The Kingdom of Denmark (Danish: Kongeriget Danmark) is the largest of the five Nordic countries (offshore territories Greenland and the Faroe Islands included). It is one of the three Scandinavian countries although the mainland is located north of its only land neighbour, Germany.

As the Danish liberal and national movement gained momentum (1830s), and following the European Revolutions of 1848 Denmark peacefully became a constitutional monarchy on 5 June 1849.

Leo lagna rises with Rahu in it indicating a princely yoga for enjoying life with all its blessings. Lagna lord Sun a royal planet is in the 10th house indicating that the royalty shall continue to head the nation (10th house shows the leader). Leo shows the Privy Council Statsrôdet, which is headed by the monarch (Sun is the lord in 10th house) and whose protocols are secret (Rahu in Leo). The 10th lord Venus is in the 9th house shows the Prime Minister heading the Cabinet who exercises the executive authority on behalf of the monarch (Venus is the dispositor the Sun). Aries, the ninth house is the Folketing (national legislature) having ultimate legislative authority to make all laws (dharma) according to the doctrine of parliamentary sovereignty. Agni trines tend to follow the period of 4 years in democracy (USA with Sagittarius lagna also has elections every 4 years) and elections to the Folketing are held every four years.

The 4th house shows the land describing the Kingdom/nation-state. Scorpio is the 4th house with the debilitated Moon in it and the 4th lord Mars is ill placed in Pisces (ocean) with the 6th lord (enemy) Saturn. The Second War of Schleswig started with the joint armies of Prussia and Austria marching on Denmark on 5 February 1864 [Mercury dash¬a Saturn antardasha Venus pratyantara]. Denmark was defeated in October 1864 [Mercury dasha Saturn antardasha Mars pratyantara] and was forced to cede Schleswig and Holstein. Mercury is not only a dire malefic for Leo lagna but is also very malefic for the 4th house and is placed in the 11th house (8th from 4th house) and aspects Mars and Saturn in the 8th house by rashi drishti. The 8th house is aptly called the caturashras meaning shelter or protection of the home and property and malefic planets in this house can destroy the property. The 4th house in the navamsha is Sagittarius having the Moon in papakartari (scissors) yoga between Mars and Saturn who have exchanged signs to form dainya parivartana yoga. While all this makes Saturn very malefic, Mars plays a dual role as it is also subhapati (dispositor of the Moon) and being exalted in navamsha besides a yogakaraka, it will work towards the benefit of Leo.


Denmark returned to its traditional policy of neutrality thereby staying out of World War I (1914 – Mars dasha). Following the defeat of Germany, and a plebiscite on 10 July 1920, Northern Schleswig was recovered by Denmark in Rahu dasha Jupiter antardasha. Jupiter is the atmakaraka and aspects the 4th house Scorpio and 4th lord Mars in rashi chart. In the navamsha, Jupiter is the 4th lord and conjoins the lagna lord Mercury promising a great rajayoga provided Denmark follows his philosophy of peace (shanti) and path of non-violence (ahimsa). Pratyantara Ketu is vargottama and joins Jupiter in navamsha.

Again in Jupiter dasha Mercury antardasha Saturn Pratyantara (9 April 1940) Germany invaded and took over Denmark in two hours! The planets involved are again Mercury and Saturn and Germany enforced ‘economic cooperation’ on Denmark leading to Iceland breaking ties with Denmark and becoming an independent republic. After the war, in 1948 the Faroe Islands gained home rule followed by Greenland in 1979 in Rahu antardashas of Jupiter and Mercury (2nd cycle) dasha respectively. Besides being a dispositor of the 4th lord Ketu, Rahu is also the lagna lord of caturthamsha (D4 chart) and is placed in lagna.

Chaturthamsa D4

Although without major natural resources, farming, fishing and seafaring were the traditional sources of livelihood for the Danes. However, after the constitution, Rahu had a strong impact and Denmark embarked on rapid industrialization and urbanization in the 19th and early 20th century. The fifth lord Jupiter is also the atmakaraka indicating that the people would have a strong say on their governance and being exalted in Cancer (Moon-socialism) it led to the establishment of a “welfare state” of public services, starting with Kanslergade Agreement of 1933 [Jupiter dasha started in September 1993 and coincided with Sagittarius Narayana Dasha].

SAS: The Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) was formed on 1 Aug 1946 in Jupiter dasha Mars antardasha Jupiter pratyantar. Mars causes positive alliances and is in Pisces showing the same to travel across vast oceans. Jupiter is the lord of Pisces, the atmakaraka and is well placed in the twelfth house for this purpose. Operations started on September 17, 1946 in Saturn pratyantar as Saturn is the seventh lord in Pisces conjoined badhakesha Mars.

Education: With such a powerful exalted atmakaraka fifth lord (people) Jupiter aspecting the fourth house (formal education) and the ninth lord Mars (higher education) in Pisces also aspected by AK Jupiter, Denmark offers good free education to its people. Due to this its entire population is lettered with 99% attending primary school and about 41% going to college. Jupiter has both rashi and 4 pada graha drishti on fourth house while it has 4 pada graha drishti on ninth lord Mars and 1 pada graha drishti on ninth house.

With the advent of Saturn dasha in 1949, Denmark ended its tradition of political neutrality and became one of the founding members of NATO. Saturn is the seventh lord of political alliances and conjoins Mars to show military alliances.

New Constitution

Based on the constitutional amendments of 1915 and 1920, in order for a new constitution to pass, it must first be passed in one Rigsdag (houses of parliament), which must then be disbanded, a new parliamentary election called, and the new parliament must then also pass the constitution, in unchanged form; and finally, a majority of voters in a referendum, with a requirement of at least 45 % turnout, must also pass the proposed constitution. When the referendum took place on May 28, 1953, it concluded the last of these three steps, and the constitution could take effect on June 5.

The new constitution has the same Leo lagna with lagna lord Sun in the tenth house confirming that the position of the Monarch as the head of the executive and legislator is not changing. The conjunction of the fifth lord (population, people) with the Sun shows the major changes that expanded the electoral base by (i) allowing women to vote in all elections and (ii) reducing the voting age to 23 years from its earlier level of 25 years. Since this conjunction happens in Taurus another major change was to allow the succession of the throne to a female heir in the absence of any male heir. Queen Margrethe II is the present monarch of Denmark due to this change (since 1972 – Saturn dasha and Rahu antardasha). The Ghatika Lagna is in Capricorn (lorded by Saturn) and is conjoined Rahu.

Unlike the previous constitution where the twelfth lord Moon (as dispositor of fifth lord Jupiter) in the fourth house (property) caused losses of properties to foreign powers, here the twelfth lord Moon is in Pisces in Viparita Rajayoga. However the Moon must be weak to give rajayoga. Its strength causes the devolution of powers (aspects fifth house by rashi drishti) to foreign organisations (twelfth lord). Particularly in Pisces (world peace) it shows the United Nations. The aspect of Mercury and Mars on the fifth house shows foreign alliance (twelfth lord Moon and badhakesha involved) for monetary (Mercury) and territorial integration (Mars). This shows the European Union is Gemini.

The aspect of Saturn and Mars on the fifth house by rashi drishti (twelfth lord Moon and badhakesha involved) shows NATO which is a military union. Since all these planets aspect mutually, they shall become ‘paraspara karaka’ i.e. doing each other’s tasks. During Saturn dasha Jupiter antardasha Denmark joined EU (1973).
In the old constitutional chart (1849) the fifth lord Jupiter is in Cancer and is mutually in aspect with the Moon in Scorpio showing a bicameral legislature – Landstinget and Folketinget. Moon is generally dual/couple in its indications. In the new constitution (1953) the fifth lord Jupiter is closely conjunct the Sun in Taurus rashi Rohini nakshatra and the Sun shows a unicameral legislature. Accordingly the Landstinget was abolished and Folketinget was expanded to 179 members.
Fifth lord in tenth house not only brought the people closes to the Monarch (conjoins the Sun in tenth house) but also allowed for Home rule in Greenland and Faroe Islands. Constitution becomes flexible and amendments can be made with a referendum after 2/3rd majority approval in parliament.


Sagittarius in the fifth house shows strong, law abiding citizens but the aspect of fourth lord Mars on it shows large taxation. In fact the minimum tax level is about 38%. Most taxes come from business as the eleventh lord Mercury conjoins this Mars and is in seventh house (business) from the fifth house besides being aspected by seventh lord Saturn.

Ketu in twelfth house is not very beneficial for traditional marriages and can show peculiar marriage laws. In May 1989 a law establishing registered partnerships for gays and lesbians. However, this law is not the same as marriage is that they are not allowed to adopt biologically different children although adoption of children of one partner is now allowed. The law came into being in Mercury dasha, Jupiter antardasha Rahu pratyantar. Mercury is an eunuch planet and aspects the fifth house, being in seventh from it. It is also placed in Scorpio navamsha in lagna. Jupiter and Rahu are in mutual aspect in Rashi Chart (both graha and rashi drishti) besides conjoining in navamsha. Guru – chandala dosha works on the fifth lord (population) who will imbibe much of the cultures of the world and change their own culture. The working of the guru chandala yoga can be summerised in the words of Henning Beck “The introduction of registered partnerships in Denmark, then, shows a society where the traditionalist principles and values have increasingly lost their powers”.

Saturn the traditionalist is the atmakaraka but is retrograde showing “review of its traditionalist policy”. Its vargottama position in Virgo shows the importance it attaches to “truth and purity”. If people are gay then they should come out truthfully and be allowed to form unions instead of being forced into unfaithful heterosexual wedlock. This would summarize its views which are delivered by its dispositor Mercury.


The strength of vargottama Saturn as atmakaraka in second house (leaders of the people – tenth from fifth house) shows that the economy (second house) is highly unionized with labor force as members of various trade unions. Both Saturn and Venus aspect the second house in the navamsha showing a movement away from the major trade unions and smaller unions (yellow unions or Danish gule) during Venus dasha (1999 onwards). This also leads to a convergence in the currency Krone with the Euro (Venus is in Gemini navamsha and aspects second house) with the exchange rate remaining quite stable as Mercury the significator of currency and dispositor of Venus is in navamsha lagna.

The Danish welfare model is based on atmakaraka Saturn in the second house in Gemini and has a strong health/disease focus as well as union based. The finances required to keep this system functioning comes from Mercury its dispositor in the eleventh house with Mars – huge taxation (38% minimum adult taxation) and its aspect on the twelfth lord Moon (foreign – VAT 25%).

Armed Forces

Even though it ranks as low as 98 in the world in the number of active troops (just about 22,880), this is a high ratio to its population (4.24 per 1000 citizens). This is due to the sixth lord Saturn becoming atmakaraka and having rashi drishti on the fifth house. The Danish forces have been deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq (barely 480) along with the coalition forces since 2003 in Venus dasha Sun antardasha as the Shatrupada A6 is in Taurus with the Sun and Venus lords it. Rahu in the badhaka sign from Shatrupada brings an end to the deployment [July 2006 – 2009].

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