. He has good earnings due to his enterprise and courage.
  • Mercury: the native has interest in music and arts and is very talented. He has a decent personality and is very likeable.
  • Jupiter: among his family he is the best. He is very good in political strategy and leadership which can lead him to being a minister or topmost adviser. He has ample wealth and financial resources to fulfill all desires.
  • Venus: the native has very attractive and beautiful eyes. The beautiful, well-formed body becomes the topic of discussion making him a celebrity.
  • Saturn: both the health and wealth of the native are poor. Due to fights and internal strife within the family, his home life becomes intolerable and gradually the entire life becomes meaningless as everything (including work, business etc.) collapses.

If the Sun is in the first pada and has the association of any benefic planet then the native has a normal life. His wealth gradually improves and he becomes wealthy. He is blessed with many children. Without aspects or the aspect of malefic planets can drastically change the situation making him poor and underprivileged. He takes to learning vedic astrology, palmistry or other secret knowledge but his partial learning (bookish knowledge without a guru) is not helpful. His eyesight weakens with time but he is blessed with excellent appetite and is very fond of food. His life can take a drastic turn due to some hazard like fire accident or electricity etc.

If the sun is in the second pada the native has a very long life. He is blessed with children, grandchildren and may even live to see great-grandchildren. Prosperity and fame come as age advances. The native has a sharp brain and is intelligent. He becomes the follower of some sadhu (saint) and gets spiritual knowledge and insight. The native is fond of music, art and drama. If the native gets proper education in childhood then he can become a skin specialist (doctor, healer, massage therapist etc.) or a chemist.

The sun in the third pada indicates a person who lives life as a petitioner or a beggar. He suffers from unnatural or incurable diseases. If other negative combinations are present then this adds to the danger of bālāriṣṭa (premature death). The native earns money through businesses like makeup artist, hair dressing, barber or anything to do with leather like cobbler or business involving leather products. With malefic planetary influences, even professions like prostitution can become the vocation and danger of sexually transmitted diseases or death due to the same can happen.

If the sun is in the fourth pada of Kṛttikā nakṣatra, the native lives a normal life and belongs to the lower class. The native serves others. If malefic planets influence the sun, the native can be unfaithful or even a murderer. His mind has cruel thoughts and he causes great hurt to his wife and children. He wastes money and time indulging in alcohol (drugs etc.), gambling and suffers from water-related (circulation or water-borne) diseases.


Thakur Natwar Singh


The fourth son of Thakur Govind Singh of Deeg and his wife Thakurani Prayag Kaur, Singh was born in the princely state of Bharatpur to an aristocratic Jat family related to the ruling dynasty of Bharatpur. He attended Mayo College and Scindia School, Gwalior, both traditionally for Indian princely clans and nobles, and took an undergraduate degree at St. Stephen’s College, Delhi. He subsequently studied at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge University and was a visiting scholar for a period at Peking University in China. The Sun is in the second pada of Krttika naksatra which is considered the most fortunate of all the four pada. Given the right education the native will make a mark for himself in life.
The Sun is conjoined lagnesa Mercury and Jupiter in the ninth house enhancing the result “sharp brain and is intelligent”. Read the impact of Jupiter on the Sun in Krittika. Singh joined the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) in 1953 [Sun dasa Jupiter antara] and served for 31 years. In 1984 [Rahu dasa Mercury antara], after resigning from the Indian Foreign Service, Singh joined the Congress party and was elected to the 8th Lok Sabha from Bharatpur constituency in Rajasthan.In 1985 [Rahu dasa Mercury antara] he became the Minister for Steel and Coal and in 1986 [Rahu dasa Venus antara] he became the minister for External Affairs. Venus has parivartana rajayoga with Jupiter that influences the Sun in Krittika nakshatra. His fortunes nosedived in the last part of the Rahu dasa, Sun antara to the end in 1991, as Rahu has a malefic aspect on the Sun.
He was elected to the Rajya Sabha from Rajasthan in 2002 [Jup dasa Ven antara]. The Congress party came back to power in 2004 [Jup dasa Moon antara], and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh appointed Natwar Singh the Minister for External affairs (23 May 2004). However Mars is a very malefic planet in this chart being in debility in the seventh bhava from arudha lagna. It has rasi drsti on the Sun which is very damaging especially as it is a debilitated malefic, and a dire malefic for Virgo lagna. On 27 Oct 2005 in Jup dasa Mars antara the “oil for food” scandal surfaced which forced him to resign and gradually he was pushed into retirement. He got into a war of words with Sonia Gandhi and in August 2014 [Sat dasa Ketu antara], Natwar Singh’s autobiography which promised to be a ‘say-it-all’, “One Life is Not Enough”, was released. Ketu also has rasi drsti on the Sun and is another malefic for Virgo lagna. I guess when a politician publishes memoirs it means retirement.
Sun in second pada promises children and grandchildren – he has a son, Jagat Singh (b. August 1968 Mars dasa Rahu antara) and a daughter, Ritu Kaur (b. November 1970 Mars dasa Saturn antardasa). He has two grandsons from his son – Hanut Singh (b. 1995) and Himmat Singh (b. 1997). Unfortunately his daughter-in-law committed suicide by jumping from the balcony of her room at the Delhi Hyatt Regency Hotel and later his daughter Ritu hanged herself in her bedroom on 9 May 2002. Atmakaraka Venus in ksaya bhava in Gandanta can bring a lot of sorrow from daughter, daughter-in-law when it is 9th lord.

Bharaṇī nakṣatra extends from 13°20’ – 26°40’ in Aries and has four pada indicating the four ayana of life.

No. Position Navāṁśa Tattva Ayana D1 Lord D9 Lord
Pada 1 Ar 13°20’ – Ar 16°40’ Leo Agni Dharma Mars Sun
Pada 2 Ar 16°40’- Ar 20°00’ Virgo Pṛthvi Artha Mars Mercury
Pada 3 Ar 20°00’ – Ar 23°20’ Libra Vāyu Kāma Mars Venus
Pada 4 Ar 23°20’- Ar 26°40’ Scorpio Jala Mokṣa Mars Mars


Planetary Relationship with the Sun in Bharaṇī nakṣatra:

  • Moon: the native is very kind natured and has a rare quality of always being of assistance to others. He employs many people for various activities and businesses with the objective of making their lives meaningful.
  • Mars: this association brings forth a very cruel streak invoking the god of death, Yama, the devatā of Bharaṇī nakṣatra, that gives great dexterity in the art of ‘divide and rule’ called ‘vidveṣaṇa tantra’. It gives ability of intervening with supernatural powers – black or white magic depends on lagna. His eyes are red when infused with that power, his body is strong and healthy. He is the best of political advisers and protectors of the king.
  • Jupiter: the native has a helping nature which brings prosperity, popularity and political success. He is very well educated with high qualifications and can serve well as a caring physician, a bureaucrat or senior politician. Whatever the field, wisdom is what he has with a kind soul.
  • Venus: the native has a low life, living with people of low values. He misuses his money with characterless friends in all sorts of frolicking. While this gives a great friend circle due to his loose pocket, it also shows a complete waste of time in this planet.
  • Saturn: the native is lazy, craving for unearned wealth which can make him a robber or a gambler always seeking lotteries and other fantastic schemes for making quick money. However, he will be endowed with patience and can silently wait for the opportune time.

If the Sun is in the first pada the person is highly educated, full of good thoughts and wise. He has interest and capability for understanding human mind with the knowledge of psychology and astrology. He is fortunate with abundant prosperity and enjoys an excellent reputation. He has an attractive personality and excellent behaviour. If there is a mark, spot or sign caused naturally or by a wound in near his eyes or on face, it is lucky and wards off other evils. He can become a specialist in medicine, law, husbandry etc. He becomes a successful businessman if the Sun is in the 15th degree (14°-15°) and a manufacturer if in the 16th (15°-16°) degree. Businesses associated with “land” like fertilizer, agricultural implements, clothes for workers, flower or fruits harvest and even hotel or buildings.

If the Sun is in the second pada then his upbringing has been positive and happy childhood with a good family that has a good social position. He gets great pleasure from his children and his wife. He gets unexpected wealth which can be sudden inheritance from unexpected relations or sudden business gains through political friendships and such things. He suffers from diseases of throat or private parts. Women can expect uterus problems. He profits from trade and commerce associated with all sorts of goods and water. If the Sun is in the 18th degree (17°-18°) ratija diseases (i.e. diseases from ‘skill in the art of love-making’) afflict him. If the Sun is in the 19th degree (18°-19°) then serious skin diseases are indicated.

If the Sun is in the third pada then the native has to struggle very much in life. Sun indicates rājabhaṇga nīca-yoga i.e. even if a king he loses kingdom and suffers penury. There will be a time when he has enormous wealth, but he all that goes into other hands primarily due to his extravagance and largesse. All planets become negative and none of the mahādaśā or antara give any respite because the primary fall is cause by the Sun, the graha-adhipati (lord of all planets). If he starts worship of the Sun either during its mahādaśā or its antara, then he can regain some of the lost wealth and position just as Savitṛi regained her husband from Yama. When the Sun has fallen (nīca-navāṁśa), of all the graha Mars becomes the most malefic. Accidents causing breakage of skull and such adverse situations can occur during the daśā of Mars in addition to business losses and debts. Income reduces to a bare trickle. A strong and positive Mars can aggravate the fall of the Sun ushering in good profit and income and increasing wealth and prosperity. Traits like aggression and impatience will be seen when Mars is very strong.

If the Sun in the fourth pada then the native has considerable suffering in childhood. Either his father has an untimely death or there is separation from father. Unless other planets assist the native, he lives the life of a beggar with no food and shelter. A single positive planet can protect him. If the lagna lord is not strong, his condition deteriorates drastically, yet he does not beg for a living and instead becomes totally dependent on others who are indicated by that one positive protective planet.


Berndt Andreas Baader

Andreas-BaaderAndreas Baader was born as the only child of historian and archivist Dr. Berndt Phillipp Baader. His father Berndt Baader served in the German Wehrmacht, was captured on the Russian Front in 1945, and never returned. The Bharani problem of ‘missing father’ was activated early when he was barely 2 years old. Andreas was raised by his doting mother, aunt, and grandmother but that would not make up for the strictness required to discipline a boy born with Kala Sarpa Yoga having an exalted Sun in the 5th bhava (very intelligent) but in the 3rd pada of Bharani naksatra. Normally we would have expected this problem for the 4th pada of Bharani, but when we look carefully, we notice that the only planet aspecting the Sun (rasi drsti) is Mars from Aquarius (parakrama).
His first deadly crime was on the night of Apr 2, 1968 when he set fire to two departmental stores causing $2 million damage. Even though convicted in 1968 with his girlfriend, they made a grand escape and toured many countries. Lagnesa Jupiter in the 7th house shows great instability and one who will travel all around. This can be meaningful if the lagnesa is strong, but with Kala Sarpa Rahu dominating the chart and with Jupiter in zero-digbala, it is obvious which direction this chart is moving in – CRIME. To add to the woes, there is a graha-malika yoga cought up inside the Kala Sarpa Yoga and a bad one at that starting from the Sun in rajabhanga nica yoga of Bharani 3rd pada to Rahu in Cancer. Now add Sun and Rahu together as the start and end of the yoga and we see a great fire that threatens to destroy so much.
More infor can be had from Wikipedia or this wonderful History Channel recommended Website. These very planets Sun and Rahu aspect AL3 creating dushta-marana yoga and ensure that he too shall die by the bullet (Sun) in prison (Scorpio is 12H showing prisons). Of course he did not commit suicide as the proceedings would like us to believe – the cops had their revenge and knew that if he got out again because of some legal loophole, there would be no stopping this human-anaconda.

Aśvinī nakṣatra extends from 0°00’ – 13°20’ in Aries and has four pada indicating the four ayana of life.

No. Position Navāṁśa Tattva Ayana D1 Lord D9 Lord
Pada 1 Ar 0° – Ar 3°20’ Aries Agni Dharma Mars Mars
Pada 2 Ar 3°20’ – Ar 6°40’ Taurus Pṛthvi Artha Mars Venus
Pada 3 Ar 6°40’ – Ar 10° Gemini Vāyu Kāma Mars Mercury
Pada 4 Ar 10° – Ar 13°20’ Cancer Jala Mokṣa Mars Moon



Planetary Relationship with the Sun in Aśvinī nakṣatra:

  • Moon: Nature of the native is cruel and his eyes are large and always red.
  • Mercury: the native lives his life peacefully and has an admirable, amicable personality
  • Jupiter: the native enjoys a long life and is a politician.
  • Venus: the native is always engrossed in luxuries and is constantly seeking enjoyments and comforts.
  • Saturn: the native is underprivileged, ignored, and unfortunate. He may be abandoned by parents or kinsmen and is brought up by another.

Pada Placement

If the Sun is in the first pada then the native is long lived but behaves like an old man, maybe very traditional. He is a soft speaker, and enjoys his life with the pleasurable company of spouse and children. If the Sun is in the very first degree of Aries (0°-1° i.e. saṅkrānti birth), then he will suffer from bone related diseases. The bhāva of the Sun shall indicate the part of the body which is very afflicted. There will be problems associated with father or the native suffers separation from father.

If the Sun is in the second pada then the native is not in good condition and suffers from various health problems and other afflictions until 8 years of age. Generally, the Sun gives good results in Aśvinī nakṣatra but if the Sun is in the second pada then these good effects of exaltation are absent due to pada doṣa (of second pada) as the Sun is in a navāṁśa owned by Venus. The native may be subject to inexplicable torment from dangerous things like black magic, evil incantations etc. He may also suffer a curse from an unknown person or a curse to an elder may get directed to him. Such a curse triggers his downfall time and again and he suffers various setbacks. Gradually, surprising turn of events bring good fortune and prosperity provided he has the courage and enterprise to take the opportunity. If not, then he can suffer from acute poverty and even become a beggar. He may be forced by circumstances to leave his home and country. Even the association of the Moon with the Sun cannot remedy the situation. However, the association of the Mars with the Sun will give the courage and enterprise necessary to seize the opportunities that lead to good fortune.

If the Sun is in the third pada then the native will be wealthy and prosperous but longevity is threatened i.e. short life is indicated by the Sun placement. In addition, he also has poor health. Very often he becomes violent and can express a mean streak.

Pada 4
If the Sun is in the fourth pada then Native is respected, intelligent, prosperous and leader of his society. He has popularity at national level. He is spiritual. His heart is filled with good thoughts. He fulfills all responsibilities in time and with excellence. He has have to live out of country or place of birth for work or position. His luck changes in old age. If the Sun is in the eleventh (10°-11°) or twelfth (11°-12°) degree of Aśvinī nakṣatra then it gives better results.


In the chart of Adolf Hitler, Sun is in Asvini Naksatra Pada-3 which promises rajayoga but poor health and longevity. Hitler had suffered from digestive problems his entire life. Since childhood he’d been prone to crippling, painful stomach cramps during times of emotional distress. By the time he’d reached his early 40s, the cramping had become more frequent, often accompanied by violent bouts of farting, along with alternate bouts of diarrhea and constipation. Hitler became a vegetarian in the early 1930s: He didn’t trust doctors, so rather than seek professional help for his condition he tried to treat it himself by eliminating meat, rich foods, milk, and butter from his diet in favor of raw and cooked vegetables and whole grains. After he placed himself under Dr.Morell’s care, it was just a matter of time before his condition improved, and when relief finally came a few months later – at about the same time his eczema began to clear up- Hitler naturally attributed his deliverance to Morell.
Hitler_angryAccording to one estimate, by the early 1940s, Hitler was taking 92 different kinds of drugs, including 63 different pills and skin lotions. Some medicines were taken only when specific complaints arose, but others were taken every day. By the summer of 1941, Hitler was popping between 120 and 150 pills a week on average. And on top of all the pills, Morell also administered injections -as many as 10 a day, sometimes more. So many, in fact, that even Herman Goering, Hitler’s heir apparent and himself a morphine addict, was startled by their frequency and took to calling Morell the “Reich Injection Master.” Most of the pills and shots that Hitler took were unidentified and mysterious, but Dr. Koester’s Anti-Gas Pills came in a little metal container (like Altoids heath mints or Sucrets throat lozenges) that identified them by name and even listed the active ingredients: gentian, belladonna, and an extract of something called nux vomica.
The gentian was harmless enough. But the presence of the other two ingredients in the pills, plus the revelation that Hitler, on top of all his other medications, was popping as many as 20 of the anti-gas pills a day, was startling. Even if Dr. Morell had read the label on the tin, he might not have known that nux vomica is a seed that contains a large amount of strychnine, commonly used as the active ingredient in rat poison. Belladonna, also known as deadly nightshade, contains atropine, a toxic substance that can cause excitement, confusion, hallucinations, coma, and death if taken in large quantities. That’s what alarmed Dr. Geising when he saw the six black pills sitting on Hitler’s breakfast tray that morning in July 1944: Without even realizing it, Hitler’s own personal physician had exposed him on a daily basis to significant doses of not one, but two deadly poisons.
Even after he learnt of the ingredients and stopped taking so many pills, his health did not improve. His physical and mental decline not only continued, it accelerated.He walked with the slow, halting shuffle of a man thirty years older, dragging his left leg behind him as he went. He couldn’t go more than a few steps without grabbing onto something for support. Hitler’s head, arms, and entire left side trembled and jerked uncontrollably. No longer able to write his own name, he signed important documents with a rubber stamp. He could not lift food to his mouth without spilling it down the front of his uniform and could not take a seat without help -after he shuffled up to a table, an aide pushed a chair behind him, and he plopped down into it. Hitler’s mental state had deteriorated as well. His thinking was muddled, his memory was failing, and his emotions whipsawed back and forth between long bouts of irrational euphoria (especially irrational considering how close Germany was to defeat) and fits of screaming, uncontrollable rage that lasted for hours.
Finally the short life indication also happened when he committed suicide by consuming cyanide on April 30, 1945. He was 56 years old and in Dvisaptati Rahu Dasa Moon antara. Rahu is in marana karaka sthana in the 9th house while the Moon joins a marana karaka Jupiter in the third house. What is interesting is the conjunction of Venus, Mercury and Jupiter with the Sun giving him all the magnetism, wealth and intelligence-power needed for meteoric rise. While the conjunction of Mars gives his tremendous enterprise to achieve his ambitions and grab all opportunities that bring fortune, it also enhances “violence and mean streak” of the Sun in pada-3 of Asvini naksatra. The aspect of Saturn causes misfortune and great fall, also poverty is indicated. All these will happen during their dasa while the tamas indications increase with time after 28 years of age.

Until 1946 the map of Greece kept changing shape with small regions moving in and out of the conglomeration of independent states. A civil war followed in the aftermath of World War II. Two decades of democracy ended abruptly when the Greek coup d’état took place on 21 April 1967 [Friday, Śukla Dvādaśī (Me), Pūrva phālguṇa nakṣatra], just weeks before scheduled elections, when a group of right-wing army officers led by Brigadier General Stylianos Pattakos and Colonels George Papadopoulos and Nikolaos Makarezos seized power in a coup d’etat. This coup occurred just a few days before the total lunar eclipse of April 24, 1967 (Svātī Nakṣatra).

People of Greece are basically freedom loving and Athenian Democracy is an old concept. There were many revolts and in November 1973 students occupied the Polytechnion of Athens revolting against the military regime. The military government in Greece has collapsed in 1974 and the former prime minister Konstantinos Karamanlis returned from Paris where he was in self-imposed exile. Karamanlis was sworn in at 4:00am of July 24, 1974 in Athens as prime minister and this is the ‘Democracy Chart for Modern Greece’.
One point that strikes the mind immediately is the weakness of the lords of the ninth house Aquarius – Saturn is in maraṇa kāraka sthāna in lagna while Rāhu is in debility in the sixth house. But the dharma bhāva is strong with a retrograde Jupiter blessing the chart. Two elements of the past will end while a new Jupiter rules the heavens. Rāhu in debility in Scorpio is the end of the military dictatorship while Saturn in maraṇa sthāna shows an end to the old royalty. Previously the monarchy had been abolished in 1973 and in a referendum on the issue later in 1974 Greek voters rejected re-establishing the king and voted for a presidential system. Accordingly after the November elections, when his new party, the Nea Dimokratia came to power, Karamanlis founded the Greek Republic with a new constitution in 1975. The main objective of Karamanlis was to bring Greece into the EEC which he finally did in 1980 in the very first Nārāyaṇa Daśā of Gemini having a powerful rājayoga of the lagna and fourth lord Mercury conjoining the lords of trines Venus and Saturn. The EEC was also known as the Common Market in the English-speaking world and sometimes referred to as the European Community even before it was officially renamed as such in 1993. This is the first pillar of EU (European Union).

Today the Greeks are celebrating the victory of the Left-wing party leader Alexis Tsipras, who wants to renegotiate Greece’s debt. They are calling it a rewriting of Greek history. The BBC says that “Anti-austerity Syriza party has won Greece’s general election, putting the country on a possible collision course with the EU over its massive bailout.”

If we look at the chart, the striking feature is the fifth house rājayoga showing a fun-loving (Venus is fifth lord) happy-go-lucky (Venus conjoins Mercury in Gemini) people who eat excellent food (Moon in digbala in 4th house) and are very strong, being blessed by the Mother Divine (digbala Moon).

What is unfortunate is the Scorpio Nārāyaṇa (2008-17) has not ended and the rioting and fire that started in winter of 2008 continues in the hearts of the people. This is the sixth house of ṣaḍripu (six weaknesses) where a debilitated Rāhu causes the mind to become very confused, particularly in matters of dharma (righteousness) as it is the co-lord of the ninth house.

Rāhu got into action as soon as Scorpio daśā started in the summer of 2008 and started fomenting dissent and mistrust. On 6 Dec 2008 when the Moon was in Śatabhiṣaj nakṣatra, a day ruled by Rāhu, Alexandros Grigoropoulos a 15-year-old Greek student, was killed by two policemen and Greek riots started resulted in large protests and demonstrations, which escalated to widespread rioting, with numerous rioters damaging property and engaging riot police with Molotov cocktails, stones and other objects. Demonstrations and rioting soon spread to several other cities, including Thessaloniki, the country’s second-largest city. Outside Greece, solidarity demonstrations, riots and, in some cases, clashes with local police also took place in more than 70 cities around the world! Rāhu had raised its hood and hissed venom in the air. There was a global economic depression and no single government can find a magical solution to the problems they create. People are the same everywhere – some slightly more docile others more heated. It all depends on the food and ‘daśā’.

Honestly, people are expecting some sort of miracle. Look at what has been happening. Greek financial crisis started in 2010, a year after the demonstrations. The elections of May 2012 did not get any result, so they had another election in June 17, 2012. A pro-bailout party in Greece won the votes but could not deliver the nation from the coils of the giant snake (Rāhu) that has a firm grip on the nation in the sands of Scorpio where there is no water to quench the fire that burns their throats nor any rain to bring prosperity.

Syriza promises an end to Greece’s painful austerity measures and wants to renegotiate its debt. Markets worry about a Greek debt default and a possible exit from the Eurozone which is unlikely as the yoga of Mercury, Venus and Saturn is very strong in Lagna but is presently weak being in the eighth from the daśā rāśi Scorpio. By the way, Syriza says it wants to keep the euro! Why? It’s the perennial water source during these hard times. Who in his right mind wants to let go of a hen that lays golden eggs every once in a while. If the eggs are not forthcoming, squeeze the hen and it will fall out.

Don’t expect Syriza to deliver a magic recipe during this Scorpio daśā which continues till the summer of 2017. The real changes will happen only in 2017-19 during Sagittarius Nārāyaṇa Daśā and Greece will have prosperity and become debt free in the years that will follow from 2019-26. What the world needs to do is to realise that Greece is passing through troubled times. They fight a giant snake that grips their consciousness and it is wise to lend a helping hand, to be with them in these times. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Let us be the friend they need today and tomorrow, that is after 2019, they will prove to be great friends.


Exactly as expected and foretold, the Greeks voted for self-respect.

Facebook Timeline Discussions:
Narayana Dasha works. The Greeks are not in amy mood to continue with their emasculation. They have started on the path of ‘self-respect’ and are likely to continue …with a NO vote. When Devani was hoping for some sort of breakthrough in April, I was surprised. Why would they yeild?
What they owe Germany is a miniscule of the amount that was physically looted from Greek Banks in WW-II …and Germany has never returned this loot. Someday they (Germany and Greece) have to settle this karma. Thats the future. For now, most Opinion Polls gave a slight margin for YES vote, but we think it maybe a NO vote thats going to made on 5 July, 2015 when the Moon is in Dhanistha Nakshatra supported by a strong rikta tithi (chaturthi) More on BBC
Sanjay Rath
Sanjay Rath

Final Results
Greek voters have decisively rejected the terms of an international bailout. he final result in the referendum, published by the interior ministry, was 61.3% “No”, against 38.7% who voted “Yes”. Greece’s governing Syriza party had campaigned for a “No”, saying the bailout terms were humiliating. More on BBC

Maṅgalika doṣa is a flaw of the energy processing system in the native. Mars (maṅgala) represents agni tattva and when this is flawed, the energy gets directed to wrong purposes and the result is terrible waste of both resources and time in addition to much suffering and pain.

It is interesting to note that the ancient seers did not attribute so much flaw to the placement of other planets including Saturn as has been placed on the placement of Mars. This is because we live in bhūrloka, the earth-plane and the devatā who is the guardian deity of this plane is ‘Agni’. In jyotiṣa this translates to Mars as it represents Agni tattva. The planets representing the guardians for the sapta-loka are in the order of the horā: Mars (bhūrloka), Sun (bhuvarloka), Venus (svarloka), Mercury (maharloka), Moon (janarloka), Saturn (taparloka) and Jupiter (satyaloka).

Defining Maṅgalika Doṣa

Maṅgalika Doṣa is an astrological combination that occurs if Mars (maṅgala) is placed in specific houses in the horoscope. Ancient seers have listed five houses for maṅgalika doṣa as the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th bhāva. Astrologers of some traditions add the lagna as well while others add lagna and remove the 2nd bhāva.

The reason why the ancient seers avoided the lagna was because of the dictum that any planet placed in lagna ultimately becomes favourable as lagna is the seat of the praise-worthy one. Now if we are going to praise Mars when it is placed in lagna, how can we do so if it is also causing maṅgalika doṣa. An argument to the contrary would be that Saturn in lagna is very inauspicious and the counter to that is the special condition of maraṇa kāraka sthāna. Since Saturn in lagna is in maraṇa kāraka sthāna, it is inauspicious and this does not apply to any other planet. In fact, Saturn is the only planet which gives good results when weak and when strong it can cause much suffering and all the evils promised by it will be fully experienced in the lifetime. Therefore there seems to be very sound logic in the ancients using only five houses viz. 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th, for the definition of maṅgalika doṣa.

Maṅgalika Groups

Further, these houses are in two or three groups depending on viewpoint:

1. In the first viewpoint, there are two groups:
(A) Sukha (happiness) or śānti (peace) trikoṇa of 4th, 8th and 12th bhāva which becomes aśānti trikoṇa bringing in irritation, agitation and conflict instead, and
(B) Śrīmanta bhāva consisting of 2nd and 7th houses which are naturally owned by Venus (Taurus, Libra are the 2nd and 7th houses of nature). Venus is the naisargika Kalatra kāraka and of jala tattva whereas Mars ruling agni tattva, destroys all that is so auspicious for saṁsāra (worldly life) when in these 2nd or 7th houses.

2. In the second viewpoint, there are three groups:
(A) chaturaśra of 4th and 8th bhāva which are the pillars of home and health and Mars placed in these houses can destroy properties and cause a person to wander like a vagabond
(B) śubha (auspicious) yoga of 2nd and 12th houses becomes aśubha (inauspicious) yoga with Mars in these houses and the blessings of a clean intellect are lost to terrible conflict in relationships in family and work
(C) maraṇa kāraka sthāna of Mars is the 7th bhāva where instead of love and enjoyments of this bhūrloka (earth plane), destiny brings many battles to your door

Either way, together these are the 2nd, 7th, 4th, 8th and 12th houses. For a proper understanding and application of maṅgalika doṣa, both these viewpoints have to be used and reconciled to see the expression of results in life.

Therefore when Mars is in the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th bhāva, the native has maṅgalika doṣa which can make life on earth like a jail term. The native feels very trapped in circumstances related to the bhāva in question and this impacts personal life as the tendency is to blame ones dear ones for all the maladies of life. Such an attitude results in great suffering for the spouse as well and estrangement by divorce, death or abandonment occurs.

Maṅgalika Chandra Lagna

Please note that the maṅgalika doṣa from the Moon sign is slightly different. It includes the 1st, 7th, 4th, 8th and 12th houses where the 2nd is replaced by the 1st house. Planets in the 2nd bhāva from the Moon are considered very auspicious as they herald good fortune whereas Sasi-Maṅgala yoga of Moon-Mars is a Rudra yoga bringing in much strife in personal life leading to an adulterous behaviour. Such natives have multiple relationships.

Tanzania Albinos killed for Black Magic

BBC Reports

that a new campaign launched in Tanzania aims to protect albino people after a rise in the number of them being murdered. In the last three years over 70 albinos have been killed, but only ten convictions have been made. There is a belief among some in Tanzania that the body parts of someone with albinism bring wealth. Salim Kikeke reports from Mwanza in north-west Tanzania
Watch BBC Video

Vice News Report

The horror of a rapidly growing industry in the sale of albino body parts. This unimaginable evil is driven by the belief (in some areas of the country) that the body parts of PWA possess magical powers capable of bringing riches if used in potions produced by local witchdoctors for Albinism Related Attacks in Tanzania).
Detailed Document
Leaders in the albinism community believe that many of the attacks and killings remain undocumented and thus the numbers are likely much higher than our records show. While Tanzanian police first started documenting them in 2006, it is widely known that these witchcraft related assaults against PWA have been going on since time beyond memory. Reports also indicate that albino body parts are being exported outside of Tanzania. In one instance, a Tanzanian trader was caught traveling to the Democratic Republic of the Congo with the head of an infant with albinism in his possession. He told police that a businessman there was going to pay him for the head according to its weight.
Emmanuel Festo
Download PDF
In sub Saharan Africa, there has been a long standing and widespread lack of public awareness about albinism. Powerful myths surround albinism, including these:

  1. PWA never die – They simply vanish – They are not human – They are ghosts.
  2. PWA are born to black women who have slept with a white man, or a European ghost. (Most women giving birth to a baby with albinism are abandoned by the father of the child. In most cases, neither parent knows that the father always carries the gene as well as the mother.)
  3. A PWA is a curse from the gods or from dead ancestors. As a result, touching a PWA will bring bad luck, sickness or even death.

As a result of these and other myths, many families do not bother to educate their children with albinism. Also, employers avoid hiring a PWA due to fears that their customers and staff will “catch” the condition, or that food would be contaminated. Sadly, in some social settings, many PWA are not offered the same kind of social & physical contact, due to this kind of misinformation.

Jyotiṣa Views

Tanzania Union
Moon trines to only exalted Rāhu in Lagna and Saturn in Kumbha rāśi (very high vāta) in 9th bhāva shows the predominance of dark faiths in Tanzania which brings about this misfortune among the people. Moon in the 5th does show caring and loving people, especially in Libra it shows the population is oriented towards trade and normal life. Yet we cannot ignore the exalted Rāhu in Lagna which makes the Sun a very malefic planet, anywhere in the chart. The maleficence of the Sun is transferred to the planets it conjoins or the houses it aspects. In this case Sun in the 11th bhāva is aspecting the 5th bhāva of people. From the 5th bhāva it is the bādhakeśa conjoining Mercury and indicating not only a huge incidence of Sūrya doṣa (skin diseases of various kinds that causes albino).

Sun is in the 1st Pada of Bharaṇī nakṣatra

Yama is the god of death and southern quarter of the universe in addition to being the regent of Bharani Naksatra
  1. If the Sun associates with the Moon then the native is very kind natured and has a rare quality of always being of assistance to others. He employs many people for various activities.
  2. On the other hand, the aspect of Mars brings forth a very cruel streak that gives great dexterity in the art ‘divide and rule’ called ‘vidveṣaṇa tantra’. It gives ability of intervening with divine powers (black or white magic depends on lagna). His eyes are red, his body is strong and healthy.
  3. Jupiter association shows a helping nature, prosperity and political popularity. He is very well educated with high qualifications and can serve well as a caring physician or as a bureaucrat.
  4. Venus association indicates living with people of low values. He misuses his money with characterless friends and has a great friend circle due to his loose pocket.
  5. Saturn associating with the Sun makes him lazy, craving for unearned wealth which can make him a robber but he will be endowed with patience.

Although it may seem to be a very good placement of the Sun with Mercury and Jupiter, actually there is graha yuddha between Sun (13°44’) and Mercury (13°51’) in Bharaṇī nakṣatra 1st pada. Jupiter also takes a beating being combust at 10°15’. Both these benefics are blocked by two malefics Mars and Saturn in the preceding signs.

In addition, the 5th Lord Venus is in the 12th bhāva, although in its own sign, indicating Sūrya doṣa as this is one of the bhāva signified by Saturn. Saturn signifies three bhāva – the duṣthāna namely

  • 6th bhāva which is the maraṇa sthāna of Venus showing Lakṣmī doṣa
  • 8th Bhāva which is the maraṇa sthāna of Moon showing Durgā doṣa
  • 12th bhāva which is the maraṇa sthāna of Sun showing Sūrya doṣa

Venus is also subject to a terrible pāpa kartari yoga between Rāhu and Sun, which is a grahaṇa yoga showing a kind of eclipse enveloping the lives of the people. They live in great fear for their lives and all sorts of black magic and evils rule the roost.

Finally, almost all the planets are in five signs from the 9th house Saturn (spirituality) to the 9th Lord Rāhu forming a bad graha mālikā – in fact it is a garland of thorns. Ātmakāraka Mars, although vargottama, is quite helpless in this scenario. Jupiter, Mercury struggling to deal with their combustions and emasculation by the Sun while Venus is too caught up trying to run away to a better life in a foreign land.

melbourne-siegeMelbourne has suffered a Rāhu attack in the form of a Sixteen-hour siege on Monday, 15 Dec 2014 a day before Dhanus saṅkrānti. A brief outline of the events and the vimśottari daśā [Ven-Sat-Sun-Rāhu] of Australia Chart. In the Australia natal chart Venus and debilitated Rāhu conjoin the 8th bhāva showing troubles and suffering.
The siege occurred at Lindt Chocolat Cafe in Sydney’s Martin Place, a busy plaza in the heart of Melbourne city.

The chart for the incident start (assumed 9:00 am) has exalted bādhakeśa Mars in exchange with lagneśa Saturn in bādhaka rāśi Scorpio in a terrible conjunction with the 8th lord Sun.

There is no relief whatsoever and these three malefic planets also have a pāpa kartari yoga on Mercury and Venus in the 12th bhāva which shows the two people who died –

  • Mercury: Tori Johnson, aged 34, the young man who was the owner of the Lindt Café is shown by Mercury who conjoins the 10th lord Venus
  • Venus: Katrina Dawson, aged 38, the lawyer indicated by Mercury conjoining Venus


The Terrorist

The terrorist(s) are seen from the 7th bhāva which is Cancer with retrograde Jupiter indicating the terrorist as a cleric. Retrograde exalted Jupiter gives results of being in debility showing a fallen cleric or an imposter. The 7th lord Moon in Virgo conjoining Rāhu in maraṇa kāraka sthāna shows that the terrorist will also get killed.

This happened around 2:20 AM on Tuesday (16 Dec, 2014) when Virgo was rising with Moon and Rāhu showing the unfolding of the siege-chart. Police officially confirm end of siege at 2:48 AM.

man-haron-monis0The terrorist was a self-styled sheikh Man Haron Monis, was formerly Manteghi Boroujerdi an Iranian refugee. A former self-styled Shia cleric living in southwest Sydney, he was 50 years old and had been living in Australia since 1996. He had recently converted to Sunni Islam and had posted “I used to be a Rafidi, but not anymore. Now I am a Muslim, Alhamdu Lillah” on his website earlier this month. Monis, along with his current partner Amirah Droudis, had been arrested and charged as an accessory to the murder of his ex-wife Noleen Hayson Pal, in 2013. Noleen was stabbed and set on fire on the staircase of her apartment in Sydney but both Haron and Amirah were released on bail after the case was deemed ‘weak’ by magistrates.

Offensive Mail
man-haron-monis1Haron and Amirah gained notoriety in Australia after sending numerous offensive letters to the grieving families of Australian soldiers killed in Afghanistan within days of their deaths between 2007 and 2009. Although he pleaded guilty to 12 charges relating to the malicious letters after a four-year legal battle, he was unrepentant.

From now on when I want to advise people not to kill children I should do it by hand delivery, not by using postal service!Man Haron Monis

Sex Crime History
man-haron-monis2Haron was also arrested by Australian sex crimes squad detectives in April and charged with the indecent and sexual assault of a 27 year-old woman at his property in 2002. During a recent court appearance in October 2014 he was charged with a further 40 sexual offences, including 22 counts of aggravated sexual assault and 14 counts of aggravated indecent assault relating to six other women. He was operating as a self-proclaimed ‘spiritual healer’ at the time of the alleged offences. Out in bail he was to appear in court shortly for these charges.

Everyone in western Europe seems alarmed at the news report on Sloviansk, a city in eastern Ukraine. India is just too busy with its elections, Maoist bombs and Modi’s wife to be bothered about whats happening in Europe. The whole attitude to Ukraine is ‘Let the people decide’. But that’s exactly the problem. Who are the people who have to decide for who? Just as we had warned in the previous article, the Europen Union move is going to be perceived in very negative light and the Ukraine government, instead of waiting to win the confidence and faith of the people, is perceived by at least those in the east, as weaklings who will become slaves for Germany, the EU champion.

News Report

Armed pro-Russians guard new checkpoint at Sloviansk entrance

On 12 Apr 2014, armed men dressed in camouflage clothing have seized a police station in eastern Ukraine. Police said the gang fired shots and used stun grenades to seize the offices in Sloviansk, near the Russian border. In fact armed men took over police stations and official buildings in three cities on Saturday – Sloviansk, Kramatorsk and Druzhkovka.

Ukraine Interior Minister Arsen Avakov called the gunmen “terrorists” and said special forces would repel the attack. He added “Pro-Russian protesters have taken over government buildings throughout eastern Ukraine…the unrest is being orchestrated from Moscow.”
Protesters in the eastern city of Donetsk, 130km (80 miles) from Sloviansk, have been occupying government buildings for days and demanding a referendum on becoming part of Russia.
A similar move prompted a Russian takeover of Ukraine’s Crimea region earlier this year. The US and EU have put sanctions on Russian and Crimean people they say were connected with the takeover.

BBC News  “Unconfirmed reports suggested official buildings had also been taken over in two other cities – Mariupol and Yenakievo.” In the regional capital, Donetsk, several public buildings have been occupied and Pro-Russian activists have blockaded the security services’ office in Luhansk.

[mappress mapid=”6″ width=”100%” height=”300″]

Battle for Sloviansk

President Vladimir Putin in 2007The battle for Sloviansk started when the Moon transited the ‘graha yuddha’ sign Leo on 12 Apr, 2014. The government at Ukraine woke up from its slumber the next day when the Moon entered Virgo, showing the government in power. Mars conjoining the Moon showed the decision that was inevitable – retaliation against the local militia, who are mostly ethnic Russian and are supported by Russia. Todays reports are streaming in about one Ukrainian state security officer killed and five wounded on the government side in what interior minister Arsen Avakov called Sunday’s “anti-terrorist” operation adding that there were many casualties on the “separatist” side.
The transit of Mars in Virgo is going to continue til 14 July, 2014 and this transit over its natal position which is a Pisacha Badhaka is terrible for the people of Ukraine as Mars is the lord of the 5th house showing ‘people and population’. By nature Mars in digbala in the 10th house, as the 5th lord shows the people of Ukraine are heroic and very brave which simply means, they will dig in and fight. Thats not good news for the government at Kiev.

We want to join Russia. We would be very grateful if Russia helps us,” said a gunman in the centre of Slaviansk who gave his name as Alexander, wearing camouflage fatigues and a black balaclava mask. “We will stand until victory. Honestly, it’s not scary for me to die for freedom.”Thomas Grove of Reuters

If you read the previous article of this series “Crimea: The Beginning”, the name itself spelt out what is expected in the stars of Ukraine. What happened in Crimea was only a beginning and the map showed where this is heading.
While Luhansk can be called a “border-city”, all the others cannot be called cities at the border and show the systematic manner in which the ethnic divide of Ukraine is gradually undermining its unity.

We had categorically pointed out and warned that if the government moved towards the EU at this delicate juncture and that too without the confidence of the population, the situation would worsen. In fact that’s exactly what Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said “it was Ukraine’s Western-leaning government, viewed by the Kremlin as illegitimate, that was stoking the tensions”.

Unlike the lunar eclipse which has a more spiritual signification as well as personal, the solar eclipse is of much greater importance as this shows the world changing around us. There are FOUR eclipses in 2014 (NASA Eclipse Web). Highlights of the eclipses are –

  • The two lunar eclipses precede the two solar eclipses
  • The first pair occurs in April 2014 – lunar eclipse on April 15 and annular solar eclipse on April 29
  • The second pair occurs in October 2014 – lunar eclipse on Oct 8 and partial solar eclipse on Oct 23

Type of Eclipse: In this article we study the eclipse of 29 Apr, 2014. The solar eclipse is far more serious than a lunar eclipse. However, this year, 2014 it is just an annular eclipse which in Sanskrit, is named ‘madhya-tamas grahaṇa’ which literally means ‘centre-dark eclipse’ or a circle of darkness in the solar disc. The eclipse of 2015 is far more dangerous and is a ‘total eclipse’ occurring on 20 Mar, 2015.

Path of Eclipse: None of the north-hemisphere nations are covered in the path of the annular solar eclipse of 2014 which passes over Southern Indian ocean, Australia and finally has its annular phase over Antarctica. Therefore, I find it hard to fathom the terrible fear and disaster that Susan Miller has been predicting about.

In fact, the eclipse of 2015 has a harder path over many nations and is also a total eclipse meriting concern and some remedial measures. It passes over Iceland, Europe, North Africa, and North Asia. It has its total phase over north Atlantic, Faeroe Islands etc.

India: The next solar eclipse that is locally visible over India is on 9 Mar, 2016. The lack of visibility make the impact much lessor for the nation as such, but we cannot sya that it does not impact … read on.

General effect: Globally the people will tend to become unruly and unjust. Couples will quarrel and divorces and separation will be on the increase. The Brahmins and priests will cease to have faith in prayer or meditatation which will bring down the consciousness globally to a more tamas (dark) level. People are sad and discontented.

Who needs to check chart?

Eclipse Date
  • The eclipse occurs on 28 Apr, 2014 in Washington which is 29 Apr, 2014 in India. People born close to these dates, say between 25 April to 1 May, must have their charts checked by a capable Vedic astrologer who should provide accurate analysis of their natal chart and the eclipse transit.
  • The eclipse will impact the health and/or life of people born in the same month as that of the eclipse (especially when the eclipse is in the same nakṣatra as natal Sun). We are talking about all people in general, born between 16 April and 15 May.
  • People born between 16-28 April will feel the impact of the eclipse after the eclipse date of 28/29 April 2014. The impact will be strongest for people born on 26-28 April.
  • People born between the dates 29 Apr to 15 May in general, would already be feeling the effects of the solar eclipse in the last six months. Their fears and troubles are likely to subside after the eclipse is over.
Bharaṇī Nakṣatra (Natal Moon)

  • The eclipse occurs in Bharaṇī Nakṣatra.
  • People having their natal moon (janma nakṣatra) in Bharaṇī nakṣatra must have their charts read specifically for eclipse analysis and remedy for their personal life.
  • People having their names starting with the letter ‘L’ like Lovelace or Leela must get their charts checked for impact on reputation and personal life.
  • People having their Lagna and/or Lagneśa in Bharaṇī must check their charts for exact longitude and conjunction of eclipse effects
Meṣa Rāśi (Aries)
The eclipse occurs in Meṣa rāśi which will torment the heads of governments and all political figures. Governments will fall like ninepins all over the world. The aggression of Mars and the lagna needs to be checked in their natal charts.
We have already seen the recent fall of Government in France. This trend is likely to continue in many parts of the world.

General results

United States

The President will prove his ability and deliver on his promises. This is going to be a period of great success for the government on various counts. Central America shall start to grow in a big way.


The government will fall and there will be chaos and many troubles in Madhya Pradesh, East Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and North Andhra Pradesh where there will be various political demands and fights. In Chattisgarh and naxalite infested areas of the country there will be great dissent. Many challenges lie ahead for India. However as the eclipse is not visible, the intensity of these troubles will be well contained.

United Kingdom

This is a particularly difficult period for women in general and the working classes in particular. Since the eclipse is not visible, the intensity will not be as great.


Artisans and artists will find it difficult to make a living in the absence of peace. The cleaners will be overloaded and workers will start questioning the rationale behind the political system itself. Foreigners will be very worried and fearful and this includes foreign visitors as well as dignitaries. Some ministers who will fail to perform will resign.


It is a bad time for Agriculture with the production dipping and the market demand higher than availability. The church and some extremists can come down heavily on ‘heretics’ and non-believers showing increate in social fragmentation. Traders will rush to make a killing but will run short of funds and costs would eat into their profits. The armed forces would be disillusioned as the army chief loses heart. Again, absence of any eclipse visibility make these milder.


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