MSP-II Graha Devata


We aim to study the ten variables – navagraha (and lagna) of jyotiṣa and remedies associated with them.

The study is restricted to devatā associated with the rāśi chakra. The devatā associated with the varga and other levels are not to be studied in this course unless they are specifically taught by Maharṣi Parāśara. This can be viewed as an extension of Parāśara Jyotiṣa Course and members of PJC are welcome to join.


(1) Jyotiṣa Principles including Navagraha: devatā; propitiation of planets; Kendra Rules: riṣṭa and ariṣṭa i.e. riṣṭa bhaṅga; (2) Curses and their alleviation; (3) Birth Affliction (4) Pañcāṅga Doṣa (5) Eclipse
Covers various chapters of Brhat Parasara Hora Shastra and is a must for PJC students, especially those who are already enrolled or have completed PJC


MSP-II Graha Devata has two parts to it as explained in the syllabus

  • Part-A is to be taught through webinars in April 2020-21. Admission is open to all. Fees to be paid online $1008
  • Part-B is to be taught through contact classes in Sep 2021. Admission is restricted to 60 members for people who can make a commitment to travel to India/Bengal. Others can avail the recordings by joining the course after the course is completed. Recommended dakṣina for contact course $700


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