Eclipse hits Astrologers, Doctors etc

maxresdefaultThe Solar Eclipse of 20 Mar, 2015 is going to be an important turning point for the world of jyotiṣa. It is going to hit many astrologers, doctors, healers of all types and jailers as well, thereby disturbing the sign Pisces which governs these people. In addition its lord Jupiter indicates scholars, scientists and educators.

The conjunction of Mars and Ketu with this eclipse is particularly dangerous for all these people who have Mars as their ruling planet (ascendant lord) or have Mars or Ketu in the ascendant. IN addition, if the signs Pisces, Gemini, Virgo or Libra is the ascendant then it can spell doom. Rāhu occupying Gemini navāṁśa brings the energy of death when this is also the ascendant (lagna) or sign of ascendant lord (pāka lagna).

If your Sun is in Pisces i.e. birthday is between 15 March to 14 April, then this can prove to be a very vital turning point in life – positive or negative depends on view point. But one thing is assured, it shall be a spiritually rewarding period. Your mantra will have great power and you will have close association with your Iṣṭa Devatā.

The Chart given below is for the Start of Eclipse for New Delhi and is to be used for studying the professions and regions that will surely suffer destruction of some kind. Those who are smart will use this as a turning point to grasp the change. Those who are foolish will cling to memories of past to live with (दर्द भरे गीत). Normally we ignore these eclipse readings as this is the way of life, but since it affects astrologers in particular, we felt that it would be a good idea to share this along with the one infallible remedy from the Mahā Nārāyaṇa Upaniṣad.

नमो रुद्राय विष्णवे मृत्योर्मे पाहि।
namo rudrāya viṣṇave mṛtyorme pāhi

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16 thoughts on “Eclipse hits Astrologers, Doctors etc

  1. Namaste Panditji, If you have a few minutes kindly tell the relevance of this verse from Bhagavatam to this topic. I have pasted it from Sri Prabhupada’s website : (

    śrī-bhagavān uvāca
    yasyāham anugṛhṇāmi
    hariṣye tad-dhanaḿ śanaiḥ
    tato ‘dhanaḿ tyajanty asya
    svajanā duḥkha-duḥkhitam


  2. Namaskar,
    Guru ji!
    Thank you for this intresitng article.
    Can you tell please,how long are we going to get results of this eclipse?

  3. Sir,

    Need help….have read some stuff about kendradhipati dosa in gemini lagna charts, especially related to jupiter’s malefic role w.r.t seventh n tenth house….and this has left me much worried bcoz me and my brother both are gemini ascendants and are facing inordinate delays in both marriage and career themes….Our career graphs are still looking hopeful after years (decade) of difficult struggle but marriage prospects look very dark n hopeless…can u please tell us is the problem due to this very dosam of jupiter or some other reason …and will there be any improvement in future or is the marriage an impossibility and we should forget this aspect….

    My DOB : 28 november 1978, 18:20:00 {6:20 pm), patna, bihar
    my brothers DOB : 4 september 1975, 00:02:00 hrs (2 min after midnight of 3 september}, patna, bihar

    Interestingly, i have suffered from a severe heartbreak six years ago….
    also, my brother underwent a similar less severe case last year…

    With hope that you will guide us in the right direction ,


  4. Dear Guruji,
    My Sun is in pisces with Mercury in 6th house. Two days back, an unusual, sudden opposition and humiliation from my subordinates in the office is causing tremendous mental agony for me. The humiliation came from one subordinate whom I depend most. I was stunned at his audacity. Is it because sun, the karaka for Government, whose antar dasa is now running in the mahadasa of Rahu in 2nd house?

    What is the remedy ?

    Dilip Banerjee.

    1. One more thing. Debilitated Mercury in 6th can cause trouble from colleagues. Has this been activated by this eclipse? Another point: on the day of eclipse my father has gifted our ancestral house to me and my brother. After completion of the registration of the deed, we marked a big defect in the deed. To rectify the flaw, we need to spend money again which was unnecessary. My sixth house pisces is also 4th house ( property) from moon, which also is AL. Saturn in 12 th from Moon is now transiting its natal position at scorpio, and at present Vakri. So, this is an excellent time for me to suffer my past sins

  5. Hi Guruji,
    You’ve indicated that astrologers should ‘grasp the change’, but you’ve not indicated what the appropriate change should be?
    Best regards, Visti Larsen.

  6. Lot of thanks to Shri Sanjay Rath ji, your valuable information on Astrological events is very useful to us from time to time.

  7. Respected Sanajay ji,
    What are the negative effects of birth on solar eclipse day .


  8. I have Mars and Ketu in Taurus ascendant. Jupiter in the 12th. I am praying to Lord Narsimmah to protect me from Padam Padam Vipadam of this world. what can possibly happen sir?

  9. Namaste Sanjay Ji:

    Thank yo for publishing this article and warning us. I have ascendent lord as Mars (Aries) and Birth moon is in Uttarabadhra and Ketu is in Piesces (at the time of birth ). I guess it is a triple whammy for me.

    Quick question regarding mantra, This shall be recited every day


  10. Is the affliction for Libra based on Mars/Ketu being Marakas and for Gemini based on nodal affliction in Navamsa chakra? The upaya also seems to indicate Sri Rudra and Vishnu tattva. Can we also chant OM HARI MARKATAYA SWAHA as this is Hari and Rudra combination? Thanks as always

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