Rāhu is PM Maker

rahuThe Amātyakāraka (AmK) is the ‘Minister’ in a nativity’s chessboard called aṣṭa-charakāraka which controls his career and the expansion of his soul in this domain of mundane life. Rāhu is the most important planet for politicians and anyone having Rāhu as amātyakāraka or associating with the AmK is definitely blessed with Machiavellian manipulation ability. Rāhu is the maker of Prime Ministers, especially in India which has an exalted 10th Lord Rāhu (politician, leader of nation) in Lagna (throne). People should stop looking at politics as a place for saints and stop measuring politicians with saintly qualities like speaking the truth, abstaining from extra-marital relationships (or the extreme thing like celibacy) and being a beggar or rich man. These are sadhu qualities, not those of politicians. These things do not matter in a politician. What matters is his gambler like ability to change a losing hand into a winning hand, to change the opinion of others by speaking what is just right to do so, and most important, to be a statesman and deliver on the aspirations of the people he leads – by hook or by crook. The finest example we have for political rise and power to change the entire system is that of Śrī Kṛṣṇa himself! Lagneśa Venus conjoins Rāhu and Amātyakāraka Saturn is aspected by Rāhu (graha dṛṣṭi). Śrī Kṛṣṇa did not like Machiavellian politics, Saturn is his amātyakāraka, but was not who would get defeated by politicians as his lagneśa Venus conjoins Rāhu.

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Indian Prime Ministers

Let us take some cases of the past.


Jawaharlal Nehru
Jawaharlal Nehru with exalted Rāhu as amātyakāraka outmanoeuvred all other leaders like Subhas Chandra Bose, Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Sardar Vallabhai Patel et.al. He went on to be the first leader of the constituent assembly and secured the position of the first prime minister of India. In addition, Rāhu is very well placed alone in Libra dasāṁśa mercilessly destroying his secret enemies. What is more important is that Rāhu must aspect the Lagneśa to have the power to guide the intelligence for politics.


Gulzarilal Nanda
Gulzarilal Nanda was ‘interim’ Prime Minister of India on two occasions, both after the death of the sitting Prime Minister Nehru and Shastri. In the rāśi chart, Rāhu is in maraṇa kāraka sthāna in the 9th house aspecting the 10th bhāva (political leader, sitting PM). Gulzarilal Nanda also had lagneśa Mars aspected by maraṇa kāraka Rāhu and therefore whenever death (maraṇa) of the leader happened, he was the one who was maneuvered into position. In the dasāṁśa, Rāhu conjoins the 8th lord (inheritance) Jupiter (guru, leader) forming Guru-caṇḍāla yoga (death, murder). Whereas Nehru had a normal death, the death of Lal Bahadur Shastri has always been one of speculation as his body had turned blue (suspected poisoning).

Of couse, we Indians are so callous about the lives of our leaders that we really did not delve into the details. Be it Bose, Shastri, Indira Gandhi or Rajiv Gandhi, we will really never punish the culprits. That’s because it is not saintly to do so!


Lal Bahadur Shastri
Lal Bahadur Srivastava Shastri shared a birthday with Mahatma Gandhi (Oct, 2 1904) and did not have this ability as Rāhu had nothing to do with his amātyakāraka Saturn. But just like Gulzarilal Nanda, he too has lagneśa Mars conjoining Rāhu which does give him the ability to rise to the dizzying heights of the Prime Minister. Unfortunately this terrible war yoga of Rāhu and Mars which gave him grand victory in the Indo-Pak war, also aspects Jupiter in the 3rd bhāva from ārūḍha lagna showing his death in a foreign land. We were told that his body turned blue because of the cold!

indira gandhii

Indira Gandhi
Nanda and Shastri were not ‘real politicians’ when it comes to amātyakāraka and Rāhu like Nehru. Then came Indira Gandhi, who just like her father, had lagneśa Moon aspected by Rāhu from the preceding sign giving the political mind which we have seen in all others so far. In addition, her Amātyakāraka Venus is in maraṇa kāraka sthāna with a debilitated Rāhu. I have rarely seen such a perfect combination for politics. She was the undefeated one, the one we called Jaya Ma Kali! Elections were quite meaningless with her leading the Congress party. Who can fight with Kali mata?


Morarji Desai
Amātyakāraka Moon is fully aspected by Rāhu from Aquarius showing the long political career. However Rāhu is in maraṇa kāraka sthāna which, as in the chart of Gulzarilal Nanda and later V.P.Singh, means success only after either death or destruction of his own leader. Morarji served as Deputy Prime Minister to Indira Gandhi for two years 13 March 1967 – 16 July 1969, before leading a revolt in the Congress Party to oust Indira in Rāhu antardaśā. His boss Indira Gandhi is protected by 9th lord Saturn which is exalted (powerful), retrograde (unflinching) and ātmakāraka (king). Since the daśā was of Saturn, he failed miserably and went into oblivion for a long time to emerge as the leader post emergency in 1977. He was PM in Mercury daśā Venus antardaśā from 24 March 1977 – 28 July 1979. Look at the dates carefully – it is again rise in March (Mīna māsa) and fall in July (Karkaṭa māsa). It is noteworthy that just as he had rebelled against his boss, so also did his deputy PM Charan Singh rebel and oust him.

Charan Singh

Charan Singh
Exactly like his boss Morarji Desai, Charan Singh was born with Rāhu better placed in mūlatrikoṇa Virgo in conjunction with amātyakāraka Moon. Birds of a feather, flock together. He became the 5th PM of India in Mer-Sat period and pratyantara daśā of Mars on 28 July 1979. He barely lasted through six months and just at the end of Rāhu pratyantara, he lost power on 14 January 1980.
It was India’s destiny which forces corrections whenever we deviate from the path of democracy. Rāhu also represents the pitṛs, our forefathers, the freedom fighters who died in such large numbers before we finally got our freedom, and that too without deviating from our sworn dharma – ahimsa (non-violence). Morarji Desai came to power in Rāhu antardaśā and Charan Singh in Jupiter antardaśā while Indira Gandhi returned to power in Saturn antardaśā. For India’s Taurus lagna, Saturn is the natural leader as lord of 10th bhāva.


Rajiv Gandhi
Just like his grandfather Rajiv Gandhi also had Rāhu in the 12th bhāva as the amātyakāraka and it aspected Lagna where the Sun was strong in all glory. The requirement for politics is complete. The Sun detests Rāhu and therefore Rajiv tried his level best to steer away from this profession but destiny dragged him into the thick of Indian politics, with the untimely death of his brother and the rest is history. Perhaps India is not lucky enough to have another lion like Rajiv Gandhi, who knows?

vp singh

V. P. Singh and Chandra Sekhar
Prima facie Rāhu in Pisces has nothing to do with the amātyakāraka Venus in Taurus, in the chart of V.P.Singh nor does Rāhu associate with the lagneśa Moon – which is why he was really not good at politics. But his amātya Venus is the bādhakesha in own sign which gives the complete influence of Rāhu since bādhakeśa is like Rāhu. And since it is neither conjoined nor aspected, by any planet, as bādhakeśa Venus will retain all bādhaka powers. It will act like Rāhu.
Just like Gulzarilal Nanda, Rāhu is in maraṇa kāraka sthāna in 9th bhāva indicating rise only after death or destruction of political mentor. His rose to the top position by accusing Rajiv Gandhi of corruption in the Bofors case and later stated that he never really said or meant that Rajiv Gandhi himself took the money! That’s Rāhu you see – he had the whole world believing that Rajiv Gandhi pocketed ₹60 Crores in the Bofors scandal. He became the PM during Venus antardaśā, and just after Venus ended in October 1990, he was edged out by Chandra Sekhar on 10 Nov, 1990.

PVNarasimha Rao

P.V. Narasimha Rao
The next is a great master with ātmakāraka vargottama Rāhu aspecting lagneśa amātyakāraka Mercury in Bhadra Mahāpuruṣa yoga. The entire combination becomes really deadly when we see a powerful viparīta rājayoga of Mars and Sun in digbala combusting all the high spiritual values of mahāpuruṣa Mercury. Rāhu as 6th lord adds the curry power to the boiling 12th lord Sun and 8th lord Mars to create a potion so deadly that out of the oblivion of retirement in his native village he returned to be the PM during Mars daśā. Viparīta rājayoga in the tenth house destroyed the Congress party and the BJP mage good advancement under the statesmanship of Atal Bihari Vajpayee.


With exalted Rāhu in the 8th house aspecting amātyakāraka Venus and exalted lagneśa Ketu, Vajpayee was also a very able politician like his predecessor. His ascendancy was largely during Jupiter daśā in Aquarius (Rāhu lord) having Rāhu dṛṣṭi and with the advent of Saturn in Maraṇa Kāraka Sthāna in Lagna with 8th Lord (retirement) Mercury, he went into retirement.

People say his lagna is Libra and fail to give a simple explanation for fall in 2004 which would otherwise be a rājayoga period of yogakāraka Saturn and 9th lord Mercury. Others dispute the date as 1924 instead of 1926 and use a Libra lagna and are still unable to convincingly explain why yogakāraka Saturn exalted in Libra lagna would have caused his fall. Face it, Scorpio lagna tries hard to keep so many secrets. Have you forgotten the nuclear tests? Even his right hand did not know what his left hand did – that was Atal Vajpayee ji. All top intelligence agencies globally failed to report this and even his own cabinet was left with tongues hanging when the news became public.

Manmohan Singh greets Sonia Gandhi at his swearing-in ceremony

Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh
Sonia Gandhi with lagneśa Moon aspected by an exalted Rāhu in bādhaka rāśi had the qualification to lead the Congress party back to power in 2004. However she did one of the most brilliant checkmates in the Indian chessboard by making Manmohan Singh the 13th PM of India. Together they ruled India for a good decade (2004-14). It was the start of Mercury daśā that pulled her into politics in Mercury antara (1995-98) and she worked to rebuild whatever was left of a shattered Congress. In the second half of Mercury she led the party to power. Mercury is fully aspected by Rāhu who sits exalted in bādhaka rāśi. With the advent of Ketu daśā, her stars give way to the next generation of leaders that will lead India since Ketu, assisted by the Sun, breaks Mercury. Her health too suffered as Ketu daśā progressed. As for Manmohan Singh, the oil supply from Rāhu daśā is about to end this year as he enters his 8th and last mahā daśā of Jupiter.

Looking Ahead
As India elections progress, we need to take a fresh look at some charts of possible leaders for the nation keeping in mind that in the chart of India, the glorious Jupiter in Libra Narayana daśā has given way to the exalted Rāhu in Taurus.

Before we finish, if we missed any PM, it was not for any political reasons. The moot point about the importance of Rāhu has been made.

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  1. sir what if rahu is bhadakesh or lets say placed in bad house like 8th? will it obstruct? what can be general remedy for bad rahu?

  2. Yes ,In Indian politics Rahu`s place is indomitable by other planets.The reason is not the Rahu but the time of our Independence chart. If one goes through this any one can predict the role of Rahu and its outstanding importance in Indian Politics.But more than that Rahu, one more aspect also ruling the PMs in India. That brings out the original KING out of the pack of contesting PACK of aspirants. The KEY factor once unfolded by great Masters/Sawanths of Astrology, that paves way to better predictions. Om Vighneshaya namaha!!

  3. Om Gurave Namah,

    Very informative! Now I started wondering if I could be politician (actually I do no like it).
    Details 25/11/75, 7:34:50 AM Solapur. Vrischika Langna, Su and Me in Lagna. Exchange between Me and Lagnesh Ma in Mithuna, Ra in Tula aspects Su/ Me in Vrischika. Currently under Sun-Ju!

    Kind Regards

    Gajanan S Inamdar

  4. sir,
    very good article.
    just have a small query related to this article which has been in my mind :
    politics involves two steps outsmarting competitors for gaining throne and governance as a ruler, the first very well explained by you is through a well placed Rahu and the second part i.e. administration/governance as per my limited knowledge is ruled by Sun.
    with Rahu’s “winner eats it all” attitude is the Sun eclipsed ?
    is it the reason that our country is facing corruption and how to relate it with Narayan dasha of taurus having exalted Rahu in it for India taking into consideration that since last 2-3 years lots of corruption related news have come to surface?

    kindly guide.
    with endless regards.

  5. Om Gurave Namah ,
    Thanks for your interest Guruji.
    For the first time in Turkey , a special election ( public will vote ) will happen to choose President of Turkey Republic.
    It will be in 2 tours , 10 th and 24 th of august 2014.
    We are sure that in recent local elections , there happened lots of theft , burning, dissapearing or excessive fake votes which he had grabbed the most local governance including Capitol Ankara..I’m sure and afraid these illegal situations will happen again. Him and his party has this power.
    Name :RTE:
    DOB: February /26/ 1954 – 04:25 am – Istanbul/Turkey

  6. Dear Srath
    Excellent article .. very happy
    In Narendra Modi Horoscope also having this combination, i think He will be the next PM of india, on 26th May;2014

    1. All of them have Rahu associated with Amatyakaraka

      1. Narendra Modi: Rahu is AmK in sankha yoga and he is in Moon-Rahu
      2. Priyanka Gandhi: Rahu very powerful AmK
      3. Mulayam Yadav: King Yoga> AmK is Rahu and drsti Venus AK from 12
      4. Akhilesh Yadav: Just like his father but emotional Moon AK, Jup AmK and BOTH with Rahu drsti

      You see all of them have the yoga…that is why they are TOP politician. What matters is Dasha

      1. Amazing article sir, i would like to ask u if being an aquarius ascendant rahu is in 11th house and Jupiter aspects it from the 7th house is it great?

  7. Dear Sanjay ji,
    Does Rahu also has some relations with some form of raja yogas for politics. Also should rahu be related with any rasi? Namaste..

    1. Definitely. Rahu is a bhogi graha and the ‘winner eats it all’ is very apt for Rahu. Three critical planets for all Rajayoga are Sun, Mercury and Rahu

  8. Om Gurave Namah..This article pushed me to examine our p.m’s chart .His Amk. Şukra is in Kumbha with rx Budha (10th lord) and Surya ( 9th lord ) giving karma dharmadipadi yoga..Amk is 10.th lord in Dasamsa again having no graha drişti from Rahu..Only connection is in Navamsa ,Rahu giving graha drişti to Amk.Şukra ..But of course in rasi Rahu is in Lagna Dhanus..His AK is Guru ..Our p.m suppose that he has the ability to govern !!!! , he seems very lucky to be selected as the head of our Republic in august 2014 with a special election..He is now preparing himself for such a situation.. That means a huge fall of our Republic..Dear Guruji , in your article Navamsa chart is not mentioned…With my little knowledge I have examined leaderships at politics in your article..Do I have the chance to learn from you other factors related to Rahu or other raj yogas to be a politician ? .( Sorry about giving short knowledge about him , mine is just a curiosity you know )..Thank you.

  9. DOB of Lal bahadur shastri was 9 0ctober and not 2 October .TOB 11:03 POB village Near Mughal sarai.
    His horoscope was published in a souvenir through his family sources.

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